Del Taco Launches New ’20 Under $2′ Value Menu

Everybody loves a good deal. Now if it’s a good food deal? Even better. And the new 20 Under $2 from Del Taco sure serves up some hard to resist deals.

Del Taco fans can now get hearty, craveable items like the new Snack Queso Quesadilla and new Chicken Taco Del Carbon Guac’d Up for less than $2, whenever and wherever your local Del Taco is.

Oh and did I mention that Del Taco’s 20 Under $2 menu is the largest value menu of any quick service restaurant brand? Deals galore, meals galore. What a life.


Due to Cream Cheese Shortage, Philadelphia Cream Cheese Offering Folks $20 To Not Make Cheesecake

Congestion in the supply chain has had major ripple effects in the food and restaurant industry, with much of it leading to shortages in goods like chicken and cream cheese, which lack of the latter has put a chokehold on bagel shops.

What’s more, according to Google trends, cheesecake is the favorite holiday dessert to make in America. Unprecedented demand for cream cheese has forced Philadelphia Cream Cheese to stand up and take action to ease the strain.

Philadelphia Cream Cheese is encouraging folks to buy any dessert, and they will reimburse the cost to replace your homemade cheesecake up to $20. On December 17 and December 18 starting at 9am EST, fans can go to to be one of the first to reserve a limited spot to receive a $20 digital reward to cover the cost of your holiday dessert with a valid receipt.

Culture Fast Food Gaming Hit-Or-Miss

McDonald’s Links With FaZe Clan for ‘Friendsgaming’ Event

Friendsgiving has been a warm tradition centered around pretty much all the folks you love that aren’t family. In short, no oddball drunk uncle activities. This year, McDonald’s is linking with gaming titans, FaZe Clan, to host the first-ever Friendsgaming event.

The Friendsgaming evening looks to connect gamers across the country with friends they’ve met online. Select FaZe Clan members will stream live from their living room while gaming and giving away exclusive prizes. McDonald’s will also be dropping exclusive merch in the form of a Crispy Chicken Sandwich Expansion Pack that includes limited-edition game-enhancing accessories, which will be available for purchase beginning November 4 at

If you’re looking to add the McDonald’s x FaZe Clan Friendsgaming to your November calendar, the livestream event kicks off on Saturday, November 20 at 8:00 p.m. ET on FaZe Swagg’s Twitch.


Carvel Brings Back Lotus Biscoff Ice Cream and Introduces New Cookie Butter Crunchies


The holiday season swooped in on us the second the clocked ticked past midnight right after Halloween. And with that comes seasonal flavors that help us get cozy for the upcoming winter months. Count cookie butter as a flavor that comforts us during this time, which popular ice cream shop Carvel is very familiar with.

That’s because Carvel has brought back their fan-favorite Cookie Butter-flavored ice cream made with real Lotus Biscoff biscuits. What’s more, they’re introducing new Cookie Butter Crunchies.

The new Cookie Butter Crunchies are a sweet treat of crispy vanilla crunch blended with Lotus Biscoff cookie crumbles and coated in a sweet vanilla bonnet shell and are Carvel’s second non-chocolate Crunchies flavor, following the introduction of Churro Crunchies this past summer.  

Catch these Lotus Biscoff frozen goodies at participating Carvel shops nationwide.

Fast Food Hit-Or-Miss

Burger King Japan Adds Cheese-Filled Chicken Nuggets To Menu

The concept of a filled or loaded chicken nugget is something that surprisingly hasn’t hit the U.S. fast food market yet, but in Japan, they’re doing things the right way. That’s because Burger King Japan is now serving up cheddar cheese-filled chicken nuggets called Cheddarich Chicken Nuggets.

Melty cheddar cheese stuffed inside a juicy chicken nugget is really what fast food dreams are made of. The Cheddarich Chicken Nuggets are available in a 5-piece for 210 yen or an 8-piece for 270 yen, and are served with either Honey Mustard or BBQ Sauce for an additional 30 yen.

Fast Food Hit-Or-Miss What's New

KFC Pakistan Debuts New Messy Xtreme Sandwich That Has Two Top Buns

KFC Pakistan is getting weird here, friends. Because they’ve got a new sandwich called the Messy Xtreme, which happens to feature two top buns on either pole of it.

The Messy Xtreme is KFC’s first sandwich that features two ‘crown’ buns, and it definitely makes for one oddball visual. Inside, it’s got a Zinger chicken fillet enrobed in the KFC’s spicy signature sauce with onions and tomatoes and benefits from a healthy drip of mayo.

Fans can get the Messy Xtreme at participating KFC locations in Pakistan for a limited time for a price of 495 Pakistani Rupees or about $2.89 US dollars.


Eminem Opens ‘Mom’s Spaghetti’ Restaurant In Detroit

His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy. There’s vomit on his sweater already


Eminem AKA B-Rabbit, has opened up a brick and mortar location of his famous concept based on his hit song Lose Yourself, of course entitled, Mom’s Spaghetti. Located in nowhere else but Detroit, Michigan, the location also has The Trailer, a retail space above Mom’s Spaghetti that honors B-Rabbit’s trailer from the movie 8 Mile. Expect merch, limited edition and dead stock pieces from Eminem’s retail collection, and memorabilia to be sold out of the space, while Mom’s Spaghetti below is slinging spaghetti and meatballs and a “Sghetti Sandwich.”

Don’t worry, the spaghetti won’t make you vomit on your sweater — already.

Photo: Getty Images

Culture Food Fashion Hit-Or-Miss

Oscar Mayer Releases Streetwear Collection Only Sold at Hot Dog Carts and Wienermobile Pop-Up Shops

Oscar Mayer is taking a dip in the streetwear pool by releasing their own refreshed takes on branded gear. Dubbed the Street Meat capsule collection, think of it as an up-to-date look on what Oscar Mayer uniforms would be if given a dose of 2021 cool.

The Street Meat collection features everything from track suits to crewnecks to crossbody bags to socks to bomber jackets to shoelaces to slides and everything in between.

Even though this is Oscar Mayer’s first foray into streetwear, thankfully folks wont have to enter online lotteries or camp out overnight to secure pieces from the collection. Oscar Mayer will be selling the merch at tricked out hot dog carts this week in New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta:

  • LA (9/29): 7315 Melrose Ave
  • Atlanta (9/30): Atlantic Station (1380 Atlantic Drive)
  • NYC (10/1):  185 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn

If you can’t pull up to the hot dog carts, for the rest of the month six Wienermobiles will double as pop-up shops as they travel across the country and sell the Street Meat collection to fans.