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9 Food Urban Legends and the Story Behind Them

There were quite a few scary stories our parents told us about food growing up. Legends like swallowing your gum would cause it to stay in your stomach for seven years or eating a lemon seed would cause a tree to grow inside your body had us freaked out.

As we grew older, we discovered more food urban legends. We kept Mentos and Coke as far apart as we could from each other, for fear of a sugary explosion. 

With all the food legends and superstitions plaguing us in the corner of our minds, let’s take a look at the history behind some of the most popular ones out there. 

Pop Rocks & Soda Death

Photo: Carolina Alves on flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

They say if you combine Pop Rocks with soda, the chemical reaction will cause an explosion in your stomach. In fact, the legend says that “Little Mikey” from the LIFE cereal commercials way back when, died because of the lethal combination. Turns out this was false, and that Mikey himself grew up to be a pretty well-adjusted member of society. 

Carrots Help You See In The Dark

Photo: Scott 97006 on flickr, CC BY 2.0

Growing up, we’ve always been told to eat more carrots as they would help us see better in the dark and improve our vision in general. Unfortunately, while carrots are good for your eyes, they don’t really improve your vision or grant you night vision. That legend was created by the British Ministry of Information in WWII to get people to grow more carrots for the Royal Air Force so they could spot German bombers better. While carrots do contain Vitamin A, essential for the general well-being of your sight, you won’t suddenly see better after putting down more carrots. 

Gum In Your Stomach for Seven Years

Photo: daveynin on flickr, CC BY 2.0

Fortunately, for those who have the tendency to swallow their gum, the myth of it staying in the pit of your stomach simply isn’t true. While the origin is a bit unclear, many know the saying every time the piece of gum almost slips down their throat. 

Like with most foods you eat, gum will simply poop itself out not too long after you swallow it. Still, you probably shouldn’t just swallow a bunch of gum as it could eventually lead to intestinal blockage. 

Mentos And Soda Killed Two Kids

Photo: Doug Tammany on flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

There was a rumor years back that a mixture of Mentos mint candies and Coca-Cola were responsible for the deaths of two kids after they consumed the two products at once. This was proven false as there was little, if any, concrete details surrounding the alleged ordeal. As we’ve seen with many science videos, combining the two creates a pretty volatile reaction. Definitely do not try to knock down a bunch of Mentos and chug some Coke. Combining the two in your body can still cause some damage to your digestive system. 

McDonald’s Burgers Break Down

Photo: Chris Bloom on flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

We’ve seen many videos and stories of McDonald’s burgers and fries standing the test of time, looking nearly the same as if it came straight from the drive-thru. The legend that McDonald’s burgers don’t rot is, actually pretty true. The explanation behind this phenomenon is that thanks to the low amount of moisture in the product, the chances of microbes causing rot is reduced drastically. Not that you should be eating 20-year-old McDonald’s burgers though. 

Graham Crackers Curb Sexual Appetite

Photo: Scott Akerman on flickr, CC BY 2.0

It was long rumored that Graham Crackers were invented to curb sexual appetite. Turns out it’s actually true. Nineteenth Century Minister Sylvester Graham deduced meats, booze, and foods high in fat led to stronger sexual urges. His solution: introducing bland foods to curb sex drives. Clearly this was simply some misguided science as there is no concrete evidence to back that nutty claim up.

Washing Raw Chicken Before Cooking

Photo: Emilian Robert Vicol on flickr, CC BY 2.0

It’s Sunday night and you’re about to prepare a family feast for your loved ones. You pull out the raw chicken from the fridge and turn on the sink, ready to wash it. Turns out you’d be doing yourself a disservice. The myth behind washing raw chicken before preparing is actually false, and all it actually does is spread the germs around your sink and kitchen. Cooking the meat is the only surefire way to kill the bacteria, then thoroughly washing your hands afterwards. Personally, we believe that frying chicken is the best way to get rid of all those bacteria. 

McDonald’s Milkshakes Made with Animal Fat

Photo: Willis Lam on flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

The term Animal Fat associated with McDonald’s Milkshakes confused customers, leaving them to wonder if the creamy beverage was made from fat from animals like the pig. McDonald’s themselves state that “Animal Fat” was a term that was used to describe fats derived from meat products. None of these fats, however, were included in the milkshakes. 

The Five-Second Rule

Photo: Dan Keck on flickr

Often, we drop food on the ground only to pick it up instantaneously claiming it falls under the “5-second rule.” No, that rule actually does not apply to everything. In fact, all food will be contaminated instantly once it hits the floor. The level of that contamination, however, depends on the surface it falls on and the water content of the food. A French fry hitting the surface of a table will have a lower contamination level than an ice cream cone hitting a dirt road, even if the latter was for less than five seconds. 

Humor Products

Street Taco Toilet Spray Exists And It SOLD OUT Fast

A couple years back, toilet spray company Poo-Pourri announced an April Fool’s scent called Street Tacos. An innocent jest that had no foothold in reality — or so it seems. Turns out fan reactions to that announcement were so strong, however, that it left the company reconsidering their prank.

Fast forward two years later, Poo-Pourri’s launched their Street Tacos scent as a real-life flavor that fans could actually purchase.

Released on April 1, which happened to infamously fall on April Fool’s Day, the scent sold out in two hours. Fans who remembered the April prank were chomping at the bit to get their hands on the novelty scent.

The scent profile boasts a citrus zest that’s paired with notes of savory taco seasoning, onion, garlic, and black pepper.

Managing to grab a bottle, we can honestly say that the spray definitely has aromatic notes.

No word yet on whether Poo-Pourri plans on re-releasing the Street Taco scent again in the near future. A comment from a Poo-Pourri spokesperson, however, mentions that the limited-edition scent exceeded expectations.

“We never say never here at Poo-Pourri!”

I’d say the chances of us seeing this for sale again in the near future are pretty good.

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We Got Three FOODBEASTs Together For The Ultimate Junk Food Cooking Competition

In the spirit of the recent gridiron fervor, we here at Foodbeast decided to create some competition of our own all in the name of cooking and a blown mindstate. The willing advocates of both, who within our ranks stepped up as players in one aptly titled Gridiron Green Games, were myself, Elie Ayrouth, and Analiese Trimber. For particulars, this was going to be a Chopped-style cooking competition between the three of us, with the winner awarded rightful bragging rights and having the best reason to celebrate with a big fatty.

To help us in this journey to a culinary Kumite was blüm Dispensaries, who provided some of that loud from Korova called “Gelato,” known for its fruity, dessert-like aroma.

Now before we get right into the heat of the competition, let’s talk rules and other details.


  • Contestants must finish a recipe of their choosing that incorporates all mandatory ingredients within the allotted time of 1 hour and 30 minutes — all while on an elevated plane.
  • The mandatory ingredients are: Eggs, popcorn, McDonald’s French fries, and OREOs.
  • Contestants’ dishes will be judged on a 10 point system based on: Completeness, Creativity, Secret Ingredients, Taste, Presentation.
  • Judging will consist of contestants scoring each other’s dishes, but not their own, and fellow Foodbeasts Evan Lancaster and Peter Pham.
  • The contestant with the most points total is the winner.


Analiese Trimber: The Bacon Princess, thinks Tom Brady is a bitch.

Dish: Stoner Breakfast Tacos with OREO mole sauce and handmade popcorn-infused corn tortillas.


Elie Ayrouth: Fearless and fierce in pushing the envelope, mastered the art of the one-eyed wink.

Dish: A trifecta of a meal that consists of Stoner Popcorn, a massive Big Mac Burrito and an OREO “Dunkaroos” dessert.

Reach Guinto: 
Fried chicken connoisseur, G-Eazy probably hates him.

Dish: Double-panko breaded Fried Chicken & Savory Potato Waffle w/ OREO Butter.

The following will be a time-stamped account of the events during the competition leading up to the announcement of the winner of Foodbeast’s Gridiron Green Games.

1:00pm — Evan begins rolling the fatty with the aid of the Otto by Banana Bros., an automatic joint roller, courtesy of blüm. It’s a nifty machine, really, fast-tracking rolling with ease and efficiency via a built-in grinder and apparatus that capably packs with Gelato flower.

1:20pm — After we all are done with setting up our designated cooking areas, the session begins. Elie is really hitting it extra hard. I hope he gets so blown that he won’t be able to finish his dish.

1:30pm — Let the Gridiron Green Games begin!

1:33pm — Elie, the tallest of the contestants: “I don’t understand how I get this little baby table and Analiese and Reach get tables that go up to their elbows. They’re playin’ me!”

1:40pm — At this point we’re all starting to appreciate the Gelato, which had its benefits and setbacks. Its benefits being a greater feeling of singular focus and drive. Setbacks coming in the form of me forgetting where I left my phone and searching for it for a solid two minutes.

1:50pm — Evan: “So far we know Analiese is incorporating chipotle pepper paste into what looks like a sauce of some sort, while Elie and Reach are both still cutting onions. Clearly, Annie is in the lead.”

1:51pm — I see Elie finishing up the chopping of his onions, then hear Evan warning anybody within earshot, “DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.”

2:00pm — We’re at the peak levels of determination. Evidenced by a sudden hush in the kitchen as the Gelato-induced laser focus hits all of us, putting us in an elevated work mode. Analiese’s re-worked her mole sauce after she asked for feedback from other fellow Foodbeast and on-set photographer, Peter Pham, and I. Elie’s ready to work the stove after forming his burger patties. I’ve just completed my OREO butter by running OREOs and coconut oil in the food processor for approximately three to four minutes (tbh it seemed like an hour).

2:15pm — I command Siri to set a timer for three minutes. The remedial machine somehow doesn’t understand this so I am forced to set the timer manually. Evan walks by: “Um, it looks like you’ve set your timer for four hours right there.” Well damn.

2:31pm — Evan: “About an hour in and I feel like Reach has got a really good groove going on, Analiese does, too. Elie, I dunno, I caught him dancing for a little bit, then he chopped an onion for like 20 minutes.” At this point we all decide to re-up on some floral inspiration.

2:35pm — I’m hit with a sudden forgetfulness that leads me to suddenly have a brain fart about how to correctly input and attach the receptacle of the food processor. Analiese tries to help me with that. No dice. Eventually I figure it out after having lost some dignity and start working on my potato waffle, which becomes an ordeal after forgetting to put some key ingredients in it and almost having to start that over. At this point Analiese and I feel like we’ve fallen behind. Elie, on the other hand, is feeling confident: “Thirty minutes is all I need, baby!”

2:43pm — Elie’s trio of dishes are starting to come together: the OREO Dunkaroos are done, Stoner Popcorn’s on deck, and he’s ready to start putting together his Big Mac Burrito. Analiese is impressing the room with her OREO mole sauce and made-from-scratch tortillas.

2:50pm — It’s a mad dash as everyone is trying to plate their dishes. Our blown selves were laser focused on the task at hand: Don’t run into each other and fuck up any dishes in the last moments. Did we incorporate every mandatory ingredient? Will we finish on time? Burning questions, like a cinder of lit flower, bore through our inner thoughts. Shit, that’s just me being stuck.

3:00pm — Done and done. I survey the scorched battlefield of what used to be a kitchen and nodded proudly. Analiese’s Stoner Breakfast Tacos were complete, presented immaculately on a marble cutting board. Pinterest would approve. Elie’s full spread was on glorious display, showcasing his deft touch with multi-tasking and prioritizing. And me? I’m just relieved to get everything on a plate. But hey, we did the damn thing.

But before we get into the results, here are the completed dishes:

Analiese’s Stoner Breakfast Tacos

Elie’s Stoner Popcorn, OREO “Dunkaroos,” and a Big Mac Burrito

Reach’s Double-Panko Breaded Fried Chicken & Savory Potato Waffle w/ OREO Butter

3:02pm — Elie: “I forgot an ingredient, but I’m hoping none of y’all notice!” Duly noted my guy.

3:10pm — After Pete’s finished taking photos of all the dishes, tasting begins. Knowing Elie’s missing something, I’m keen on finding it until I exclaim, “YOOO YOU FORGOT THE FRIES!”

3:25pm — Everyone’s turned in their scores for each dish and Evan begins to tally up the results. To celebrate our accomplishment, Analiese, Elie, and I all revisit the Gelato, which at this point has created a fixated state that’s just right, not too heady, with just the appropriate amount of creative juices unlocked within us.

3:40pm — What’s taking Evan so long? Is he disarming a bomb over there?

3:45pm — After what seemed like an eternity and a half, Evan reveals the results. Looks like the Gelato’s gotten to him, too. It’s a two-way tie for the winner, between me and Analiese. Elie caught that L for not including the McDonald’s French fries. But to be honest, I thought he had the tastiest item in that Big Mac Burrito. Flavor was straight up phenomenal and comforting. About the results, Analiese and I are feeling equal parts relief and shock. What are the odds? Yet, the total tally of scores seemed off to us. Following a meticulous survey of Evan’s math, it was determined that it all didn’t add up.

3:51pm — RECOUNT!

3:55pm — The new results, done with correct math, are revealed. Analiese and her Stoner Breakfast Tacos win! I knew it, though. Tortillas and mole made from scratch? Yeah I can’t compete with that.

WINNER: Analiese “The Bacon Princess” Trimber

But hey, shout out to our HIGH-ly focused selves, though. I mean, just look at these winners:

Photos: Peter Pham


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  • These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
  • The statements in this article are for informational and educational purposes only. This does not constitute an advertisement or offer to sell any marijuana or other cannabis-derived products. It is intended for persons over the age of 21.
  • Although Marijuana is recreationally legal in California and Nevada, you must be at least 21 years of age to buy, possess or consume cannabis products of any kind. It is illegal to sell or advertise cannabis-derived products to anyone under the age of 21 or in locations where persons under 21 are expected to be found.
  • Do not over consume any drug or controlled substance, even if it is legal to do so. Always use good judgment when consuming marijuana, and do so responsibly.
  • Marijuana can impair your judgment and the ability to operate kitchen appliances and other machinery. The events portrayed in this article occurred under the supervision of individuals not under the influence of any controlled substances. Do Not Try This At Home – You Might Hurt Yourself or Someone Else!

Created in partnership with Blüm

Hit-Or-Miss Humor Restaurants

Guy Pretends To Be Stood Up, Gets Free Steak On Valentine’s Day

While many reclusive souls spent Valentine’s Day with constant reminders of their loneliness, one man decided to work the system.

Maryland resident Stephen Bosner claimed to have bamboozled an entire Outback Steakhouse on the day of love.

Live Tweeting his night of deceit, Bosner started off by asking, “If I went to Outback Steakhouse by myself tonight and asked for a table for 2, then got progressively sadder as the night went on alone, do you think they’d give me my steak for free?”

Turns out they wouldn’t, but he still found a way to con a couple into paying for his meal, and he let us into his journey, step-by-step.

The Arrival

The ruse started before he even got seated, as there was a 45 minute wait, to which he responded with a, “Oh that’s okay, this works perfectly – she said she was running a bit late anyway.”

He wore a suit, as any self-respecting man on a fake date would, was eventually seated, and even ordered his imaginary Valentine a glass of Chardonnay.

The Appetizers

While his date was “running late,” he still took advantage and started off the night with Outback’s famous bread loaf. Surely she wouldn’t mind, and if she wants some bread on arrival, you can just order some. No harm done.

As some time passed, he ate a second loaf of bread.

Kitchen Closes Soon

The Kitchen was 15 minutes from closing, so he had to eventually order something. Bosner chugged his date’s glass of wine in front of the server, and ordered a steak.

Bosner said that everyone in the restaurant glanced at him at least once, as it was painfully obvious that he was having dinner alone on Valentine’s Day.

The Fake Voicemail

To add a little drama, and really lay it on thick, Bosner jumped on the phone and left a 40 second voicemail, saying that he hoped, “everything is OK, and nothing bad happened.”

He actually recorded himself leaving this fraudulent voicemail, and spoke loud enough for anyone around him to hear.

“I Have Named Her Katherine”

With plenty of time on his hands, Bosner finally named his fake date, and even gave her a backstory. If this is not commitment, I don’t know what is. He has gone through all this trouble, and still made sure to give his non-existing date a full profile.

“Katherine is a consultant at Deloitte. She lives in Arlington, that’s why I chose this spot. We met at the grocery store. We both went for the same bag of shredded cheese. She seemed so excited for our Valentine’s Day date.”

The Restaurant Is Officially Closed

Putting in a late order, Bosner stayed in the Outback a little after closing. While the doors were closed for 25 minutes, Bosner stared down his steak, didn’t touch it, and actually began to weep.

He said he even went as far as to accidentally drop some mac & cheese on the floor, and with zero f*cks given, picked up and still ate it.

Even with this night being a pre-planned ploy, you have to think there was a bit of actual sadness on Bosner’s part, because this is getting increasingly sad.

The Payoff

There was at least one couple left at the bar, and they apparently not only bought the whole scam, but also bought him his dinner. While it wasn’t Outback that paid for his meal, at least someone did.

To not be a complete dick, Stephen donated $50, which is about the price of an Outback dinner, to the American Civil Liberties Union.

Outback’s Response

At the end of it all, Bosner scammed the Outback employees, the customers, got a free meal, and Outback’s response was another free meal for him and a date.

You’d think Outback would be mad, but it seems they can take a joke, and the whole thing was pretty impressive anyway.

Not everyone was impressed with the joke, some even going as far as saying things like,”You think $20 is good compensation for not letting your waiter turn over his table, on a night that he’s counting on to make good money? for a joke that’s not particularly funny, so you can get some likes on twitter?” and, “You wasted a server’s time and money plus conned a couple of people to pay you for a dinner that you didn’t deserve. Some ‘hero’. Get a life.”

Everyone’s a critic, but Stephen created a memorable night for himself, even if it was at the expense of others.

Culture Hit-Or-Miss Humor

The Curious Black Market Of Oddly-Shaped Cheetos

So, I Googled Cheetos the other day, as one normally does on a random Wednesday afternoon, and within my search, I was not expecting to stumble upon a $4,500 Cheeto on eBay.

The chip was shaped like Chester Cheetah, I got a good chuckle out of it, and was about to move on with my day, until I saw that there was also a Cheeto shaped like Chester playing baseball, selling for $2,700. After that I was led to a Cheeto shaped like Super Mario, and another shaped like a fox sniffing the ground.

Before I knew it, I was trapped in a wormhole of randomly-shaped Cheetos, selling for exorbitant prices you’d see for work at a contemporary art gallery.

Apparently, a strange black market for oddly-shaped Cheetos exists.

Does anybody buy these Cheetos? Doubtful, but the fact that there are pages upon pages of people attempting to sell these snacks for hundreds, even thousands of dollars, is insane.

As with most things in life, this Cheeto phenomena could probably be traced back to Harambe.

In February 2017, a year after we lost our dear sweet Harambe, an actual bidding war took place for a Harambe-shaped Cheeto.

The Cheeto’s resemblance was uncanny, and would make you think, ‘Is this really Harambe reincarnated into a cheesy snack?’

OK, maybe not, but the Cheeto was significant enough to garner 115 eBay bids, and a final bid of $99,900.

The Harambe Cheeto seller had a hard time actually getting hold of winning bidder, according to TMZ, but he did have 36 bidders that eBay snaked down until someone paid something.

If you see a Harambe Cheeto sell for damn near $100,000 you best believe someone’s going to try to be next in line for that type of eBay food hype.

Believe it or not, it took no more than two weeks for the next ridiculous random food bid to take place, as someone bought a McDonald’s Big Mac sauce bottle for $10,504.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by foodbeast (@foodbeast) on

At the time, the bottle was a rarity with McDonald’s releasing a 10,000 bottle limited batch. Being extremely business savvy, the Big Mac sauce seller shipped the winning bidder a copy of his current mixtape, and planned to use the money to get rapper Young Thug to appear on his upcoming mixtape.

You can’t make this shit up.

Later that April, the eBay hype train hit again, this time with McDonald’s Szechuan sauce.

Before McDonald’s officially brought back its coveted Szechuan sauce, there was an underground scene of sellers selling the original sauces that released in the 90s.

The sauces returned to relevance after the Cartoon Network show Rick and Morty mentioned the sauce as part of a gag. They didn’t sell for quite as much as the great Harambe Cheeto, or the Big Mac sauce, though, mustering up a comparatively reasonable $199 bid at the time.

As we all know, McDonald’s later re-released the Mulan-inspired sauce, and while it slowly became more available to the public, at least that eBay bidder had one of the originals.

With all this rich recent history of making money selling ridiculous food items for thousands of dollars, we now see these hundreds of Cheetos, aimlessly floating in the eBay atmosphere, each hoping to be the next hit.

Will we ever see one hit the heights of Harambe? Who knows. Although there is a new Harambe Cheeto listed at $2,500. There are even 26 people watching it, granted it’s probably half the Buzzfeed staff waiting for it to sell so they can write seven two-paragraph articles, and post two quizzes titled something like, “Which Harambe-shaped food are you?”

Regardless if any of the oddly-shaped Cheetos sell or not, we can admire the entrepreneurial spirit and the imagination to see these shapes within their metallic polypropylene chip bags.

I’d punch you right now if I could.
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‘Man Eating Food,’ A New Viral YouTuber, Will Eat Anything You Ask Him To

About two weeks ago, Ben Rosen, an avid Reddit user, posted a collaboration with Eric, a middle-aged guy with a greying beard and leg-sized forearms. Eric’s idea combined with Ben’s Internet-savvy birthed the odd, yet aesthetically pleasing YouTube channel “man eating food.”

The not-yet-but-about-to-be viral popularity began on Reddit, of course, when Ben posted, “I have videos of a guy eating every food… I’ll respond to any food requests in the comments with the appropriate video.” The attached YouTube video has an unforgettable screen cap of Eric furrowing his brows and staring straight into the camera as he eats a spoonful of mayonnaise.

These videos are 10 to 15 seconds, long enough for Eric to take a bite, poker faced, of whatever Redditors request, whether it be onion, dog food, or even trash bag.

The number of responses on Reddit exceeded Ben’s expectations and made it hard to keep up. So much so that YouTube struggled to process the large number of uploads.

As of this writing, there are about 126 videos, all with the same white background, brown desk, Eric’s blue gridded polo, and crisp sounds. The clarity of Eric’s bite contains an aspect of mukbang (that thing where people, usually cute girls, eat food loudly and without manners); his eating sounds crisp in that ASMR-like way. In “man eating food,’ Eric and Ben elevated mukbang, making it artistic instead of voyeuristic.


The videos are formulaic and, therefore, addicting. As the food or object in front of Eric varies, the more inclined one feels to click it and watch — building hope that this will be the video where he will finally give some clue as to how it tastes.

But what elicits the grand question about Internet behavior are the view-counts. It is an unknowable mystery why “spinach” has 772 views and “tea” has 32,000.

Whether people are kinky or just find one food better than the other, what makes “man eating food” so good is its consistency of vision: a simple set, crisp sounds and his calm demeanor. In the end, everyone deserves to see someone bite into an onion like an apple, or chomp on a roll of paper towels. And Eric is the handlebar mustache martyr we all need to do so.

Check out their YouTube channel, and see more videos for yourself.

Celebrity Grub Humor

Sophie Turner From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Reviews Sausages On A Secret Instagram

You gotta live the life mayn

A post shared by Passionate Bout The Saus (@sophiessausagereviews) on

We’re all eagerly waiting for the final season of Game of Thrones to air, as 2019 cannot come soon enough.

Until HBO makes a more official announcement regarding the premiere date, we’ll need some content to snack on to curb our GoT appetite. Lucky for us, one actress is passing the time with a secretive Instagram account dedicated to one of our favorite breakfast meats.

Sophie Turner, best known for her role as Sansa Stark on the acclaimed series, revealed that she has a secret passion: sausages.

She loves sausages so much that she actually created a secret Instagram account where she eats and reviews sausages.

The actress shared a screenshot of the account (@sophiessausagereviews) on her Instagram story and asked for a follow, reported Business Insider. The account has since gained more than 40,000 followers.

Below is her first post:

Followed by gems like this:

And this:

You can catch Sophie Turner in the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones next year. She’ll also star as Jean Grey in X-Men: Dark Phoenix, set to premiere February 2019.

Hopefully from now until then, we’ll be stuffed with all kinds of new sausage reviews from the actress.

Culture Humor Video

4th Of July Video Captures Food And Fireworks Exploding In Beautiful Slow-Motion

July 4th is nearly upon us and, while it’s locked in the middle of the workweek, it doesn’t mean we can’t get weird and fun with the national holiday.

You may remember director David Ma from his many food series such as Superhero Hands and Jeff’s Table.

As a tribute to Independence Day, the director celebrates July 4th in what he feels is the most “AMERICA way possible” — combining food and fireworks.

Watch as traditional 4th of July picnic foods like hot dogs, watermelon, and Jell-O explode to the National Anthem.

Ma told Foodbeast:

“This was a personal project and ode to my favorite 4th of July foods with fireworks I was never allowed to play with as a kid.”

The director revealed that the foods chosen were not only iconic to Independence Day picnics, but items that would also yield to beautiful explosions in slow motion.

“I had a small but brilliant team who made all this happen. Brett Long was our food stylist who worked in tandem with Mike Quattrocchi (our fireworks technician) to attach M80 and mortar fireworks to watermelons, potato salad, Jell-O molds and hot dogs for precision in our blasts. For the set decoration and propping, Chuck Willis and Melissa Stammer brought to life my vision for the tabletops, which was a kitschy Americana ’80s feel.”

Remember kids, DO NOT try this at home. As this behind-the-scenes pic shows, the explosions were very real.