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10 Foods That Can Literally Kill You

We all know that food nourishes us and gives us all the vitamins and minerals our bodies need to get stronger. But what about foods that can do the total opposite? It’s a scary thought, but there are foods, including some that are extremely common, that can make us sick, nauseous, and even cause death if not properly prepped before consuming. Take a look at this list of 10 different foods you should watch out for at any time. 


Photo: Theo Crazzolara on flickr, CC BY 2.0

Sure, we’ve laughed at that crazy Cinnamon Challenge that everyone was doing at one point, but it turns out, cinnamon might not be a laughing matter. Cinnamon is essentially powdered cinnamomum tree bark, and it’s best used in small portions in food. Inhaling cinnamon by accident can cause horrible symptoms such as inflammation, scarring in lungs, vomiting, and even death. 

Lima Beans

Photo: Tavallai on flickr, CC BY-ND 2.0

Beans are known to have amazing health benefits, and it’s gaining a lot of popularity as a source of protein for those on plant based diets. However, if you’re ever prepping lima beans at home, this next bit of information is essential to know. Raw lima beans contain linamarin which turns into hydrogen cyanide once it’s consumed and decomposed. To rid your beans of this chemical, make sure to cook them thoroughly while the pot is uncovered, then drain and rinse the beans once cooked. 

Brazil Nut

Photo: Nick Fullerton on flickr, CC BY 2.0

These crescent-shaped nuts may taste delicious, but it’s essential to practice portion control with these. Brazil nuts contains selenium, a poison that can be toxic to our bodies if consumed in large quantities. Other side effects can include hair loss, nail loss, rashes, diarrhea, and selenium poisoning. Experts recommend treating yourself to only three Brazil nuts a day to be safe.

Puffer Fish (Fugu)

Photo: Ryu Katsuma on flickr, CC BY 2.0

Considered a delicacy in Asian countries like South Korea and Japan, the puffer fish holds a poisonous toxin called tetrodotoxin in their skin and some organs. Tetrodotoxin is considered to be 1,200 times more poisonous than cyanide, and one puffer fish contains enough toxin to kill 30 grown adults. However, if you’re not afraid to dance with death, make sure to get your puffer fish prepped by a specially trained and certified sushi chef who can break down a puffer fish properly. 


Photo: Andy Rogers on flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

Thankfully, it’s not the red juicy fruit that’s the problem. However, the stem and leaves on tomatoes do contain a poison called glycoalkaloid that can be toxic if eaten in large amounts. We’re not that worried about this one, though. Those stems and leaves are probably really unappetizing anyway. 

Castor Oil

Photo: Terry Lavigne on flickr

Castor oil is known for its healing powers and health benefits, and it’s been gaining popularity as a skin and hair care product. However, there’s a reason why castor oil isn’t used like other oils such olive oil and coconut oil. Castor oil comes from castor beans that contain the toxic poison ricin. Eating as little as five to ten beans can be fatal for an adult. However, if you decide to use castor oil as a mild laxative, make sure to only take the recommended intake of 0 to 0.7 mg/kg bodyweight. 

Live Octopus (Sannakji)

Photo: mrhayata on flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

This one may seem disgusting to a lot of people, but live octopus is a delicacy at many sushi restaurants in South Korea. It’s exactly what you think it is: live octopus that’s chopped up so that it’s still squirming on the plate when it’s served. Although the taste of the octopus is pretty flavorless, many people enjoy this dish for the suction feeling once it’s in your mouth. Some daredevils like to eat the live octopus whole, and that’s when you can see how this food can kill you. If you ever want to try this, it’s important to chew very carefully and keep a cup of hot water next to you in case the octopus decides to take suction in your mouth and lodge itself in your throat. 

Raw Almonds

Photo: HealthAliciousNess on flickr, CC BY 2.0

Almonds are a great source of protein and a great snack to carry around. However, raw almonds, also known as bitter almonds, may have you questioning your snack of choice. It turns out that raw bitter almonds are chock full of cyanide that can be fatal with as little as 8-32 almonds. It’s important to note that domesticated raw almonds are safe for consumption. However, just make sure you check your labels before you start eating raw almonds by the handful. It could be your last.


Photo: Quinn Dombrowski on flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

Cherries are easily one of our favorite fruits. They’re sweet, tart, and look adorable. But don’t let its appearance fool you. Those tiny little cherry seeds are dangerously high in hydrogen cyanide, which can make you extremely sick or even kill you, if you happen to eat a broken seed. Chewing on them will do even more harm because it releases the toxic directly into your bloodstream. It’ll take about two broken cherry seeds to cause harm or death to a fully grown adult, but why even risk it? Just avoid it altogether and make sure to spit those suckers out while snacking.


Photo: Neil Tackaberry on flickr, CC BY-ND 2.0

Unfortunately, apple seeds have the same deadly toxins as cherry seeds. Chewed seeds release cyanide that can cause paralysis, heart failure, and even death. Thankfully it takes around 200 apple seeds to be a fatal dose. So long as you’re not munching down handfuls of apple seeds, then you should be fine.

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9 Food Urban Legends and the Story Behind Them

There were quite a few scary stories our parents told us about food growing up. Legends like swallowing your gum would cause it to stay in your stomach for seven years or eating a lemon seed would cause a tree to grow inside your body had us freaked out.

As we grew older, we discovered more food urban legends. We kept Mentos and Coke as far apart as we could from each other, for fear of a sugary explosion. 

With all the food legends and superstitions plaguing us in the corner of our minds, let’s take a look at the history behind some of the most popular ones out there. 

Pop Rocks & Soda Death

Photo: Carolina Alves on flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

They say if you combine Pop Rocks with soda, the chemical reaction will cause an explosion in your stomach. In fact, the legend says that “Little Mikey” from the LIFE cereal commercials way back when, died because of the lethal combination. Turns out this was false, and that Mikey himself grew up to be a pretty well-adjusted member of society. 

Carrots Help You See In The Dark

Photo: Scott 97006 on flickr, CC BY 2.0

Growing up, we’ve always been told to eat more carrots as they would help us see better in the dark and improve our vision in general. Unfortunately, while carrots are good for your eyes, they don’t really improve your vision or grant you night vision. That legend was created by the British Ministry of Information in WWII to get people to grow more carrots for the Royal Air Force so they could spot German bombers better. While carrots do contain Vitamin A, essential for the general well-being of your sight, you won’t suddenly see better after putting down more carrots. 

Gum In Your Stomach for Seven Years

Photo: daveynin on flickr, CC BY 2.0

Fortunately, for those who have the tendency to swallow their gum, the myth of it staying in the pit of your stomach simply isn’t true. While the origin is a bit unclear, many know the saying every time the piece of gum almost slips down their throat. 

Like with most foods you eat, gum will simply poop itself out not too long after you swallow it. Still, you probably shouldn’t just swallow a bunch of gum as it could eventually lead to intestinal blockage. 

Mentos And Soda Killed Two Kids

Photo: Doug Tammany on flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

There was a rumor years back that a mixture of Mentos mint candies and Coca-Cola were responsible for the deaths of two kids after they consumed the two products at once. This was proven false as there was little, if any, concrete details surrounding the alleged ordeal. As we’ve seen with many science videos, combining the two creates a pretty volatile reaction. Definitely do not try to knock down a bunch of Mentos and chug some Coke. Combining the two in your body can still cause some damage to your digestive system. 

McDonald’s Burgers Break Down

Photo: Chris Bloom on flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

We’ve seen many videos and stories of McDonald’s burgers and fries standing the test of time, looking nearly the same as if it came straight from the drive-thru. The legend that McDonald’s burgers don’t rot is, actually pretty true. The explanation behind this phenomenon is that thanks to the low amount of moisture in the product, the chances of microbes causing rot is reduced drastically. Not that you should be eating 20-year-old McDonald’s burgers though. 

Graham Crackers Curb Sexual Appetite

Photo: Scott Akerman on flickr, CC BY 2.0

It was long rumored that Graham Crackers were invented to curb sexual appetite. Turns out it’s actually true. Nineteenth Century Minister Sylvester Graham deduced meats, booze, and foods high in fat led to stronger sexual urges. His solution: introducing bland foods to curb sex drives. Clearly this was simply some misguided science as there is no concrete evidence to back that nutty claim up.

Washing Raw Chicken Before Cooking

Photo: Emilian Robert Vicol on flickr, CC BY 2.0

It’s Sunday night and you’re about to prepare a family feast for your loved ones. You pull out the raw chicken from the fridge and turn on the sink, ready to wash it. Turns out you’d be doing yourself a disservice. The myth behind washing raw chicken before preparing is actually false, and all it actually does is spread the germs around your sink and kitchen. Cooking the meat is the only surefire way to kill the bacteria, then thoroughly washing your hands afterwards. Personally, we believe that frying chicken is the best way to get rid of all those bacteria. 

McDonald’s Milkshakes Made with Animal Fat

Photo: Willis Lam on flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

The term Animal Fat associated with McDonald’s Milkshakes confused customers, leaving them to wonder if the creamy beverage was made from fat from animals like the pig. McDonald’s themselves state that “Animal Fat” was a term that was used to describe fats derived from meat products. None of these fats, however, were included in the milkshakes. 

The Five-Second Rule

Photo: Dan Keck on flickr

Often, we drop food on the ground only to pick it up instantaneously claiming it falls under the “5-second rule.” No, that rule actually does not apply to everything. In fact, all food will be contaminated instantly once it hits the floor. The level of that contamination, however, depends on the surface it falls on and the water content of the food. A French fry hitting the surface of a table will have a lower contamination level than an ice cream cone hitting a dirt road, even if the latter was for less than five seconds. 

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10 Sneaky Foods That Aren’t as Healthy as You Think

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or exclusively follow foodporn accounts on Instagram, you may have noticed the #fitspo lifestyle has completely taken over. 

From Fit Tea brand ambassadors to self-identified wellness models, ~healthy living~ has become a fad that’s showing no sign of slowing down.

And while you may think you’re ready to hop on this bandwagon, I’m here to warn you that many of your favorite “healthy” foods aren’t as healthy as you think.

So before you commit to a life of early morning workouts and sponsored micro-influencer posts, here are 10 foods you *think* are healthy, but are actually just as deceiving as the puppy Snapchat filter.

Dried Fruit

Photo: zeevveez on flickr, CC BY 2.0.

Dried fruit may be a more nutritional snack option than say a luscious piece of chocolate cake or microwaved nachos, but sadly that doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Dried fruit contains large amounts of added sugar that makes it, nutrition wise, much more similar to candy than actual fruit.  

Dried fruit may be a more nutritional snack option than say a luscious piece of chocolate cake or microwaved nachos, but sadly that doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Dried fruit contains large amounts of added sugar that makes it, nutrition wise, much more similar to candy than actual fruit.  

Veggie Chips

Photo: George Kelly on flickr, CC BY-ND 2.0

Though it seems like this should be illegal, just because something contains a variation of the word “vegetable” in its name doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Veggie chips are fried like normal potato chips and are high in sodium and fat. *Insert facepalm here*

Peanut Butter

Photo: Mike Mozart on flickr, CC BY 2.0

If you’ve ever fit the archetype of “broke college student” you’ve likely had many a meals that consisted of just a jar of peanut butter and a spoon. You may have considered this a healthy detour from your usual diet of pizza and microwaved mac & cheese, but truth is, that’s not quite the case. Peanut butter along with other nut butters have sugar added in the form of high fructose corn syrup making the “healthy” snack option really not.

Canned Soup

Photo: crayolarabbit on flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

Consider this good news: You no longer need to eat a sad bowl of canned soup in the name of health. Turns out that cheap, canned grocery store soup is loaded with high amounts of sodium that is not only unhealthy, but can leave you feeling bloated and lethargic. If you genuinely enjoy eating soup, opt for homemade, it’s generally quite simple to prepare.

Trail Mix

Photo: Foodbeast

If you’re like the majority of society, when you eat trail mix you meticulously pick out the M&M’s and little mini chocolate peanut butter cups leaving the raisins, nuts and other ~less than~ ingredients aside. Not too surprisingly, this results in a sugary treat that lacks substantial nutritional value. For a healthier alternative, look for trail mixes made up of unsalted nuts, a little fruit and even perhaps a bit of dark chocolate.

Instant Oatmeal

Photo: Mike Mozart on flickr, CC BY 2.0

Extremely high in both carbohydrates and sugar, instant oatmeal may be quick and easy to make, but sure isn’t healthy. Try making your own if you’re craving the ooey gooey breakfast staple for a more nutritious option. Or ya know, just yolo eat a bacon, egg & cheese.

Flavored Yogurt

Photo: Rebecca Siegel on flickr, CC BY 2.0

If you dismally eat yogurt while your coworkers enjoy morning treats like bagels or breakfast burritos in the name of nutrition, put the plastic spoon down now. Flavored yogurts are are made sweet with loads of added sugar and are thus not as great for you as you might suspect. Unfortunately, plain yogurt is a much healthier choice, but feel free to throw some fresh fruit on top for a little bit of natural flavor.


Photo: rusvaplauke on flcikr, CC BY 2.0

Though granola often appears on the “lighter fare” section of brunch menus, it’s really not that much better for you than some of the more inherently tubby options. A serving size of granola is a lot smaller than you probably think, so filling an entire cereal bowl with the sweet breakfast treat isn’t doing your beach bod any favors. It contains a significant amount of sugar so it’s better enjoyed when lightly sprinkled on top of yogurt or fruit than consumed in mass by itself. 

Bran Muffins

Photo: judam6 on flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

The sad but very real truth about any type of muffin is that they’re essentially cupcakes without frosting. Sure, some are slightly better than others, but even muffins’ most healthy iteration isn’t all that healthy. Yes, even bran muffins, despite their nutritional sounding name, are still filled with high amounts of sugar and fat. They also often contain more wheat flour than actual bran when purchased at a bakery or coffee shop.

Veggie Burgers 

Photo: Kathryn Wright on flickr, CC BY-ND 2.0

Though not all veggie burgers are created equal, some are pretty darn bad for you. Too often, store bought veggie burgers contain high amounts of sodium and not as many vegetables as you might think.  Most are made with rice, beans and are held together by a variety of oils and veggie proteins.

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10 Foods That Might Go Extinct During Our Lifetime

It’s time to face the facts, everything we consume isn’t going to last forever. In fact, every living and non-living organism on earth is finite — meaning, nothing is going to last forever. Pair that with climate change and other shifts in environmental patterns, science tells us that some of the fruits, vegetables and meat we consume will become extinct within our lifetime. 

While it’s an unsettling topic, it’s important to be aware of these issues, in order to prepare ourselves for the future — and be aware of how we affect the environment around us.


Photo: Jennifer C on flickr, CC 2.0.

Due in part to climate change and what biologists refer to as colony collapse disorder, honey bee populations are suffering significant losses. Between 2015 – 2016, 5,000 honey bee keepers in the United States reportedly lost 44 percent of their colonies, according to Vice Motherboard. Scientists say honey bee populations are being decimated by pathogens, pesticides and climate change. As the the world’s bee population continues to decline, so will honey production. 



Photo: Maribel Lu on flickr, CC by ND 2.0

If you haven’t started stockpiling chocolate yet, it might be a good idea to start. Currently, climate change is threatening West African regions where the cacao plant grows naturally. In 2017, researchers estimated it could take less than 40 years for cacao to go extinct. To combat this catastrophe, the Mars Company and researchers from the Innovative Genomics Institute at UC Berkeley in California are working to develop a cacao plant that would be able to grow in changing environments. 



Photo: slgkgc on flickr, CC BY 2.0

Let’s face it, avocados have quite a ubiquitous presence in our diets. However, it takes a lot of water to produce it. Considering the majority of the nation’s avocados are grown in California, a state plagued by a severely long drought, avocado production might slow down significantly if dry conditions persist. Though conditions have gotten better within the past year, the threat of another critical drought is still a concern.



Photo: Olle Svensson on flickr, CC BY 2.0

If you wake up to a nice, warm cup of coffee every morning, then you might want to sit down, because the coffee industry is facing hard times. In 2016, a study from the Climate Institute suggested that if climates shift more than two degrees Celsius, rainfall patterns could change so drastically that more than half of the world’s coffee production regions would be environmentally unsuitable for coffee to grow.  



Photo: Michela Simoncini on flickr, CC BY 2.0

In 2006, CBS News reported that an environmental study lead by an international team of ecologists and economists predicted that the world’s oceans would be void of fish by 2048. Due to decades of overfishing, water pollution and climate change, this is just one of the unintended consequences that could affect a global population of food sources.   



Photo: Naotake Murayama on flickr, CC BY 2.0

In 2017, researchers the University of California, Davis released a grim report regarding the future of West Coast salmon populations. California is home to more than 30 different species of salmon — more than 20 are in danger of becoming extinct within the next century due to habitat degradation, warming water conditions, and overfishing.    



Photo: Mike Bozart on flickr, CC BY 2.0

Bananas are already a pretty sensitive fruit. However, there’s a fungal condition, known as Panama Disease, that has decimated nearly all of the banana plantations in Central and South America in the 1950s. The disease attacks the roots of banana trees and suffocates the fruit. very little is known about the disease. Today, a new type of “Panama” fungus still affects banana plantations across the globe and could cause severe devastation agriculturally and economically.  



Photo: kahvikisu on flickr, CC BY 2.0

Increasingly warmer climates are changing the way crops are cultivated across the globe. For example, strawberries, a fruit that relies on cooler weather for the most ideal harvest conditions, are being affected. When crops are exposed to warmer climates, the flowering process is shortened, giving farmers less of a robust yield. 


Maple Syrup

Photo: Ian Mackenzie on flickr, CC BY 2.0

You might want to spare every last drop of syrup you have. Warmer conditions are creating a shorter sapping season — for example, the sapping or “tapping” season is primarily between February and April, when the temperature is above freezing during the day, and below freezing at night. Due to the shortening for the sapping season, trees are unable to produce the volume of sugary sap needed for syrup production. If temperatures keep rising, the maple syrup industry could eventually dry up.



Photo: Andrew Malone on flickr, CC BY 2.0

While peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are one of the most popular snacks in America, drought and climate change is hampering the production of peanuts. Peanuts are grown in very specific conditions, any change in weather will disturb the plant’s natural growth cycle. Considering the changing climates across the globe, climate experts estimate that peanuts could potentially become extinct by 2030. Peanuts require massive amounts of water to grow, but as more areas suffer from decades of drought and no rainfall, peanut production will fall and eventually dry up. 

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13 Of The Strangest Drinks You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

What’s strange to you may be common to another. The camel’s milk sold at Whole Foods, for example, may throw you for a loop, but that’s just because you haven’t grown up with such a product. Cow’s milk isn’t exactly a huge leap from camel’s milk, but unfamiliarity always glows brightest on the shelf.

So if you expanded your curiosity to stretch around the entire world, you may discover some drinks that would downright blow your mind. Likewise, there are drinks you yourself enjoy that would shock residents of other countries and cultures. And then of course there are drinks that are bizarre and goofy to shoppers everywhere. So let’s jump into the wild world of drinks you don’t see every day.

Water Salad

A post shared by Shirley Karra A (@shirlska) on

Naturally, such a curious product comes from the Japanese arm of Coca-Cola, and it even comes in six different flavors. It honestly seems like a health drink in a dystopian sci-fi flick.

Eel Soda

Eel is the selling point here, not the secret ingredient. Unagi soda reportedly tastes like kabayaki. So if you love grilled eel in soy sauce, and it’s a hot summer’s day, guess what is about to fix everything about your life? This. Drink.

Baby Mice Wine

This absolutely looks like a high school science experiment, one that hasn’t obviously gone right or wrong. In its production process, newborn mice (three days or younger) are drowned in rice wine, and after 12 to 14 months, the drink is made available. Batches vary severely, as a bad one will straight up taste like gasoline.

Pizza Beer

Made by Mamma Mia!, the “World’s First Culinary Beer” debuted in 2006 and the taste has likely still not left everyone’s mouth—not a bad way to live either. It started at the Seefurth Family’s home brewery in Illinois with a surplus of tomatoes and a bag of garlic. But that idea grew and tremendously evolved into a legitimate boozy recipe. A margarita pizza is put into mash and steeped like a tea bag. It’s then filtered into a brew pot and boiled, with hops and spices added in a cheesecloth-like bag. In the end, voilà, pizza beer! Honestly, it’s quite the way to cut back on expenses, no longer needing to buy pizza and beer.

Panda Dung Tea

When it comes to green tea, you likely think of a pleasant scene of you relaxing between careful sipsand poop is absolutely nowhere to be found. Well, in a special blend debuted by wildlife expert An Yashi, the two are one in the same. Since pandas have poor digestion, only absorbing roughly 30% of what they consume, their dung is rich in fibers and nutrients. It’s surprisingly high quality actually. As of a few years ago, it was speculated to be going for $35,000 per pound.

Seagull Wine

A post shared by Kemal Oner (@kaankemaloner) on

You’re likely unfamiliar with trends and interests within the Arctic Circle, and this one’s a doozy. The recipe is easy, since it’s simply keeping a dead seagull in a bottle or jug of water and allowing it to ferment in direct sunlight. Not totally sure what the buzz is like, but it’s likely safe to assume it’s strong.

Gau Jal

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Also referred to as Cow Water, Gau Jal came about in India as a healthier alternative to soda. It’s believed that cow urine has the potential to address several diseases and thanks to the Hindu organization Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, it was made viably marketable.

Peruvian Frog Juice

While it may not be a go-to health drink in the United States, like kombucha or a smoothie, residents of Bolivia and Peru toss a frog in a blender—a skinned Titicaca water frog, to be exact. The frog’s not alone in the blender, though, as ingredients such as carrots and honey are included as well.

Bird’s Nest Drink

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You may have heard of bird’s nest soup, but the key ingredient isn’t just for sit-down meals. The bird nests of Southeast Asia’s edible-nest swiftlets are created with solidified saliva that’s believed to be very nutritional for humans—high in calcium, iron, magnesium, etc. Given that we’re an increasingly on-the-go species, a bird’s nest drink was inevitable.

Snake Bile Wine

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This is an intense drink and it’s not just because of its name, which is wholly accurate and definitely not a gimmick. If it’s made for in-restaurant consumption, rather than bottled for sales, the delicacy beverage is prepared before you at a restaurant when the dedicated employee slices open the gallbladder of a live cobra. The bile is then mixed with rice wine, making for a green-black cocktail that’s supposed to offer health benefits, such as enhancing male virility.

Three Penis Liquor

A post shared by matteo o. (@getplentyofsmoke) on

If you’re a fan of The League, you’re already familiar with this wild concept—though Taco was pitching wine. However, it’s, in fact, totally real, and that may come as a rather huge surprise. The not-so-secret ingredients of Tezhi Sanbian Jiu are deer penis, dog penis, and seal penis. Given the a long-standing belief that consumption of severed animal penises can mean a more dynamic libido in males, maybe this isn’t so shocking.

Placenta Smoothie

As one of the most empowering drinks around, placenta smoothies have seen an uptick in popularity in recent years. So it’s not exactly a drink you’ve never heard of, but we simply can’t leave it off this list. New moms have reported impressive health benefits accordingly, including more energy, lower blood pressure, and reduced post-natal bleeding. There aren’t really any drinks to compare it to. Seriously, how often do you have the chance to drink your own body part?

Diet Water

A post shared by toolie821 (@toolie821) on

The world is so impossibly confusing at times. This doesn’t make any sense. Diet water is like dividing zero! Or I think so anyway. I’m honestly not sure if that simile tracks. I took pre-calculus my junior year of high school, my senior year of high, and my freshman year of college and scored an increasingly worse grade each time. *sigh* This is Diet Water’s fault!

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13 Cheat Meals That Will Tempt the Strictest of Diets

No matter how many times you hashtag #fitspo on Instagram or assert that your Kardashian-esque diet is changing your life, sometimes all you want is a pizza (or sundae/ cheeseburger/ fried butter, etc.)

The key to life is ~balance~  and even aspiring Fit Tea modes shouldn’t give up the good stuff completely.

Carbs, cheese, and the occasional bacon wrapped donut, may not be the most nutritious, but they still feed the soul in a way kale never could.

So to prep for any upcoming cheat days you already have on the calendar, here’s the top 13 meals to indulge in.


Serendipity 3 – Golden Opulence Sundae

If you’ve got a raging sweet tooth as well as $1000 dollars burning a hole in your pocket, make your way over to Serendipity 3. Located in New York City, Serendipity is home to the Golden Opulence Sundae, a dessert so #extra it needs to be ordered two days in advance.  The sundae is comprised of Tahitian Vanilla ice cream, drizzled with Amedei Porcelana chocolate, gold-coated almonds, candied fruit flown in from Paris, ‘sweet grand passion caviar’ and covered in 23-carat gold leaf.  

Katz’s Delicatessen – Pastrami Sandwich

Established in 1888, Katz’s Delicatessen has become one of the world’s most famous restaurants. The legendary deli is known for many things from its cranky staff to its late night crowd, but most importantly for its mile high, unreal pastrami sandwiches. Yet it’s not just the sandwiches’ absurd size that has made them so iconic. Since its inception, the restaurant has utilized old school cooking methods using no chemicals or additives which accounts for the pastrami on rye’s utter perfection.

Flour Shop – Mini Sprinkle Explosion Cake

A post shared by Flour Shop (@flourshop) on

NYC’s Flour Shop knows just how much everybody loves surprises and incorporates such in their latest crazy creation. Meet their Mini Sprinkle Explosion Cake, an eye-popping treat that reveals a treasure trove of sprinkles and candy once sliced into. If cheat days are already a gift to ourselves, why not sneak in a bonus surprise like this sugar dream?

Bakers & Baristas – Fruity Pebbles Tres Leches Cake

A post shared by LetMeEatCake (@letmeeatcake) on

Rub your eyes all you want, but trust, you didn’t not misread the headline for this entry. Yes, a tres leches cake with Fruity Pebbles exists, and you can get it at Bakers & Baristas in Artesia, CA. This wild dessert is such a creative and fun play on cereal and milk, while also providing your feed with ample aesthetics.

Maison Pickle – 24 Layer Chocolate Cake

A post shared by Adrienne 🙈 (@arobbins26) on

Because everyone knows 23 just isn’t enough,  NYC’s Maison Pickle created a chocoholics’ wet dream by making a 24 layer chocolate cake. This notorious monstrosity of sweet is made with 12 layers of thin chocolate cake and 12 layers of smooth chocolate filling. Perfect for sharing, but it really wouldn’t be a cheat day if you did, now would it?

Myeong-Dong Market – Footlong Soft Serve

A post shared by Angel Neo (@misslepetite) on

When exploring through Myeong-Dong in Korea, make sure to fill your IG feed and tummy with the absolutely bonkers footlong soft serve cone. It’s a great way to chill out after shopping through the famous luxury shops and marketplace. That’s treatin’ yoself times two!

Black Tap –  Crazy Shakes

Though the freak shake trend may have peaked in 2016, it’s really never too late to indulge in a comically decadent milkshake. These aptly named, outrageous desserts can be found in a number of places, but Black Tap is perhaps the most famous. Sweet, massive and still super #instaworthy, Black Tap’s shakes are a must try.

Caked Up – Bacon Croissant

A wise man probably once said, “everything’s better with bacon.” Caked Up Cafe in New York City clearly got this memo because they created bacon stuffed croissants that are absolutely amazing. More things in life should be stuffed with bacon. Maybe even bacon.

Jaburritos – Jachos

A post shared by Pub & Grub (@pub.and.grub) on

You know that feeling when you’re hungry and can’t decide between nachos and sushi? We’ve all been there. Luckily, Jaburritos in Las Vegas offers the ultimate (and delicious) solution to this universal problem. “Jachos” are tortilla chips doused with spicy tuna, crab, shrimp tempura, and chipotle mayo. Yeah, get you a dish that can do both.

Pizza Barn – Giant Slices

If you wanna do cheat day proper with pizza, head on over to Pizza Barn in Yonkers, NY. A good indicator of a pizza that qualifies as a proper cheat meal is if it’s practically half the size of you. Check. Pizza Barn passes that test with flying colors.

Clinton Hall – Doughnut Grilled Cheese

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In what may be a triumph in #foodporn, Clinton Hall’s Doughnut Grilled Cheese should be a go-to when you’re looking to collect some calories for the heck of it. Picture this indulgent scene: a glazed doughnut fashioned as a grilled cheese sandwich, hung up on a hook that dangles itself precariously over a steaming bowl of creamy tomato soup. Ugh. Excuse me while I go fan myself.

Café du Monde // Beignets

The beignets served at Cafe du Monde are like a childhood fantasy come true. Made with only two ingredients, fried dough and literal mountains of powdered sugar, the famous pastries are a heavenly sugar rush waiting to happen. Not to mention, these beignets have delighted the taste buds of many a celebrity ,so if you wanna feel ~famous~ I’d recommend getting to NOLA as fast as you can!

Elbows – Pizza Mac N’ Cheese

Elbows in Los Angeles created a mac n’ cheese pizza hybrid, and it’s just as magical as it sounds. People might say this combo is too much. But don’t listen to them. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.


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15 Foods You Either Loved or Hated Growing Up

Growing up, everyone had drastic opinions about food — maybe all things, if we’re being honest here. As kids, we’d take one bite of a meal and declare it to be the only food worth eating ever again, or we’d sniff something on our plate and knew it to be non-edible slop that had been served to us for reasons beyond our understanding. We weren’t exactly known for our nuanced palates.

But it’s not like kids agreed on what those foods were. We didn’t have nationwide or global meetings deciding which pizza toppings were good or bad. Weirdest of all were the foods that offered no middle ground whatsoever. They were the foods that no one was simply “meh” about. Throughout our childhood, these were foods that we either super absolutely loved or very much absolutely hated. Let’s look at those top contenders of what drove us wild, whether good or bad. Let’s celebrate that divide!


A meal that could arguably drum up suspicion from the get-go, casserole has a history of being a thick, creamy jungle of who knows what. However, sometimes it could just be a savory cascade of all your favorite goodies inside a deliciously layered festival of flavor.

Brussels Sprouts

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Well, well, well… look what food’s become the big ticket item in hip gastropubs these days, the food that was steamy, bland nonsense back in the day. This is a food that sincerely, wholly depends on who’s at the kitchen’s helm. It could either be crispy Heaven or boiled Hell.


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A loaf of meat? Incredible. A loaf of meat? Gross. Yes, this truly drove a wedge between families, as some would consider it a mysterious piece of meat combo that could get you insanely sick or a wonderful combination of all things savory.

Banana Pudding

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A relic leftover from the era when suburbia exploded, this recipe features a crazy amount of cream (just as a lot of things did back then). Not everyone was into that as youths. In fact, some kids hate biting into such floofy nonsense, only to get a bite of a Nilla Wafer, which wasn’t exactly Oreo. But then there were those who adored banana pudding. It was unique! It was carefree sugary mania! It tasted like a season that didn’t exist! In short, it was paradise found.


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This one definitely carries over into adulthood, with some of the kids who hated mushrooms turning into fungi lovers. Growing up, this could make or break pizza. They could be tolerated or savored in soups. It was sibling against sibling, spouse against spouse; rare was it for an entire household to agree if mushrooms were good.

Goat Cheese

When it comes to tang, goat cheese would basically slap around your tastebuds. You were just trying to enjoy your pizza, sandwich, or what have you, and in came this flavor that was super tangy aggressive and entirely without chill. But for others, it was such a weird, unique flavor you couldn’t help but love it. Goat cheese took otherwise predictable meals and gave them a tangy, cheesy twist. It was always just the right amount too, so it never got to be too wild.

Black Licorice

To you, this was either a lie posing as candy or a very unique sweet treat that not enough folk appreciated. Some argued it was for old people; some argued that most people’s mouths are just broken. It was either a pungent funk or a pleasant surprise. No one will ever agree and we’ll fight about black licorice until we’re all dead.


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These remain insanely divisive, but everything was magnified when we were kids. For the most part, these were too weird to add to anything and even stranger to add little fish to the most sacred of all kid’s meals — pizza. But to those craving salty meat, what delivered like anchovies? Plus, they always came in a bunch, so it felt like a relentlessly giving snack.

Nilla Wafers

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These always seemed like adult cookies, like the kind of sweets people who never lived enjoyed. They’d eat these for some reason, even though ice cream sundaes and every kind of candy bar existed. But, on the other hand, these were still cookies and cookies are chill and can always be dunked in milk and make your day right.


Ah yes, the coconut wars of our youth, where it could ruin Halloween or save a birthday cake. If you were anti, you’d take a bite of something and a slow realization would sweep over you as you spit out everything in your mouth. It wasn’t ever sudden. If you were pro, then you licked your lips and would accidentally eat, like, five helpings of anything with coconut. That was like consuming summer and feeling the sunshine course through you.

Blue Cheese

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Sure, the idea of eating moldy cheese outright sounded unappetizing for some (insane even), but for others, blue cheese brought with it a pure, scrumptious, wild tang. There was no taming it and no one who loved it would’ve want to anyway. But the naysayers wouldn’t come near it.


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Not everyone loved the jiggly sensation of whatever alien life form Jell-O counted as. Some found it unnerving at best and just a waste of time and energy otherwise. And yet, the other half of youngins were crazy all about it. Any flavor ruled; all of it was good. Somehow it felt like a health food you could play with?

Cream of Literally Anything Soup

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You’re born with the cream-of-soup gene or you aren’t. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. What may feel like eating soapy sewage to one individual may seem like devouring a warm sweater for your stomach on a cold day. And so on and so on.


This one can be blamed on simple science. According to SciShow, for an estimated 4-14% of the population, cilantro can taste like soap, due to a group of olfactory-receptor genes called OR6A2. It picks up on aldehyde chemicals, which are found in both cilantro and soap. However, to everyone else, cilantro is an amazing addition to anything from tacos to soups to pastas and it should be celebrated accordingly.


With strange foods, polarizing opinions seemed inevitable. But a raging debate over bananas never made sense to me, and yet I saw it happen time and time again in my youth. I would watch someone bite into the long, yellow fruit like a monster and laugh about how good it was and then I’d behold a livid other person wanting to watch a world of banana-lovers burn to the ground. One day, there will be a war. Which side will you be on?


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15 Bacon Desserts That Will Leave You Squealing For More

We live in an age where bacon can go on just about anything. Add bacon to your burger? Absolutely. Add bacon to your fries? Who wouldn’t? Add bacon to your ice cream? …that sounds like a terrible idea.

Terribly amazing, that is. Here are a few more terribly amazing bacon desserts that you need to try immediately.

Bacon Ice Cream

Bacon… on ice cream? Our taste buds are 200% curious. This bacon ice cream features a caramel rimmed cup, filled with our 100% organic milk soft serve and candied bacon! This dream treat was available for a limited time only at Milkcow Australia this past September, so we’re high-key jealous of our friends Down Under!

Bacon Pie Shot

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The Pie Bar in Long Beach, CA serves up a mini pie shot called the Bacon Me Nutty that has us saying “Pie Felicia!” to our diets. What this epic bite consists of is a maple hazelnut cream with candied bacon and toasted pecans. It’s a seasonal Fall flavor only, which might be a good idea, because we’d hate to be tempted this bad all year long!

Bacon Brittle Milkshake

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Your milkshake proooobably already brings all the boys to the yard, but add a little bacon brittle and you’ll give Kelis a run for her money. Not only do you get bacon brittle in this milkshake, but it’s also made with bacon ice cream and garnished with chocolate-covered bacon. Found at the Toothsome Chocolate Emporium in Orlando, FL, this milkshake will definitely leave you checking if you have some teeth left.

Bacon Popcorn

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Bacon popcorn tastes a lot butter when it’s free. At Great Jones Craft & Kitchen in Northern Ireland, you can enjoy a cup of complimentary bacon popcorn after you order your food and drink! Tbh, we might be down to go just for the complimentary bacon popcorn, but we’ll see…

Bacon Cheesecake

Bacon cheesecake? Why not!? For National Bacon Week, Goodwood Quality Meats in Australia decided to make a cheesecake topped with delicious maple bacon, and just by the looks of this photo, we wish every week was National Bacon Week, sigh.

Chocolate Bacon Toffee

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Say it with us: Chocolate. Bacon. Toffee. Individually, these three are delicious nonetheless, but when put together to create a tasty snack, we basically have died and gone to bacon heaven. You can find chocolate bacon toffee at Whole Foods or even order them from Sugarfina for a friend! And by “friend” we mean “yourself,” obviously. Because treat yoself.

Chocolate Bacon

Chocolate covered anything is amazing tbh — yes, we’re all one of those people who wants a huge chocolate fountain at our weddings, ok? Chocolate covered bacon at Bacon Bacon in San Francisco, CA is nothing less than stependous, and it’s bacon our hearts that it isn’t currently in our tummies.

Bacon-Flavored Chocolate

Ok, chocolate covered bacon is one thing, but a whole bacon-flavored chocolate bar? We don’t know whether to be excited or concerned, so we choose to be excited because #bacon. Dylan’s Candy Bar went all out with these bacon flavored chocolate bars, and we’re lowkey down to make it part of our balanced breakfast.

Chocolate Covered Bacon S’more

Did you read that right? Chocolate covered bacon… s’more? The baconeers at Bacon Bacon have one-upped themselves by adding toasted marshmallows and graham cracker crumbs to make their chocolate bacon strips a little s’more extravagant than ever.

Bacon Caramel Apple

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but a bacon caramel apple might not fall under that category. Nevertheless, a bacon caramel apple from Chewy’s Gourmet Kitchen in Detroit, MI is everything your inner 8-year-old needs. Dipped in caramel and then coated with a layer of candied bacon bits, this is definitely going to be the apple of your eye.

Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are delicious as is, but why not upgrade it with some bacon bits? If you’re near Spartanburg, SC, pop by Le Spice Restaurant and Bakery for their IG-worthy bacon chocolate chip cookies!

Biscuit Cinnamon Roll with Bacon

Roll call! Cinnamon rolls with bacon bits on top are bacon us crazy just thinking about them. The biscuit cinnamon rolls at the Denver Biscuit Company in Colorado are flakey and baked to perfection, and with the added bacon, it becomes a brunch treat that makes all the calories worth it.

Chocolate Bacon Truffle

Just when we thought we couldn’t get enough of the whole “chocolate bacon” thing, we discovered chocolate bacon truffles and needed 13 of them immediately. At Piece, Love & Chocolate in Boulder, CO, these chocolate bacon truffles are topped with sea salt and candied bacon.

Bacon Roses

Stop and smell the… bacon? These dark chocolate dipped Candied Bacon Rose lollipops by Chef Erika Urso are perfect for when your S.O. has some groveling to do. Or you can just ditch them and make this bouquet your new bae(con). We won’t judge.

Bacon Caramel Toffee

A box of Vosges Uncured Bacon Caramel Toffee is something we absolutely need in our stockings this holiday season. Found in grocery stores or online at, these bacon caramel toffee bites will make going to the dentist worth it (maybe).

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