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A Cake ATM Exists At The Harrah’s Casino In Las Vegas


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Convenience is golden and is the gravity that draws folks to pretty much any product and service. If there’s something out there to make our lives a little easier, then we are all for it. One such thing that really ups the ante on convenience and instant gratification is this Cake ATM spotted by @izzy_serious at the Harrah’s Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

From the looks of this TikTok clip above, this cake vending machine / ATM hybrid dispenses six kinds of cake: chocolate, red velvet, rainbow, americana, carrot, and chocolate rainbow. All slices are listed at $8.95 a pop, which is a fair price for a sweet service that comes in clutch.

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This TikTok of Candy Being Pulled is Your Oddly Satisfying Clip of The Day


The candy puller strikes again! ##candymaking ##hammondscandies ##tiktokcomida

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I’ve just about watched this TikTok clip an unhealthy amount of times since scrolling upon it today. I mean, just look at it, it’s mesmerizing. So easy to get googly eyed at this incandescent mass of candy being pulled into a stunning metamorphosis before our very eyes.

The clip above is courtesy of Hammond’s Candies, a Denver-based confectionary that’s beloved for handmade candies like lollipops, marshmallows, caramel, chocolate, and more.

From the looks of this TikTok clip, they’re doing things right and keeping in mind that we always eat with our eyes first.

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This Guy Is Making and Eating Strange Sandwich Recipes From The Early 1900’s So We Don’t Have To


English Walnut Sandwich (1909) ##fyp ##sandwichesofhistory ##sandwichtok

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Sandwiches from the early to mid 1900’s were weird as hell. I mean, English walnut sandwich, peanut butter blue cheese sandwich, cream of mushroom soup sandwich? Hard pass like Patrick Mahomes threw it.

But thanks to the TikTok and Instagram content of Barry of @sandwichesofhistory, he’s quieting our curiosity for these odd sandwiches.

What’s notable about Barry is his subtle confidence in front of the camera and the seemingly soothing delivery of the recipes and his reviews on each sandwich. Barry’s Instagram profile says that he’s “Making sandwiches from cookbooks from 1902, 1909, 1941, and more,” so trust he’s got plenty of oddities to cook up and try in between two slices of bread.

Regarding the English walnut sandwich above, a strange concoction of what looks to be like a crushed walnut omelette serves as the filling for this sandwich of old. “I don’t know how I would plus this up, this is just fundamentally wrong. Pass,” was his commentary on this and we really could see why.

Thanks Barry, you’re doing us all a favor here.

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Hearing A Voice Over Actor Rank The Worst Chips Hits Different


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Stefan Johnson has garnered a massive following of 2.8 million people on TikTok, and with his voice that sounds like it’s been dipped in a bowl of liquid gold and lion’s courage, one can understand why. Johnson uses his rich baritone in various applications, one of which is in the form of food critic.

In his latest TikTok video, Johnson hilariously breaks down the Top 5 Worst Chips of all time, coming for the necks of Lay’s Classic chips, Ruffles, and even Takis. And when it’s done in a voice that sounds like the Universe itself narrated it, shit just hits on a different level.

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Trying to Scam Da Baby With Candy Isn’t As Easy As Stealing Candy From A Baby


These kids try to scam DaBaby! 😂 was he being fair to them? ##dababy ##candy ##scam

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If you think you’re going to scam Da Baby out of a couple hundred dollars for some candy, then you really have to rethink your hustler, player. As seen in the now viral clip above, two youngsters try to play the rapper with a box of candy for $200 only for Da Baby to activate some basic math in his head and call cap on their shenanigans.

Jay-Z once famously said that you “can’t knock the hustle,” but when the hustle gets caught lacking in the mathematical department, then that hustle shall be rightfully knocked.