Tipping Your Server Will Be Super Uncomfortable Thanks To New Chip-Embedded Credit Cards


Tipping has always been, more or less, a solitary process. Once your server hands you a check, you add in the tip amount you’d like to give them and be on your way before they’d come to collect it. Whether that amount was generous or meager was up to you completely.

While tip choice is still up to the diner, it’s now become a tad more uncomfortable with the new microprocessor chips embedded in US credit cards. Quartz reports that the new chip, implemented to reduce the risk of credit card fraud, is making the tipping process a little more awkward for patrons.

Servers will now be slinging a hand-held credit card system that lets them process an order at the table. The downside is, they’re going to have to stand there while you sign off on the order, tip and all. Kind of makes the whole process a little awkward.

The shift to embedded chips was implemented nation-wide on Oct. 1. Restaurants would now have to switch to the new system, or be responsible for credit card fraud themselves.

One of the upsides to the new system are the new default settings of 20%, 25 and 30% for tips. While customers still have the option of adding a customized tip amount to their meal, chances are some won’t want to calculate their own with a server standing behind them.


By Peter Pham

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