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Charlie Sheen’s Crazy Doctor Says He Cured His HIV With Goat’s Milk

Charlie Sheen has made his way into the news a thousand times thanks to all sorts of ridiculous shit, because that’s just what Charlie does.

This time it’s his doctor, Dr. Samir Chachoua, who finds the spotlight by claiming that he cured himself of HIV (which he acquired by injecting himself with Sheen’s blood) using goat’s milk.

Don’t worry, I’ll be here when you’re done laughing, take your time.

For those who don’t know, Charlie Sheen announced publicly on November 17, 2015, that he was HIV positive. He knew about his condition four years earlier, but only decided to reveal it to the public after dealing with four years of extortion from a variety of people, racking up a $10 million dollar bill for the former Two And A Half Men actor.

Chachoua, though not a licensed doctor, claims that the milk he uses comes from arthritic goats, with their slight change in chemistry being the catalyst needed in order to fend off Sheen’s virus.

The doctor also claims to have cured the entire nation of Comoros of HIV with this same exact antidote in 2006, despite providing no real proof or science as to how the treatment works.

According to the report given to the Daily Mail by this eccentric medicine man, “the CAEV virus present in the milk destroys HIV and protects people who drink it for life.” Sure, because arthritic goat milk is just in abundance everywhere I go. People can’t sell their arthritic goat milk fast enough.



Photo Credit: News AU, Daily Mail, Radar Online

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