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This Wild RITZ and OREO Mash Up is the Ultimate Sweet and Salty Collab

I don’t know who in the respective RITZ Crackers and OREOs board rooms were channeling their inner munchies on this one, but thanks to those heroes, we now have RITZxOREO, the ultimate mashup between two snack legends.

RITZxOREO is a a first of-its-kind product mashup that is essentially one part RITZ Cracker and one part OREO cookie, fused by two delicious layers of smooth peanut butter flavored creme and the original OREO creme.

This mad combo is a limited-edition exclusive, with fans given the opportunity to have them starting at 12pm EST this Thursday, May 26th. On that date, RITZ and OREO fans can visit to get one free pack. Simply pay $3.95 for shipping and let the snacking gods shine their light upon you.

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Gushers Brings a Shoe to the ‘Metaverse’ That Can Be Won IRL

The Metaverse is getting everyone involved from all industries — real estate, fashion, gaming, art and even sandwiches now. Now arguably the best lunchbox snack you could ask for, Gushers, has shoes coming to the Metaverse. That isn’t something I don’t think any of us ever expected to say.

The flavor bursting gummy from our childhoods has partnered with Italian design studio, RAL7000STUDIO, to design a high-top shoe that embodies all the unique elements of a Gusher. These are only available at the virtual shopping experience from Complex’s upcoming Complexland, from May 25th through the 27th.

For a chance to own these shoes, participate and complete the Gusher “Sole Quest,” where you can put the kicks on your avatar and unlock the chance to win a pair.

Each pair will feature:

  • A removable and transparent Gushers splash patch that attaches over the laces of the shoe and allows the wearer to make a bold statement that embodies the “Let Your Sole Out” spirit. 
  • A colorful Gushers gem-shaped mold filled with Gushers goo on the lateral side.  
  • A rainbow outsole inspired by Gushers flavors. 
  • The bottom of the Gushers sneaker includes the Gushers logo on the right outsole and the words “Let Your Sole Out” on the left. 
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Krispy Kreme to Offer Free ‘Senior Day Dozen’ for High School and College Seniors Wearing 2022 Class Gear

Graduating high school and college seniors have plenty to celebrate as they move on to the next chapter in their lives — and it could start off on a sweet note with a free dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

Krispy Kreme is tipping their proverbial caps to all graduating high school and college seniors this year by offering them a free dozen doughnuts on May 25 and the return of the Graduate Dozen, available beginning May 23. All these seniors have to do to get that free dozen is rock Class of 2022 gear — shirts, caps, you cap and gown — at their local participating Krispy Kreme on Wednesday, May 25.

As for the Graduate Dozen, folks can purchase a limited-edition specialty Graduate Dozen on May 23-24 and May 26-29, while supplies last.

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McDonald’s Launches New Chocolatey Pretzel McFlurry Flavor

McDonald’s is leaning into the undefeated flavor combo of sweet and salty with the debut of this year’s first new McFlurry flavor, Chocolatey Pretzel.

Starting on May 25, the new Chocolatey Pretzel McFlurry will be available at participating McDonald’s locations for a limited time only. This new frozen treat flavor starts with McDonald’s creamy vanilla soft serve that’s deliciously dotted with crunchy chocolate-covered pretzel bits and wrapped in a rich caramel swirl.

Let’s hope the McFlurry machines are running for this tasty new release, because the flavor profile of sweet and salty always hits different.

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Krispy Kreme Will Treat Guests to One FREE Doughnut Today

Today, the first image of a supermassive black hole at the center of our Milky Way galaxy was revealed — and it looks a lot like a delicious doughnut.

Krispy Kreme had the same sentiments in regards to this cosmic creation, and they thought that it would be a perfect time to celebrate such a happening. That’s why today, Krispy Kreme will treat all guests to one FREE Original Glazed Doughnut!

So make sure to pull up and make that free Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnut the center of your galaxy today.

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Adidas Originals and M&M’S Inspired Forum Lo 84 Sneakers Launch Today

The second drop in a collboration with Adidas Originals and M&M’S are six new M&M’S inspired colorways for the Forum Lo 84 launch today, May 10th.

All of the six (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Brown, and Orange) colorways from the classic M&M’S cast is here with their own sneakers. If you didn’t know, yes, you do need to capitalize the colors when referring to M&MS.

Did you know that the colors of the M&M’S were their names?! I mean…I did obviously, but was just checking to see if you did too.

Adidas Originals having candy-based shoes isn’t out of the park for the brand at all, given their history of unique collaborations and partnerships across the industry. These M&M’s-inspired colorways allow for a lot of outfit diversity and with the Lo 84 silhouette being clean and iconic, it’s a shoe that can be used in multiple occasions.

Something like their collaboration with Kerwin Frost, for example, is definitely intended to be statement pieces.

The M&M’s Lo 84’s come in a special edition box, feature premium leather uppers and printed characters in its sock liners.

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Baskin-Robbins Debuts Tiger Milk Bubble Tea

Baskin-Robbins is hopping on the boba train by introducing new Tiger Milk Bubble Tea.

Taking inspo from Taiwanese milk tea, the new offering from Baskin-Robbins starts with brown sugar syrup “tiger stripes” cascading down the inside of the cup, followed by black tea and whole milk combining with a sweet layer of brown sugar popping bubbles. The Baskin-Robbins effect takes hold of the drink via the addition of a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Sounds like the perfect refreshment as the temps start to rise around the country.

The new Tiger Milk Bubble Tea follows Baskin-Robbins’ dramatic rebrand earlier this year, and can be had for a limited time starting this spring until the end of summer at participating locations nationwide.

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This Unassuming Liquor Store is a Treasure Trove of Exotic Snacks

@mrbiggsmenu Exotic Snacks 🌎 🍭 #lahabra #orangecounty #candy #snacks #foodie ♬ Paper Planes – M.I.A.

Take a trip to La Habra, California and you’ll find an unlikely stash of hard to find snacks, drinks and candy in Sunny Hills Exotics. As captured by @mrbiggsmenu, a step inside the unassuming liquor store is a veritable treasure trove of rare treats.

“Go to the left corner and you will find the craziest snacks from all over the world,” gushed Mr Biggs. From the looks of his TikTok clip above, he was right. What we see unfold is your favorite stash’s stash, consisting of limited edition OREO flavors, different types of Kit Kat bars and a variety of sodas from around the globe.

Munchie connoisseurs and snack fiends alike would do well to flock to this hidden gem the next time the cravings come knocking down their stomach walls.