Beloved LA Chef Mark Peel Dies at 66

Chef Mark Peel on an episode of Taste the Details

Mark Peel, one of Los Angeles’ most influential and celebrated chefs, has died of cancer at the age of 66.

Peel was a key figure in shaping modern California cuisine, contributing his talents to kitchens at Ma Maison and Michael’s, before helping make Los Angeles a viable dining destination by helping Wolfgang Puck open Spago in 1982.

However, opening Campanile and La Brea Baking Company with ex-wife and acclaimed chef, Nancy Silverton, became Peel’s most enduring contribution to Los Angeles’ dining renaissance. And within such concepts and contributions we can credit him for transforming restaurant dining as a whole, from the farm to table format, to even the urban rustic aesthetic, to pop-up restaurants within a restaurant.

“Food is not a static thing. It is an ephemeral moment. So the only thing that remains is your memory of it,” he once told me on an episode of Taste the Details that highlighted his restaurant Prawn.

And thanks to Chef Mark Peel’s trailblazing ways, many of us will live on with many tremendous food memories tied to his outstanding contributions to food and dining.


Banned Olympic Runner Blames Burrito For Positive Steroid Test

Photo: jenaragon94, license

American track & field star Shelby Houlihan has been banned from the sport for four years due to testing positive for a banned anabolic steroid called Nandrolone.

“In the following 5 days after being notified, I put together a food log of everything that I consumed the week of that December 15th test. We concluded that the most likely explanation was a burrito purchased and consumed approximately 10 hours before that drug test from an authentic Mexican food truck that serves pig offal near my house in Beaverton, Oregon,” explained Houlihan in a recent Instagram post on her account.

The world record holder in the 1,500 meters and 5,000 meters explained, “I have since learned that it has long been understood by WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) that eating pork can lead to a false positive for nandrolone, since certain types of pigs produce it naturally in high amounts. Pig organ meat (offal) has the highest levels of nandrolone.”

Though Houlihan provided hair samples and passed a polygraph test, WADA was not moved to overturn their ruling against the star athlete.

“I want to be very clear. I have never taken any performance enhancing substances. And that includes that of which I am being accused. I believe in the sport and pushing your body to the limit just to see where the limit is. I’m not interested in cheating. I don’t do this for the accolades, money, or for people to know my name. I do this because I love it,” declared Houlihan.

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Utah Jazz Star Jordan Clarkson Helps Filipino Food Truck Vandalized With Racist Graffiti

Last week, a Filipino food truck in Northern Utah, World Famous Yum Yum Truck, was vandalized with anti-Asian slurs and hateful graffiti.

“I really can’t believe that some people can be so mean. My family works so hard, sometimes 12 hours a day and we didn’t expect to come home to this,” posted Yum Yum Food Truck on their Instagram page earlier this week.

Utah Jazz star and the NBA’s reigning Sixth Man of the Year, Jordan Clarkson got wind of the situation and decided to give his most important assist this season by lending a hand to help restore the truck with a new paint job. Clarkson, who is Filipino-American and holds dual citizenship in America and the Philippines, came to the rescue along with Layton Mayor Joy Petro, city council members, and Identity Graphix to restore the truck with a brand new paint job.

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Plant-Based Filet Mignon Is Now A Reality

Photo: Juicy Marbles

The plant-based meat wave is no longer just that and truly the green movement is here to stay, with the ebbs and flows of the notion mellowing out as a dietary constant. The popularity and mainstream appeal of Impossible and Beyond Meat are the banners for this declaration, with more plant-based innovations on the way. One of which happens to be a game changer courtesy of Juicy Marbles: plant-based filet mignon.

Co-founders of Juicy Marbles, Tilen Travnik, Luka Sincek and Maj Hrovat, managed to create a plant-based cut of filet mignon without any use of 3D printing, GMOs or laboratory alterations. The secret lies in how Juicy Marbles was able to use soy protein to mimic the muscle texture and marbling of real meat by arranging and layering the protein fibers from the bottom up using a patent-pending machine they call the Meat-o-matic Reverse Grinder™ 9000. Playful name aside, the reality of this applied technique is groundbreaking.

“The biggest challenge was getting the right fiber alignment and intramuscular fat structure – the marbling. The most expensive steaks in the world are known for their lush marbling. It takes a lot of energy and a rare breed of cow to attain that. With plant meat, we control it and, thus, over time, can scale up our steak production and bring down the price. Eventually, we’ll be able to make the most premium meats attainable for everyone,” explains Luka Sincek.

Photo: Juicy Marbles

So thanks to Juicy Marbles, the world’s first plant-based steaks can be purchased on their website and ship to the 48 states and throughout Europe for a limited time only.

According to the Juicy Marbles website the cuts of meat have a firm texture “while the linear fibre placement results in juicy chunks tearing away softly, like real muscle.”

With the possibility of actual plant-based cuts of meat being available directly to consumers, it will only be a matter of time before the flood gates open for other proteins to get a fully plant-based treatment in the form of individual cuts of meat that have an uncanny resemblance to the real thing.

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Ruffles’ Newest Flavor Is Flamin’ Hot BBQ

Boston Celtics star Jayson Tatum is the face of Ruffles’ brand new flavor, Flamin’ Hot BBQ. After linking with Lakers champion and superstar, Anthony Davis, last year on a tasty Lime & Jalapeno flavor, the chip house that ridges made is dipping into the NBA talent pool again with their continued partnership with the league.

This is the first time that any Frito-Lays snack has combined with the immensely popular Flamin’ Hot variety, proving to be quite the unique offering right out the gate. For Tatum to put his true stamp on this new Ruffles flavor, he tapped into his St. Louis roots, a city known for its bbq and spicy food. The result is a snack that’s like some baby back ribs slathered in some spicy bbq sauce, all in chip form.

Ruffles Flamin’ Hot BBQ is now available now at most retailers nationwide for $4.29 (8 oz. multi-serve) and $1.99 (2.5 oz. single-serve). 


HipDot x PEEPS is the Make Up Collab No One Expected This Season

Photo courtesy HipDot Cosmetics

Last fall, cosmetics brand HipDot had an unexpected partnership with Tapatio Hot Sauce to launch a line of products no one imagined would have happened. 

Now, HipDot is at it again with another tasty brand: PEEPS.

Yep, those colorful marshmallow-filled birds will now be a part of an exclusive cosmetic line similar to last year’s Tapatio launch. 

Items available for this launch include PEEPS Eyeshadow Palette, PEEPS Sponge Set, and a combination of the eyeshadow and sponge set. There will also be a few other surprise items dropping sometime later this month. 

Aside from Candy Corn, I can’t think of another confection that’s as polarizing as PEEPS. Either you love them, or you hate them. 

Still, this collection’s vibrant palettes derived from the PEEPS aesthetic seem like a perfect fit ahead of the Easter season. 

You can find the collection at and starting March 2. 

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Chinese Restaurant Goes Viral For Their Extremely Honest Menu

How would you feel if the restaurant you were eating at gave surprisingly honest menu descriptions of their food, one where they call one of their own dishes, “not THAT good?” It’s certainly not the norm, but for Aunt Dai, a Chinese restaurant in Montreal, Canada, that’s exactly what they describe their orange chicken to be when compared to one of their other dishes.

Such honesty has proved to be refreshing for many, as the restaurant recently went viral for their highly candid menu, resulting in a dramatic spike in sales.

Twitter user, Kim Belair, tweeted, “Aunt Dai is my favourite Chinese restaurant in Montreal, but the REAL treat is the menu, featuring extremely honest commentary from the owner.”

Owner Feigang Fei had more gems on his menu, commenting the following to describe the restaurant’s satay sauce beef:

“This is new on our menu, I did NOT have chance to try this one yet. According to a lot of customers, this one is very popular, I still don’t have chance to taste it. Looks like I should spend more time eating in my own restaurant.”

Fei told TODAY, “The whole idea is just to let people know what they’re ordering. A lot of people found it very funny [and] very helpful. I was so encouraged by them.” He continued, “We are not always the best food restaurant, but we try to do our best every day and to satisfy our customers and not oversell anything.”

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Let Cozy Season Begin With This Pizza Hut Weighted Blanket

With the temps dipping lower by the day serving as the Bat Signal for something warm and toasty, the vibes beg to be served. Because as seasons slip into fall and winter, our need to combat the chill comes around like clockwork.

The need for something warm and toasty part? Pizza Hut and Gravity Blankets know what time it is and have linked up to provide just the antidote: a giant weighted pizza blanket.

This limited edition Original Pan Weighted Blanket clocks in at 15 pounds of the warm and fuzzies and measures at 72-inches in diameter, so trust the coziness will envelope you in full. Availability is now at and goes for $150.

Order an actual Original Pan Pizza from Pizza Hut to really fulfill the warm and toasty situation while wrapped up in the tastiest weighted blanket ever.