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An Entire Box Of Cheez-Its Is Crammed Into The Brand’s Official 100-Year Cake

Photo courtesy of Cheez-It

Cheez-It is celebrating their 100th birthday this year, and went both big and bold when it came to how they’re sharing the festivities with everyone.

They teamed up with celebrity chef Stephanie Izard to create a birthday cake that has an entire box of Cheez-Its crammed inside. The crackers are ground into the flour used to make the cake batter, crumbled into a shortbread that goes in between each cake layer, and dipped in chocolate for a sweet and salty topping.

The actual flavor of the cake draws some inspiration from Garret popcorn mix, with swirls of caramel imbued throughout to balance the strength of the cheesy crackers’ aroma.

Anyone interested in the cake has some limited opportunities to score one, as they’ll be sold on Goldbelly from May 17th – May 20th. Each day, a limited number of Cheez-It Cakes will go on sale at 12 pm EDT, and are available on a first come, first serve basis.


Rice Krispies Treats Brings Back Popular Strawberry Flavor

The comfort one can find in a Rice Krispies Treat feels like schoolyard lunches, summer vacation snacks, and treat yourself moments that call for something sweet and delectable. That gooey pull is a satisfaction that is a byproduct of this snacking pleasure. For fans of the original Rice Krispies Treats, the introduction of a Strawberry flavor only upped its crave-worthy status.

Fans can only get excited knowing that the pinky marshmallow pull is making a comeback as Rice Krispies Treats Strawberry Flavor, along with Rice Krispies Treats Mini Squares in an Original, Strawberry, and Chocolate variety pack, will be making an appearance on store shelves this summer.

Rice Krispies Treats that channel the sweetness of Neapolitan ice cream right along with the pink comforts of the Strawberry Flavor’s return only make this summer an anticipated time for snackers all over. Keep an eye out for them at stores nationwide around the end of May.

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Tim Hortons Celebrates Mother’s Day With Brilliant Donut Disguise Box

Photo courtesy of Tim Hortons

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, and for those scrambling to find something they think their moms would enjoy, look no further.

This year, Tim Hortons is offering up what we low-key believe is the most incredible gift for any mom whose love for donuts surpasses that of their children.

Upon first glance, it looks nothing more like a hefty hardbound book that would likely collect dust on a coffee table or sit untouched on a shelf for decades at a time. However, when you open it up, you’ll find six Tim Horton’s donuts inside.

The box will be available on May 8 and 9 when you purchase a six-pack of donuts at U.S. locations in Buffalo, Columbus, and Detroit metropolitan areas. All you have to do is ask for the Donut Disguise Box at the counter or drive-thru.


Flan-Flavored Cotton Candy Is Now A Top Tier Treat

Gourmet iterations of everyday snacks are almost automatic now, with everything from popcorn to even cheeseballs getting the bougie treatment. But have you ever heard of gourmet cotton candy? Cotton Cravings, a brand known for their fancy takes on cotton candy via creative flavors, has now come out with a flan flavor that’s sure to tickle the palates of sweet fiends all over.

Everyone’s creamy, custardy treat in feathery form already sounds like a delight to the senses, but to have it released alongside some fresh gear is a welcome bonus. That’s because Cotton Cravings new flan flavor is debuting with a clothing capsule collection from FLAN (Forever Laughing At Nothing).

Also know as FLAN Labs, the clothing brand is collaborating with Cotton Cravings for a set that includes a t-shirt and socks. Both the snack and gear conjure up effervescent feelings of carefree bliss, so feel free to indulge in the drip and the dessert.

The Cotton Cravings x FLAN Labs collection is now available on the FLAN Labs website.

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BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse Brings to Life a New Monstrous Pizookie® Creation Loaded with M&M’S® Minis Chocolate Candies

If BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse’s savory and delicious menu isn’t reason enough to head to your nearest BJ’s right this instant, then their scary good new seasonal Pizookie® is quickly going to change that. The new BJ’s Monster Pizookie® made with M&M’S® Minis Chocolate Candies is the ultimate dessert to enjoy with friends — filled with chocolate chips, oats, peanut butter, peanut butter chips and M&M’S® Minis Chocolate Candies inside a warm and gooey cookie.  What’s more, you get Insta-worthy, colorful M&M’S® Minis Chocolate Candies on top, paired with that velvety vanilla bean ice cream.

Whether you’re diving in with family or enjoying with a few friends, BJ’s Monster Pizookie® is available in both a Regular Size and Party Platter (and both are utterly satisfying!). The colorful, festive treat is just the celebration you need, and is the Monster collab we’ve all been waiting for. With something this fun and delicious, it just makes sense to want to have dessert first.

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This Boozy Ice Cream Is Based On Cocktails From The World’s Best Bars

OddFellows Ice Cream Co. has recently released The Boozy Capsule, a collection of six liquor-laced  ice creams based on cocktails from some of the world’s best bars. 

The Boozy Capsule was crafted by OddFellows’ Chef and Co-Founder, Sam Mason who has transformed signature cocktails from some of the world’s most talented bartenders into ice cream form. The release also aims to give back to the hard-hit hospitality industry as bars and restaurants start to reopen.

OddFellows will donate 10% of proceeds from the capsule to Another Round Another Rally, a charity providing education and emergency aid to professionals working in the hospitality sector.  

The six cocktail ice creams in ‘The Boozy Capsule’ include: 

  • Death & Co.’s Buko Gimlet Coconut water sorbet infused with New York Distilling Company’s Dorothy Parker Gin, Novo Fogo Cachaça, Kalani Coconut Liqueur, lime and pandan
  • Two Schmucks’ Strawberry Kush – Non-dairy sorbet that combines Bacardí Carta Blanca Rum with mint, lemon, Angostura Bitters, saline and cardamom
  • Long Island Bar’s Cosmopolitan – Cranberry-lime sorbet infused with Absolut Citron Vodka, and Cointreau Liqueur 
  • Maybe Sammy’s La FincaCoffee ice cream infused with Mr Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur and Oloroso Sherry with gems of Manuka Honey 
  • Attaboy’s Penicillin Sweet cream whisky ice cream infused with Dewar’s Blended Scotch Whisky with a hint of lemon, gems of honey and candied ginger 
  • Limantour’s Mr Pink – Sweet cream gin ice cream infused with New York Distilling Company’s Dorothy Parker Gin with nuggets of grapefruit sorbet infused with rosemary, lime, basil and orange bitters

“Enjoying a world-class cocktail in a beautiful bar is the absolute best, and we wanted to capture that experience and celebrate our hospitality industry peers with this boozy capsule,” says Mohan Kumar, Co-Founder of OddFellows. “I’ve had many amazing nights in these bars and I’m excited to be bringing their essence to the nation in ice cream form; giving their fans (and ours) a creative take on something they have not been able to access during the last year.” 

The Boozy Capsule also celebrates OddFellows’ return to Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood where it originated, with its new flagship store in Domino Park. Located at 40 River Street, OddFellows Domino Park will offer the largest ice cream flavor selection that OddFellows has ever featured, with 24 flavors. Its opening menu featured a variety of flavors like Coffee Crunch and Chocotorta, Carrot Cake Cream Cheese, Lemon Shortbread Thyme and Mandarin Jasmine Brulee, among others. Limited time capsule collections, which launched August 2020 with the Desus & Mero Bodega Capsule, will also be a prominent menu feature. 

In addition to its ice cream menu, OddFellows Domino Park will also have a happy hour. Coming this summer, the menu will feature a curated list of natural wines, local beers, and boozy ice cream concoctions.

OddFellows’ The Boozy Capsule is available in OddFellows’ New York City and Boston stores for $13.50 per tub, and shipping nationwide at for $89.99 for the whole collection.


Sour Patch Kids Launches MYSTERY Flavor We’re Stuck Guessing All Summer

Photo courtesy of Sour Patch Kids

I love a good mystery as much as the next guy, and when you pair it with something as addicting as Sour Patch Kids, there’s no situation where you can come out unsatisfied.

The iconic candy brand has just launched a new mystery flavor that just hit stores this week. Like with many other mystery flavors in consumer packaged goods, the sweet and sour candy youths are devoid of color to not hint at their flavor of origin.

As part of a sweepstakes, Sour Patch Kids will reveal the mystery flavor this August, and one lucky winner who submits the correct guess to will win $50,000.

Gonna have to get my hands on a bag or two — maybe a whole case.

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Powerade Teams Up With The Maker of Otter Pops

Photos courtesy of the Coca-Cola Company.

90’s kids are sure to recognize Otter Pops as a nostalgic, cold treat that you would eat during hot summers to cool down. The company who makes them, Jel Sert, is still going strong, and just teamed up with Coca-Cola brand Powerade to make a more hydrating version of those frozen treats.

Called Powerade Sports Freezer Bars, this take on the Otter Pop is being targeted towards athletes and those looking to stay hydrated nationwide.

Each of the Powerade “Otter Pops” contains Powerade’s ION4 electrolyte solution, which is packed with minerals like sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Many of these are known to be lost during sweat, so having them in something you consume to stay hydrated helps recover those nutrients.

There’s also a few B Vitamins present in these frozen bars, including Vitamins B3, B6, and B12.

Jel Serts’ partnership with Powerade is now available in stores nationwide, and comes in recyclable packaging.