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Viral TikTok ‘Hack’ Claims To Get You Free French Fry Refills at McDonald’s


McDonald’s out here with exceptional service they icecream machine was down tho 😴 #fyp #mcdonalds #fypシ #xyzbca

♬ original sound – Orlando Johnson

If there’s a way to get more McDonald’s French fries legally then any such method(s) is welcome around these parts. Take for instance a viral TikTok that looks to be the ultimate French fry finesse I’ve ever laid my eyes on. And we all have Orlando Johnson to shower praises unto.

In the TikTok clip above from Johnson, we can see his friend return triumphantly to the table with a seemingly refilled container of fries. The look on his homie’s face had “secured the bag” written all over it and I don’t blame him. And all he had to do was simply ask for a refill of French fries.

A quick dive into the comments section reveals that apparently it’s a policy to refill large size fries.Today’s the day we learned, friends. Further comments from Johnson said that they also tried this hack at Raising Cane’s with the same victorious results. His latest video posted today shows that they also successfully got free French fry refills at Wendy’s.

Orlando Johnson and friends, we salute you.

Also loweky hoping this doesn’t lead to a French fry shortage.

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This S’Mores Trick Could Be The Secret To Making Them Perfectly

Thanks to this simple twist to the traditional way of making s’mores from @sarahi_ledesma, she may have unlocked a method that leads to a potentially perfect one.

Peep the clip above and you’ll see how it shows the piece of chocolate being embedded within the marshmallow puff. From there both are simultaneously roasted over the fire, then slid in between the graham crackers for a no fuss, no mess version that is a sight to behold.

This technique touts equal ratio of heat for the fillings involved, leading to what may actually be the perfect s’mores specimen. Such a finesse comes in clutch because we all know that summer camping is primetime for s’mores snacking.

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Here Are Our Favorite Versions of the Sweet New ‘Whipped Lemonade’ Trend

“Lemonade is a popular drink and it still is,” wise and immortal words from the late rapper Guru. And with lemonade being my favorite beverage of all time, I agree wholeheartedly. You know what further solidifies that lyric? The new ‘whipped lemonade’ TikTok recipe trend.

Remember Dalgona Coffee of 2020? Well this new whipped lemonade craze carries that same energy, only with more refreshment and plenty of citrusy bite. So think of it as a liquid lemon creamsicle. Yup.

There’s plenty of different recipes out there on TikTok, but here’s a selection of the ones we co-sign:

The Golden Balance


Whipped Lemonade🤩 I personally loved it🤤 IB: @zaynab_issa #thegoldenbalance #whippedlemonade #creamylemonade

♬ Lofi – Designer Pack



Trust me… #whippedlemonade #reddiwip #lemonade #summerdrink #fyp #drinkrecipe #lemonade

♬ Coffee – Elise Huang



☆ whipped strawberry lemonade ☆ i was asked to make this so i decided to make it today! 💕 #fyp #whippedlemonade

♬ Intentions (Instrumental Version) [Originally Performed by Justin Bieber & Quavo] – Elliot Van Coup

Jamie Milne


CREAMY WHIPPED LEMONADE 🍋 IB: @mtlajeunesse ##whippedlemonade ##creamylemonade ##lemonade ##recipe ##foodontiktok

♬ You Shook Me All Night Long – AC/DC

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This Hack Lets You Recreate The Chick-Fil-A Sauce Using McDonald’s Condiments


Use ranch, bbq, & honey mustard to create the chik fil la sauce at McDonald’s !! #mcdonalds #chickennuggets #sauce #ranch #honeymustard

♬ All Eyes On Me – Bo Burnham

If you ever find yourself fiending for some Chick-fil-A and it’s deadass Sunday, go refer to the fast food hack above from @foodwithsoy. With just three sauces (Ranch, BBQ, and Honey Mustard) you can whip up a concoction that gets you close to Chick-fil-A’s sauce.

It’s a hack worth trying, as evidenced by the viral response Soy’s clip has gotten, and honestly with it being so easy, the dream of dunking McDonald’s chicken McNuggets in some Chick-fil-A’s sauce is going to happen quick.

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This TikTok Clip For a Korean Iced Coffee Trick At McDonald’s Is Perfect For Summer


Korean Iced Coffee Trick?! ##mcdonalds ##koreanicedcoffee ##affogato ##summer

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod

You gotta love a good McDonald’s hack. And no, the McGangBang has not entered the chat. This time, we’ve got a new one thanks to FoodWithMichel, who’s discovered a trick that turns a regular McDonald’s Iced Coffee into Korean Iced Coffee.

Perfect for summer, this lowkey has some affogato energy to it, which is ideal for a quick cool down. Let’s just hope the McDonald’s ice cream machine is working this time.

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Doritos Pasta Chips Are The Best Version of The Air Fryer Pasta Chips Hack

Another day, another TikTok food trend. This time it’s the Air Fryer pasta chips hack that’s got folks throwing their cooked pasta in those magical machines to turn them into snackable chips.

Josh Elkin, ever the wizard in the kitchen, decided to one up the simpler recipes out right now by throwing a Doritos slant on this trend. Watch the clip above for some snack action that’s got me thinking, “Why didn’t I try that oh that’s right I’m not Josh Elkin.”


This Nifty Dim Sum Hack Helps You Not Waste Any Sauces

Food With Soy’s culinary adventures are always a fun exploratory mix of the different cuisines she tries and the insights she can apply along with them. In her latest post, Soy uses a bit of rudimentary engineering and eye-opening practicality to reveal a nifty little dim sum hack.

As seen in the clip above, Soy’s hack allows no sauce to be wasted while also keeping it separate from mixing in with the rest of the food on your plate. Works for folks like me who are not trying to have a messy conglomerate of food and sauce. Oh and sauce conservation is always key.

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TikTok Recipe For One Bite Smoothies Might Be A Valid Snack


One bite smoothie boutta be the snack of the summer 😍 @vitacoco #smoothie #nationalsmoothieday #foodtiktok #VitaCocoPartner #fyp #ad

♬ Ji-Eun’s Sunset – City Girl

TikTok food content creator Michael Ligier has had some of his creations go viral with the help of his scientific approach to recipes. Molecular dumplings, clear tacos, and crystal bread caviar are just some of the high brow concepts that have resonated on the app. This time around, he’s targeting the summer heat in his latest recipe: One-Bite Smoothies.

Here we see Ligier create a peach strawberry smoothie bite, which at immediate glance looks like an egg yolk. What we learn, though, is that a few deft touches of science are applied to create an edible orb encasing the tasty smoothie.

This surely is another banger in Ligier’s recipe arsenal that could be the funnest snack of the summer.