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This Unassuming Liquor Store is a Treasure Trove of Exotic Snacks

@mrbiggsmenu Exotic Snacks 🌎 🍭 #lahabra #orangecounty #candy #snacks #foodie ♬ Paper Planes – M.I.A.

Take a trip to La Habra, California and you’ll find an unlikely stash of hard to find snacks, drinks and candy in Sunny Hills Exotics. As captured by @mrbiggsmenu, a step inside the unassuming liquor store is a veritable treasure trove of rare treats.

“Go to the left corner and you will find the craziest snacks from all over the world,” gushed Mr Biggs. From the looks of his TikTok clip above, he was right. What we see unfold is your favorite stash’s stash, consisting of limited edition OREO flavors, different types of Kit Kat bars and a variety of sodas from around the globe.

Munchie connoisseurs and snack fiends alike would do well to flock to this hidden gem the next time the cravings come knocking down their stomach walls.

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Disneyland Has a New Birria Toasted Cheese Sandwich

@disneydayydreamer NEW sandwich at Disneyland✨ Birria Toasted Cheese Sandwich, comes with a side of Consumé. Available at Jolly Holiday, Disneyland, CA📍✨ so gooood! #disneyfood @disneyparks ♬ Main Street – DreamFinder

Birria fans will be pleased to know that Disneyland is now offering a Birria Toasted Cheese Sandwich, as spotted by TikTok user @disneydaydreamer.

The Birria Toasted Cheese Sandwich comes with a side of consomé for prime time dipping and dunking. If you’ve got a craving for some birria, head on over to Jolly Holiday in Disneyland to get your cheesy, saucy fix.

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For Some Reason TikTok is Mad About This Sunny D Seafood Boil

@chefjayvoo A Plato Shrimp Boil 🦐🔥 #fyp #ImoniCarly #shrimp #seafood ♬ Jazzy Chill hip hop(881579) – NOBB-D

This viral Sunny D Seafood Boil has the internet mad mad — like real mad. The self-proclaimed “Boil Master” @chefjayvoo uses a childhood favorite drink as the main base for this “platinum juice” boil.

The nostalgic drink, Sunny Delight, markets itself as an orange-flavored citrus punch, with a tangy “one-of-a-kind” orange taste, making this boil nothing short of unique. With the addition of bell peppers, vegetables, garlic, various seasonings and thirty-five pounds of Louisiana shrimp boiled to perfection, you can practically smell it through the phone.

Jarvis, the man behind the hilariously entertaining commentary, has over 3 million followers on TikTok, but despite his popularity, this recipe did not go over well with some for substituting water with Sunny D — mainly for reasons being that Sunny D is primarily corn syrup and less than 2% actual juice. People have felt so strongly about this that the time-honored beverage started trending on Twitter.

Overall, some people agree that using “orange juice” was a good idea to offset the spiciness but most are personally offended. Watch for yourself and smell with your eyes.

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Lil Yachty Pulls Up To a McDonald’s To Show Appreciation To the Restaurant Crew

@lilyachty #ad Been a minute since I made a McChicken! I know how hard @mcdonalds ♬ original sound – lilyachty

We all love a good dose of wholesomeness on the news feed, so let’s dive right on in to this news of rapper Lil Yachty pulling up to a McDonald’s location in Atlanta to surprise and thank the restaurant crew.

Lil Yachty has a special place in his heart for McDonald’s, as he was once an employee. In the TikTok clip above we see Lil Boat dust off his McChicken making skills, chat with fans, take pictures and ultimately, show his appreciation to the crew for what they do and how they serve their community.

The video is due in part to McDonald’s new partnership with Yachty to kick off a new initiative, called Thank You Crew. It encourages fans to celebrate how crew and managers in their local restaurants are going above and beyond — then giving these outstanding employees their flowers with personal thank-you experiences.

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Content Creator Highlight: The Golden Balance

Photo: Facebook

If you didn’t know, this is Arab American Heritage Month. While this is a newly recognized celebratory tradition in the states, it’s long overdue. The purpose of this month is to honor Arab Americans and Arabic speaking Americans by highlighting their culture and contributions to the world. 

Here in the U.S., Arab cuisine is loved yet the culture’s representation is not prevalent. One content creator illuminating Arab culture and traditions is Ahmad Alzahabi, aka The Golden Balance. Inspired by his last name, which means golden, Alzahabi initially had an interest in documenting his journey to a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. Not long after he started sharing his daily routine, his culinary content began garnering attention, drawing more and more eyes to his delicious creations.

Alzahabi admits to having more culinary passion than experience in the beginning. During high school, he interned in Dubai at a four-star Swiss hotel, which taught him the ropes of working in a restaurant. While his knowledge grew, his hunger for more culinary growth pushed him onward. Fast forward a year later, along with countless trial and error attempts, and now The Golden Balance has millions of followers across three social media platforms. 

His self confidence undoubtedly plays a part in The Golden Balance’s success. Instilled in him by his parents, Alzahabi believes that it isn’t an insecurity if it’s something you embrace. This spirit can be felt in his content, which not only features mouthwatering food recipes, but also messages of positivity and encouragement. 

Although it was never his original intention, The Golden Balance has helped shed light on his Islamic roots. He later realized that for many Muslims, sharing their culture was a hurdle. Burgeoning fan interest in his culture inspired him to not only share more of it, but was also the origin of his tagline, “Now Bismillah.” The suggestion was made to him by Arab fans of his content who naturally identified with it. Alzahabi fondly recalled the impression these cultural interactions had on him:

“In their head it was like, sometimes it’s tough to embrace who you are, given your surroundings. So, when they see someone that’s representing who they are, and what they say and normalizing words in Arabic or foods that previously were looked down on — like look at this weirdo, look what they’re eating. And now, it’s making it cool, people feel represented. People feel represented through you, your name is Ahmad Alzahabi, you’re putting out dishes that your mom taught you that are completely Syrian, you’re saying ‘Bismillah’ at the end of every single video. I wasn’t doing it intentionally, I just said it because someone commented on it and thought that’s a good idea.”

During last year’s Ramadan, an Islamic observance of fasting, prayer, reflection and community, Alzahabi would break fast around 8pm or 9pm, and then create food content until the wee hours of the morning. Through this experience he was inspired to begin sharing his process along with other aspects of his culture through a series aptly-named The Ramadan Chronicles.

Moving forward, Alzahabi hopes to continue sharing his culture and making the kitchen a lot less intimidating for people. While he’s unsure if he does the best job expressing it, his goal is to encourage you to embrace who you are and be unapologetic as a person through food. “You gotta embrace the process,” he underscores. 

To follow Ahmed Alzahabi’s journey and learn some amazing recipes while you’re at it, you can visit his website here.

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TikTok is Obsessed With This Ramen Machine Found at an Airport


Shoutout to our airport bestie 🤗🍜

♬ original sound – Kirsten

Airport food, for the most part, can be a drag; the price points are high, the quality sub-par and the feeling of being rushed on a meal while in an airport are all a part of its downside. This ramen vending machine, however, looks to be a game changer.

Yo-Kai Express, the company behind the ramen vending machine highlighted in this clip from popular TikTok creator @pepperonimuffin, specializes in “autonomous restaurants” and has multiple on-the-go dining concepts at high traffic areas like airports.

In the clip, which has more than 5.5 million views as of this writing, we’re shown the delicious convenience of treating yourself to a warm bowl of restaurant-quality ramen or other dishes like rice bowls or Taiwanese beef noodle soup — which is shown to have a reasonable price of $13.99.

Autonomous restaurants, next level food vending machines and robotics in quick service restaurants are surely becoming more prevalent these days, which can serve as the barometer for how much farther technology will have a part in how we eat daily. Welcome to dining in the future.

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Social Media Roasts Paula Patton For Her Awkward Fried Chicken Recipe


y’all come watch paula make chicken 🤦🏾‍♀️

♬ Italian Dinner Party – Italian Restaurant Music of Italy

Paula Patton is getting obliterated on social media for a fried chicken recipe that the Four Kids and It star had posted to her Instagram last month.

The controversial recipe was initially posted on March 4, yet began trending on social media after TikTok user @thetrackqueen, AKA Olympic medalist, Ashley Spencer, gave her own recap of the awkward fried chicken tutorial.

Off the jump Patton gets called out for the way she washed (or didn’t wash) her raw chicken, then continues to violate fried chicken protocol by failing to season the flour and then seasoning the chicken while it’s frying in the oil — which of course, will burn the spices and render them useless. Patton then slices into a piece of chicken, revealing undercooked, pinkish meat.

Social media was swift with their condemnation with Twitter and TikTok roasting the ‘famous fried chicken’ recipe that Patton learned from her mother.

“Paula, don’t eat that,” pleaded Spencer on the above TikTok clip.

Thankfully this story wasn’t all bad vibes, as it lead folks to chime in with their own surefire and foolproof fried chicken recipes. Let’s hope Paula Patton rolls with the punches on this one and takes notes on the reliable recipes shared.

Perhaps taking a look at Los Angeles’ best fried chicken can help cleanse ourselves of this unfortunate recipe.

Feature photo: Gage Skidmore

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Birria Chicken Wings Are the Latest Take on the Popular Mexican Stew

@thefirstdatedude I was pleasantly surprised with these #fyp #chickenwings #birriachickenwings #birriaeverything #birria #fypfoodies #dudewheresmytacos #alamedaca #alamedacalifornia #bayareafoodie #bayareafoodies ♬ original sound – user395684431830

The more birria content, the better I say. The popular Mexican stew isn’t a trend, it’s here to stay. With such booming fame in the past couple of years on social media a slew of different takes and birria-inspired menu items. Even El Pollo Loco helped spread the birria gospel on a national level with their new birria menu lineup.

This time around we are treated to knowing that birria chicken wings exist. Spotted by TikTok account @thefirstdatedude, the wings can be found at Capullo Cucina Mexicana in Walnut Creek, California and Alameda, California.

Just watching the slow motion shot of delectable birria-glazed chicken wings getting dunked in rich consomé is enough to set off a major craving. Forget a fly outfit, this is the type of drip that I’m smashing the like button for.