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Totinos and FaZe Clan Link Up to Introduce Buffalo Chicken Pizza Rolls

Why is it that Totino’s Pizza Rolls hit exponentially different whenever it served as a snack while gaming? Perhaps it’s the convenience of being able to pop a couple at a time without getting your hands all messy and messing up the controller. So it makes all the sense that they linked up with FaZe Clan, the most popular esports brand in the world.

The new partnership between Totino’s and FaZe Clan has introduced to us Buffalo Chicken Pizza Rolls, which apparently is one of fans’ most request Pizza Rolls flavors.

Look for the poppable Totino’s FaZe Clan Buffalo Chicken Pizza Rolls to roll out to retailers nationwide next month.

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Pringles Has Spiced Up its Popular Ranch Flavor

What’s better than Pringles’ beloved Ranch flavor? How ’bout giving it a hit of spice? Ranch fanatics should get excited, as Pringles is introducing a spicier version of the fan-favorite: Wavy Chipotle Ranch.

The limited-edition flavor is hitting Walgreens shelves nationwide this week and combines irresistible smoky chipotle heat and tangy ranch into a satisfying crunch.

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This Pop-Tart Supports the LGBTQ+ Community

To kick off Pride Month, for the first time Pop-Tarts is teaming up with a queer illustrator and NEON-GLAAD to collab on their first pride product ever.

The “Neon Pink Block Party Lemonade” Pop-Tarts showcase Thaddeus Coates’s cheerful designs not only on the box but also on the frosting of the toaster pastries — also a first for the brand. Thaddeus Coates explains that the designs are “inspired by a summer block party — a celebration of a community that doesn’t prioritize fitting in over living authentically.”

Thaddeus Coates is a Graphic Design student at FIT as well as an independent artist. He has a passion for clean and thought provoking design with beautiful and bright aesthetics. His goal is to utilize his gift of design to revolutionize and further inspire and show that “art is a present with a presence.”

Each weekend of Pride Month ( June), 450 boxes of the “Neon Pink Block Party” Pop-Tarts will be released for purchase via Instagram for $5. Your purchase will support and publicize for these four BIPOC LGBTQ+ associations:

The Salt Eaters Book Shop – an independent bookshop in Inglewood, CA

Destination Tomorrow – a grassroots agency in Atlanta , GA

Nobody’s Darling – a queer and POC-owned bar in Chicago, IL

Bronx Book Festival/The Bronx Is Reading – a social impact organization in New York

Each of the four organizations above will acquire a $10k grant in relation to box sales to further benefit their missions of fostering inclusive communities. Pop-Tarts will also be donating $100k to GLAAD to progress their work in growing recognition for the LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities.

Support and shop all month long via Instagram.

Happy Pride!

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Cinnamon Toast Crunch Rolls Cereal Drops This Month

Cinnamon Toast Crunch has an amazing line of products available, from coffee creamers, cakes, breakfast bars, Cinnamon Toast Crunch Churro cereal and a ton more. They just keep getting better and in their latest edition, Cinnamon Toast Crunch Rolls Cereal is no different. With it, you get that classic Cinnamon Toast Crunch taste that perfectly blends cinnamon and sugar now in the fun shape of a cinnamon roll.

The shape of the cereal actually matters, too. Remember when Trix changed from the fruit shapes to the circles and then changed them back? There’s just something about those shapes that really made Trix stand out. Wouldn’t be surprised if this had the same effect on the Cinnamon Toast Crunch brand, especially when you don’t get cinnamon roll-based cereal really… ever.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Rolls Cereal is now available nationwide at your favorite grocery store in both mid-size and family size.

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This Wild RITZ and OREO Mash Up is the Ultimate Sweet and Salty Collab

I don’t know who in the respective RITZ Crackers and OREOs board rooms were channeling their inner munchies on this one, but thanks to those heroes, we now have RITZxOREO, the ultimate mashup between two snack legends.

RITZxOREO is a a first of-its-kind product mashup that is essentially one part RITZ Cracker and one part OREO cookie, fused by two delicious layers of smooth peanut butter flavored creme and the original OREO creme.

This mad combo is a limited-edition exclusive, with fans given the opportunity to have them starting at 12pm EST this Thursday, May 26th. On that date, RITZ and OREO fans can visit to get one free pack. Simply pay $3.95 for shipping and let the snacking gods shine their light upon you.


Lay’s Flamin’ Hot Original Returns Thanks To Fan Petition

Last year, Lay’s changed the chip formula on the Flamin’ Hot Lay’s, one of their classic flavors. The resistance was quick as fans were loud and clear all over social media. Those who loved that classic chip felt this was the deepest and darkest betrayal that Lay’s could have committed.

A petition that received 23,000 signatures goes into detail about what the issue was — namely, the chip tasting more like “spiced lime.”

Lay’s was apologetic about this and went the extra step of giving the thousands of fans who wrote in personal apology letters with a coupon to get their favorite chips. Flamin’ Hot fans everywhere can enjoy the Lay’s chips they’ve been missing, now available at retailers nationwide.

Flamin’ Hot Lay’s are back, The Mexican Pizza is back, you’ve got guys like Stefan Johnson leading the pack for the return of Oreo Cakesters — this is the BEST time to be a foodie.

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Gushers Brings a Shoe to the ‘Metaverse’ That Can Be Won IRL

The Metaverse is getting everyone involved from all industries — real estate, fashion, gaming, art and even sandwiches now. Now arguably the best lunchbox snack you could ask for, Gushers, has shoes coming to the Metaverse. That isn’t something I don’t think any of us ever expected to say.

The flavor bursting gummy from our childhoods has partnered with Italian design studio, RAL7000STUDIO, to design a high-top shoe that embodies all the unique elements of a Gusher. These are only available at the virtual shopping experience from Complex’s upcoming Complexland, from May 25th through the 27th.

For a chance to own these shoes, participate and complete the Gusher “Sole Quest,” where you can put the kicks on your avatar and unlock the chance to win a pair.

Each pair will feature:

  • A removable and transparent Gushers splash patch that attaches over the laces of the shoe and allows the wearer to make a bold statement that embodies the “Let Your Sole Out” spirit. 
  • A colorful Gushers gem-shaped mold filled with Gushers goo on the lateral side.  
  • A rainbow outsole inspired by Gushers flavors. 
  • The bottom of the Gushers sneaker includes the Gushers logo on the right outsole and the words “Let Your Sole Out” on the left. 
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Hot Pockets’ Newest Item Does Not Require a Microwave

Photo: Brian Wright

Hot Pockets and microwaves are synonymous. The concept of enjoying the warm comforts of a Hot Pocket is pretty much null and void once the microwave is taken out the scenario. However, a new item from Hot Pockets lets folks ditch the microwave for once.

Introducing the Deliwich, a sandwich from Hot Pockets that doesn’t require the use of a microwave. Though it does have instructions on the box that do suggest that the Deliwich can be heated up in less than a minute, the main selling point is that these frozen fresh sandwiches can be thawed for a couple hours beforehand and then taken on the go.

Convenience is key here with Hot Pockets’ new Deliwich sandwiches, which comes in four flavors: Cheddar & Ham, Turkey & Colby, Cheddar Melt and Pepperoni & Mozzarella.

Hot Pockets Deliwich will retail for $7.49 and will be available at select retailers starting in late May.