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The Michelin-Rated Brunch Spot That Has San Diego Folks Lining Up For Hours

On weekends, there’s fewer ways to treat yourself and the fam to a blissful day out than an amazing brunch restaurant. While the craze for the two-for-one meal continues to sweep the country, we’re seeing the quality of those brunches jump too.

There are spots that have earned their Michelin stars that have begun offering brunch. In San Diego, there’s also a spot solely dedicated to the meal that’s gotten its own set of Michelin honors.

This is Morning Glory, who has been recognized by the Michelin Guide as a Bib Gourmand spot for brunch. The surreal space is a bizarre yet beautiful combination of rose gold tints, skulls and creepy eyes, and one of the most diverse brunch menus everywhere. It’s also located, naturally, right where you would expect: in the heart of San Diego’s Little Italy district.

Morning Glory is a sharp contrast to the other restaurants in Little Italy, attracting hours long lines, both for the vibes and for the grub. Everything is done to the T here, whether it be a punchy and savory breakfast fried rice, or unique twists like a Chicken Katsu Curry Benedict.

Of course, since we are in Little Italy, there’s a twist on carbonara pasta too, complete with a poached egg and spicy Calabrian chili oil that is worthy of obsession.

Morning Glory doesn’t take reservations, so be prepared for a bit of wait. In the meantime, there’s plenty of Little Italy to explore before the Michelin-rated spot discombobulates your eyes and your tastebuds.

Check out the above Foodbeast video to see our top picks to eat when at Morning Glory.

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Get a Look at These Exclusive Panda Express Menu Items at Their Test Kitchen

Panda Express is a fan-favorite and go-to option for many folks looking for Asian flavors on the go. Their Orange Chicken is iconic, so when word gets out that there’s a location that serves it up in a burrito, then all eyes on the Panda.

This said location is called the Panda Express Innovation Kitchen in Pasadena, California and serves as a hub for what’s new at the popular restaurant chain.

What fans can expect at the Innovation Kitchen are exclusive items like the aforementioned Orange Chicken Burrito (called the Orange Chicken Bing on the menu), as well as boba tea drinks from their Tea Bar, Quinoa Fried Rice, and more. Foodbeast Costa Spyrou popped in and showed us what his favorites were on the menu.

So if you’re a Panda Express fan looking to get a taste of what’s new and exclusive, head to the Innovation Kitchen for a sneak taste and possible lowkey bragging rights on social media.

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We Used FRIED TAMALES To Make This Zesty Take On Chilaquiles

Here at Foodbeast, it’s hard to find a week where some sort of Mexican food doesn’t pass through the office. Located in the heart of Santa Ana, CA, a plethora of family-run restaurants and Latino-oriented stores stacked with any ingredient one could need to make an authentic dish lie nearby. But sometimes, it’s hard to find the time to go get a meal, let alone carve out the time required to make one. So when Del Real Foods offered to send us their new Dia de Los Muertos Bundle, the answer was, of course, an emphatic “Yes!”

Here’s why: the Dia de Los Muertos Bundle comes loaded with a plethora of traditional, hand-made Mexican dishes that’ve been made with recipes passed down through Deal Real’s founder Jesus Cardenas’ family for generations. Slow-cooked carnitas, tender barbacoa, a dozen pork tamalitos, six chicken tamales, and Del Real’s fire-roasted red salsa— it’s all there, and ready to be warmed up into an exquisite meal in seconds. Plus, did we mention the bundle includes a limited edition free Dia de los Muertos T-Shirt.

But this being Foodbeast, we weren’t content with simply eating a delicious dinner. No, no. Instead, we sent our resident food genie Chris on a mission to see what he could cook up with the bundle. He did not disappoint, coming up with some seriously incredible Tamale Chilaquiles, a recipe for which can be found at the bottom of this article.

By chopping up the tamales and deep-frying them, Chris created what may be an upgrade to tortilla chips. After being simmered in Del Real’s salsa, they held their crunch just like you’d hope a proper plate of chilaquiles would, but with four times the flavor. And once they were topped with tender carnitas and a crispy fried egg? I mean, come on. How could this not be delicious?

For an even more detailed look at the dish, check out the video above.

With Dia de los Muertos right around the corner, make sure to fill this holiday season with authentic home-made flavors from Del Real Foods. Additionally, this tamale chilaquiles recipe is only one way to get creative. There’s an endless amount of tasty uses. Even simply microwaving a combination of the contents will leave you with a meal that tastes like it was made at home, without any of the hassles of cooking. This bundle is an unbeatable deal, for $51.95, you will receive enough food to easily feed over 10 people, perfect for any Dia de los Muertos festivities.

You can’t beat that.

For more information on Del Real’s Dia de Los Muertos bundle, or to purchase it, visit their website.


  • Tamales and Tamalitos*
  • Prepared Carnitas or Barbacoa*
  • Del Real Red Salsa*
  • Crema
  • Cilantro
  • Cotija cheese
  • Radish
  • (2) Eggs
  • Vegetable oil (1 gal for frying)

* Ingredient included in the Del Real Dia De Los Muertos bundle

Step 1: Make Tamale Chips

  • Chill tamales and tamalitos in the freezer for 15 minutes
  • Slice into thin strips
  • Fry at 375 until crispy
  • Let cool on a wire rack

Step 2: Prepare Your ingredients

  • Thinly slice 1 radish
  • Rough chop cilantro
  • Blend red salsa until smooth

Step 3: Let’s Get Cooking

  • Prepare carnitas according to ingredients on the package, either in the microwave or on the stove.
  • Heat 1Tbsp vegetable oil in a large skillet over medium heat until just barely smoking
  • Set aside about ¼ cup of salsa and carefully add the rest to the hot oil and mix. It should start to bubble a bit. Let cook for about 1 minute
  • Add tamale chips to the party and mix with the salsa until fully covered. Be careful not to move them around too much, they may start to break—don’t worry they’ll still be delicious.
  • While the tamale chips are chillin in their salsa bubble bath, start frying your eggs. I like to fry them sunny side up over very high heat so the edges get crispy. 
  • While you’re waiting on the eggs to finish check in on the tamale chips, they should be slightly soft but not mushy. Once they’re teetering on that fine line, cut the heat on your stove.

Step 4: Plating

  • Slide the tamale chips in salsa onto a plate, leave some space off to one side where you can safely land the eggs later.
  • Top the tamale chips with carnitas. Be generous, you deserve it.
  • Slide the eggs onto their safe space, but let them slightly overlap the chips—they like to feel a little dangerous.
  • Garnish with crema, cilantro, radish, and a dusting of cotija cheese

Created in partnership with Del Real Foods.

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The Top 3 Treats At Filipino Dessert Spot B Sweet

Photo: Constantine Spyrou // Foodbeast

The undeniable purple hue of ube is a calling card for many Filipino desserts. It’s an electric kind of purple, turbo jettisoned to your pupils with the intent to capture your attention at first glance. But once your eyes have been hooked, next comes your appetite.

At B Sweet Dessert Bar in Los Angeles, California, Chef Barb Bastiste is flipping Filipino dessert favorites into modern takes, whether it be ube and beyond. So once you’ve conquered the purple flourish, leave room for other goodies like the Dulce De Leche Tres Leches Cake and the classic Filipino refresher, Hal0-Halo.

Even though I’m highlighting three items here, trust that there’s plenty more treats to indulge in at B Sweet Dessert Bar, where they’ll always roll out the red carpet for your sweet tooth.

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Meet The Family Greek Bakery That Expanded Its Reach To California

There’s some incredible stories of Greek families that have made names for themselves in the restaurant world here in the United States. Legendary icons like Chrys Chrys of Papa Cristo’s in Los Angeles or celebrity chef Michael Psilakis are some of the headliners.

Adding to that growing list of Greek restaurateurs is the Pietris family, who’ve been running a successful bakery business in Corinth that dates back 100 years. In 2017, they made their way out to Long Beach, California, and opened a location of their bakery and restaurant in the Belmont Shores neighborhood.

The original Pietris Bakery location opened nearly 50 years ago in Corinth, Greece, where Theofanis and Athanasia Pietris made a name for themselves baking bread. Today, they’ve spread to a half dozen locations throughout Greece, in addition to the satellite location in Long Beach.

Pietris’s Long Beach location combines what you find in Greece with some California flair. There’s an entire lineup of Greek gelatos (aka Pagoto) up for offer, along with plenty of fresh-baked Greek pastries and cakes.

There’s also an entire restaurant menu you can order from, which includes some massive portions of pancakes, hearty burgers, and other creative twists on Greek food.

Foodbeast recommends trying the Titan Style Baklava Pancakes, Greek Brunch Burger, and the Baklava Pagoto when you stop in. There’s also a brand new item, Tiramisu Pancakes, that’s set to debut on the menu sometime in October.

To hear our full thoughts on Pietris and the different dishes they serve, check out the video above recommending our top picks.

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Chipotle Adds a Bold, New Smoked Brisket to the Menu for a Limited Time, Starting This Fall

Chipotle adds a new protein option to their menu, just in time for the changing seasons. The new Smoked Brisket at Chipotle takes a distinct, purposefully different approach to smoked meat, and stays true to the authentic Chipotle taste. The tender brisket is seasoned carefully with Mexican spices, roughly chopped and hand-mixed in a unique sauce, delivering a bold, new flavor profile to the Chipotle dishes you know and love.

Starting on Monday, September 27, the tender and delicious Smoked Brisket option will be available at all Chipotle locations for a limited time, fresh and ready to be burrito wrapped, or topped with guac in a bowl. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, Chipotle’s new customizable quesadilla is a wonderful way to be introduced to the flavor — complete with perfectly paired sauces.

Created in partnership with Chipotle.

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75 Year-Old Matriarch Opened An Indonesian Restaurant and Market During The Pandemic

For Siu Chen, the passion borne from serving friends and family her home-cooked Indonesian meals was infectious enough to inspire her decision to open her own market and restaurant. To do that during the pandemic all at the age of 75 is just as impressive as her soulful Indonesian cooking.

“I really love cooking, when everyone brings their friends and eats my food, and they love my food, I love that,” beams Chen. And that love for serving her local community through food is evident in the warm and inviting smells emanating from her restaurat Medan Kitchen in Rosemead, California.

But don’t let her age make you miscalculate her work ethic, as she Chen claims, “In one day, I could make almost 30 different kinds of dishes, mains, and sides.” She still cooks with as much vibrancy as the visuals of her Indonesian delicacies reveal.

Whether it’s relaxed yellow rice cradling tender beef rendang, or the spoonful of comfort in her signature lontong sayur medan, Siu Chen is catering joy to all who come through Medan Kitchen for a meal.

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Tacos Get Redone In Pizza Form At This Orange County Mexican Restaurant

Foodbeast Oscar recently hit up a gem of a spot in Anaheim, California called Sabor Mi Teirra. They specialize in a host of Mexican favorites, however, what he found most noteworthy were three standouts: cheesy Tacos Gobernador, Pizza Gobernador, and Pizza Mexicana.

What’s unique about the pizzas here are that they’re just reimagined versions of their in-house tacos. The Tacos Gobernador features succulent shrimp, pico de gallo, and garlic butter. For the Pizza Gobernador, folks are treated to a lovely trio of carne asada, al pastor, and chorizo as toppings.

For sure the full menu, complete with handmade corn tortillas, is worth exploring, but Oscar’s top 3 favorites is a good place to start!