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What Chefs Are Saying About Mario Batali’s Sexual Allegations

Celebrity chef Mario Batali was accused of sexual misconduct by four women, shocking and saddening the food world. While it is still sinking in that the world-renowned chef was probably a scumbag, some of his colleagues have given some early commentary on the situation.

While many have been silent, you know that Anthony Bourdain had something to say. Plus, a few others, such as Giada De Laurentiis and the cast of The Chew, briefly spoke, as the overall feeling still seems to be that of surprise.

Anthony Bourdain

Perhaps the most vocal so far has been fellow super chef and globetrotter Anthony Bourdain.

When Bourdain first heard the news, he said he felt “guilty as fuck,” for not knowing sooner, as apparently he is the lord of all things food, and everything should be run by him.

Sunday night, Bourdain tweeted out, “…and Monday, I’m afraid, isn’t going to get any better,” and “No. Trust me. Monday is really gonna suck.”

It seems Bourdain got a heads up on the news and was really distraught.

When the news on Batali broke Monday, Bourdain tweeted, “It’s Batali, and it’s bad.” In a back-and-forth Twitter conversation, Bourdain also said that he had been, “Sitting on stories that were not mine to tell.”

Giada De Laurentiis

Bourdain isn’t the only superstar chef to speak on Batali, as TMZ briefly caught up with Giada De Laurentiis, with the Food Network star commenting, “It’s obviously a time of cleansing,” then shrugged her shoulders when asked if she the news of Batali’s misconduct was a surprise.

Nancy Silverton

Silverton is a friend of Batali’s and spoke to Eater about the allegations, saying:

“It is a sad day in the restaurant industry. Mario has been a mentor, partner, and friend. We share a vision of hospitality and a love of life in the Italian tradition which we have endeavored to share with the people of Los Angeles for a decade. Mario is also a man with boundless bravado and a man with flaws.

Sexual misconduct of any kind is unacceptable in our workplaces, on any level and I simply do not stand for it. All of the restaurants we own together are led by women. From me and Dahlia Narvaez, to Liz Hong and Sarah Clarke.”

Tom Colicchio

It seems Tom Colicchio was not a big fan of Batali’s, as he responded with,”… no one should be surprised.” Colicchio even wrote an open letter to male chefs on Medium last November, where he stated, “Enough; Because deep down men know that sexist shit-talk is just a lazy substitute for real wit,” and “I’m betting we can reinvent our industry as a place where people of all genders feel safe and prepare to lead.”

The Chew Hosts

Carla Hall, Michael Symon, and Clinton Kelly worked with Batali, day in and day out. The three addressed the allegations, and basically said they’re moving forward without Batali for now.

Eric Ripert

French chef Eric Ripert had “a few words” about Batali, tweeting out:

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