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Krispy Kreme UK Teases New Xbox Donut

Krispy Kreme UK’s Twitter account recently fired off a tweet that contained a promo video teasing an Xbox-themed donut dubbed ‘The Nexus Level Doughnut’.

While details on taste and specific ingredients are scarce for now, Krispy Kreme UK’s site does state availability from August 2 – August 22. On the site are rules to a sweepstakes that can get fans a free month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and the chance to win themselves an Xbox Series S.

We’ll be sure to put you on to more details surrounding this product release once they become available.

Packaged Food Sweets

This Limited Edition Chewy Chips Ahoy Is Filled With Hershey’s Fudge

The prospect of busting open a soft, moist Chewy Chips Ahoy to reveal a gooey inner of Hershey’s fudge is enough to trigger anyone with a sweet tooth to react in awe, wonder, and excitement. That’s why this new, limited edition collaboration product from Chips Ahoy and Hershey’s looks to be an unbeatable duo that will tag team and do a number on your cravings.

This mouthwatering new combo can be found at grocery retailers nationwide and is just begging to be nestled in some ice cream to make the perfect summer sundae.

Food Fashion Sweets

Warheads Sour Candy Has a New Clothing Collection

FLAN (Forever Laughing At Nothing) is no stranger to food-themed clothing collaborations, as evidenced by their past odes to exotic fruits and cotton candy. This time around they’ve linked up with the ultimate sour candy, Warheads, for a limited edition clothing collection that gives vibrant nods to sour candy’s extreme fruit flavors.

The vivid collection is available starting Saturday, July 31 at 9AM EST on and at Fred Segal Malibu and Los Angeles locations, and is comprised of five t-shirts ($80 each) that sport a distinct hand dip-dye method, meant to simulate the color of each Warheads Extreme Sour flavor: Apple, Black Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Lemon, and Watermelon. Also included in the line is the ‘WALLY’ Button Down ($150) made from 100% recycled polyester that boldly boasts a pink and yellow gradient to match the Warheads logo.

Check out the whole line below to peep the drip and possibly catch flashbacks of your most mouth-puckering moments with Warheads.

Sweets What's New

Baskin-Robbins Japan Is Selling This Adorable Poké Ball Ice Cream Cake

Photos: PR Times, SoraNews24

A freakin’ adorable new ice cream cake that looks just like a Poké Ball is being sold at participating Baskin-Robbins locations in Japan. Dubbed the Pokémon Surprise Cake, it’s divided into three sweet sections: chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla.

Besides the overall cuteness of this dessert, the added appeal is what’s inside. Slice open this festive ice cream cake to reveal an inner filled with yellow Pikachu cookies.

For the Pokémon fans reading this, I know you’re hyped to try this fun new dessert. So know that they’re only at Baskin-Robbins locations in Japan and have a limited run until the August 31, 2021.


This Thai Tea S’Mores Ice Cream Could Be The Flavor of the Summer

Campfires just hit different during the summer. And a large part of that has to do with s’mores being in the equation. Reimagined versions of the fireside treat popping up in ice cream form have always been a welcome addition to the season, but twists on that will be in demand, too.

Which is why the Thai Tea S’mores ice cream flavor from Malt Creamery in San Diego, California was met with universal approval from fans of the shop. The innovative flavor starts with a Thai tea and graham cracker base with dark chocolate bits and marshmallow creme, making for a combination that intrigues every last bit of our palate.

The flavor is limited, and understandably, in high demand, so make sure to secure your pint ASAP.

Fast Food Sweets

PDQ Restaurants Offering Chicken Tender Milkshake

Look, I’ll try anything once. Bull testicles? Check. Live jumping shrimp? Check. Chicken knees? Yup, that, too. But a Chicken Tender Milkshake? Shit, why not.

To celebrate tomorrow’s National Chicken Tender Day, PDQ locations in the U.S. will be serving up a Chicken Tender Milkshake for that day only. The eyebrow-raising concoction really does have chunks of PDQ’s in-house chicken tenders blended into the shake, as seen in @sooziethefoodie‘s clip above.

And if I were closer to any PDQ location, I’d have to try a sip or two of this bold brew.

News Packaged Food Sweets

Chocolate Dunkaroos Are Officially Back

90s kids or anybody else that’s down for an iconic snack, go ahead and run to your nearest grocery store, because Dunkaroos are officially back and available now at stores nationwide!

The nostalgic feels don’t get any better than this as the epic duo of vanilla cookies and chocolate frosting make a legendary comeback like MJ in ’95. If you’re looking to celebrate this snack time icon, each pack comes in at a instantly-coppable $1.79.


Can You Handle A Parfait So Huge It Comes In A Beer Pitcher?

Photo: SoraNews24

Imagine a parfait that ditches all sense of norms and chooses to be served in a beer pitcher due to its gargantuan size. That’s what’s going on at Hida no Takayama Ramen in Tokyo, Japan according to SoraNews24, where they have on the menu the Super Colossal Mega Parfait.

This mammoth of a parfait really does come served in a beer pitcher and includes an assortment of fruit, at least three popsicles protruding from it, layers of ice cream, and crunch corn flakes. It’s said that the Super Colossal Mega Parfait is made for a serving of three people, but know that this is a safe space if you choose to smash on this monumental mouthful yourself.

At a reasonably priced 2,500 yen (US$22.70), this could be the cheat day of all cheat days for any person or crew.