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A Festival Dedicated to Hard Seltzers is Coming to LA

Cannonball Productions will bring Seltzerland, its nationally-touring hard seltzer festival, to Long Beach this February.

Festival goers will be able to sample from over 100 flavors of hard seltzers as they go through an immersive experience featuring brands like White Claw, Mike’s Hard Lemonade Seltzer, Vizzy, Topo Chico Hard Seltzer, Playamar, and Sparking Ice Spiked. There will also be munchies from Hormel Black Label Bacon and Rockit Apples as well as Seltzerland swag for photoshoots.

After launching in Chicago in August 2020, Seltzerland visited five cities that year taking the event outdoors during the pandemic before embarking on a sold-out nationwide 20-city tour in 2021, hitting up Scottsdale, Tampa, Atlanta, Nashville, Austin, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Las Vegas, and Miami.

“Clearly, hard seltzer is here to stay.” said Cannonball Productions Founder & CEO Kate Levenstien. “We are excited to give everyone the opportunity to sample the best hard seltzers and find new favorites, all while enjoying great company, fun activities and beautiful weather on rolling green golf courses.”

There are two ways to experience Seltzerland: general admission tickets begin at $35 and VIP tickets start at $55. VIP ticket holders will kick off the event with premier time slots, a full-sized can of hard seltzer, a specialty cocktail, and complimentary treat. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased by visiting here.

Seltzerland will be held at the Long Beach Bixby Village Golf Course on Saturday, February 5.

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KFC To Launch Plant-Based Beyond Meat Fried Chicken

The demand for more plant-based fast food options keeps ramping up, with KFC now getting in the mix with its new Beyond Fried Chicken debuting on January 10.

This new menu item launch adds an interesting wrinkle to plant-based fast food, as most options have been seen as burgers. But with fried chicken now going green as well, the question is now which other fried chicken chains will follow suit? As a fried chicken aficionado myself, the option of plant-based fried chicken would be a welcome alternative that will help prolong my fried chicken-loving ways.

KFC first tested Beyond Fried Chicken in August 2019 during a limited run in Atlanta. The response then was overwhelming, as it sold out in hours. In 2020, Beyond Fried Chicken was tested at select restaurants in Nashville and Charlotte, garnering the same positive feedback and support.

Beyond Fried Chicken will be available for a limited time and is served with KFC dipping sauce, as a combo with Secret Recipe Fries and a medium drink, or as six and twelve-piece orders, with prices starting at $6.99.

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Cheech Marin Lights Up New Food Delivery Service

As cannabis culture becomes more mainstream, more and more startups will be getting into the space to superserve its customers. Weed icon Cheech Marin and restaurateur Zach Neil have teamed to feed stoners with a menu made for their late night cravings via its food-delivery business, Muncheechos.

The company will go national using ghost kitchens and will first serve New Yorkers with a fun-filled menu of stoner-themed eats, with delivery offered until 3AM. Multiple menus include the “Recreational Users” menu with dishes like “Dope Dumplings” in a Sriracha honey glaze, “Up In Smoke” brisket tacos, and mac-cheese-and-BBQ-chicken-topped “Muncheechos Munchachos” nachos.

There’s the straight-up “Stoner’s Menu” that goes a little heavier on the indica-inspired indulgence with egg rolls made with cookie dough, “Red Eye” ice cream with potato chips, maple blueberry pancake chicken lollipops, Lucky Charms-laced marshmallows, and, “Poo Poo Platters” combining coconut shrimp, hickory-smoked wings, cheese curds, duck sauce, and wonton chips.

It’s like a celebrity chef beaming into your kitchen, assessing whatever munchies still exist in your pantry, then mixing it into decadent edible creations. All in the name of satisfying your munchies.

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McDonald’s Japan Getting Rid of Medium and Large-Size Fries For Combo Meals

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the supply chain, leading to shortages of numerous products all over the world. McDonald’s Japan is definitely feeling the pinch, with a French fry shortage ultimately affecting their operations.

In fact, the French fry shortage due to the the pandemic and a flood at a Vancouver port has caused McDonald’s Japan to make the tough decision of taking away medium and large-size fries portions for combo meals starting tomorrow December 24 until the fry shortage is predicted to let up until the end of the year.

Customers of around 2,900 affected McDonald’s locations in Japan will start to see a minor discount on combo meals to reflect about half of the medium size included in combo meals.

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Taco Bell’s New Crispy Chicken Wings Will Be Available Nationwide

Last year we spotted a Taco Bell location in Fullerton, California that was testing actual chicken wings. Dubbed Crispy Chicken Wings, the test item at the time drew much buzz and had fans wondering if they will make it to menus nationwide anytime soon.

Thanks to the positive reaction to the wings, that time is now, as Taco Bell has just announced that Crispy Chicken Wings will be available nationwide for a limited time starting January 6, after 2pm.

This limited time menu item features five, bone-in Crispy Chicken Wings coated in flavorful Mexican Queso seasoning then served alongside Taco Bell’s signature spicy ranch dipping sauce.

Fans can munch on the Crispy Chicken Wings on-the-go box for $5.99, available for a limited time.

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Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza Is Making a Return

When Taco Bell first discontinued its Mexican Pizza from menus back in November 2020, anguished fans caused an uproar online. Who knew that there was such a large contingent of folks who loved the Mexican Pizza? Since then, fans have fussed and clamored for the fan-favorite to come back.

Looks like all the fussing and clamoring has been heard loud and clear since then, as it’s been confirmed by both Taco Bell fan site Live Más and food blogger @markie_devo that the Mexican Pizza will make a triumphant return to the Taco Bell menu in April or May of 2022.

It appears that the Mexican Pizza could have returned sooner, however the supply chain issues that have hampered many segments of the food and beverage industry are the current roadblock to those comeback plans.

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Wheaties Celebrates 100th Anniversary with Limited Edition Michael Jordan Gold Foil Box

It’s only right that Wheaties has tapped the GOAT, Michael Jordan, to be the cover athlete on a special edition box that commemorates the milestone. After all, MJ, who many look at as the greatest basketball player of all time, is the most featured Wheaties cover athlete ever, as this latest appearance marks his 19th time on the iconic orange box.

Boxes will hit retail outlets starting today, nationwide. If you’re looking to purchase the limited edition Michael Jordan Gold Foil Box, it will go on sale starting at Noon ET on Tuesday, December 14 at

Fans should follow Wheaties’ social channels to learn about upcoming releases related to the Michael Jordan box.

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Del Taco is Selling a Holiday Stocking Filled With 100 Hot Sauce Packets

Heat seekers are going to love this gift from Del Taco: a holiday stocking filled with 100 packets of their favorite Del hot sauce.

For just $19.99 you can snag a stocking filled to the brim with 100 packets of either Mild, Del Scorcho, or Del Inferno hot sauces. Truly the perfect gift for the spice lovers in your life.

The Del Taco Stocking can be purchased here for the season while supplies last.