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Chobani Debuts Oat Milk Horchata and Greek Yogurt with Popping Candy

Chobani is debuting two limited-batch products that are sure to punch up the flavors in your fridge this summer: Chobani Oat Horchata and Chobani Flip Red, White & Poppin’.

The Oat Horchata is a non-dairy, nut-free and gluten-free oatmilk that boasts cinnamon goodness with every sip. Chobani’s Flip Red, White & Poppin’ is a new lemon low-fat Greek yogurt that has red, white and blue popping candy pieces inside. The fireworks of flavors are sure to get your palate in the spirit of 4th of July.

Red, White & Poppin’

Both Chobani Oat Horchata and Flip Red, White & Poppin’ are now available at retailers for $4.99 and $1.79, respectively.

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Lucky Charms Introduces Limited-Edition Magic Gems Cereal

Lucky the Leprechaun is known for his delicious collection of magical charms, which are obviously the best part of Lucky Charms cereal. This summer, Lucky is adding a bright, new and limited-edition Magic Gem charm to your next bowl.

The backstory for the Magic Gems goes as such: “Magic Gems have been stowed away in the goblin den for centuries and hold the power of rainbow vision to see in the dark, helping whoever finds them navigate their way through the darkest of places.”

Perhaps this is a metaphor for delicious Lucky Charms being a beacon of light in the darkness of bleak breakfast cereals — or maybe I just waked and baked again.

Limited edition Lucky Charms with Magic Gems is available now at your local retailer nationwide.

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DiGiorno Introduces Croissant Ice Cream Cones

Earlier this year, DiGiorno debuted Breakfast Croissant Crust Pizza, further cementing the notion that pizza for breakfast is always a good idea. Riding that wave, DiGiorno has now introduced Croissant Crust Ice Cream Cones.

On paper, it’s a curious item, but if you think about it, the buttery goodness of a croissant would be the perfect vessel to hold the cold deliciousness of ice cream. To help celebrate this snacking innovation, DiGiorno has also collaborated with a Cleveland-based ice cream shop to create two savory flavors — Strawberry Tomato Basil and Parmesan Cheese.

If you’re here for this buttery Croissant Crust Ice Cream Cone from DiGiorno, know that it can only be had through a special online sweepstakes from July 7 to July 17. To enter, visit this link and follow the directions on-screen for a chance to win.

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Halo Top Has Created the Most Expensive Pint of Birthday Cake Ice Cream

Halo Top is celebrating its 10th birthday in a baller way by creating the world’s most expensive pint of birthday cake ice cream.

The opulent pint is worth $10,000 and is filled with Halo Top’s finest signature Birthday Cake ice cream and is covered in $10,000 worth of diamonds, rhinestones, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. True luxury that rightfully marks the brand’s decade anniversary.

Although the pint’s dollar amount can bring about some understandable sticker shock, fans can rest easy knowing that it won’t be for sale and will only be available through a unique Halo Top giveaway.

To secure a pint Halo Top fans can help celebrate the brand’s birthday by posting a creative photo or short video wearing a Halo Top pint as a birthday hat with the hashtags #HaloTopBirthdayHat and #contest while following and tagging @halotop_us on TikTok or @halotopcreamery on Instagram.

The Halo Top Diamond Pint is up for grabs until July 14. 

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Meet the Frozen Chinese BBQ Skewers That are Truly Restaurant Quality

Seattle-based restaurant Xiao Chi Jie (XCJ) first launched frozen versions of its lauded Chinese soup dumplings, or xiao long bao, back in May of 2021. The frozen product proved to be truly restaurant quality, a surprising feat for a dish like soup dumplings.

Now, continuing that same energy of translating restaurant quality dishes into the convenience of frozen foods, XCJ has recently debuted frozen shāo kāo, also known as Chinese BBQ.

Shā0 kāo dates all the way back to China’s Eastern Han Dynasty, around A.D. 25, and is distinguished by the intoxicating fragrance of skewered meat and spice grilled over open flames.

XCJ’s version of CBBQ skewers are available in beef, lamb, or chicken, which are all pre-marinated and flavored with a high-quality blend of spices like cumin, white peppercorn, and Chinese five spice. They are ready-to-cook via your grill, air fryer, or stovetop — shout out to tasty convenience!

“Despite being a massively popular street food staple in China, CBBQ isn’t on a lot of peoples’ radars in the U.S. Even with the rise of Korean BBQ and Japanese Yakitori, CBBQ remains underrepresented — and we hope to change this narrative,” said XCJ co-founder, Jen Liao.

Folks can look forward to the following tasty lineup of CBBQ from XCJ, which can be purchased on their site:

  • Beef (8 skewers + 2 oz jar of a spice blend powder)
  • Lamb (8 skewers + 2 oz jar of a spice blend powder)
  • Chicken (10 skewers + 2 oz jar of a spice blend powder)
  • Variety (2-two packs chicken, 2-two packs beef, and 1-two pack lamb + 2 oz jar of a spice blend powder)
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Here’s How a Famous Dance Crew Pivoted to a Successful Noodle Brand During the Pandemic

The global pandemic forced everyone and every kind of business to pivot their plans and goals to outlast what was happening all over the world. In person interactions were halted entirely and for a dance crew such as Kinjaz, their entire line of work had to stop completely. Tours were cancelled and all dance studios, no matter where they were, had to close, bringing their business that was full steam ahead to a complete stop essentially over night.

So what’s the next step for a dance crew who couldn’t physically do their profession? Sell instant noodles of course.

Kinjaz launched a plant-based noodle brand called KinjaBang back in December 2020, which sold out within hours of its release. The dance crew has been around since 2010 and has since gained a dedicated following that would love nothing more than to see their favorite crew stick around.

Thanks to a partnership with Jaback Group (a major player in the consumer product goods industry), they’re now poised to be sold in every state in the United States as well as stocked at 7-Eleven, Giant Foods, Hannaford, Stop & Shop, Don Quixote, and Jewel-Osco.

You can get Kinjabang and all three of their flavors — Spicy Shadow Style, Original Kin Style, and Zesty Blade Style — in various retailers across the nation.

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Earth Friendly Chocolate is Coming From the Creators Of M&M’s and Snickers

In collaboration with Perfect Day, the world’s first animal-free dairy protein producer, Mars, the creators of some of the world’s most famous and delicious candy like Snickers and M&Ms, has developed an animal free, earth friendly and lactose free chocolate called CO2COA.

The name has me stuck right now, though. It’s a play on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (CO2) and Alliance-Certified cocoa. So when you say the name, I think you just call it “cocoa” and maybe not “CO-2-CO-UH” like I did?

Even though it doesn’t have lactose (or cholesterol, while we’re on it), Mars is promising that silky smooth chocolate we’re all familiar with. The packaging itself is too nice for it not to taste good anyways.

The Mars company has a much wider goal for this move that goes beyond just providing a lactose free option for their consumers.

“CO2COA is another example of how Mars continues to think and act differently to help create the world we want tomorrow,” said Alastair Child, Chief Sustainability Officer, Mars Wrigley. “From certified cocoa and a reduction in CO2 emissions to animal-free dairy, CO2COA was thoughtfully designed as we work to achieve net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across Mars’ full value chain by 2050.”

This is just another one of Mars’ steps to reduce GHG emissions across the company with paper packaging on German candy bars such as Ballisto or recycling guides on Orbit gum, and even announcing that Mars bars sold in the UK, Ireland and Canada will be certified as carbon neutral by 2023 — just one year from now.

The CO2COA bar is available online today while supplies last.

Help reduce green house gasses while eating delicious chocolate as a reward for it? It’s a win-win.

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Waffle Crisp Cereal is Back

It’s been four long years since Waffle Crisp blessed cereal aisles and breakfast tables, having been discontinued by Post in 2018. It had a good 22 year run after it’s debut back in 1996 — until fans just couldn’t accept that run ending.

After plenty of fan feedback and fervor, Post Consumer Brands heeded the public outcry for Waffle Crisp’s return and will be relaunching the cereal in July in both Regular Size (11.5oz) and Family Size (20oz).

Great news, really, because I look forward to turning back the clock some by tucking into a bowl of Waffle Crisp while watching an episode of Gargoyles and bumping DMX.