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Here’s How To Use Dry Ice In This Halloween ‘Potion’ Cocktail

If you’re in need of a serious power boost, consider the Aiming Line, a “potion” drink based off the Aiming Line potion in Bubble Witch 2 Saga. If you’re lucky, it just might enhance your strength and precision too, just like the real Aiming Line!

This cocktail certainly kicks things up a notch with a formula consisting of vodka, Contratto Bianco, prosecco, and Giffard Curaçao to yield a hue of deep sea blue. Chunks of dry ice sit at the top of the ocean-like “potion” like icebergs as they dissipate into a foggy mist. Bottoms up!

shower-dry ice

Aiming Line

.75 oz Vodka

1oz Contratto Bianco

0.25-.50oz Giffard Blue Curaçao

.5oz Lemon

2 oz Prosecco

Dry Ice

Blueberries, for garnish


Dry Ice

Protective gloves

Ice chipping tool

1)   Combine all drink ingredients with the exception of dry ice and Prosecco in a shaker and mix. Then, strain liquid into a glass.

2)   Using non latex plastic gloves and a chipping tool, break dry ice into medium pieces (think regular, crushed ice) and add to drink.

3)   Pour Prosecco over drink contents to activate the smokey effect of the dry ice. The simple trick creates a grand effect that doesn’t impact the flavor, but instead will give the potion an eerie layer of thin mist.

blue-dry icePour Prosecco over drink contents to activate the smokey effect of the dry ice

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An Open Letter From The Ice Cream Truck To The Food Truck


Brought to you by TGI FRIDAYS.

These days, there seems to be a food truck on every corner. But there’s one food truck that’s feeling a little slighted and wanted to get a few things off its chest.

Okay, I don’t mean to sound bitter or anything, but I’m feeling a little…disrespected. I really hate to sound all whiny, but I kinda feel like I need to point out that I was the one who started this whole “food truck” thing. I remember when I was the only one out there, hitting the pavement every day, bringing food to people. I brought happiness to kids. People got excited to see me. They would chase me down the street!

Now I just can’t help but feel ignored. It’s like I don’t even exist. Don’t get me wrong – there’s a parking spot for all of us out there. Even for the trucks that sell homemade ice cream in fancy flavors like “Rose Petal Rain” or “Chocolate Chinese Five Spice.”I don’t get it, but there seems to be a market for that sort of thing.

I mean, my truck works just fine. Sure, my photos may be a bit faded. I don’t serve ice cream to order. I don’t have an expensive stereo system or a custom paint job. But I’m still here. And since I know you’re wondering, my wheels work just fine, thank you.

I hate to point this out, but I think I’m justified in saying I work a little harder than you. I mean, I go to the people, not sit there at a food truck park waiting for people to come to me. What kind of work ethic is that, anyway? Kids these days…

Look, we all start our engines with the turn of a key. All I’m saying is, a little recognition wouldn’t hurt now and then. Maybe someday we can all park next to each other and share a good old-fashioned ice cream sandwich.


The Original Ice Cream Truck

Even though Fridays has joined the food truck revolution, we love you, Ice Cream Truck. Catch our Summer of Fridays road tour, coming to a city near you this summer. We’re handing out a few of our new handcrafted menu items– like our Ahi Tuna Crisps, American All-Star Sliders, and Oreo® Madness– and bringing the best of handcrafted America to you.


Stoneleigh Vineyards Creates ‘Wonder of Nature’ Right in the Heart of a City (Sponsored)

New Zealand wine brand, Stoneleigh, shows how nature can appear in the most unexpected places, bringing a ‘Wonder of Nature’ to inner city Auckland. Check out the video above to see how Stoneleigh surprised and delighted Auckland with its multi-sensory urban oasis.

Enjoyed the music? Stoneleigh partnered with New Zealand recording artists, Mt Eden, whose song ‘Drive’ evokes the flavors of Stoneleigh wine in sound. The track is available for free download here.


Visit to learn more about Stoneleigh wine.


[SPONSORED] Turn Your Favorite Vegetarian Recipe Into A Cedarlane Frozen Food Entree


Cedarlane Natural Foods®, a leader in the natural frozen foods category, today launched ‘Cedarlane’s Search for America’s Best Family Vegetarian Recipe’ contest. The nationwide family recipe contest celebrates the company’s focus on family, lifestyle and healthful home cooked meals, especially as America gives thanks at Thanksgiving with food and family gatherings always central to the season.

Starting today and running through December 30, Cedarlane encourages participants nationwide to submit their favorite vegetarian family recipe on their official Facebook page. The winning dish will be introduced as a Cedarlane frozen entrée.

For more than 30 years, Cedarlane Natural Foods has used fresh, natural ingredients to deliver healthful, easy-to-prepare dishes with the farm-to-fork flavor that consumers expect from the brand. The contest winner will receive a supply of their entrée plus a trip to Los Angeles with one guest that will include hotel accommodations, airfare, a day at a Southern California theme park, and a tour of the Cedarlane campus. Additionally, the winning recipe will be featured on the Cedarlane website complete with an on-line, real-time introduction of the winner.

“Cedarlane has championed our own favorite family recipes for decades, including many that I first developed in my own kitchen,” said Robert Atallah, Founder and President, Cedarlane Natural Foods. “This innovative contest demonstrates to our loyal and wonderful customers, and hopefully new customers too, how perfect it is to celebrate America’s time-honored family vegetarian recipes. Our customers have always invited us into their kitchen, now we invite them into ours.”

Participants will be asked to include a description of the recipe, why it is a family favorite, and a photo of the dish. The top five entries with the most Facebook likes will be named as finalists and then a winner will be selected by Cedarlane nutritionists and advisors seeking that special dish with unique flavor combinations. To be eligible, each special recipe must be a vegetarian breakfast, lunch or dinner entrée.

Cedarlane Natural Foods vegetarian products are currently available at grocery and natural food markets throughout the U.S. and Canada. Products range from breakfast, lunch, and dinner items and include the CedarLEAN line of low calorie, high fiber soup and wrap combos and egg white frittatas.

For more information on Cedarlane Natural Foods, please visit

*For complete giveaway details, prize fulfillment, information, and official contest rules please visit Cedarlane’s official contest page.


[SPONSORED] Ask Campbell’s Wisest Kid What Your Kids Want to Eat

How about switching it up tonight? Check out this video to get some advice from The Wisest Kid, who knows exactly what your kids want to chow down on tonight. Visit for more delicious recipes, cooking tips and savings that will make everyone want to exclaim “M’m! M’m! Good!” at the dinner table!

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 1.19.02 PM (2)


This Adorably Lazy Cat Reviews ‘Beef Wellington’ and ‘Chicken Pate’

A few weeks ago, that frou frou cat “Mittens” recommended I try Purrfect Bistro. While I rarely take anything seriously that hairy dude says, I secretly ordered a package of it anyway. Just don’t tell Mittens.

If you do, we’re totally not friends anymore.

The package arrived while I was in the middle of my usual routine — kicking back with some Saturday morning cartoons while trying to hide the remote from Socks. Then, just as Spongebob was showing that starfish who’s boss, the doorbell rang.

I leaped off the couch with the quickness of a trained ninja and opened the door.


Ugh. I was happier than a kitten in a pool of catnip and silly string.

socks 8

Of course, Socks took the liberty of opening it himself.

Socks 9

He’s the reason we can’t have nice things.

Socks 2

Once I managed to get rid of Socks, I set up a swanky picnic for myself.

I started off with Beef Wellington packed with Omegas. Gotta keep that fur lookin’ fine for the ladies.

Socks 4

That Chicken Pate tho. Low carbs, high protein and most delicious thing EVAR.

Socks 5

I followed up the main course with some grain-free chicken grub, aka #SNACKSONSNACKSONSNACKS

Socks 7

Overall, some pretty classy treats that’ll put you in an epic food coma and make you useless for the rest of the day. Can’t be mad at that!

Socks 6

If you’re trying to impress a certain lady cat in your life or just want to eat proper, grab some grub here or head to your closest Petco or other specialty pet shop.

You also get $4 off any Merrick Purrfect Bistro dry food bag or 50¢ off any wet food with this coupon.

Tell them Philly sent you.

Philly the Kat


Watch This Guy Crush a 10-Calorie Workout for New 7UP TEN Commercial


7UP’s new commercial for their 10-calorie drink, 7UP TEN, hits really close to home for me.

There’s an overzealous exerciser that reminds me of some goober from a retro gym video who spends more time gearing up for his workout than actually working out. It also reminds me of how terribly inefficient I am every time I attempt to do some sort of workout session. I throw on some gym shorts, lace up shoes, do stretches, check Instagram, one more stretch, check Facebook, update Pandora, flex in the mirror, hit the sauna, and then ultimately decide the dude hogging the bench press pisses me off and it’s time to go home.

7Up’s new 10-calorie offering addresses just that dilemma — you don’t have to sacrifice the flavor in your drinks, and you can still get away with a silly workout to shed off those minuscule 10-calories. The Dr Pepper Snapple Group released 7UP TEN this year, along with a suite of 10-calorie sodas including: A&W TEN, Sunkist TEN, Canada Dry TEN, and RC TEN.

Along with the launch of the sodas, their campaign invites folks to essentially #GetBoth — enjoying great flavor while consuming fewer calories. Watch this fan-made video and see how the goober of all goobers #getsboth:


Eat Local on Small Business Saturday

Eating isn’t just about fueling your body – it’s a celebration of food, family, and love. That’s never truer than during the holiday season, when it seems like every meal is made better by the atmosphere, the company, and the traditions tied to it. Remember that on November 24th, Small Business Saturday, and visit a local restaurant, café, or bakery to make your holiday the most memorable yet. Watch the video above to see how you can forge new, tasty traditions while supporting your local economy and learn how you can help by visiting: