Nothing Screams Romance More Than Mining From A Chocolate Mountain


For those sweating over Valentine’s Day plans, here’s a sweet idea. A department store in Japan is offering couples the chance to mine their own chocolate from a mountain made of the cocoa confectionary.

RocketNews 24 reports that the Isetan department store in Shinjuku Japan is offering a Valentine’s Day promotion where lovers can chip away at a miniature mountain range made entirely of chocolate.

Imagine feeling like a kaju with low blood sugar standing next to this wondrous beauty.

A single glass bottle of chocolate you mine will run you about 1,500 yen ($13 US). Not a bad price for a whimsical activity.

It’ll definitely something we’d remember doing years later.

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Sadly, the chocolate mountain special ends the day after Valentine’s. Wonder what they’ll do with all that chocolate if they can’t get rid of it?

We might have a few suggestions.

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