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Having a Baby Might Just Land You a Dozen Honey Butter Croissants And More


This week, new parents could leave the hospital with more than one bundle of joy. 

During the week of November 18, Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen locations nationwide will be visiting nearby hospitals and birthing centers, where they’ll be giving departing parents a care package to help them with the long nights that await.

With most restaurants, this would probably mean a sole packaged honey butter croissant, an uncomfortable t-shirt, four stickers, and a pair of logo-patterned socks. Cheddar’s, thankfully, doesn’t subscribe to this weak school of thought and has prepared quite a hefty package, all things considered. 

In honor of the restaurant’s habit of welcoming customers with a honey butter croissant, each new pair of parents with receive a dozen of the restaurant’s signature honey butter croissants, a couple chilled chicken pot pies, a broccoli cheese casserole, and a hot fudge cake.

In addition to the real croissants, Cheddar’s will be including croissant themed blankets, onesies, and support pillows in every bundle.

As far as care packages go, this one is pretty thorough. It’s got all the ingredients for a quick, low effort dinner that any new parents could use. Plus, it even has a fudge cake for the inevitable hyper-stressed, 3AM binge-eating session that comes with not sleeping for 48 hours. 

Who said brands don’t understand consumer needs?