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Takis Introduces New Stackable Crisps

When you think of a spicy rolled tortilla chip, Takis immediately comes to mind. Not that there’s very many spicy rolled tortilla chip snacks in the first place, but it’s still good to be the first thought for anything. Now, that spicy rolled tortilla chip is getting un-rolled into potato crisps.

Introducing Takis Crisps, an new entrant in the on-the-go snack game. These stackable potato crisps are hitting store shelves in a portable container and are loaded with the same dynamic Takis energy and flavor.

If you’re intrigued by a Pringle-like snack experience, only with a dropkick of spice to your taste buds, you can cop Takis Crisps now at your local retailer.

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New M&M’s Crunchy Cookie Will Be Releasing in 2022

Last week at the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) annual show, Mars Wrigley U.S. unveiled a host of new products set to debut on the horizon. One of them was a new M&M’s Crunchy Cookie flavor. The brand describes the new offering as having “a great-tasting crunchy center covered in delicious milk chocolate, all wrapped in the colorful, iconic M&M’S candy shell.”

Surely this gives a proper nod to chocolate chip cookies with M&M’s in the mix, a snack that’s always been a fan favorite. In terms of availability M&M’S Crunchy Cookie will debut nationwide in Single (1.35 oz.), Share (2.83 oz.) and Sharing Stand Up Pouch (7.4 oz.) sizes, starting March 2022.

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Pepsi To Debut Cracker Jack Flavored Soda

Crackers Jack and soda are such an ideal pairing at the ballpark, which is why it make’s perfect sense that Pepsi is linking up with Cracker Jack to develop a new flavor based on the beloved snack to celebrate the excitement of playoff baseball in October.

The new Cracker Jack-flavored Pepsi combines the cola’s iconic taste with hints of caramel, popcorn, and peanuts. One sip probably feels like you’re at a ball game. This new flavor is available exclusively through the #PepsiSingToScore Sweepstakes on Twitter and Tiktok. For your chance to win one of 2,000 Pepsi x Cracker Jack cans, just post a video of your best rendition of the classic, “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” using the hashtags #PepsiSingToScore and #Sweepstakes.

Winners can look forward to a Pepsi x Cracker Jack can in a specially designed box that gives a nod to the old-school Cracker Jack packaging, along with three packs of the snack. Three grand prize winners will get a premium “Collector’s Kit,” which includes a Pepsi x Cracker Jack can stored within a baseball glove along with tickets to a final series game.

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Trolli and Xbox Collab for Xbox’s 20th Anniversary

With Trolli being so popular among gamers as a snack of choice, it made all the sense in the world to partner with Xbox to celebrate the gaming brand’s 20th anniversary.

To ring in the festivities, fans will have the chance to win the following cool prizes:  

  • One free month of Xbox GamePass Ultimate via limited addition Trolli x Xbox packaging ($14 value
  • A chance to win custom Xbox Series S bundle, a custom controller and three-month Xbox GamePass Ultimate (roughly $1,000 value)

Besides winning dope prizes, Trolli will also feature limited edition packaging featuring the following legendary Xbox games:

  • Sea of Thieves on Sour Brites Crawlers Very Berry 
  • Psychonauts 2 on Sour Crunchy Crawlers  
  • Destiny 2 on Sour Gummi Creations  
  • Halo Infinite on Sour Brite Crawlers (available this December) 

Check out all the prize entry details here.

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Instacart Study Reveals The Most Popular Halloween Candies In America

Spooky season has arrived and with that comes a deluge of snacks, sweets, and treats all geared to ring in the vibes for Halloween. But have you ever wondered which treats are the favorites throughout the country?

A recent study conducted by Instacart and The Harris Poll, entitled The Great Halloween Candy Debate, surveyed responses from more than 2,000 Americans nationwide to reveal how consumers feel about their favorite candies.

As seen in the infographic above, the most popular candies in America are a varied bunch, ranging from Red Vines dominating the West Coast to Twizzlers being a Midwest favorite. Other findings in the study show which candies are the top cravings in the country:

Check out all the results of this study on The Great Halloween Candy Debate.

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Eggo Frosted Maple Syrup Flavor Pop-Tarts Are a Sweet Reality

Why no one ever thought to fuse together an Eggo waffle with a Pop-Tart is a wonder to me. But I’m glad the big-brained folks at Kellogg’s finally got around to this fantastic fusion by debuting Eggo Frosted Maple Flavor Pop-Tarts this December.

Here’s the rundown on this new toaster pastry hero:

  • A flaky, buttery-yellow crust, reminiscent of an Eggo waffle. 
  • A sweet, maple-flavored filling. 
  • White icing topped with a waffle-like grid pattern made from yellow-string icing. 

Y’all catch that? It’s basically a Pop-Tart with an Eggo waffle-like crust. *Insert mind blown emoji here*

New Eggo Frosted Maple Syrup Flavor Pop-Tarts will hit shelves nationwide starting in December with an MSRP of $2.99 for an 8-count box.

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These LOADED Halloween Cookies Are Now Shipping Nationwide

You know when we’re told as kids that it’s always what’s on the inside that counts, it’s pretty much true. But when you get both good looks and substance? Jackpot. That’s why these absolutely loaded Halloweentown GIANT Cookies from Big Fat Cookie are just what we need this spooky season.

As you can see in the cookies themselves, they’re chock full of the good stuff — no lame Halloween candies here (looking at you black licorice). And what’s even better is that they’re being shipped nationwide via Goldbelly. With each cookie clocking in at around a half a pound each, trust your Halloween snacking will not be lacking.

Here’s the yummy deets on the cookie flavors being offered:

  • Halloweentown – Quadruple chocolate cookie with your favorite Halloween candy (baker’s choice).
  • Scary Evil Eye – Vanilla bean butter cookie base with a hand-painted and house-made nonpareil eyeball, with bloody red drippings.
  • Red Velvet S’mores – Red velvet cookie with white & semi-sweet chocolate chips, marshmallow, bloody red chocolate glaze, graham crackers, and Hershey’s.
  • Halloween Peanut Butter – Peanut butter chocolate chip cookie covered in Halloween sprinkles, M&M’s, and Oreos.
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SNICKERS Debuts New Cinnamon Bun Flavor

SNICKERS latest flavor leans hard into the seasonal fall flavors — introducing SNICKERS Cinnamon Bun. So just picture the warm rush of cinnamon meeting the undeniable wafts of a freshly baked cinnamon bun. What a sensory treat.

The enticing details go further: Cinnamon bun-flavored nougat, mixed with crunchy peanuts, and topped with luscious caramel, all enrobed in rich milk chocolate. 

SNICKERS® Cinnamon Bun will be available for a limited time only beginning in October exclusively at Walmart in Singles and on in a 24-Count Singles Box.