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Dares to Try Hooters’ Hottest Sauce Ever?

I believe the reason the Ghost Pepper earned its name is by way of its electrifying heat creeping up into your taste buds and haunting you with that tongue clutching spice well after you’ve barely recovered from it. Hooters fans looking to crank up the heat should be excited about the debut of a new Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce.

The introduction of Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce to the brand’s already stout lineup of sauces brings about its hottest one yet. This volcanic lick is a stifling blend of ghost, cayenne and habanero peppers, garlic and other spices. For some torrid metrics, the Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce reaches a staggering 15,500 Scoville Heat Units, making it 15 times spicier than the hottest wing sauce on the Hooters menu.

If you’re down for a scorching jolt to your senses, Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce wings are now available at select Hooters locations across the US.

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New Apple Jacks Slime Cereal Turns Your Milk Green

Looking for a huge wave of nostalgia to wash over you and cleanse your current worries about gas prices away for a moment? Then turn your attention to Kellogg’s new Apple Jacks Slime Cereal, a breakfast treat that promises to turn your milk green like Nickelodeon’s iconic slime.

Apple Jacks Slime Cereal features vibrant orange and green loops with green apple flavor, a perfect combo to compliment a Double Dare marathon — because that definitely was the best show on Nickelodeon to feature the gloopy green slime.

Kellogg’s Apple Jacks Slime hits retailers nationwide for a limited time starting this month for a suggested retail price of $4.49.

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The History of Gushers, Fruit Roll-Ups and Fruit by the Foot

Going down memory lane, nothing is quite like the 90s with our favorite fruit snacks like Gushers, Fruit by the Foot and Fruit Roll-Ups. Have you ever wondered how snacks like that even became a thing? Well, fun fact, they actually started as a fruit filling for cakes in 1975. 

General Mills fruit snacks have delighted consumers for decades. In 1975, General Mills’ Research and Development team developed the filling for a cake mix which eventually, after tests and revisions, debuted as Fruit Roll-Ups in 1979. Do you remember when these had tattoos for your tongue?

In 1992, Gushers arrived and became the innovative fruit snack because of its juicy liquid center surprise with every bite. The fandom grew when advertisements left an iconic stamp on the minds of adults and youth alike, particularly the iconic advert where heads turned into fruit. 

Throughout the 90s, Gushers made its way into pop culture through partnerships with Jurassic Park, Nickelodeon, the Goosebumps series and more. I remember my sister loved Gushers as a kid and I simply couldn’t understand where the red juicy center was coming from.

Fruit by the Foot also made its debut in the 90s and was a hit for its long rolls of wild flavors and colors. I literally used to eat these while sitting in front of the television after school, separating the fruit snack and the paper, bite by bite.

Today, General Mills is the largest manufacturer in the fruit snacks category and continues to lead category growth. The brand’s fruit snack portfolio includes Annie’s, Fruit Roll-Ups, Fruit by the Foot, Mott’s, Kid Equity Shapes and Gushers.  

Now, nearly three decades later, General Mills is ushering in a new era of fruit snacks… in the Metaverse. Gushers recently dropped a limited-edition designer sneaker — available exclusively in the metaverse.  

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Trident Vibes Pack a Punch with Sour Patch Kids Flavors

Photo: Trident

Trident Vibes gum’s new flavors pack a true PUNCH with their new Sour Patch Kids flavors just in time for summer.

Trident is now delivering that classic experience of the iconic candy in the form of a gum with fun flavors such as Radberry, Blue Raspberry or Watermelon a flavor exclusive to Walmart).

The sugarless chewing gum features a crunchy, candy-like outer shell that transforms into that classic sour then sweet taste that distinguishes the Sour Patch Kids brand.

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Target Selling a Whole Line of Breakfast Cereal-Scented Candles

The intoxicating smells of breakfast are some of the best things to wake up to in the morning. Sure, eggs and bacon being cooked up are top notch scents, but taking a whiff of a bowl of your favorite breakfast cereal is an underrated essence as well.

For those that are familiar with the sweet perfume of some Honey Nut Cheerios or Trix, then Target’s new lineup of General Mills cereal-scented candles are your next must-cop.

Cereal-lovers can buy a roster of candles with scents inspired by Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Lucky Charms, Trix, Cocoa Puffs and Honey Nut Cheerios. All of the candles are available at Target stores nationwide as well as in a range of sizes ($5-$10) and designs. There are also two gift set options available for $15 for a three-piece set.

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Daily Harvest Meal Kits Recall Product After it Caused Nearly 500 to Get Sick

Photo: Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest, an online meal kit service, is facing heavy backlash following a voluntary recall of its French Lentil + Leek Crumbles product. Reports of a mysterious illness involving elevated liver enzymes began surfacing earlier this month. 

28,000 units of the recalled product were distributed nationwide between April 28th to June 17th, the day Daily Harvest sent their first emails warning that “a small number of customers have reported gastrointestinal discomfort” due to eating the crumbles. Urging customers who hadn’t consumed theirs yet to dispose of it, an official statement was issued on June 19th.

In the statement, Founder and CEO Rachel Drori shared the company’s efforts to discover the recall’s root cause:

“We have spent the past ten days working with the FDA, state agencies and multiple independent labs, as well as experts in microbiology, food safety and toxicology to conduct testing. These tests cover common food-borne pathogens, toxins, and allergens. Results thus far have all come back negative. At this point, despite consulting with numerous experts, cooperating with FDA’s investigation, working with our supply chain, and conducting extensive testing, we have not yet identified a cause.”

Daily Harvest quickly gained popularity following their launch in 2016 by using Instagram influencers along with celebrity endorsements to promote the brand. Per CNN Business, Cory Silverstein, an Instagram influencer who owns his own organic skincare brand, says he received the product mid-May, as part of a PR package. Following his symptoms, he visited urgent care where extensive testing concluded an elevation in liver enzymes at 12 times the normal range. Silverstein is one of many influencers that reported similar symptoms as part of a group of 470 total reaction cases.

Following the backlash, Daily Harvest responded by offering a $10 store credit, a move considered insensitive by many of the victims. Looking to the FDA for answers, a statement was issued saying it cannot confirm or deny if an investigation is occurring, “However, the FDA takes seriously reports of possible adulteration of a food that may also cause illnesses or injury.”

While the investigation is ongoing, many long time Daily Harvest users are opting to cut ties with the brand. Let’s hope the root cause is discovered in a timely fashion and no other illnesses occur.

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Salt & Straw Invented an Ice Cream Perfume

Fun fact: Did you know ice cream has no scent? All the flavor in the world and just the right amount of indulgence, but literally no smell. To enhance the ice cream tasting experience, Oregon-based Salt & Straw has created their most innovative product yet – the first-ever ice cream perfume.

The best part, the perfume is also edible and was created intentionally to spritz on your ice cream. Who would have thought ice cream needs a little perfume, too? According to research, up to 80% of flavor is based on smell and with this edible perfume, Salt & Straw wanted to give consumers the most important sense of smell to create an enhaned ice cream eating experience.

Salt & Straw is rolling out three different scents and said the perfume took years to make. The ice cream perfume is actually wearable and doesn’t change the ice cream’s flavor.

The scents include:

  • A Cloud of Cocoa: Notes of Ecuadorian Chocolate, Malted Milkshake, Japanese Whiskey.
  • A Plume of Blooms: Notes of Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Wild Country Garden.
  • A Swoon of Citrus: Notes of Key Lime Pie, Lychee, Italian Lemon Grove.

Looking to get your hands on this one-of-a-kind perfume? You can sign up for the waiting list here and beginning on National Ice Cream Day (July 17th), it will be available online (starting at $48) and at all Salt & Straw scoop shops as an ice cream topping.


Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts for Your Foodie Dad

Father’s Day is revvin’ up this weekend and by now you’ve either found the perfect gift or are hoping for a last minute hail mary. Fret not, we here at Foodbeast have put together a list of gifts sure to get your dad cracking bad jokes. From grillmaster staples to premium liquors for dad’s favorite cocktail, the list below will really show your father how much you love and appreciate him.


Photo: Reserve Bar

Bourbon is a classic libation for dads and this year Dewar’s is offering their 19 year-old “The Champions Edition.” This new limited-edition blend of butterscotch, heather honey and cinnamon spice was concocted by Master Blender Stephanie Macleod to commemorate the 122nd U.S. Open Championship. It’s a double aged, balanced, smooth and vibrant whiskey that’ll help your dad take it easy for the day.


Decadent and complimentary to a great whiskey blend, Compartés Chocolates are just the right amount of gentlemanly sweetness for your father on his special day. For this year’s celebration, try their Nightcap Whiskey Dark Chocolate Bar or really sweeten the deal with the award-winning 10-piece Gourmet Chocolate Truffles Luxury Gift Box. It features a selection of flavors each with unique and colorful designs. In addition to those offerings, Compartés has many more tasty confections to try out.



This all-electric super torch is sure to keep your BBQ lit. The Looft Lighter X is safe and easy, using clean superheated air that will fire up a grill to 1200°F in only 60 seconds.


Photo: Rogers & Cowan PMK

Fathers that prefer a more relaxed, fruity twist to their libation will enjoy Mayacamas 2019 Merlot. This red wine’s flavor profile has aromatics of violet, cacao, plum, dried blueberry and raspberry. The fruity assortment is balanced by savory hints of porcini mushroom, leather, and graphite. A finishing of dark berry fruit, cedar and black tea will set the perfect tone for Father’s Day. You can order this and the 2020 Chardonay online.


Photo: Jones BBQ

Every father needs a good bbq sauce in his repertoire. Kansas-based Jones BBQ has been delivering the tangy, spicy and savory goods since forever. Take dad’s grilling to the next level with flavor options like Sweet & Tangy and Coconut Pineapple. Jones BBQ can be purchased on their website.


Photo: HS-PR

In honor of fatherhood, Rémy Martin is celebrating with a limited-edition engraved bottle. The brand’s Cellar Master expertly blended over 400 different eaux-de-vie to create a unique gift for cognac-loving fathers. It is perfectly suited for a tasty Old Fashioned or on the rocks. You can grab a bottle on their website through Reserve Bar.


Photo By: Autumn Communications

The self-proclaimed “Best Pickles in the World,” Grillo’s Pickles is a family-owned company that makes quality pickles using a 100 year-old family recipe. They’re the perfect compliment to a juicy Father’s Day burger or even as a tasty solo treat. In addition to crunchy pickles, Grillo’s also has great dad-wear merch.

As you can see, there’s a little something for every kinda father, whether he’s the stoic speaker-of-few-words or the lovable and overbearing type. Another great thing about these gift ideas is that they’ll come in handy for the 4th of July which is right around the corner.