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Freakshakes Will Be Available At Disneyland Starting Next Year

Disneyland is no stranger to over-the-top sweets and extravagant sugary creations. However, a new Disneyland Black Tap partnership is pushing their desserts into the realm of sheer insanity, and you won’t even have to enter the park to sample them.

disneyland black tap

Photo courtesy of Black Tap

For those unfamiliar with Black Tap, the NYC bar concept is known for their gargantuan milkshake concoctions, topped with everything from cookies to mounds of cotton candy to even whole slices of cake. They’ve gone viral in recent years for the absurdity of their trademark treats, and have since begun to spread across the country, with their most recent location popping up in Las Vegas.

“Collaborating with Disney is the perfect relationship for Black Tap,” says owner Chris Barish. “Both brands are known for creating memories that last a lifetime, and we’re thrilled to soon be a part of new memories made at Disneyland.”

Those who venture to the legendary theme park won’t have to pay the hefty admission to sample Black Tap’s freakshakes, however. Starting in winter 2018, they’ll be part of the dining options you can find in the adjacent Downtown Disney area. Admission to there is free, but parking costs have gone up as of late, so be wary of that as you track down the Disneyland Black Tap location.

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Disneyland’s ‘Festival Of Holidays’ Has An Amazing Food Lineup We Can’t Wait To Try

Each year, Disneyland puts on a Festival of Holidays in its sister park, Disney’s California Adventure. The theme parks are known to go all out for the holiday season, and the food, especially this year, is no exception.

In the few days that have transpired since the Festival of Holidays began, dozens of food porn-worthy photos have popped up across social media, showcasing the delectable dishes found across the thirteen different foodie booths inside of California Adventure. Judging on those and the details dropped by the Disney Food Blog, Santa Claus may get full before he even makes it to the cookies.

A Disney Christmas almost requires visually stunning desserts these days. California Adventure delivers on those treats, especially when it comes to Yule Logs. This sycamore log sweet, found at the “Twist on Tradition” booth, features candied chestnuts and a clementine compote to evoke some of Jack Frost’s favorite flavors. At $5 per slice, your wallet will still have room for some souvenirs after copping this holiday sugar rush.

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For this round of festivities, it’s clear that Disney’s got the low-down on the foods people are currently craving. Several beloved bites from the 2017 year, including Nashville Hot Turkey and Adobo Pork Belly, have found their way into multiple booths at the Festival of Holidays.

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Queso, in the form of a chorizo queso fundido snack, is also making a Christmastime cameo at California Adventure. Track it down for a cool six bucks at the Chips, Breads, and Holiday Spreads booth.

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California Adventure is known for serving up a plethora of flights, spirits, and other alcoholic beverages. Several holiday-themed cocktails and beer selections dominate the Festival of Holidays, including this Pomegranate Mule.

Other holiday twists can be found at eats throughout the park, and there’s a myriad of items, like the above Eggnog Macaron, that you’ll have to witness and savor for yourself. Check out Disney Food Blog’s post for the full listing, and try to taste as many as you can before the Festival of Holidays ends on January 7th.

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Woman Attempts To Spend Just Five Dollars During An Entire Day At Disneyland

Between all of the souvenirs, drinks, crazy eats, and perks you can find within Disneyland, it’s easy to spend a lot of dough in a short amount of time. Tack on the roughly $165 price tag, and your magical adventure will be great at making your money disappear. Is it possible to get through a day of Disney adventure without spending a ton of money? One food blogger attempted to find out in a five dollar Disneyland challenge that’s only for the brave of heart.

five dollar disneyland challenge

Photo: Glen Scarborough on Flickr

Munchies writer Julia Prescott took it upon herself to tackle this challenge, and it did not sound easy. Throughout the day, she struggled to obtain free samples by pretending it was her birthday. It worked for quite a few spots, including Jamba Juice and Earl of Sandwich. Some clever hacks were also employed, like using an “extra plate” to score on some free toppings to serve as a meal at one establishment.

For those of you considering taking on this quest yourselves, here are some of the key tips suggested by Munchies:

Go on, or pretend, that it’s your birthday. It definitely sucks if you get caught lying on the birthday end, but you get a whole bunch of free items and discount opportunities when you tell Disney it’s your special day. Free sandwiches at Earl of Sandwich are an example, but require e-mail registration and a bar code. Not everybody has these, however, so use this approach with caution.

Condiments and samples are your best friend. This is what really got Prescott through the day, and though it may not sound that appetizing at first, it helped her survive, for the most part. It’ll probably be a go-to for you as well.

Use the “Extra plate” trick if you have to. By asking for an extra plate, it makes it seem like you already ordered. It also gives you access to the side items and accoutrements at establishments that have them, like the roasted peppers and trail mix at Smokejumper Grill. Again, this one is risky, but pays off if you manage to get away with it.

Ask for free water. Going to cafes and just asking for the water may generate a little bit of sympathy for you, if you play it cool. Prescott was able to score a free cookie when she did this at Pacific Wharf Cafe, and although it’s probably rare for it to happen, it’s good to see the people of Disney exhibiting some goodwill to a frugal, starving soul.

At the end of the day, Prescott managed to make it through the whole ordeal without spending any of her coveted five bucks. She celebrated by spending it on (what else?) a serving of Dole Whip. Through this experimental trial, she proved that it is possible to get through a day at Disneyland on virtually no currency.

If you’re going to attempt to be thrifty at The Happiest Place On Earth, some of the Munchies tips will definitely work out for you. However, with all of the food there that you want to try while in the park, it’s okay to go all out and splurge, too.

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Disneyland Has A Halloween Flamin’ Hot Mac & Cheese Cone Made For Instagram

Disneyland is famous for serving up some hype and over-the-top theme park food creations. Their newest one, a flamin’ hot mac & cheese cone, is a spicy spin on mac & cheese that evokes the Halloween spirit.

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Dubbed the Slow Burnin’ Mac & Cheese Cone, the new item is found in Disneyland’s California Adventure, over at the Cozy Cone Motel inside of Cars Land. It is made up of a charcoal-colored bread cone is filled with a spicy mac n cheese, made with a warm red pepper cheese sauce. The entire thing is topped with “crushed chile-cheese puffs,” which are basically Disney’s version of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. The cone retails for $8.99.

Jet black foods and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos are currently both hot on social media, and Disney managed to incorporate both into one food to make it look good for the ‘gram. Based on some of the pictures we’ve seen, the stark contrast between the black cone and orange mac n cheese is already looking pretty sharp, and is a cool addition to any Insta-foodie’s feed.

The fiery mac n cheese cone will only be available until October 31st, giving park visitors a short time frame to try it and the other Halloween-themed eats out.