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Dunkin’ Donuts Korea Has a Fried Chicken Donut

Photo: Dunkin’ Donuts Korea/Instagram

No stranger to unique collaborations, Dunkin’ Donuts Korea continues to subvert our donut expectations. Their latest mash-up with popular chicken spot Kyochon desserts the usual circular pastry, choosing the fun shape of a fried chicken leg.

The marriage in donut heaven has produced two options, the Kyochon Honey Donut and the Kyochon Red Donut. Glazed with Kyochon’s signature honey sauce, the first option is sweet while the second sports a savory coating of their popular Cheongyan red pepper sauce. 

Photo: Dunkin’ Donuts Korea/Instagram

Rumor has it the texture is similar to that of a croquette and the Kyochon Red Donut also comes with a tasty filling. Sadly, those of us in the states won’t have the pleasure of biting into these pastry chicken legs, but if you’re in South Korea, you can grab a drumstick at your local Dunkin’ Donuts for a limited time only.

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New ‘Tailgate’ Candy Corn Features Hot Dog and Hamburger Flavors

Brach’s has dabbled in the past with wild flavors for their candies, with their ‘Taco Truck’ Jelly Beans that featured beef taco and horchata flavors debuting earlier this year. This time around they’re channeling big football energy with their new ‘Tailgate’ Candy Corn.

The Tailgate Candy Corn boasts the following flavors: Fruit Punch, Vanilla Ice Cream, Hot Dog, Hamburger and Popcorn. We know that candy corn already is polarizing treat, but to trot them out in those flavors are sure to be a lighting rod for differing opinions. Not gonna lie, I can see myself knocking back a combo of Vanilla Ice Cream and Popcorn candy corn with some confidence that the duo would make a flavorful union.

If you’re looking to add something new to your summer bbq, Brach’s Tailgate Candy Corn are now available exclusively at Walgreens participating locations.

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This Paloma Doughnut With Tequila Whipped Cream Should Be Your Next Boozy Breakfast

National Tequila Day (July 24) is around the corner and two Brooklyn-based eateries are proving that you can have it for breakfast.

Aldama has partnered with tequila producer El Tequileño to create a limited-edition doughnut by Fan-Fan Doughnuts. Inspired by Aldama’s Citrus Fizz cocktail, Fan-Fan’s Paloma doughnut is rolled in citrus sugar and filled with grapefruit cream and topped with an El Tequileño tequila homemade whipped cream and fresh orange and lime zest.

Fan-Fan Doughnuts is an artisanal doughnut shop helmed by pastry chef and cookbook author Fany Gerson. Best known for Dough and La Newyorkina, Gerson opened Fan-Fan Doughnuts in 2020. Aldama, the debut from restaurateur and bartender Christopher Reyes and chef and co-owner Gerardo Alcaraz, is an ode to the nightlife of Mexico City.

“It was a blast to partner with two incredible brands like Aldama and El Tequileño to create this delicious and summery dessert,” says Gerson. “The grapefruit flavor in the Citrus Fizz and the cooked agave in the El Tequileño are a perfect pair in a cocktail and in a doughnut – imagine a Paloma you can bite into.”

Aldama x El Tequileño’s The Citrus Fizz doughnut kicked off the ‘boozy doughnut series’ by Fan-Fan Doughnuts. Each month will introduce a new flavor and collaboration between Fan-Fan and a spirits brand. Available now, The Citrus Fizz is $5 at Fan-Fan Doughnuts.

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Laffy Taffy Takes its Iconic Dad Jokes Into the NFT Space

Laffy Taffy is retiring its iconic ‘dad jokes’… sort of. 

On every wrapper since the 1980s, 15 of these puns will no longer be used on the candy. They will, however, live on in the metaverse as NFTs via the launch of its “Laffy Taffy Original Jokes” collection, providing fans a chance to own a digital asset featuring Laffy Taffy history. 

The “Laffy Taffy Original Jokes” NFT collection launches Wednesday, July 20, at 12pm ET in collaboration with Bitski, the blockchain wallet infrastructure provider reported to be backed by celebrity investors like Jay-Z and Serena Williams.

Laffy Taffy fans can visit the site for a chance to connect their wallets, complete an order and claim their free NFT on a first come, first serve basis. These one-liners will be placed in the Laffy Taffy vault and no longer appear on wrappers, but those who receive an NFT will be able to access them forever. 

The collection consists of 120 total NFTs, featuring 30 exclusives, minted and distributed randomly in various flavor and joke variations. There are 90 General NFTs minted as six versions of each joke with designs inspired by the candy’s vintage character art dating back to the 1970s in Banana, Cherry, Sour Apple, Grape, Blue Raspberry and Strawberry flavors. 30 One-of-Ones NFTs will feature an exclusive “shiny” subset of the collection featuring the most coveted designs to be randomly claimed during the minting process on launch day, which can then be sold and traded by fans. 

Jokes first appeared on Laffy Taffy wrappers in the 1980s as a way to provide free entertainment value . They began incorporating jokes sent by children and have continued to feature jokes on its candy wrappers to this day.

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Get a Drumstick Tattoo and You Can Win a Free Year’s Supply

Photo: Drumstick

There are few pleasures in life that are equal to the satisfaction of getting to the bottom of a Drumstick ice cream cone’s chocolatey base. Now imagine that utopian scenario, on repeat for free — for one whole year.

You can absolutely make that happen if you are one of five lucky winners in Drumsticks Sundae Cones’ latest sweepstakes.

On July 17, National Tattoo Day and coincidentally, National Ice Cream Day, Drumstick is asking its super fans if they would be willing to get a Drumstick tattoo. Those that choose to show Drumstick cones some love in the form of a tattoo have a chance to win a year’s worth of Drumstick Sundae Cones.

Details and How to Enter:

  • The sweepstakes opens July 8 and runs through July 31, allowing time to get your Drumstick tattoo throughout the month.
  • The tattoo can be real, temporary, Mini Drum, Lil Drum, drawn on with a sharpie… however you decide to express your love for Drumstick.
  • To enter to win, tag @Drumstick and share a photo of your Drumstick tattoo on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #DrumstickInk Make sure you’re also following @Drumstick on Instagram or Twitter, depending on which platform you’re sharing your tattoo on.
  • At random, Drumstick will select five lucky winners who will win a one-year supply.
  • To learn more, follow Drumstick on Twitter and Instagram at @Drumstick.
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New Apple Jacks Slime Cereal Turns Your Milk Green

Looking for a huge wave of nostalgia to wash over you and cleanse your current worries about gas prices away for a moment? Then turn your attention to Kellogg’s new Apple Jacks Slime Cereal, a breakfast treat that promises to turn your milk green like Nickelodeon’s iconic slime.

Apple Jacks Slime Cereal features vibrant orange and green loops with green apple flavor, a perfect combo to compliment a Double Dare marathon — because that definitely was the best show on Nickelodeon to feature the gloopy green slime.

Kellogg’s Apple Jacks Slime hits retailers nationwide for a limited time starting this month for a suggested retail price of $4.49.

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MSCHF Invites Folks to Eat The Rich Via Popsicles

MSCHF, the Brooklyn, New York art collective that fully embodies their name with their whole chest, is back with another sly drop, this time catering to anti-capitalists and whoever else would love to eat the rich, so to speak.

Starting July 11 to 13, MSCHF has deployed ice cream trucks to New York City and Los Angeles to give the public a chance to eat popsicle versions of infamous billionaires Jeff Bezos, Jack Ma, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Elon Musk. The ‘Eat The Rich’ popsicles are going for $10, an eye-popping price tag given the current economic climate, yet is a tongue-in-cheek nod to major capitalism.

Check out MSCHF’s site here for the details on where to find the ice cream trucks so you can take a bite out of the mega rich.

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The History of Gushers, Fruit Roll-Ups and Fruit by the Foot

Going down memory lane, nothing is quite like the 90s with our favorite fruit snacks like Gushers, Fruit by the Foot and Fruit Roll-Ups. Have you ever wondered how snacks like that even became a thing? Well, fun fact, they actually started as a fruit filling for cakes in 1975. 

General Mills fruit snacks have delighted consumers for decades. In 1975, General Mills’ Research and Development team developed the filling for a cake mix which eventually, after tests and revisions, debuted as Fruit Roll-Ups in 1979. Do you remember when these had tattoos for your tongue?

In 1992, Gushers arrived and became the innovative fruit snack because of its juicy liquid center surprise with every bite. The fandom grew when advertisements left an iconic stamp on the minds of adults and youth alike, particularly the iconic advert where heads turned into fruit. 

Throughout the 90s, Gushers made its way into pop culture through partnerships with Jurassic Park, Nickelodeon, the Goosebumps series and more. I remember my sister loved Gushers as a kid and I simply couldn’t understand where the red juicy center was coming from.

Fruit by the Foot also made its debut in the 90s and was a hit for its long rolls of wild flavors and colors. I literally used to eat these while sitting in front of the television after school, separating the fruit snack and the paper, bite by bite.

Today, General Mills is the largest manufacturer in the fruit snacks category and continues to lead category growth. The brand’s fruit snack portfolio includes Annie’s, Fruit Roll-Ups, Fruit by the Foot, Mott’s, Kid Equity Shapes and Gushers.  

Now, nearly three decades later, General Mills is ushering in a new era of fruit snacks… in the Metaverse. Gushers recently dropped a limited-edition designer sneaker — available exclusively in the metaverse.