Packaged Food What's New

Special K’s New Cereal Packs 100% Daily Value of 10 Vitamins & Minerals

There’s a growing contingent of folks that are looking for more palatable ways to keep their nutrition in check. I’m sure finding it in a bowl of a sweet breakfast cereal would be highly unexpected.

However, thanks to Kellogg’s new Special K Brown Sugar Cinnamon, each serving packs 100% daily value of 10 key vitamins and minerals like Zinc, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin E, Iron, and more, a first for the brand.

Warm cinnamon and sweet brown sugar are definitely enough enticement to sway folks to some proper nourishment without having to sacrifice flavor. New Special K Brown Sugar Cinnamon will be hitting shelves at your local retailer later this month.

Products What's New

Oscar Mayer Launches Bologna Face Mask

I’m pretty sure that a good number of us have made bologna masks as kids by poking out holes in the lunchmeat for the eyes and mouth. Channeling that nostalgia, Oscar Mayer has just debuted a bologna-inspired sheet mask.

The Bologna Sheet Mask is spa-quality and made by premier Korean beauty and skincare company Seoul Mamas. This limited-time beauty mask features hydration and moisture retention and anti-inflammatory and skin protection benefits, all under the guise of tasty lunch meat.

Oscar Mayer’s Bologna Sheet Masks go on sale today on for $5.00.

Alcohol Design Drinks What's New

Rep Your Favorite Team With Michelob Ultra’s New Line of Limited Edition NBA-themed Cans

Michelob Ultra, the official beer of the NBA, has just debuted a limited edition lineup of team cans that feature unique designs and branding.

The NBA team cans feature 18 teams from around the league and were designed by four emerging artists at the intersection of streetwear, sports and entertainment: Sophia Chang, Drake Cereal, Cristophe Roberts, and Chuck Anderson.

If you’re looking to rep your team via a cold one, the Michelob ULTRA NBA team cans are now available for a limited time at local beverage distributors and arenas in participating markets.

Fast Food What's New

Burger King Locations In Malaysia Debut a New Japanese Curry Salmon Sandwich

Photo: Burger King Malaysia

Participating locations of Burger King in Malaysia have introduced a brand new sandwich that offers bold Japanese flavors to fans. Dubbed the Japanese Curry Salmon Sandwich, the new menu item boasts a crispy salmon patty slathered in Japanese curry sauce, and is accompanied by lettuce, onions and American cheese on a toasted sesame seed bun.

The new Japanese Curry Salmon Sandwich joins the Burger King Malaysia menu’s Japanese Curry Whopper and Japanese Curry Chick’N Crisp sandwich for a lineup that’s sure to please the country’s curry-loving contingent.

Grocery What's New

Tearless ‘Sunion’ Onions Now Being Sold in the UK

Photo: Sunions

‘Sunions’, the onions that are triple-tested to ensure they won’t make you cry, have been available in the US now at select retailers like Costco, Aldi, and Kroger. Now, the ground-breaking innovation has jumped the Atlantic and made its way to the United Kingdom, as it’s now being sold at Waitrose stores throughout the country.

The science behind how Sunions remain tearless is explained via their site:

“Sunions are not a genetically modified product and were grown through an all-natural cross-breeding program. Unlike all other onions, Sunions become sweeter every day. Volatile compounds in onions are responsible for tearing and pungent flavor and the amounts of those compounds in other onions remain the same or increase over time. In Sunions, these compounds do the exact opposite and decrease to create a tearless, sweet and mild onion.”

Sunions will be available in three-packs at all Waitrose locations in the United Kingdom starting January 18 for £1.50 GBP, or approximately $2 USD.

Packaged Food Snacks Sweets What's New

Keebler Reveals Bite-Sized Fudge Stripes Called Dip’mmms

Photo: Keebler

Keebler has just dropped some snack time innovation with new Fudge Stripe Dip’mms, which are essentially miniature versions of their iconic Fudge Stripe cookies.

The Dip’mms come in portable packs that pair the cookies up with a marshmallow frosting for dipping and are now available at retailers nationwide in single packs for a suggested price of $1.79 to $2.29 and 4-count multipacks for a suggested price of $6.99.

Ten-year old me would have gone crazy for these, but then again my grown self can’t wait to try them, too.

Beer What's New

Kona Brewing Co. Launches ‘GameDay Hammock’ For Your Living Room

Sundays are made for relaxing with a cold brew in hand and watching football. Kona Brewing Co. is well aware of this sacred time and raises the comfy stakes by offering a hammock made for your living room.

The GameDay Hammock takes you to a higher level of relaxation and features an ombre pattern of bright blue tones inspired by Kona’s flagship beer, Big Wave Golden Ale. And with the big game coming up, this piece of furniture could be crucial to helping you watch it in supreme coziness.

Kona Brewing Co.’s GameDay hammock will be available for purchase at KonaBrewingCo. for a retail price of $548.

Restaurants What's New

Wolf Down Serves Up One of a Kind Truffle Döner

Turkish Döner is Germany’s #1 street food and for those unfamiliar, there’s a good reason why: imagine savory and juicy seasoned meat shaved from rotating skewers and served on rice or flatbread. The thought would make any foodie’s mouth flooded.

Wolf Down, a fast casual spot with multiple locations in Las Vegas and Canada specializing in döner, is taking the beloved street food to new levels with the release of their Truffle Döner.

This new menu item debuted at the top of the year and features Wolf Down’s signature döner drizzled with their black truffle secret sauce. The delicacy of döner certainly gets more delectable with this deliciously bougie rendition.

Truffle Döner is a limited time only item, so act fast and head to Wolf Down locations in Las Vegas and Ottawa to treat your tastebuds.