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This Is How Your Favorite Celebrity Chefs Cook Their Steak

A good steak can be tricky to master. If your temperature is too low, or your cook time is too long, you can ruin a premium cut of beef in a matter of seconds.

Luckily, we have a cavalcade of celebrity chefs to look up to with their own specific methods of cooking the perfect steak. Sure there’s no exact way to handle a steak, but you’ll definitely need to know what to avoid and what brings forth the best flavor.

If you stick to these guidelines, you’re gonna have a pretty juicy cut on your plate.

Gordon Ramsay

Arguably one of the most popular methods to cook steak on YouTube, with more than 10 million views, is Gordon Ramsay’s process. The fiery chef’s method involves a nice hot sear and is followed by consistent basting with thyme, garlic, and butter. This method not only adds a layer of flavor to your meat, but also prevents it from drying out.

Bobby Flay

Bobby Flay prefers to season his ribeye with salt, pepper, and thyme before hitting the grill to create a savory crust around his steak. Cooking it on the hottest part of the grill, Flay only flips the meat once on each side.

If you’re looking to elevate your steak a little further, Flay creates a bleu cheese and cream sauce as a topping.

Giada De Laurentiis

Home cooks typically just cook steak straight from a skillet or grill and serve it immediately. When you need to nail that perfect temperature, however, it doesn’t hurt to use a broiler. That’s what chef Giada De Laurentiis does in her filet mignon tutorial.

After giving her steak a nice sear, she throws the meat in the oven for it to finish. The steak will cook evenly and give you some extra free time to move onto other dishes.

Chef De Laurentiis also creates a sweet balsamic syrup and goat cheese topping for her filet mignon that really punches up the flavors and compliments the protein.

Curtis Stone

Chef Curtis Stone’s methodology to grilling the perfect steak is pretty similar to Gordon Ramsay’s: a constant process of basting with butter, garlic, and thyme. Stone recommends using a cast iron skillet for steak as it is able to retain heat better than a regular stainless steel one. However, if you don’t plan on investing in a cast iron, just make sure the heat is set a little higher on the stainless steel skillet.

As for letting the meat rest, the chef says that it should be half the time it took for you to cook the steak.

Anthony Bourdain

While Anthony Bourdain doesn’t exactly cook a steak in this video, the revered chef and personality has one cardinal rule he abides by when cooking steak. In an interview with Tech Insider, Bourdain claims that the worst mistake when cooking steak is when amateur cooks can’t refrain from touching the meat.

Just let it sit.

Following removal from heat, steak must be left alone for 5-7 minutes as that period allows the beef to continue to cook and the juices to distribute themselves through the cut of meat.

Emeril Lagasse

In a guest appearance on Martha Stewart, chef Emeril Lagasse cooks some meaty cuts of hanger steak for a live audience. As seen in this segment, steak seasoning doesn’t have to be limited to salt and pepper.

Chef Lagasse shows us how to create a juicy marinade for his massive strips of steak with a variation of dry rub and a wet marinade. Essentially, mix it up a little from time to time.

Alton Brown

In one of the coolest methods to cooking beef, Alton Brown likes to cook his skirt steak directly onto searing hot charcoal. The meat itself only takes about 30 seconds to cook on each side, but needs at least 15 minutes to rest after a sear is achieved.

Alton also mentions that you shouldn’t worry about ash residue on your skirt steak. You can easily brush it off afterwards.

Alex Guarnaschelli

There are celebrity chefs, and there are celebrity chefs who are chefs to celebrities. Alex Guarnaschelli is the latter, being a go-to chef to the stars. In an episode of The Wendy Williams Show from a few years back, Guarnaschelli shows the day-time host how to prepare a massive two-pound Tomahawk Ribeye steak.

One method she utilizes is adding compound butter to control the temperature of her steak.

Jamie Oliver

In this video, Chef Jamie Oliver highlights this favorite cut of beef: the flat iron. Before cooking his flat iron, he rubs it generously with olive oil and seasons it with salt and pepper. To evenly cook the cut of beef, Chef Oliver recommends turning it over every minute.

Unlike Ramsay and Stone’s process of basting his steak in butter, garlic, and thyme, Oliver rubs each ingredient directly onto the crust as he cooks.

Graham Elliot

Remember when Graham Elliot was on MasterChef? We sure do. In this throwback to his days in the season 4 MasterChef kitchen, chef Elliot shows viewers how he cooks his steak.

Using a ribeye, Chef Elliot creates a spice rub for his meat. He incorporates olive oil, salt, pepper, cinnamon, and some red pepper flakes. As his steak cooks, the chef also prepares a few charred rings of onions and a cilantro sour cream sauce.

While we love the addition of chef Aron Sanchez this season, we sure miss Graham.

By Peter Pham

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