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Keebler Reveals Bite-Sized Fudge Stripes Called Dip’mmms

Photo: Keebler

Keebler has just dropped some snack time innovation with new Fudge Stripe Dip’mms, which are essentially miniature versions of their iconic Fudge Stripe cookies.

The Dip’mms come in portable packs that pair the cookies up with a marshmallow frosting for dipping and are now available at retailers nationwide in single packs for a suggested price of $1.79 to $2.29 and 4-count multipacks for a suggested price of $6.99.

Ten-year old me would have gone crazy for these, but then again my grown self can’t wait to try them, too.

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Jeni’s Ice Cream Revives Fan-Favorite Strawberry Pretzel Pie Flavor Collab With Dolly Parton

Cult favorite Jeni’s Ice Cream is once again tapping in with country music icon Dolly Parton to bring back the uber popular Strawberry Pretzel Pie flavor for a limited time.

The flavor collab was in such high demand when it first debuted in 2020 that it sold out in mere minutes. This time around the release of Parton’s Strawberry Pretzel Pie celebrates her upcoming book and companion album – Run, Rose, Run  – with a bonus track available exclusively on

Take note and act quick: pre-orders of the book and pints of the Strawberry Pretzel Pie start today.

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Duncan Hines Debuts Valentine’s-Themed Epic Cookie Kit

Whether you’re a fan of Valentine’s Day or dodge Cupid’s arrow like Neo in The Matrix, we can all agree that a decadent dessert is always welcome. Which is why Duncan Hines’ new EPIC Chocolate Sandwich Cookie Kit makes sense whether you’re a lover, hater or anything else in between.

The kit is certainly epic, yet simple enough for baking skills of all levels, with only 4 steps to bake the cookie sandwiches. It also comes with heart-shaped sprinkles to make you feel like a sweetheart with each bite.

Suggested retail price of the EPIC Chocolate Sandwich Cookie Kit is $4.99 and is now hitting retailers and grocers nationwide like Walmart. 

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Dunkin’ Adds Stroopwafel Donut to Its New Winter Menu

Dunkin’ is ready to bring new flavor and excitement to fans this season by debuting new menu items. One of the highlights is an enticing Stroopwafel Donut, which features Dunkin’s classic chocolate frosted donut topped with a mini Stroopwafel cookie that combines caramel between two crunchy wafer cookies.

Imagine literally dunking this tremendous donut in the new Dunkin’ Winter Blend Coffee. What a comforting breakfast, amiright?

Both can also be paired up with other new Dunkn’ winter items like Omelet Bites, Chive & Onion Stuffed Bagel Minis, and a Brown Sugar Oat Iced Latte.

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BJ’s Brings Back the Red Velvet Pizookie Ahead of Valentine’s Day

We’re right in the thick of cuffing season, a month away from its official holiday of Valentine’s Day, so it’s only right that restaurants get ahead of the game by adding menu items based on the occasion.

That’s why BJ’s Restaurant & Brewery is bringing back its one of a kind Red Velvet Pizookie ahead of the lovers’ day. The limited edition dessert is a freshly baked red velvet cookie with a tremendous portion of sweet cream cheese, white chocolate chips and topped with rich vanilla bean ice cream.

The irresistible treat is ready to bust New Year’s resolutions and usher in Valentine’s Day from now until the end of February at all participating BJ’s Restaurant & Brewery locations.

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Kit Kat Introduces New Duos Strawberry + Dark Chocolate and THiNS Chocolate Hazelnut

Kit Kat’s giving us not one, but two reasons to celebrate the New Year with new flavors like Strawberry + Chocolate Duos and Chocolate Hazelnut THiNS.

“A new year is always a chance to try new things, so what better way to start than by releasing new Kit Kat flavors?” said Dan Williard, Brand Manager of Kit Kat. “There’s nothing more classic than Kit Kat wafers and chocolate, but Kit Kat Duos Strawberry + Dark Chocolate and Kit Kat THiNS Chocolate Hazelnut bring fresh takes.”

Both new Kit Kat flavors are now available at retailers nationwide and are permanent additions to the lineup.

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Ben & Jerry’s Debuts Two New Non-Dairy Flavors

Ben & Jerry’s is known for their extensive lineup of certified vegan, non-dairy choices. To usher in the new year, two new flavors will be joining that considerable crew: Bananas Foster and Boom Chocolatta.

Bananas Foster features decadent details like a banana and cinnamon base with almond toffee pieces and a luscious salted caramel core. Boom Chocolatta, on the other hand, is a mocha and caramel frenzy that employs fudge flakes, gluten-free chocolate cookies, and a gluten-free chocolate cookie core.

Both new flavors will be available soon on store shelves for a suggested price of $4.99-5.69.

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Baskin-Robbins Has a New Magic Layer Bar Flavor

The new flavor of the month for Baskin-Robbins is Magic Layer Bar and it’s a sweet ode to the original Seven Layer Magic Cookie Bar, with each ingredient in the new ice cream representing an ingredient you’d find in the OG.

Luscious details of the flavor are graham cracker crumbles that simulate the bottom graham layer, a ganache swirl mirrors melted chocolate chips, a topping of coconut shreds contributes a uniqu tropical sweetness, and the lush and creamy French custard-flavored ice cream mimics the sweetened condensed milk that binds a Seven Layer Magic Bar together.

Grab a cup or cone of the new Magic Layer Bar flavor for a limited time in January at participating Baskin-Robbins locations nationwide.