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The New Mustard App Is The Spotify For Food Lovers

Mustard is a new food discovery app that is a mixture of an ordering platform and a social media network. It was created as a hub for food lovers to easily find and purchase the many mouthwatering dishes that flood our social feeds. Without having to visit a website and download an annoying .pdf menu, the Mustard platform allows you to designate a dish, see it’s listed price and place an order right on the spot. 

With its recent debut on iOS in Los Angeles, the app already has over 8,000 restaurants listed in its database. Local food spots that offer takeout, delivery or reservations are automatically available to users. 

With Mustard, the goal was to create a personalized experience that combats “choice overload.” If you’re a food lover, there’s no doubt the algorithm saturates your timeline with a never ending stream of delicious content. This platform offers a history of user choices and curated filters by taking your views, purchases, mood and budget into consideration. With that information, it’s able to generate relevant food recommendations. Mustard CEO and award-winning film producer, Diana Might, shares the platforms vision:

“The way we currently search for and order food – through clunky filters, text-based lists, and homogenized menus – is dated. Now more than ever, people are using Instagram and TikTok as resources for discovering the best food their city has to offer, but none of that content is actionable. Mustard merges our love of finding and drooling over delicious food via social media, and the functionality to actually order (or book a table to eat) that food. It’s an all-around win for food lovers, creators and restaurants. We like to think of it as the Spotify for food. Our goal is to know your taste better than your best friend.”

Mustard’s integration with TikTok highlights and engages the popularity of food discovery among today’s social community. It offers users and influencers the ability to upload their own food related content. With original content, you’re given the opportunity to monetize your creations through revenue share agreements with Mustard’s delivery partners (Caviar, Doordash & GrubHub). Another cool benefit of original content creation is that for every conversion to an order, you can earn rewards in the form of affiliate fees at no extra cost to the restaurant. 

If you’re a food content creator who already has a following, this can help to expand that fanbase. And for natural food pornographers, this could be a great way to share your local restaurant experiences with others. 

Looking to have your foodie dreams realized? You can download Mustard in iOS via the Apple Store. For more information on this innovative approach to hassle-free food discovery, visit


Squid Vendor Looks Like The Lord of Fire In Mesmerizing TikTok Clip


##food ##SHEINcares ##chinesefood How do you feel

♬ How You Like That – BLACKPINK

Game of Thrones fans, remember Beric Dondarrion and his flaming sword? Well this sizzling squid vendor is the street food equivalent of that.

18 millions views and counting are a testament to how mesmerizing this TikTok clip from @jamiylcwmciix is, with all eyes surely entranced by both the massive amount of squid the vendor wields and the way he cooks each skewer with the finesse of the Human Torch.

I’m surprised that man still has eyebrows. But for sure those squid have to be bussin.


TikTok Is Freaking Out Over The ‘Country’ Way This Dude Cleans Fish


♬ original sound – Dominque Brown

Dominique Brown AKA @countrybuckbrown on TikTok, is country country. He proves this in convincing fashion through his method of cleaning and gutting a fish sans knife.

In the first half of the clip above, he displays the proper way to cleanly gut a perch with a knife. Fairly tame vibes, albeit very informative, right? Cool.

But things take a turn towards the deep deep South once Brown demonstrates just how to go about it if you find yourself without a knife. Next thing we know, he tears its head off with his teeth like he was a T-Rex and the hapless fish was that lawyer dude sitting on the toilet in Jurassic Park.

As one can imagine, the comments section for this video was equally as entertaining, with some of the highlights below:

“Bruh his name gotta be BUBBA”

“Bro woke up and chose COVID 35”

“He gotta be wearin black forces”

“I thought I was country…you win bro”

“Y’all laughing but folks like him would survive a zombie apocalypse for sure”


This Realistic ‘Raw Chicken’ Cake Has TikTok Viewers Shook


it’s all fun and games until the victoria sponge gets marinated

♬ Sunset Vibes – Lofi Network

Artist @cucumberskinlinquine has a penchant for making some photo realistic food art that bends our normal perception into a pretzel. But his latest “raw chicken” cake looks too damn real that I’m afraid to catch salmonella from it.

“Sometimes my genius is almost frightening,” the artist boasts in the video. Which may be true. But you know what else is frightening? The sight of that cake and its eerie resemblance to a completely raw drumstick.

Of course a large part of me also wants to grab that drumstick and chomp into it with a stout middle finger stuck up at any and all food-borne illnesses.

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Dinosaur-Shaped Quesadillas Are The Specialty At This Mexican Restaurant


Las dinoquesadillas son vida ##dinoquesadillas ##méxicocheck ##foodlover ##méxico🇲🇽❤️

♬ El Dinero No Es La Vida – Ximena Sarinana & Ruben Blades

A recent viral TikTok clip from @natyvaro1 highlights a restaurant in Arteaga, Coahuila, Mexico that specializes in quesadillas shaped like adorable little dinosaurs. Dino-nuggets, your collar must be getting tight.

Dino Quesadillas is a restaurant started by Jesús Abraham Padilla, who parlayed his passion for food and dinosaurs into the viral sensation that it is today. If you’re in the area, make sure to pull up and indulge in a cheesy Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus Rex or any other prehistoric creature of your preference.

The dino-quesadillas are priced at $100 MXN ($5.03 USD) for an order of three.

Feature photo: Abraham Padilla from Dinoquesadillas via Unknown Mexico

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TikTok Is Going Nuts Over This Simple Cheesy Ramen Recipe


@snackqween told me to do this ##cheese ##ramen ##foodtiktok

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod

Ramen’s always been there for us in our most cash-strapped times. The comfort they bring is undeniable, so much so that a simple meal of instant ramen noodles is even welcome when we’re not so broke. Different recipe hacks to make instant ramen better always bang, which is why it’s really no wonder why this new “cheesy ramen” recipe from TikTok blew up to the tune of over 12 million views.

As shown in the clip above from insta.noodls, the unique feature of this recipe is the slices of American cheese and its simple mix with Sriracha, butter, and milk.

This is some Broke Phi Broke gourmet and honestly, I’m not mad at it. Throw in the seasoning packet and I’m betting everything that it’ll be certified bussin’.

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Watch This ‘Iron Chef’ Turn Panda Express Into A Gourmet Meal


♬ original sound – Jet

Susur Lee is a Canadian celebrity chef who’s accrued accolades such as being an official Iron Chef in Iron Chef Canada and “Top Chefs of the Millenium” by Food & Wine, so the stats alone speak for how heavy his game is in the kitchen.

His son, Jet Bent-Lee, has a dedicated following on YouTube and TikTok, where one particular clip on the latter platform has garnered nearly 16 million views. The viral visual shows Jet’s father, Chef Lee, transforming a meal from Panda Express into a five-star gourmet dish.

The popular TikTok vid displays a flourish of technique from Chef Lee, who even resorts to rinsing clean the Panda Express noodles to recreate it into a crispy nest that serves as a cozy landing for an egg crepe filled with his retooled fried rice.

Chef really pressed the reset button on Panda Express and reloaded the game with the house special at any one of his restaurants.

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This Man’s ‘Secret Pork Recipe’ TikTok Is A Movie


Secret Pork Recipes##pork ##secretporkplans ##food

♬ original sound – foodmanam

Clocking in at nearly 19 million views, this viral TikTok of “secret pork recipes” from @foodmanam really is a cinematic triumph of sorts. At the very least, it’ll have you watching it on repeat a dozen times over.

Set upon what seems to be a tranquil mountain village that wears the word picturesque well, this recipe for pork has highlights that include a robust slab of pork being treated in a babbling stream, a fermentation method of said pork that looks to be done in a hidden nook of the forest, and enough chilies to make magma itself sweat.

Throw in a serene soundtrack and cinema-quality visuals and what you have is justification for the amount of times this TikTok clip has been viewed. I’m quite sure that a good percentage of those views have come from myself alone.

Besides the sheer entertainment value alone, this secret pork recipe is a complex series of steps that make for one of the more unique culinary how to’s on TikTok.