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Campbell’s Soup Debuts First Can Redesign in 50 Years

Campbell’s Soup recently announced a brand new redesign of their iconic can — the first in the last 50 years. The update will feature a few subtle changes, though with hopes to “modernize” the look of the label.

The new cans will feature a more contemporary look, with modernized stylings in the way of a new font that’s based on founder Joseph Campbell’s signature. In a fun little fact, Campbell’s noted the new label’s “hidden elements,” which employ another script-styled “C” within the fleur de lis designs, and slightly tilted “O” (in the word “soup”) to acknowledge past designs.

To help promote the new can redesign, Campbell’s also linked up with New York artist Sophia Chang to create the brand’s first-ever non-fungible tokens (NFT) to raise money for Feeding America. The NFTs went for sale earlier this week, though another animated NFT is currently still up for auction through August 6.

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This Limited Edition Chewy Chips Ahoy Is Filled With Hershey’s Fudge

The prospect of busting open a soft, moist Chewy Chips Ahoy to reveal a gooey inner of Hershey’s fudge is enough to trigger anyone with a sweet tooth to react in awe, wonder, and excitement. That’s why this new, limited edition collaboration product from Chips Ahoy and Hershey’s looks to be an unbeatable duo that will tag team and do a number on your cravings.

This mouthwatering new combo can be found at grocery retailers nationwide and is just begging to be nestled in some ice cream to make the perfect summer sundae.

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Introducing The First Ever REESE’S PUFFS Musical Cereal Box

Giving a whole new meaning to “playing” with your food, REESE’S PUFFS is turning its cereal boxes into special edition, first-ever series of music boxes. Dubbed the RP-FX and RP-PRO, these boxes can actually create real music, and REESE’S is encouraging fans to share their beats and creations to an accompanying app.

Here’s the details on each REESE’S PUFFS music box:

– Comes in three limited-edition boxes: Crunchy Drum Machine, Creamy Lead Synth, and Chocolatey Bass Syth.
– The music comes to life when fans add the REESE’S PUFFS on the back of the box and use an accompanying app on to create their beats.
– RP-FX boxes use a first-of-its-kind augmented reality technology to detect where the PUFFS have been placed and make unique music tracks based off their placement.
– Fans can get all three boxes to create different layers to the tracks.
– RP-FX boxes are available now at grocery stores nationwide.

– The RP-PRO is an ultra-exclusive synthesizer, designed to look like a box of REESE’S PUFFS cereal but with all the music samples, audio effects, functions and power you’d expect from the most serious piece of music equipment. 
– It features custom REESE’S cup dials, custom-molded REESE’S PUFFS buttons along the bottom, chocolatey drum pads, a built-in sampler and a dome visualizer with menu. Plus a secret inside compartment to fit a small bag of REESE’S PUFFS cereal.
– REESE’S PUFFS will be sending the RP-PRO to some of the top music artists and hit-makers around the country, as well as giving away a few to a couple lucky fans.

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This Gourmet Popcorn Company Has Its Kernels Wrapped In Different Flavors

To be honest there really hasn’t been much innovation in microwave popcorn in decades. That’s why when I found out about Opopop having kernels wrapped in different flavors, I was intrigued. Because this sort of change and added novelty to microwave popcorn could really shake up that market.

Claiming to be the first of its kind, Opopop has Flavor Wrapped Popcorn Kernels that release delicious flavors once popped. And right now they’re offering a full Opopop popcorn kit that includes the following flavors:

  • Cinnalicious
  • Maui Heat
  • Fancy Butter
  • Vanilla Cake Pop
  • Chedapeno
  • Salted Umami

In addition, the kit also comes with an extra Fancy Butter sachet to test the optimal time on your microwave to ensure no burnt popcorn and a custom BPA-free microwave popper that doubles as a collapsable serving bowl.

This Opopop Discovery Kit is pretty much a starter pack to their innovative popcorn and can be purchased for $40 here.

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‘The Duel’ Is A New Spicy Chip Challenge That Pits You Against A Friend And Features The World’s Hottest Pepper

What happens when you get together Guinness World Record-holding chile breeder Smokin’ Ed Currie and the inventor of the #OneChipChallenge, Doug Lyon? The world’s spiciest chip challenge times two.

Enter The Duel, a competition designed for two to see who can outlast the other while munching on a chip that features the world’s newest, hottest pepper, Pepper X. Whoever takes a sip of a beverage first is deemed the loser. If this diabolical game is your kind of fun, The Duel kit can now be purchased here.

To get a taste of the intensity of this game, know that The Duel features Smokin’ Ed Currie’s latest creation, Pepper X (3.18 million Scoville Heat Units), which is twice as hot as the world-record-holding Carolina Reaper® (1.65 million Scoville Heat Units).

Now who would you challenge in this battle of spicy might?

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Lay’s Has New Limited Edition Mashup Flavors Featuring Doritos and Funyuns

Lay’s is remixing reality here with their latest snacks by debuting two new potato chip options that come in Doritos Cool Ranch and Funyuns flavors.

The “Flavor Swap” will surely have shoppers do double take as they stroll down the aisles, and with good reason. It’s not everyday that you see Lay’s potato chips in flavors that hit close to home.

These two fun, new flavors will be at retailers nationwide starting today, but for a limited time only, so hop on it if you’re down to try.

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Chocolate Dunkaroos Are Officially Back

90s kids or anybody else that’s down for an iconic snack, go ahead and run to your nearest grocery store, because Dunkaroos are officially back and available now at stores nationwide!

The nostalgic feels don’t get any better than this as the epic duo of vanilla cookies and chocolate frosting make a legendary comeback like MJ in ’95. If you’re looking to celebrate this snack time icon, each pack comes in at a instantly-coppable $1.79.

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Crafty Counter Gears Up For Launch of Wundereggs, Billed as the First Plant-Based RTE Boiled Eggs

Photo: Crafty Corner

While the niche market of plant-based eggs already has scrambled egg applications covered via an assortment of brands, Crafty Corner will soon be entering the space with Wundereggs, a product that’s billed as the first plant-based ready to eat (RTE) boiled eggs, according to FoodNavigator-USA.

The Wundereggs are gluten free, soy free, grain free, and dairy free, and will be sold in packs of two plant-based boiled eggs. These ‘eggs’ are treated with high pressure processing (HPP), which give them a shelf life of 90-120 days. As for what they’re made up of, the egg white contains nuts and agar, while the yolk uses nuts, turmeric, and black salt.

Plant-based brand Crafty Counter, best-known for its frozen lentil- and bean-based bites – has developed these industry first ready-to-eat plant-based boiled eggs, which it hopes to launch late this year or early next year.

Further product details can be found here.