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World-Renowned Dumpling Restaurant Din Tai Fung to Open at Downtown Disney

Din Tai Fung, the world-renowned Taiwanese restaurant chain famous for its soup dumplings, is coming to Downtown Disney to feed the hungry masses in need of some top-tier xiao long bao.

The restaurant is widely revered for the expertly made xiao long bao soup dumplings that it serves up, drawing long lines and consistently busy dining rooms.

Disney made the announcement first on their blog, which also revealed a host of other dining options to be added to the Downtown Disney retail district, though no official opening dates were mentioned.

Speaking of Disney grub, have you tried its new Birria Toasted Cheese Sandwich?

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Disney World Serves Up Chocolate Boot Dessert to Celebrate Earth Day

Walt Disney World celebrated Earth Day by giving your sweet tooth the literal boot. Spotted by @disneyfoodblog, the Plant In Boot is a plant-based treat featuring a chocolate spice cake with coconut ganache and an edible sprout in the chocolate boot.

You can trek on over to The Mara in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge to give your cravings the proper boot, all for just $6.99.

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A Very Foodbeast Look At Knott’s Berry Farm’s 2022 Boysenberry Fest

@yungfoodbeast #ad How many boysenberry items can we eat at @knottsberryfarmofficial ♬ Theme park style orchestral songs(111649) – STUDIO COM

Spring is here once more, which means the Boysenberries are back at Knott’s Berry Farm for their annual Boysenberry Festival. A brand new menu awaits you, with some returning favorites that are guaranteed to tickle your taste buds. Between now and April 24th, you can grab unique dishes with Boysenberry flair while enjoying all the entertainment the park has to offer.   

With your exclusive Boysenberry Festival Tasting Card, you’ll be able to enjoy some one of a kind dishes, including: Boysenberry Cowboy Chili with macaroni and cheese with Fritos, Meatballs in Boysenberry BBQ Sauce, and even Boysenberry beers, cocktails and seltzers.  

If those dishes don’t completely satisfy your palate, there’s a bountiful harvest of treats to enjoy throughout the park. Be sure to bring a friend or two— or six, because you’ll need some help chowing down the Foodbeast sized a-la-carte items like: the Monster Boysenberry Pulled Pork or the Grande Nachos with Boysenberry Salsa. You can’t end the day without dessert, so we have to mention the massive “Boy Oh Boy, Now That’s a Cookie” deep fried chocolate chip cookie with boysenberry jam and ice cream.

Knott’s Berry Farm is transformed into a Boysenberry paradise only a few weeks out of the year, so make sure to bring your appetite because there are a lot of drinks, dishes and delights to enjoy throughout the park. Be quick, these goodies go away on April 24th. 

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Find This New Giant Mozzarella Stick at Downtown Disney

@foodatdisneyland New Giant Mozzarella Stick in Downtown Disney! #foodatdisneyland #disney #downtowndisney #giantmozzarellastick #cheese #cheesepull #fyp #foryou ♬ I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston

Just spotted by TikTok account @foodatdisneyland is a giant mozzarella stick at Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs in Downtown Disney. From the looks of this clip, it’s of epic proportions, one that rivals the size of the largest corn dogs out there.

What’s interesting to note is that the batter looks to be an outer layer of rice krispies, which would I can only imagine would yield the crispiest of crunches, like ab workouts with impeccable form. As expected with a mozzarella stick this large, it is only giving out epic cheese pulls, ones that would make a Ninja Turtle squirm in their shell.

Speaking of giant Disney food, here’s what happens to their massive gingerbread house displays from the holidays.

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This is What Ends Up Happening to the Huge Gingerbread Displays at Disneyworld

@disneyparks You won’t bee-lieve what happens to the #DisneyWorld Gingerbread Houses 🐝✨ #Disney #DisneyParks #Conservation #AnimalLover #Bee #Gingerbread ♬ original sound – Disney Parks

A recent viral TikTok from the Disney Parks account recently pulled back the curtain on what exactly happens to all the massive gingerbread displays after they’re taken down.

According to Disneyworld “Sous Chef Rheanna,” all the candy, sugar, and gingerbread displays are taken to Disney’s tree farm, where local bees have their fill on the sweets. The result is the bees are taken care of and well fed during the winter months, when food sources are harder to find.

This secret nugget of info is definitely a pleasant surprise and it’s great to know that Disney is doing their part with that particular sustainable practice.

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This Turkey Waffle Stack is a Part of the New Holiday Food Items at Universal Studios Hollywood

Turkey Waffle Stack at Universal Studios Hollywood Holidays

There’s a new holiday food lineup at Universal Studios Hollywood, and one particular menu item is drawing interest on the Foodbeast radar: a Turkey Waffle Stack.

The new Turkey Waffle Stack joins a host of other holiday-influenced foods at the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park. It looks to feature a warm, crisp waffle topped with a generous helping of stuffing, gravy, roasted turkey slices, and cranberry sauce. It’s pretty much the best of Thanksgiving leftovers reimagined on a tasty waffle.

Beyond the Turkey Waffle Stack is a new lineup for the holiday season, which will run at the theme park until January 9, 2022:

Savory Items
Hot Holiday Turkey Sandwich
Holiday Turkey Croissant
Roast Beef Wrap
Max 22” Hot Dog
Turkey Waffle Stack
Turkey Leg Feast
English Holiday Meal

Festival Holiday Drinks
Hot Buttered Rum
Spiked Hot Chocolate
Hot Pear Cider
Frozen Holiday Pear Cider
Mulled Spice Wine
Hot Buttered Rum
White Wine Sangria
Winter Spritzer
Coca-Cola Coffee Float
Holiday Eggnog
Autumn Breeze Cocktail
The Wrong Reindeer Cocktail
Hot Chocolate
Peppermint Hot Chocolate
Gingerbread Hot Chocolate
Champurrado (Cinnamon Hot Chocolate)

Sweet Treats and Snacks
Holiday Vanilla Cake Jar
Chocolate Peppermint Cake Jar
Holiday Pinwheel Cookie
Mini Donuts
Star Cookie
Gingerbread Cupcake
Blue Snowflake Cupcake
Holiday Chocolate Glazed Donut
Cinnamon Roll Donut
Chocolate Peppermint Cereal Treat
Giant Pretzel

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Disneyland Reveals Complete Holiday Foodie Guide

Photo: Disneyland Resort

Disneyland has long established itself as the leader in theme park foods. In fact, Disneyland Resort and Disneyland California Adventure have been bonafide foodie destinations that offer unique seasonal menu items and one-of-a-kind treats that are always centered around a Disney character, attraction or theme.

The holidays are arguably the time when Disneyland’s food shines brightest, as The Happiest Place on Earth transitions into The Merriest Place on Earth. And with that come much anticipated treats and food items at the theme park. And just in time for the holiday season Disneyland has just revealed the Foodie Guide Holiday Edition.

Within the extensive guide are standouts like Chicken Parm Pizza at Alien Pizza Planet, a Cookie Butter Crème Brûlée at Blue Bayou Restaurant, a Pink Coconut Churro with chocolate marshmallow crème dipping sauce at one of the many Churro Carts, Pumpkin Cheesecake Funnel Cake at Hungry Bear Restaurant, Egg Nog Cold Brew and Red Rose Tavern, a Pastrami Reuben Hot Dog at Award Wieners, and more.

This Holiday Foodie Guide is simply jam-packed with holiday goodies at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Park. To check out each and every holiday food item being served up, check out the Foodie Guide here.

These holiday food items will be available during the holiday season at Disneyland Resort, November 12, 2021, through January 9, 2022.

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Disney California Adventure Has Boozy Version of Popular Pixar Pier Frosty Parfait

Recently spotted by @code_word_disney was an alcoholic version of the famous Pixar Pier Frosty Parfait. This just hit the Adorable Snowman Frosted Treats in Disney California Adventure, along with another new boozy treat, It’s Chile-Lime Mango Margarita.

Menu descriptions at Snowman Frosted Treats are as follows for the new boozy options:

Pixar Pier Frosty Parfait with Blue Curaçao: Nondairy Lemon S0ft-serve with Blue Raspberry swirl and a splash of Blue Curaçao

It’s Chile-Lime Mango Margarita!: Nondairy Mango Soft-serve with Tequila, Chamoy, Chile-Lime Seasoning, and Diced Mango.

These alcoholic frozen treats are sure to keep the adults happy and refreshed all summer long, for sure making the double trouble of lines and heat a lot more bearable.