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Los Angeles Vietnamese Restaurant Offering Free Food in Exchange For Sriracha Bottles

Earlier this month we reported on Huy Fong Inc., the company behind the beloved Rooster Brand Sriracha hot chili sauce, halting production due to a chili pepper shortage from unexpected crop failure from the spring chili harvest.

Feeling the absence of Huy Fong Inc.’s Sriracha sauce, Los Angeles-based restaurant, Bé Ù Kitchen, announced that they would be giving away “free banh mi, popcorn chicken, or order of summer rolls if you bring us a 28oz bottle of sriracha.” If customers bring in 17oz bottles of Sriracha, they will receive half off the price those dishes.

The restaurant shared, “We go through about 312 bottles a year so any little bit helps.” So if anyone generous enough to lend a helping bottle or two to Bé Ù Kitchen, know they’ve got your appetites covered in exchange.

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Loyal Burger King Worker Who Went Viral for His Goodie Bag Anniversary Gift Receives Over $275,000 on GoFundMe

Photo: GoFundMe

Kevin Ford, the Burger King employee who recently went viral for receiving a goodie bag after 27 years of loyalty to his job without missing a shift, has received over $275,000 in donations to a GoFundMe campaign set up for him by his daughter, Seryna Ford.

Seryna had this to say about her father’s story of loyalty in the GoFundMe:

Hi, My name is Seryna. The man in that video is my father. He has worked at his job for 27 years and yes, he has never missed a day of work. He originally began working at this job as a single father when he gained custody of me and my older sister 27 years ago. Then as our family grew and he remarried, he continued to work there because of the amazing health insurance that was provided through this employer because it was unionized. This got all four of his daughters through high school and college with full healthcare coverage.

My dad continues to work there, because though he does look young, he is coming up on retirement age and leaving would cost him his retirement. In no way are we asking for money or is he expecting any money but if anyone feels like blessing him he would love to visit his grandchildren.

Originally, the GoFundMe was set up by Seryna to help raise $200 for her father to go see his grandchildren. As of this writing, the GoFundMe campaign has raised $277,634, with even a $5,000 donation from actor David Spade, who wrote “Keep up the good work,” under his donation.

Kevin Ford has told TMZ that he plans on using the money raised to visit his family in Texas and purchase a new car.

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Here’s Your Chance to Win a Sleepover at a Dave & Buster’s in Miami

When you were a kid, did you ever wish you could spend the night at Dave & Busters and collect all the tickets to cash out a grand prize? Well, your dreams have been answered because Dave & Buster’s is giving one fan the chance to have a sleepover for one night only on July 16 at their pop up, “B&B” in Miami.

The pop up experience is a result of Dave & Buster’s latest campaign, “enjoying the Great Indoors,” just as we embark on the hottest summer days with heat waves.

Dave & Buster’s is adding a suite to their Miami location so one lucky fan will be able to bring their family and friends to spend the night. We’re not sure you’ll even want to sleep because the stay includes unlimited access to Dave & Buster’s entire selection of games, a full-service bartender to pour signature cocktails, and complimentary service of the full chef-crafted menu. They even have indoor jet skiing!

Think you want to take your chances and sign up? To enter the “D&B B&B” contest, visit and submit a 10-second video about why you think summer is better spent in the Great Indoors. Contest entries will be accepted until July 1, 2022 and all entrants must be 21 years or older. The winner will be announced on July 11, 2022 via Dave & Buster’s social media accounts.

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Daily Harvest Meal Kits Recall Product After it Caused Nearly 500 to Get Sick

Photo: Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest, an online meal kit service, is facing heavy backlash following a voluntary recall of its French Lentil + Leek Crumbles product. Reports of a mysterious illness involving elevated liver enzymes began surfacing earlier this month. 

28,000 units of the recalled product were distributed nationwide between April 28th to June 17th, the day Daily Harvest sent their first emails warning that “a small number of customers have reported gastrointestinal discomfort” due to eating the crumbles. Urging customers who hadn’t consumed theirs yet to dispose of it, an official statement was issued on June 19th.

In the statement, Founder and CEO Rachel Drori shared the company’s efforts to discover the recall’s root cause:

“We have spent the past ten days working with the FDA, state agencies and multiple independent labs, as well as experts in microbiology, food safety and toxicology to conduct testing. These tests cover common food-borne pathogens, toxins, and allergens. Results thus far have all come back negative. At this point, despite consulting with numerous experts, cooperating with FDA’s investigation, working with our supply chain, and conducting extensive testing, we have not yet identified a cause.”

Daily Harvest quickly gained popularity following their launch in 2016 by using Instagram influencers along with celebrity endorsements to promote the brand. Per CNN Business, Cory Silverstein, an Instagram influencer who owns his own organic skincare brand, says he received the product mid-May, as part of a PR package. Following his symptoms, he visited urgent care where extensive testing concluded an elevation in liver enzymes at 12 times the normal range. Silverstein is one of many influencers that reported similar symptoms as part of a group of 470 total reaction cases.

Following the backlash, Daily Harvest responded by offering a $10 store credit, a move considered insensitive by many of the victims. Looking to the FDA for answers, a statement was issued saying it cannot confirm or deny if an investigation is occurring, “However, the FDA takes seriously reports of possible adulteration of a food that may also cause illnesses or injury.”

While the investigation is ongoing, many long time Daily Harvest users are opting to cut ties with the brand. Let’s hope the root cause is discovered in a timely fashion and no other illnesses occur.

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Salt & Straw Invented an Ice Cream Perfume

Fun fact: Did you know ice cream has no scent? All the flavor in the world and just the right amount of indulgence, but literally no smell. To enhance the ice cream tasting experience, Oregon-based Salt & Straw has created their most innovative product yet – the first-ever ice cream perfume.

The best part, the perfume is also edible and was created intentionally to spritz on your ice cream. Who would have thought ice cream needs a little perfume, too? According to research, up to 80% of flavor is based on smell and with this edible perfume, Salt & Straw wanted to give consumers the most important sense of smell to create an enhaned ice cream eating experience.

Salt & Straw is rolling out three different scents and said the perfume took years to make. The ice cream perfume is actually wearable and doesn’t change the ice cream’s flavor.

The scents include:

  • A Cloud of Cocoa: Notes of Ecuadorian Chocolate, Malted Milkshake, Japanese Whiskey.
  • A Plume of Blooms: Notes of Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Wild Country Garden.
  • A Swoon of Citrus: Notes of Key Lime Pie, Lychee, Italian Lemon Grove.

Looking to get your hands on this one-of-a-kind perfume? You can sign up for the waiting list here and beginning on National Ice Cream Day (July 17th), it will be available online (starting at $48) and at all Salt & Straw scoop shops as an ice cream topping.


Quick-Thinking Woman Held Hostage Uses Grubhub to Alert Police

Quick-thinking actions of a 24-year-old New York woman has lead to the arrest of a 32-year-old man that allegedly held her against her will and sexually assaulted her.

The victim placed an order on the Grubhub food delivery app and left a harrowing note for workers to see: “Please call the police his going to call me when you delivered come with the cones please don’t make it obvious.”

An order for an Irish breakfast roll and a beef burger at 5:50 a.m. on June 19 reached The Chipper Truck Cafe employees in Yonkers, who sensed something was wrong after reading the seemingly hasty plea in the “additional instructions” field.

Thanks to the astute workers at The Chipper Truck Cafe, they contacted the police, who showed up to the home of Kemo Royal in the Bronx. Royal was identified as the man who had allegedly held the victim against her will and assaulted her, and was subsequently charged with rape, unlawful imprisonment, strangulation, criminal sex act and sexual abuse, among other counts.

The suspect is also charged in the attempted sexual assault of another young woman just a few days prior.

Credit the victim’s resourcefulness and wherewithal for contacting the authorities in such a daunting situation.

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Buffalo Wild Wings Debuts ‘Bird Dawgs’ and $3 Happy Hour Drinks

Starting today, Wednesday, June 22, Buffalo Wild Wings is giving you a new way to enjoy their chicken tenders, with the debut of NEW menu item, Bird Dawgs.

Bird Dawgs are hand-breaded chicken tenders on a brioche bun loaded up with sauces and toppings and will be making their appearance on the new Happy Hour menu.

According to Buffalo Wild Wings, you can create your own or enjoy a Loaded Bird Dawg topped with beer cheese and wild honey mustard; Honey BBQ Bird Dawg topped with fries and Buffalo Wild Wings’ Honey BBQ sauce; and Buffalo Bird Dawg topped with ranch, napa slaw, and Buffalo Wild Wings’ Medium Buffalo sauce.

Now let’s talk about that Happy Hour menu with affordable drinks. Buffalo Wild Wings Happy Hour is back with drinks and appetizers for $3-$6 from 3:00-6:00pm on weekdays.

The Happy Hour menu includes $3 tall drafts of Wild Herd Kolsh by Goose Island, $5 Strawberry Margaritas, $6 Truly Berry Cherry Limeade, $3 Chips and Salsa, $5 Bird Dawgs and more.

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Burger King Employee Trending After Receiving Goodie Bag for 27 Years of Perfect Attendance

An unidentified Burger King employee is trending right now due to a video of them receiving a goodie bag after working at the company for 27 years, with no days missed.

The viral video first appeared on Reddit’s ABoringDystopiaPage, as it showed the employee displaying to the camera a goodie bag he received as a reward for his nearly three decades of service at Burger King. Its contents were a movie ticket, a bag of Reese’s Pieces, a Starbucks tumbler, a lanyard, two pens, some keychains and two packs of Lifesavers.

Despite the worker appearing genuinely grateful for the reward, many on social media were upset at how modest it seemed in comparison to 27 years of perfect attendance at Burger King.

And though some assumed that the goodie bag gift was from his co-workers, the comments section was still fiercely opinionated, with thoughts ranging from being appalled at how Burger King allegedly treated this employee’s loyalty to admiration of the humble and thankful attitude the man showed.

One person tweeted,”We trying to figure out why after 27 years of loyalty you gifted one of your most loyal employees some back to school supplies.”

Another chimed in, “People are talking down on him, it’s weird. Some people really don’t need much in life and y’all forget it was only a few hundred years ago where all we did was hunt and gather.”