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Chips Ahoy! Debuts Limited-Edition Cookies and Donates One Million to Art Programs

Household snack brand Chips Ahoy! has just partnered with Boys & Girls Club of America (BGCA) to launch the new campaign Follow Your Art. The campaign was inspired by a desire to support teens pursuing the arts and in response to a stark decline in funding for art programs across America.

With a 40% decrease since 2001, the brand recognizes the important role the arts play to a large part of their customer base, which are teens. As a creative with an art background, I understand how necessary it is for kids to not only have creative outlets but access to resources as well. 

The Follow Your Art campaign aims to provide better access to the tools and resources teens need to follow their art.  In teaming with Boys & Girls Club of America (BGCA), Chips Ahoy! will donate $1 million to help fund BGCA art programs over the next three years.

To accompany the initiative, Chips Ahoy! is also releasing limited-edition cookies with blue coated candy pieces that were inspired by the BGCA brand colors. Further highlighting young artists, the packaging features designs inspired by six BGCA teens that won a national contest, along with $2,500 to sweeten the win. You can find the specially designed packaging nationwide by May.

 “We’re proud to launch this campaign to help bring happiness to our fans — not just with our cookies, but from making a difference with one of their big passion points, the arts and self-expression — all while giving back to our communities through a great organization,” said Julia Rosenbloom, Brand Manager, Chips Ahoy! at Mondelēz International. “The reality is that art education is being deprioritized and the Chips Ahoy! Follow Your Art program was created to help give more teens access to arts programming they need and deserve. We hope this helps more teens find their happy place.”

The launch of the campaign also included an immersive art experience for members of Variety Boys & Girls Club in Los Angeles hosted by Chips Ahoy!. The event had live poetry, a painting class and celebrity Mario Lopez, who is also a BGCA alum himself.

“I grew up in Boys & Girls Clubs of America, so the organization has a special place in my heart,” said Lopez. “I’m so appreciative of the work Chips Ahoy! is doing to benefit Boys & Girls Clubs of America and its members. I hope I was able to inspire members of the Variety Boys & Girls Club by telling them about my journey of developing my passion for theater.”

If you’re looking for a way to support the arts, Chips Ahoy! Is launching the Follow Your Art Sweepstakes which contributes an additional $1 donation, up to $100k, for every entry from April 4th – June 30th. 20 people who enter will have a chance to win a grand prize of $1,000 to go towards their artistic pursuits and lastly, if you’re one of the first 100 to enter, you will automatically receive a $250 gift card to an online art retailer.

To enter the Follow Your Art sweepstakes, follow @chipsahoy on Twitter or Instagram and post a photo or video showing the creative passion that makes you happy with the hashtags #cafollowyourart and #sweepstakes. Another way to enter is to visit, complete the registration form, and share the creative passion that makes you happy.

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Kit Kat Reveals Limited Edition Blueberry Muffin Flavor

Kit Kat is debuting a new springtime Blueberry Muffin Flavor that is only available for a limited time only.

The candy bar captures the warm goodness of a buttery blueberry muffin by featuring the classic Kit Kat wafers within a blueberry muffin-flavored outer that has scrumptious flecks of graham crackers included.

Fans can grab the standard 1.5-oz Kit Kat bar size, 3-oz king bar size and 0.49-oz snack bar size now at retailers nationwide.

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Reese’s Introduces a ‘Pantry Pack’ Size

If you’re a bonafide Reese’s lover like me, there can never be too much of it. So if I’m going for the retail store aesthetic in my fridge or kitchen cupboard when it comes to showing off my devotion to Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, then the new Pantry Pack size is the only way to do it.

The new Pantry Pack size of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups keep my precious stash organized, which means easier access and more efficient swoops on 25 of the chocolate and peanut butter crowns that I adorn my tastebuds with on the regular.

If you’re a fiend of the good stuff, you’ll be happy to know that the new Reese’s Pantry Pack size is now available nationwide.

Now if they can only have a multi-pack of their peanut butter cup pie.

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Beyond Meat Debuts Beyond Meat Jerky

Beyond Meat continues to innovate in the plant-based space with new Beyond Meat Jerky. The brand’s latest product is marinated and slow roasted to ensure full flavor and looks to go toe to toe with its meaty counterparts.

The lineup of Beyond Meat Jerky comes in three flavors:

  • Original: Slightly smoky, slightly sweet with hints of onion and garlic.
  • Teriyaki: Caramelized onion meets garlicky sweetness for a bold, teriyaki flavor that hits all the right notes.
  • Hot & Spicy: Flavor kicked up a notch with sriracha and chili, finished nicely with just the right amount of sweetness.

Each flavor has 10g of protein and is made made from simple plant-based ingredients like peas and mung beans without cholesterol, GMOs, soy or gluten, which surely is added bonus for snackers.

Beyond Meat Jerky is available now at your local retailer.

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Get a Free Krispy Kreme Doughnut If You Show Your March Madness Bracket

If you’re all about March Madness and your bracket is not in shambles, congrats, victory sure is sweet. For those that are in anguish over a busted bracket, there’s something sweet coming your way, too, courtesy of Krispy Kreme.

To celebrate bracketology and the fervor of March Madness, Krispy Kreme is giving away a free Original Glazed doughnut to guests who show proof of either a busted or booming bracket for any tournament. Everybody wins.

This promo starts today, March 24, and goes until March 27, with the offer being good only in Krispy Kreme shops.

Shout out to Krispy Kreme for always hooking it up with free doughnut deals.

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Introducing an ‘Everything Bagel Seasoning’ Cannabis Chocolate Bar

The munchies are about to hit exponentially different thanks to Kiva Confections and Los Angeles favorite Yeastie Boys Bagels. This collaboration has brought about an epic level of creativity that is sure to entice the most discerning of edibles connoisseurs — enter the Everything Bagel Seasoning Munchies Bar.

Now Kiva has long been a leader of creativity in the edibles space, however this new product taps the deliciousness of Yeastie Boys Bagels to give stoners some one of a kind flavor.

The limited edition Everything Bagel Seasoning Munchies Bar will be dropping in California dispensaries this week, and features an exclusive blend of the Yeastie Boys’ signature “Everything Bagel” salty seasoning sprinkled on Kiva’s cold water hash-infused dark chocolate bar. It is dosed at 100 mg of THC per bar with 5 mg THC serving sizes and will be sold for $20.

Shout out to delicious edibles like this and the continued elevation (literally and figuratively) of high-minded products.

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Snickerdoodle is the Newest Pop-Tart Flavor Perfect For Cookie Lovers

Breakfast and cookie lovers unite — Snickerdoodle will be the newest Pop-Tarts flavor to bless your breakfasts this spring.

This newest flavor is inspired by the bakery classic and boasts a delectably gooey Snickerdoodle filling with a crunchy cinnamon sugar topping. What’s even better is that it only takes your toaster to unleash the heavenly aroma of fresh-baked Snickerdoodles to fill your kitchen. That’s my kind of morning pick me up.

Snickerdoodle Pop-Tarts will be available this May in an 8-count box for a suggested retail price of $3.19 at retailers nationwide.

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Dunkaroos Presents First-Ever All-DUNKaroos College Basketball Team and Custom Dunkaroos Shoes

High-flying Charlotte Hornets star Mile Bridges is no stranger to dunking. In fact, his nightly rim rattling exploits are known throughout the league. This is why it makes absolute sense that Dunkaroos tapped in with the NBA pro to help reveal the players making the first-ever All-DUNKaroos college basketball team.

Didn’t think I’d ever see a Dunkaroos basketball squad, but honestly it makes so much sense. How it works is Bridges will introduce five worthy dunkers during the March college basketball tournament to make up a team who loves dunking basketballs as much as they love dunking Dunkaroos.

To check out which players will be named to the All-DUNKaroos team, fans can follow along at @Dunkaroos on Instagram and @milesbridges on Twitter. Each player selected will receive a Dunkaroos Slam Dunk Delivery Box with everything they need to rep their favorite snack, including custom Dunkaroos shoes designed by Christina Pappion of Pappion Artistry, a personalized Dunkaroos jersey, and ‘90s inspired Dunkaroos merch, like a fanny pack, and a supply of Dunkaroos.

Fans can get in on the fun by going to beginning March 13 to enter for a chance to win their own Dunkaroos Slam Dunk Delivery Box. Fans who follow @Dunkaroos on Twitter and Instagram will also have a chance to grab a pair of the custom Dunkaroos shoes.