Golden Spoon


I feel that the posts on this blog between Reggie and I are going to start showcasing their differences very soon. I seem to gravitate to the healthier eateries, and Reggie seems to enjoy the dining experiences of everything else. I guess that’s just the way the cards fall, sorry in advance if my writings end up incredibly boring in comparison! When in doubt with anything in life, blame resident Food Beast Mang. Regardless, at least once a week I need to get my fill of frozen yogurt…and tonight, I needed to dabble with some Pistachio / Fudge Brownie mix at Golden Spoon (Irvine Spectrum).


This ain’t Yogurt Land, you’re not allowed to touch the toppings yourself. Just tell homegirl behind the glass what you need, she’ll make it happen. It’s their job to fill the cup to the brim with yogurt, and they do it with an unparalleled professionalism. I’ll save the hype regarding Yogurt Land for another post, I’ll take a professionally served cup of quality yogurt any day. To top it off, right outside the Irvine Spectrum G-Spoon location is a nice ferris wheel. I like to grab myself a yogurt concoction and grab a seat for the half hour ride with my girl, and call it a pleasant Saturday night.

Until next time, stay up and stay fat!


Mother's Day

Yo. I’m a pretty forgetful dude, and last minute operations are my area of expertise. So with Mother’s Day (This Sunday) coming up fast, here are a couple of gift ideas that can definitely be accomplished within the next few days and will surely make Mom smile. This is the FoodBeast Fave 5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas. And of course they all have to do with food.

#5 Cooking Magazines


If Mom loves to whip up that down home cooking, show her how much you care with a subscription to a food magazine like Cooking Light or Food and Wine.

#4 Edible Fruit Bouquet


I’ve never ordered one of these, but I think I might try this soon. These are so awesome! They look great, and probably smell great. And unlike flowers, you won’t get sick if you eat a whole bouquet. Check them out!


#3 Tea or Coffee Set



This one definitely seems random, but if your Mom is a tea or coffee drinker, then a set with some nice exotics teas or coffee beans will surely do the trick. There is something comforting and relaxing about sharing a cup of joe or freshly brewed pot of tea. Just make sure you share a cup with Mom and she’ll love this gift even more. Give them a look here.

#2 A Homecooked Meal



Right here, it’s all about the effort baby. If your Mom has a favorite and you think you can pull it off, then go for it! Just Google a recipe and roll up your sleeves. And if you aren’t so adventurous, stick to the simple classics like French Toast, Grilled Cheese or an Ice Cream Sundae. Round it out with some drink and a dessert, and you got a winner. Just make sure you make it with lots of love and don’t burn down the kitchen.

#1 Chocolate Dipped Strawberries



This is classic right here. My girlfriend Ione goes nuts over these. I get them at the “Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory” Something about chocolate that makes the ladies lose their minds (you know what i’m sayyyinnn!) So pick up a box or make some yourself to show Mom how much you care. And if you’re lucky she’ll let you have some. Maybe.

Whatever you end up doing, just remember to show your Mom and the other amazing women in your life that you care. May 11, mark it down. And don’t forget, a handwritten note is one of the coolest and most underrated gifts since forever.

“If women didn’t exist, all the money in the world would have no meaning.”
-Aristotle Onassis

Well said dude. Take care guys, keep loving and keep eating.


The Veggie Grill


A trendy forefront, a green pallet of paint found decorating the walls, and cute females ringing up your order. This is the imagery set forth by The Veggie Grill in the heart of UC Irvine’s University Center. Accompanied by Reginald and Mang, we tried to venture out of our carnivorous eating habits and try something trendy and (supposedly) healthy.


Deciding to eat light this afternoon, we settled on a couple burgers, and a couple orders of Sweetheart Chili Fries. Neither of which were prepared with any sort of meat product, yet, had I not took note of the name of the establishment, I would have never known any different. Oh yeah, the sweet potato fries…they really make you want to slap your mother, definitely give them a try!


Sandwich Artists

At Subway, the workers don aprons that have the proclaim them as professional “Sandwich Artists.” That’s pretty clever if you ask me, and there’s nothing like a sandwich that’s made just how you like it. For some reason, my sandwich artist went Van Gogh on my dinner. Check this out:

I asked for a few jalapenos on my sandwich. I got a full on aerial assualt.



Try counting all those! I ran out of fingers and toes man.


Crazy thing is, that sandwich was still delicious! My mouth was on fire for the next couple hours, but it’s tough to turn a Subwaysandwich into a bad sandwich. Everything I’ve tried is delicious, and it’s one of the best places to have a quick and healthy meal that still tastes great.


I guess he knew my taste in sandwich art better than I did. Keep lovin, and keep eating guys.





The Hat

Wooo! Me and some friends were starving today so we hopped over to “The Hat.” They serve all kinds of awesome diner food, like burgers, fries, hot dogs, onion rings and their world famous pastrami. It’s a diner with a flavor and vibe from decades ago (that’s a very good thing!) and everyone comes here to just GRUB. “The Hat” isn’t the place to go for a light snack (unless you’re Shaq), or one of “six small meals” that are all the rage in the fitness world today. This is the kind of place that Paul Bunyan would live at. He would just come with his big pet Ox and have his own booth and know everyone’s name. This place is ridiculous! I love it! Check out these pictures:


We went to the Lake Forrest spot, located on Rockfield and Lake Forrest Blvd. The phone number is (949) 586-9200. Write that number down. You’ll want it when you’re fitting for a meal that will put you out for a couple of hours.



Checkers and Stripes. Classic.


That’s my friend Chris Do. Challenge him to an eating contest. Really. I dare you. This kid has a gift. Or like two stomachs.

No but seriously, challenge him. E-mail me. I’d love to set it up if you think you think you can take on the “Do-Boy.”



OK. If you didn’t get the memo, they serve “World Famous Pastrami” here. No description needed, let’s just appreciate the 10:1 meat-to-bread ratio. Just as important as those intense math equations you learn for the SAT test.



Chili Fries. Not for the faint of stomach. Start as a boy, finish as a man.



Get the chili fries with pickles, onions, and tomatoes. It’s healthy, I promise. And besides, everybody’s doing it.

If you’ve been here, then you’re probably phoning in your order after seeing those pictures, cause you know how delicious “The Hat” is. If you haven’t, then you should really check it out. Until next time friends, keep loving and keep eating.

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