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Hardee’s Has A New Seasonal Meal Called Thanksgiving In A Box

Thanksgiving is a hop, skip, and a jump around the corner and Hardee’s has a fresh take on the traditional meal. They’re calling it Hardee’s Thanksgiving In A Box and it’s their first ever seasonal meal. It marries the franchise’s quality approach with familiar holiday flavors. Each Thanksgiving In A Box includes Stuffing Chicken Tenders, Sweet Potato Waffle Fries, Toasted Onion Green Beans and Savory Chicken Gravy. 

The Stuffing Chicken Tenders are a 100% all-white meat chicken, hand-breaded with sage and herb stuffing. It’s meant to pair well with the new Savory Chicken Gravy. The other two box-items are the Sweet Potato Waffle Fries, tossed in sweet waffle batter and fried up, and Toasted Onion Coated Green Beans, which is a spin on green bean casserole. At only $6.99, this could be the perfect Friendsgiving chip-in. 

A recent study by Hardee’s revealed a desire by Americans to break from traditional Thanksgiving dinners. I’d imagine the plant-based revolution, rise in foodie culture, and cultural crossover from the internet are factors. Reportedly, over 64% of Americans would love an alternative to the standard turkey, and 53% are hoping for new side dishes this year. 

Hardee’s will be testing out the new holiday flavors at participating restaurants in Jacksonville, FL starting November 13, 2019 – December 3, 2019, while supplies last. If you’re in the area, rather than slave over the stove, you can now suggest Thanksgiving In A Box for dinner.

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This Cannabis Infused Chocolate Shell Will Make Your Ice Cream Magical

For those looking to expand their horizons with canna-cooking adventures, always make sure there’s room for dessert. Case in point: we’re giving you a recipe for a magical, cannabis-infused chocolate sauce.

This is not just any cannabis-infused chocolate sauce, though. This is MAGIC — MARIJUANA MAGIC. This is the kind of miraculous chocolate sauce that hardens into a delicate shell upon contact with your stone cold fave: ICE CREAM.

We picked up Halo Top Ice Cream (that delicious low-cal, high-protein ice cream that has fewer calories in a whole pint than there are in one single cheeseburger) — to bring you this recipe and assist in your half-baked cannabis-cooking endeavors. We hope you give it a shot, a hit, or whatever you want to call it. Just don’t forget the sprinkles.

Remember, everyone’s cannabis tolerance varies. FOODBEAST recommends consuming  medicated edibles with oversight and caution. You can always eat more — not less! 

What you’ll need:
– crockpot

– baking sheet

– oven

– cheesecloth

– cannabis grinder

– 2 mixing bowls (one for chocolate, one for the canna-oil)


7-14 grams of cannabis

2 cups coconut oil

1 cup melted chocolate

¾ cannaoil (you’re making this along the way)

Grind up 7-14 grams of cannabis on a baking sheet, bake for 30 minutes at 240 degrees. Transfer it into your crockpot.

Add 2 cups of coconut oil into your crockpot. Cook on low for 6-8 hours. Once done cooking, strain your coconut oil and cannabis mixture with cheesecloth, making sure to remove any extra plant material from the liquid. This is your canna-oil.

In a separate bowl, melt enough chocolate for 1 cup size.  Mix 1 cup of melted chocolate with ¾ cup of cannaoil. Whisk thoroughly.   

Use 3 scoops of Halo Top Ice Cream, and slowly pour chocolate canna-oil mixture over the top of ice cream.  Once the chocolate cools, it will create a hard shell. Top with anything you like from sprinkles, cherries, whipped cream or fruit.

Created in partnership with Halo Top Creamery

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Get Baked With This Delicious Recipe For Cannabis-Infused Brownie A La Mode

While it’s impossible to figure out who originally came up with the genius invention of the “pot brownie,” it’s safe to say that the concept will live on for eternity. Even to this day, folks everywhere are still trying to perfect and recreate their own versions of the legendary recipe.

Now, thanks to the newly founded legalization of recreational use of MJ in states like Washington, Colorado, and most recently, California, the aspects of cooking with cannabis are becoming more widely accepted. And, with more acceptance, comes improved technique, efficiency, and more deliciousness.

Since 4/20, aka the biggest celebration of cannabis all year, is almost upon us, we picked up your fave low-cal, high protein ice cream, Halo Top, to make the day — and the pot brownie — even more delicious. See our recipe for “Pot Brownie a la Mode” below.

Remember, everyone’s cannabis tolerance varies. FOODBEAST recommends consuming medicated edibles with oversight and caution. You can always eat more — not less!

Pot Brownie A La Mode Checklist

You will need:

– crockpot

– baking sheet

– oven

– cheesecloth

– cannabis grinder

– baking pan

– About 16 hours of cooking time


7-14 grams of cannabis

½ pound clarified butter

½ cup Cocoa powder

½ cup flour

3 ½ cups sugar

8 whole eggs

For the pot brownie al a mode recipe you’ll need 7 – 14 grams of cannabis and a ½ pound of clarified butter, to make cannabutter. Grind up the cannabis — preferably on a baking sheet — then bake for 30 minutes at 240 degrees.

After your cannabis is done baking, transfer it into your crockpot. Next, take the ½ pound of clarified butter and mix into cannabis and mix thoroughly. Let mixture cook on low for 6-8 hours.

After your cannabutter is done cooking for 6-8 hours, strain the mixture using cheese cloth. Just be sure that there is no plant material left. Let chill overnight.

Next, it’s time to make our brownies. Combine one ½ cup cocoa powder, a ½ cup flour, 3 ½ cups sugar, and 8 whole eggs into a large mixing bowl and stir. This mixture should yield a thick chocolatey paste.

Add in the ½ pound of cannabutter and one ½ cup of melted butter. It’s also a good idea to coat your pan with a nice layer of cannabutter so the brownies do not stick. It’s best to use a 9” x 13” or 11” x 15” pan.

If you only have a small pan, try not filling it to the top — the brownies will come out undercooked. You can use a toothpick to check if brownies are done. If brownies stick to the toothpick, cook them longer.

Set oven to 300 degrees and bake for 40 minutes. After cooling, cut and serve with a scoop (or more) of Halo Top ice cream (we used Vanilla Bean!).

Created in partnership with Halo Top Creamery

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This Is What A 7-Layer Klondike Lasagna Looks Like

Ice cream cakes just aren’t cutting it these days. Ice cream lasagnas are.

Speaking of cutting, this Klondike Lasagna we made that calls for 36—no more, no less (though you can never have too many)—Klondike bars was a bit difficult to cut at first, being such a glorious mass of frozen-solid sugary goodness and all. But after letting our equally-massive kitchen knife sit in boiling hot water for a few minutes, those layers were no match for our sharp wit and monstrous appetites.


Photos by Christian Bourdeaux

Yes, if it wasn’t already obvious, we essentially created this 7-Layer Klondike Lasagna simply because we can, because let’s be honest—we can’t parade ourselves around as “Foodbeasts” if we aren’t actually making beast-fitting delicacies such as Lasagnas made up of more ice cream bars than you can count (but again, we used 36 of ‘em. Beat that, bub).

You don’t have to be a beast to enjoy this frivolous feast of sweets, though. You don’t even have to be the one to do the slicing’ and cuttin’. Just imagine the amount of praise and reverence you’d get walking into a 10-year-old’s birthday party with this thing in your arms—as soon as you set this giant piece of eye/literal candy on the table, the kids would tear into the thing like a pack of wild dogs.

With this kind of ice cold power…you’d be unstoppable. That being said, recipe’s below:


7-Layer Klondike Lasagna

36 Klondike Ice Cream Bars (we used Oreo, Mint Chocolate Chip, and S’mores flavors)

Oreo Cookie Crumbles

White Icing

Crushed Chocolate Candy


Graham Cracker Crumbs

1st Layer: Lay out 12 Oreo Klondikes on a flat surface (4×3).

2nd Layer: Slather a generous amount of icing over the Oreo Klondikes and sprinkle Oreo cookie crumble topping as well. Freeze layer completely.

3rd Layer: After the Oreo Klondikes, icing and Oreo crumbles layer has been frozen, add a new layer of 12 Mint Chocolate Chip Klondike bars atop it.

4th Layer: Spread another thick layer of icing over the Mint Chocolate Chip bars. Sprinkle crushed chocolate candy bars over the icing layer. Set the entire lasagna-in-the-making in the freezer, and freeze again.

5th Layer: Once the Oreo and Mint Chocolate Chip Klondike layers have solidified, add a final layer of 12 S’mores Klondikes. (You can also wait to add this layer after step 6, if desired, so that the S’mores Klondikes sit on top of the marshmallows)

6th Layer: Cover layer of S’mores Klondike bars with icing as well—this time a bit less that the other iced layers—and sprinkle graham cracker crumbs and pre-toasted marshmallows on top.

7th Layer: After all stacked layers have been frozen completely together, cover the entire ‘lasagna’ in a chocolate shell, and place it in the freezer so everything solidifies entirely.


Created in partnership with Klondike

Test Kitchen

McRib Party Sub [VIDEO]

Just a few days ago the McRib began making headlines in its notorious limited-time run. Just as quickly as the sandwich enters the public consciousness, it will surely leave in early November. We, like many others across the nation caught a bit of euphoria on the way in to work this morning, and decided we wanted to create a McRib Party Sub.

Test Kitchen

Test Kitchen: Spicy Buffalo Big Mac

In our latest installment of the FOODBEAST Test Kitchen, our dev director Rudy turned us on to his personal menu habits at McDonald’s. Apparently, for the past couple weeks, every time Rudy swings through the McDonald’s drive thru, he’s been ordering a Big Mac with a side of the new Spicy Buffalo sauce.

In our testing, the combination of the Spicy Buffalo sauce gives a fabulous level of color and spiciness to the iconic burger. Anyone remember the Good Burger from the 1997 Nickelodeon film of the same name?

Yeah, just a random thought. Anyways, here’s our detailed video on how to make your own Buffalo Big Mac:

Test Kitchen

Test Kitchen: In-N-Out’s Double-Double Pastrami Burger

In the spirit of our new Test Kitchen channel, we wanted to make our first foray into the lab a special one. Geoff brought in some pastrami, and we decided that we’d head to our local In-N-Out and make some dreams come true.

Here’s our In-N-Out Double-Double Pastrami Burger.

For those unfamiliar with In-N-Out‘s Double-Double (Animal Style), it features multiple mustard-cooked beef patties, multiples slices of cheese, lettuce, onion, tomatoes, pickles, spread and grilled onions. Delicious as-is, but it was always our dream to add a secondary source of protein on the patty…

…knowing In-N-Out‘s extreme dedication to simplicity and quality, we figure we’ll most likely never see the addition of bacon or pastrami to their menu. With that in mind, we decided to take it upon ourselves to add some beautiful cuts of meat:

Yes, the perfect balance of flavors and construction so adamantly followed by In-N-Out team members has been disrupted with the addition of pastrami. Does it matter? Every last bite was delicious, no one here’s complaining:

Here’s Geoff posing with his brainchild: