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Pringles Debuts Limited-Edition Deep Fried PICKLE Chips

Photo courtesy of Pringles/Shutterstock

Love them or hate them pickles are having their moment. Whether it’s on top of a pizza or enjoyed as a hot salsa, the reception of the vinegar brined cucumber has been polarizing if even considered outside of a classic sandwich or burger.

Riding the pickle sensation, Pringles has introduced a Wavy Deep Fried Pickle Can.

The new item boasts dill notes, tanginess, and the batter-coated flavor from deep-fried pickle chips.

If there were a chip to pair with ranch dressing, this would be it.
You can only find this limited-edition can of Pringles at Dollar General stores nationwide throughout April.

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Trader Joe’s Turns Real Onions Into New ONION CHIPS

Photo courtesy of @pham_bot

I’ve spent the better part of my life enjoying onion-flavored chips. It’s even gotten to the point where I’d eat so much; my breath would taste as if I had downed an actual onion itself.

To my delight, Trader Joe’s newest snack bridges the gap between chips and pure unadulterated onion in their new Crispy Onion Chips.

The chips are made with actual onion slices, rice bran oil, and salt and are probably the closest thing you can get to snacking on real onions.

You can find them in the What’s New section of your local Trader Joe’s stores.

Wonder how they’ll pair with Bloomin’ Onion sauce?

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Reese’s x HipDot Cosmetic Collection Set To Launch This Week

Photo courtesy of HipDot

Cosmetics brand HipDot has been turning heads with its food-inspired collaborations. Last year, they launched an immensely popular Tapatio line of cosmetics and, not too long ago, dropped a PEEPS-themed collab. 

Now, they’re partnering up with everybody’s favorite peanut butter cup confection. 

HipDot just announced that they’re launching a new Reese’s Make Up Collection. The line features brushes, color palettes, scented lip balms, and bag sets.

Man, if there’s even a 1% chance that lip balm captures the tantalizing aroma of a fresh peanut butter cup, you can bet customers will be unable to help licking their lips. 

You can find them available now at and Ulta.Com

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Powerade Teams Up With The Maker of Otter Pops

Photos courtesy of the Coca-Cola Company.

90’s kids are sure to recognize Otter Pops as a nostalgic, cold treat that you would eat during hot summers to cool down. The company who makes them, Jel Sert, is still going strong, and just teamed up with Coca-Cola brand Powerade to make a more hydrating version of those frozen treats.

Called Powerade Sports Freezer Bars, this take on the Otter Pop is being targeted towards athletes and those looking to stay hydrated nationwide.

Each of the Powerade “Otter Pops” contains Powerade’s ION4 electrolyte solution, which is packed with minerals like sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Many of these are known to be lost during sweat, so having them in something you consume to stay hydrated helps recover those nutrients.

There’s also a few B Vitamins present in these frozen bars, including Vitamins B3, B6, and B12.

Jel Serts’ partnership with Powerade is now available in stores nationwide, and comes in recyclable packaging.

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Plant-Based SPAM from OmniPork Makes Its USA Debut This Month

Photo courtesy of Chef Reina

In the United States, the plant-based giants we think of are Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods. While these titans specialize in the vegan beef category (Beyond Meat does make a pork sausage substitute, however), a third titular vegan brand is finally hitting US shores after years of hype abroad.

Called OmniPork, this plant-based SPAM and pork substitute was created by Right Treat, a vegan brand under the Green Monday group (Right Treat changed their name to OmniFoods in 2020). Green Monday is a global organization based in Hong Kong advocating for a sustainable future of food, and OmniPork is one of the key ways they’ve been spreading awareness.

Photo courtesy of MANEATINGPLANT

OmniPork comes in a few varieties: Luncheon (their take on vegan SPAM), Strip, and a plant-based ground meat. While they make some of their own grocery store products, like frozen dumplings or rice dishes, you can also find it at fast food chains like Taco Bell and McDonald’s in Asia, Australia, and the UK.

For those wondering what’s inside OmniPork, it’s made with a blend of shiitake mushroom, pea, non-GMO soy, and rice. OmniPork claims to use 68% energy than regular pork to make their product, while touting other nutritional benefits like calcium, iron, and fiber.

The brand also touts itself as cruelty-free and an alternative to consuming pork, which is the most consumed meat in China by far (65%). In the USA, about a quarter of the meat we consume comes from pigs.

Photo courtesy of Chef Reina

Eating plant-based meats isn’t necessarily meant to be “healthier,” but what OmniPork does provide is a way to enjoy the flavors and textures of pork while eating a more sustainable and environmentally friendly diet.

OmniPork’s USA debut will happen on Earth Day, April 22nd, 2021, with 8 restaurants getting the honor of serving up the vegan pig first.

In Los Angeles, you can find OmniPork at renowned spots like CHIFA, RiceBox, Little Fatty, MANEATINGPLANT, and Ramen Hood. San Francisco will get OmniPork from Chef Reina and Shizen, while Tane Vegan Izakaya and GOEN in Hawaii will also serve up meatless pork dishes using the product.

The restaurants will have all of their dishes available via delivery as well, and the overall launch is a sneak preview before OmniPork hits grocery stores nationwide this coming summer.

Photo courtesy of MANEATINGPLANT

OmniPork’s launch in the USA is monumental for multiple reasons. First, Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat now have a third oligarch in plant-based meat to compete with, and OmniPork’s existing relationships with fast food brands will help it proliferate quickly in the restaurant scene.

Because of its well-established name in Asia, Australia, and the UK, OmniPork also comes with a lot of global street cred, with the USA launch being the latest step on its quest to bring a more sustainable future of food.

As OmniPork continues to grow, we should see plant-based pork offerings of all different kinds pop up across the USA. Personally, I’m rooting for a vegan McRib.

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Cold Stone’s Classic Ice Cream Flavors Are Being Turned Into Popcorn Mix

Photos courtesy of Sweet Chaos

Cold Stone is taking some of its favorite ice cream flavors and transforming them into kettle corn snack mixes.

The creamery’s new partnership with snack mix maker Sweet Chaos blends together Kettle Corn, drizzles, and other snack elements to make a trail mix-like concoction that heavily leans on the sweet side.

Each of the three flavors contains a blend of kettle corn, pretzel sticks, and cookie bites. Based on the variety, they are then drizzled and garnished.

Cold Stone’s Chocolate Devotion mix uses milk and dark chocolate drizzles, the Birthday Cake remix milk and white drizzles with rainbow sprinkles, while the Mint Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chip version uses milk and mint chip drizzles to coat the entire snack set.

All of these snack mix varieties are now available for purchase through the Sweet Chaos website.

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Hot Pickle Salsa From Mt. Olive Hits Store Shelves

Photo courtesy of Mt. Olive

For nearly a century, Mt. Olive has been churning pickle products after pickle products from their pickle factories. Now, the band announced they’ll be introducing a whole new line of pickle innovation.

Pickle. Salsa.

Yes, Mt. Olive is now offering three variations of a new Pickle Salsa made with sea salt, cucumbers, vinegar, and tomato puree. It can either be used as a dip, thrown over proteins or enjoyed atop a quesadilla, declares the brand.

Pickle fans can find Mt. Olive Pickle Salsas in Mild, Medium, and Hot at participating grocery retailers nationwide.

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Birthday Cake Pebbles Cereal Ring In 50 Years

Photo courtesy of Post

Post Pebbles Cereal is celebrating its 50th birthday this year, and with that comes a limited edition cereal option for Flintstones lovers to enjoy.

Birthday Cake Pebbles will feature vibrant flakes of blue, pink, and yellow while boasting a vanilla cake flavor.

For avid fans of Pebbles cereal, this limited-edition run is something worth checking out.

You can find the Birthday Cake Pebbles available nationwide throughout April at all participating grocery retailers.