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75 Year-Old Matriarch Opened An Indonesian Restaurant and Market During The Pandemic

For Siu Chen, the passion borne from serving friends and family her home-cooked Indonesian meals was infectious enough to inspire her decision to open her own market and restaurant. To do that during the pandemic all at the age of 75 is just as impressive as her soulful Indonesian cooking.

“I really love cooking, when everyone brings their friends and eats my food, and they love my food, I love that,” beams Chen. And that love for serving her local community through food is evident in the warm and inviting smells emanating from her restaurat Medan Kitchen in Rosemead, California.

But don’t let her age make you miscalculate her work ethic, as she Chen claims, “In one day, I could make almost 30 different kinds of dishes, mains, and sides.” She still cooks with as much vibrancy as the visuals of her Indonesian delicacies reveal.

Whether it’s relaxed yellow rice cradling tender beef rendang, or the spoonful of comfort in her signature lontong sayur medan, Siu Chen is catering joy to all who come through Medan Kitchen for a meal.

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Tacos Get Redone In Pizza Form At This Orange County Mexican Restaurant

Foodbeast Oscar recently hit up a gem of a spot in Anaheim, California called Sabor Mi Teirra. They specialize in a host of Mexican favorites, however, what he found most noteworthy were three standouts: cheesy Tacos Gobernador, Pizza Gobernador, and Pizza Mexicana.

What’s unique about the pizzas here are that they’re just reimagined versions of their in-house tacos. The Tacos Gobernador features succulent shrimp, pico de gallo, and garlic butter. For the Pizza Gobernador, folks are treated to a lovely trio of carne asada, al pastor, and chorizo as toppings.

For sure the full menu, complete with handmade corn tortillas, is worth exploring, but Oscar’s top 3 favorites is a good place to start!

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This Island Garlic Shrimp Pizza Is A Tantalizing Tribute To Summer

Photo: Peter Pham // Foodbeast

We all know that garlic and seafood are a perfect match for each other, especially for some summertime seafood feasts. Putting the two together on a pizza is a fresh stroke of genius.

Rose City Pizza in Rosemead, California, has managed to pair the zesty garlic shrimp with the cheesy, savory flavors of pizza without one overpowering the other. The result is one of the freshest-tasting pies you can sink your teeth into.

Photo: Peter Pham // Foodbeast

The Island Garlic Shrimp Pizza uses a garlic butter sauce base with more fresh garlic, mozzarella, and plenty of shrimps on top. It gets a sprinkle of Cajun seasoning and heads to the oven before getting drizzled in remoulade sauce and fresh cilantro. Slices of fresh lemon and edible flowers garnish the top, providing acidity, color, and extra flavor all at once.

Right now, the Island Garlic Shrimp Pizza is a weekend-only special, and one that the squad will absolutely love during the hot summer months.

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Three Romanian Takes On Deli Sandwiches You HAVE To Try

There is arguably no better spot to get a fresh sandwich from than a butcher shop. When they’re making their own meats and cuts and serving them up, you know you’re going to be biting into something special.

At Goodies in the Pantry in Orange, California, owner Claudiu Giorgioni ensures that every order that comes from his kitchen is an experience unlike anything you’ve tried before. A butcher from Romania, Giorgioni finds ways to incorporate some unique flavors and tastes into even the most basic of sandwiches.

Foodbeast Marc Kharrat went to try the Goodies lineup, and was most impressed by three sandwiches: the pork belly sandwich, a smoked brisket sandwich (all of the cuts are smoked in house), and a Romanian spin on shawarma unlike anything he’s tasted.

Of course, this is a butcher shop with top quality meat, so get one of these with a steak on the side (Giorgioni does smoke tomahawks then grills them to finish them off) and you’re in for a true feast.

To learn more about each of the sandwiches and Goodies in the Pantry, check out the full video up top.

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Hot Chicken Shawarma Is A Next Level Mashup We All Need

Let me tell you why you’re here. You’re here because visions of shawarma spits rotating slowly while covered in Nashville Hot Chicken spice are dancing around your head like a halo of chirping birds orbiting a cartoon character that’s just suffered blunt head trauma. I don’t blame you. What a headline right?

We’ve all got Falasophy in Irvine, California to thank for this next level mashup. Foodbeast Marc Kharrat was the first to dive in and his reconnaissance revealed a shawarma sandwich that puts an unheard of spin on Nashville Hot Chicken.

It’s a delicious collision of cultures here, as a large tortilla is treated to a luscious layer of Lebanese garlic spread, followed by an onslaught of chicken shawarma that’s been marinated in Nashville Hot Chicken spices. The spicy scenario is rounded out with slaw, pickles, cheese, and Falasophy’s own secret house sauce.

Amazing how one of a kind mashups like this Nashville Hot Chicken Shawarma from Falasophy can really rewrite the narrative for all cuisines involved. Truly, collabs like this are what keep leveling up food culture and we’re here for it.

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Getting Familiar With Delicious Palestinian Stuffed Chicken

When grandma cooks, twenty times out of ten it’s fire. Doesn’t matter who’s grandma it is or where grandma came from, a recipe coming straight from her is unequivocally a banger. A meal from grandma means a meal cooked with love and care, one that comforts as much as it satisfies.

So when Foodbeast Marc Kharrat came upon a Palestinian dish that literally translates to ‘grandma’s stuffed chicken’, we all knew it’s automatically a must have.

Jerusalem Chicken, a Palestinian restaurant in Los Angeles, California, serves up delicacies such as the tangy and tantalizing Musakhan and flavorful cauliflower fritters called Mshat. But the scene stealer at this local gem was the Siti’s Stuffed Chicken. ‘Sitti’ in Arabic means ‘grandma’, which is only fitting, being that the stuffed chicken is a treasured family recipe passed down from the owner’s grandma herself.

“The dish is a labor of love. generously stuffing each cornish hen by hand. The stuffing mixture is made of rice, mushrooms and beef, which is stuffed carefully under the skin,” gushed Marc after experiencing the dish itself.

With such high praise and the backing of grandma’s love, it’s no wonder that Jerusalem Chicken is putting on for Palestinian food in all the delectable ways.

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Watch Gordon Ramsay Make Scrambled Egg Dishes From Around The World

Photos: Sterling Munksgard and Tatiana Volgutova // Shutterstock

Gordon Ramsay is known for his high-drama reality cooking series, but also has been whipping up a variety of unique egg dishes on his YouTube channel.

As part of a series on his channel, Scrambled, Chef Ramsay has been cooking up a variety of unique egg dishes that draw influence from different countries. The locations coincide with episodes of his National Geographic show, Uncharted.

Below are just a few of the tasty unique scrambled egg dishes Ramsay has made that might inspire a few creative takes of your own.

Sea Urchin Scrambled Eggs In Tasmania

Uni scrambled eggs are always a luxurious, savory treat, especially when served in the shell. In spots like California, where sea urchin is considered an invasive species, this could be a way to treat yourself, have a fun scrambled egg experience, and help the environment out at the same time.

Peruvian Alpaca Fat Scrambled Eggs

Alpaca is a common protein in Peru, but Chef Ramsay stuck to using the fat, alongside chilies and herbs whisked inside. Could be interesting to do this with another type of animal fat if alpaca isn’t available near you. Pork fat, perhaps?

Black Iberian Bacon and Eggs from Portugal

Iberico Pork is one of the highest-quality meats you can find out there, and Chef Ramsay managed to get some from Black Iberian Pigs (Porco Preto) and turn it into a tasty take on bacon and eggs. He actually doesn’t use the belly, which makes me intrigued on what other cuts of pork could go great alongside eggs that we normally don’t use.

Norwegian Reindeer Sausage Omelette

Reindeer is commonly eaten in the colder parts of the Northern Hemisphere, especially in Scandinavian countries and even Alaska. If you don’t want to track down reindeer sausages on Amazon (yes, you can find them there), maybe another game meat sausage or even something spicy like andouille would work?

Regardless of which dish you take on, it’s cool to get a ton of inspiration around a single item, and Chef Ramsay is doing just that with this unique series all about scrambled eggs.

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Watch A Smashburger and McMuffin Combine for the Perfect Breakfast Sandwich

First We Feast’s The Burger Show is back for another irresistible season of putting the delicious icon on a pedestal, and naturally, its showcasing some bangers the likes we have never seen before.

In its latest episode, food editor and recipe developer Molly Baz joins host Alvin Cailan to bring together two burger icons in meaty matrimony to create arguably the perfect breakfast burger. This ultimate carpe diem between two buns is Baz’s amalgamation of the beloved Egg McMuffin and delectable smash patty burger.

No doubt if you’re beginning your day with two of those legends combined for breakfast, then you’re racing off to start with the turbo button on smash.