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The Filipino Fusion Pasta Dish That Highlights the Creativity of Sampa

Chef Josh Espinosa’s experience growing up as a Filipino-American shaped his style of cooking in a way that leveled up his creativity to the point of taking a random pop-up concept that stemmed from off-the-cuff ideas at parties to a full blown brick & mortar restaurant that’s serving up some of the most exciting fusion food in Los Angeles. This is Sampa.

The melting pot of the city unlocked the inspo for one-of-a-kind Filipino dishes like kare-kare tamales, halo-halo tres leches cake, sinigang xiao long bao and palabok pasta agnolotti.

Fusion food usually is knocked for being convoluted and confused, the concept usually getting lost in the sauce and overthinking itself. For Chef Espinosa’s cuisine at Sampa, whom he runs with good friend and co-founder Jenny Valles, it’s clear that the vision was seen through with thoughtfulness, respect for ingredients and impeccable technique. The Filipino flavors are encapsulated within a high wire act of balancing creativity and execution, a clear testament to the cooking chops he’s accrued within respected LA kitchens like Crustacean and Din Tai Fung.

Any diner should look no further than the Pasta Palabok that Chef Espinosa crafts with precision and finesse. Here Filipino palabok, a rice noodle dish made with shrimp stock, pork broth and ground pork, is transformed into an agnolotti dish that is awash in the dish’s traditional flavors, creating a refreshing take that’s just as much palate-pleasing as it is exciting.

One bite into the bottom lip-biting al dente of the fresh house made pasta and you find yourself already wanting to order the next dish on the menu, just to see how well Chef Espinosa will continue to expertly juggle his lived experience of being a Filipino-American, fine dining chef and creative mind.

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Los Angeles Vietnamese Restaurant Offering Free Food in Exchange For Sriracha Bottles

Earlier this month we reported on Huy Fong Inc., the company behind the beloved Rooster Brand Sriracha hot chili sauce, halting production due to a chili pepper shortage from unexpected crop failure from the spring chili harvest.

Feeling the absence of Huy Fong Inc.’s Sriracha sauce, Los Angeles-based restaurant, Bé Ù Kitchen, announced that they would be giving away “free banh mi, popcorn chicken, or order of summer rolls if you bring us a 28oz bottle of sriracha.” If customers bring in 17oz bottles of Sriracha, they will receive half off the price those dishes.

The restaurant shared, “We go through about 312 bottles a year so any little bit helps.” So if anyone generous enough to lend a helping bottle or two to Bé Ù Kitchen, know they’ve got your appetites covered in exchange.

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Here’s Your Chance to Win a Sleepover at a Dave & Buster’s in Miami

When you were a kid, did you ever wish you could spend the night at Dave & Busters and collect all the tickets to cash out a grand prize? Well, your dreams have been answered because Dave & Buster’s is giving one fan the chance to have a sleepover for one night only on July 16 at their pop up, “B&B” in Miami.

The pop up experience is a result of Dave & Buster’s latest campaign, “enjoying the Great Indoors,” just as we embark on the hottest summer days with heat waves.

Dave & Buster’s is adding a suite to their Miami location so one lucky fan will be able to bring their family and friends to spend the night. We’re not sure you’ll even want to sleep because the stay includes unlimited access to Dave & Buster’s entire selection of games, a full-service bartender to pour signature cocktails, and complimentary service of the full chef-crafted menu. They even have indoor jet skiing!

Think you want to take your chances and sign up? To enter the “D&B B&B” contest, visit and submit a 10-second video about why you think summer is better spent in the Great Indoors. Contest entries will be accepted until July 1, 2022 and all entrants must be 21 years or older. The winner will be announced on July 11, 2022 via Dave & Buster’s social media accounts.

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King’s Hawaiian Created Limited and Exclusive Menu Items With Hot SoCal Restaurants

There is no better way to kick off the hot summer season than with even hotter dishes coming out of Los Angeles and Orange County’s coolest eateries.

Foodbeast has partnered with the legendary loaf makers at King’s Hawaiian® to bring the Taste of Aloha to a restaurant near you.  Earlier this month, six must-visit restaurants debuted some exciting, limited time dishes featuring everyone’s favorite King’s Hawaiian®’s buns. Here’s a rundown of what these awesome restaurants threw down to get the summer started: 

If you didn’t already know, the birria hype is real and here to stay! The lovely folks at Birrieria Guadalajara got us hanging ten with their birria stuffed King’s Hawaiian® sliders with melted monterey jack and mozzarella cheese, onions and cilantros served with a strong helping of savory consomé sauce for dipping. 

Dog Haus brought the heat to the party, then tore the house down with their Honolulu hot chicken tender sando on King’s Hawaiian® Pretzel buns, doused with miso aioli and sweet chili sauce, topped with pickled carrots, onions, and wasabi furikake. 

Sampa might have stole the show with the tasteful Filipino spin on the classic Philly favorite.  The hot, new restaurant out of Los Angeles created a “Fili” cheese steak in King’s Hawaiian® rolls using bistek filet mignon, peppers, onions and a signature queso de bola sauce.

The Huntington Beach House set the summer mood right with a classic Monte Cristo on french toasted King’s Hawaiian® bread, mesquite turkey, smoked ham, and swiss cheese with strawberry preserves and powdered sugar.

Love Hour is always here for a good time — this time with an aloha appropriate Hawaiian plate, featuring one of LA’s best smash burgers on a King’s Hawaiian® slider, tasty macaroni salad, fried rice and a juicy chicken skewer.  

Go Go Bird came through and created a handheld fit for a Foodbeast, debuting a fried spam and Jidori chicken sando using King’s Hawaiian® buns, wrapped in nori, tangy pineapple kimchi, and topped with creamy cheese sauce napé.  Every dish featured above is wonderfully unique and absolutely tasty. Better act fast, because everything in the King’s Hawaiian® Taste of Aloha collaboration is available now at each respective restaurant, but only for a limited time. 

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Buffalo Wild Wings Debuts ‘Bird Dawgs’ and $3 Happy Hour Drinks

Starting today, Wednesday, June 22, Buffalo Wild Wings is giving you a new way to enjoy their chicken tenders, with the debut of NEW menu item, Bird Dawgs.

Bird Dawgs are hand-breaded chicken tenders on a brioche bun loaded up with sauces and toppings and will be making their appearance on the new Happy Hour menu.

According to Buffalo Wild Wings, you can create your own or enjoy a Loaded Bird Dawg topped with beer cheese and wild honey mustard; Honey BBQ Bird Dawg topped with fries and Buffalo Wild Wings’ Honey BBQ sauce; and Buffalo Bird Dawg topped with ranch, napa slaw, and Buffalo Wild Wings’ Medium Buffalo sauce.

Now let’s talk about that Happy Hour menu with affordable drinks. Buffalo Wild Wings Happy Hour is back with drinks and appetizers for $3-$6 from 3:00-6:00pm on weekdays.

The Happy Hour menu includes $3 tall drafts of Wild Herd Kolsh by Goose Island, $5 Strawberry Margaritas, $6 Truly Berry Cherry Limeade, $3 Chips and Salsa, $5 Bird Dawgs and more.

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This Vermont Bar Makes Rare Booze Available For All

Prohibition Pig might want to think about changing its name to Proletariat Pig because of its new Liquor Society menu. It offers flights in various liquor categories from around the world. 

With thirty flights available on the menu, customers are encouraged to keep a log and notes of their experiences. Each threesome highlights producers, styles, climates and production and aging strategies. Thanks to an approachable price and format, members can choose a flight featuring local favorites such as Caledonia Spirits’ Barr Hill Gin or Shelburne Orchard Dead Bird Brandy. Some might seek the chance to try a prestigious Fire and Ice Edition Single Malt Scotch Whisky from Highland Park or a rare El Jolgorio mezcal showcasing different species of agave plants.

“Something you know, something you don’t, and something you’ll never see again,” said Jackson Strayer-Benton, Prohibition Pig’s Beverage Director, certified sommelier and Executive Bourbon Steward from Stave and Thief Society, of the offering. “You won’t find a menu like this anywhere in the Northeast. There are only a handful of tasting selections this exclusive in the U.S.” 

Ten flights qualify members as a “Sea Bird,” named for the boat that would transport illegal booze from the “Rum Row” ships during Prohibition. “Malahat” members boast 20 different flights, named for a large ship that transported liquor from British Columbia to the West Coast of the United States. Completing the program with 30 different flights, “Tomoka” is named for William McCoy’s rum-running ship made famous for only carrying pure product, not watered down or polluted, as well as an intimidating machine gun installed on the top deck. These customers are rewarded with a private tasting for four and a complimentary dinner.

“Jackson is preparing the Prohibition Pig team to speak knowledgeably and with first-hand experience about each flight, conducting weekly tastings and on-site trips to local distilleries to understand the process, culture, and history of each liquor,” said Eric Warnsted, Prohibition Pig Chef and Owner.

“Eric changed the nature of restaurants. He understands that it’s all about relationships, whether that is with farmers, distillers, brewers, and especially staff and customers,” Strayer-Benton adds. “Together we looked at Prohibition Pig’s impressive wall of liquor and knew that this was another chance to create a destination experience and sense of belonging.”

Head to Waterbury, Vermont to check out Prohibition Pig’s new Liquor Society menu for yourself.

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A Once Legendary Music Studio Still Serves Up Hits as Hollywood’s Newest Restaurant Sensation

Photo: Wonho Frank Lee

Dining under the mystical presence of music history should be your next dinner plans if you’re in the Los Angeles area. Note Grandmaster Recorders as the spot to let such a night manifest, where Australian husband and wife celebrity culinary duo, Monty and Jaci Koludrovic craft stunning elevated coastal Italian and Australian-inspired dishes within the confines of a former legendary recording studio.

From 1971 to 2016 Grandmaster Recorders operated as a music studio, with walls that would sing to you its rich history as a hit factory that generated classics from the likes of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Stevie Wonder, David Bowie, Gwen Stefani, Tool, Foo Fighters, Ben Harper and Kanye West.

Photo: Grandmaster Recorders

Nowadays, Grandmaster Recorders still serves as a hit factory, generating dishes that deserve to be served on repeat. Think an otherworldly Caviar Cannoli that treats your palate to luscious high notes of the ocean, Mortadella & Cacio e Pepe Churros that somehow serve up a deliciously familiar melody from an unexpected groove, pastas like Mafaldine and Squid Ink Cavatelli that all at once define and redefine the classics and a toothsome Margra Lamb Saddle which reminds you that within these confines lies a penchant for filling souls and appetites.

And if you’ve still got room on your delectable playlist, the guilty pleasure of the Weiss ‘Ebene’ Chocolate Tiramisu should be a welcome addition — just be prepared to “break a record” to get to the good stuff.

Photo: Grandmaster Recorders

Grandmaster Recorders also houses the chic and stylish 71 Studio Bar, which captures a sexy snapshot of 1970s decadence and a rooftop escape with sweeping panoramic views of Hollywood to help diners soak in the lush vibes that both unforgettable music and a memorable meal can infuse into our lives.

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Your Summer Road Trip Should Include These Iconic KFC Locations in the US

Sure gas prices are at astronomic levels right now, but for those looking to get outta the house for a good summer road trip, perhaps paying a visit to these iconic KFC locations would be a good idea.

The Modernist Architecture KFC
Koreatown, Los Angeles, CA

Photo: Alex Scordelis/Twitter

The Koreatown landmark has been called everything from ugly to beautiful and everything else in between. Often misunderstood as being downright wacky, the dynamic and attention grabbing building was designed by architect and art publisher Elyse Grinstein and Frank Gehry protégé Jeffrey Daniels.

The Big Chicken
Marietta, Georgia

Photo: KFC

This KFC storefront just outside of Atlanta is affectionately called by locals as “The Big Chicken,” which features a 56-foot-tall chicken that even has a moving beak and eye.

Crystal Bucket
Painted Post, New York

Photo: KFC

Some have dubbed this the most beautiful KFC, and it just might be, with floor-to-ceiling glass and a cathedral wood ceiling. Formerly a bank, this KFC storefront also has a ‘Vault Door’ inside that houses the Colonel’s iconic blend of 11 herbs and spices. 

Sanders Cafe & Museum
Corbin, Kentucky

Photo: KFC

The OG location that started it all, Sanders Cafe & Museum is where The Colonel developed his secret recipe and birthed the legend that is Kentucky Fried Chicken. This location has been restored to its original 1940s aesthetic so fans can get a feel of its bygone vibes.