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Krispy Kreme Australia Has A Pokémon Collection of Doughnuts

Krispy Kreme Australia has linked with Pokémon to help celebrate the 25th anniverary of the game franchise’s original release on the Nintendo Game Boy.

Die-hard fans outside of Australia can only watch from afar as Australians can indulge in a box of festive Pokémon branded doughnuts. Here’s the details on each of the themed celebratory doughnuts:

  • Poke Ball – Original Glazed
  • Pikachu – Chocolate creme then dipped in white truffle
  • Bulbasaur – Green apple icing, sand sugar, and a creme swirl
  • Charmander – Vanilla custard then dipped in white truffle
  • Squirtle – Strawberry filled then dipped in white chocolate

This collection of Krispy Kreme x Pokémon doughnuts are only available for a limited time and go for $29.95 AUD.

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Ube Mille Crepe Cakes From Lady M Are a First For The Luxury Dessert Brand

Ube, or Philippine purple yam, is a key ingredient in making a wide array of Filipino desserts. Known for its distinct and eye-catching purple hue, ube brings an unmistakable Filipino flavor to any dish it’s incorporated with. Lady M, a luxury confections brand, recognizes this and has brought the purple wonder to its iconic Mille Crêpes Cake.

The Purple Yam Mille Crêpes Cake is a true treat for ube lovers everywhere. Luscious and sweet ube is incorporated into every element of the cake – from the lacy ube crepes to the layers of whipped ube and cream — which is then generously topped with ube crumbles and snow sugar. The word “mille”means “a thousand” in French, which implies endless layers of deliciousness in each cake.

Death by ube would sound like a happy ending to me, and that’s what this cake delivers. All ube everything is a sweet realization with Lady M’s Purple Yam Mille Crêpes, which are available now at Lady M boutique locations worldwide or online via shipping to the US and Canada.

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OREO Will Be Launching New Pokémon OREOs

OREO collabs have a pristine record of not missing. They’re arguably America’s favorite cookie sandwich, so plussing up the whole affair with a smart collaboration is bullseye every time. OREO tapping in with Pokémon is another example in such consistent excellence.

Beginning today, September 8, fans can pre-order the limited edition Pokémon x OREO cookies on The cookies will be available at retailers nationwide starting September 13th, while supplies last.

The Pokémon x OREO cookies pay tribute to some of the most beloved Pokémon with 16 unique cookie embossments featuring iconic Pokémon such as Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle. However, just like in the Pokémon world, some Pokémon x OREO cookies will be harder to find. This also means that this much hyped partnership is OREO’s first-ever cookie rarity scheme. Here’s more details surrounding it:

  • Each pack is filled at random and does not necessarily contain cookies with all 16 embossment designs, meaning every cookie pack is all about discovery and a new chance to find them all.
  • The rarity of the designs embossed on the cookies range from easy to find to hard to find, and the hardest to find (Mew) is featured on an extremely limited amount of the total cookies produced.

The 16 cookie varieties of the Pokémon x OREO collab are:

  • Pikachu
  • Bulbasaur
  • Charmander
  • Squirtle
  • Sandshrew
  • Jigglypuff
  • Lapras
  • Dratini
  • Mew
  • Cyndaquil
  • Sableye
  • Piplup
  • Snivy
  • Pancham
  • Rowlet
  • Grookey
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Talenti’s Newest Gelato Flavor Is Inspired By A Bravo Top Chef’s Winning Dish

Back in April, Taleni Gelato linked with Bravo’s Top Chef and hosted a “Quickfire” challenge, where the winning dessert would inpsire its next gelato flavor.

The winning dessert wound up being made by Chef Avishar Barua, and is now on grocery store frozen aisle shelves in the form of Talenti Layers Peanut Butter Crunch.  

Talenti never shies away from the indulgent so the following deets of this new gelato flavor are sure to excite fans. It starts with a layer of creamy peanut butter gelato, followed by a portion of crunchy graham cracker pieces, which then features a brown butter sugar sauce layered on smooth vanilla gelato, and all of which has a foundational layer being a whole squad of peanut butter cups.

Wow. Let me go find a spoon big enough for me to take this down in one bite.

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Shake Shack and Milk Bar Connect For Two New Shakes

Two New York originals in Shake Shack and Milk Bar have linked up to debut two new limited edition shakes: the Chocolate Birthday Cake Shake and the Cornflake Chocolate Drizzle Shake.

This collaboration is the perfect example of two brands playing to their strengths to give the people something they’d really want.

For the yummy deets, the Chocolate Birthday Cake Shake has hand-spun frozen chocolate custard topped with Milk Bar crumbs and frosting, while the Cornflake Chocolate Drizzle Shake includes a vanilla frozen custard that’s topped with chocolate fudge drizzle, Milk Bar cornflake crunch bits, and mini marshmallows.

These new shakes are available for $5.99 at Shake Shack locations nationwide and on Shake Shack’s website from September 3 through November 1.


These Scone-Sized Cookies Clock in at Over a Half Pound Each

If you’re looking for a cookie with heft and bravado, look no further than Tower Treats. Each cookie boasts a husky figure, clocking in at a little over a half pound each. At first glance one could mistake a Tower Treats cookie for a scone, just on assessment of size alone.

However, the appeal extends beyond the cookie’s substantial silhouette, as each cookie is chock full of gooey peanut butter and melty chocolate chips. What you get a is nothing but an immensely chewy and moist experience. What’s more, Tower Treats ships nationwide from Atlanta, Georgia.

Grab a cookie that’s a complete unit in a box of six, so for sure you should share with some — or not, we also respect treat yourself vibes.

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Loaded Waffle Sticks Are A Childhood Dream Fulfilled For This Entrepreneur

For Francisco Lara of Oxnard, California, the dream of opening up his own sweets shop started when he was a kid looking up to his aunt who was known for serving her own desserts to Mexican celebrities. The complexities that came with life during the pandemic last year found Lara pivoting from finding a job in a tough market to actually taking the steps to make his childhood dream come true.

After finding a unique waffle maker online, Lara then started creating his sweet waffle creations at home and testing them with friends and family. Positive feedback then became word of mouth and social media buzz, which helped Lara create Don Waffly from his home.

What guests are treated to at Don Waffly are fluffy waffles adorned with a host of sweet drizzles, dips, and toppings — all making for a one of a kind dessert experience.

Beyond the sweet waffle sticks, Don Waffly also sells some of the best breakfast sandwiches you can sink your teeth into. It’s a downright proper way to start your morning, as each sandwich features soft-scrambled eggs and pillowy brioche buns that accompany different proteins and a Sriracha mayo. Truly these breakfast sandwiches stand up to the industry’s best.

Get your Don Waffly fix at The Collection at RiverPark in Oxnard, California and experience a concept that’s literally Francisco Lara’s childhood dream fulfilled.

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BJ’s Has A New Sweet Cinnamon Apple Pizookie

Photo: BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse

The fall flavors are rolling in everywhere and BJ’s doesn’t want to find themselves out of the running. To get in on the seasonal flavor festivities, the restaurant and brewhouse has introduced a new Sweet Cinnamon Apple Pizookie.

BJ’s iconic Pizookie dessert gets treated with a cozy and warm, sweet cinnamon cookie adorned with cinnamon-spiced apple pieces and caramel bits, then crowned with two scoops of vanilla bean ice cream and a generous drizzle of caramel.

This new Sweet Cinnamon Apple Pizookie is available at all BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse locations nationwide starting September 2, 2021 for a limited time only.