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Everyone Needs This Drink Spiking Prevention Scrunchie

Did you know 44% of men and 56% of women have had their drinks spiked? Now folks can protect themselves with Nightcap — the drink spiking prevention scrunchie. Yes, you read that correctly — a scrunchie.

Just wear it on your wrist or hair, then pull the drink cover out from the hidden pocket. Proceed to place it over your drink, pop in a straw and you’re covered, literally.

Nightcap not only acts as drink protection but as deterrent. When using at a bar, you are sending a message that you are not one to be messed with. It’s also reusable, convenient and provides a certain peace of mind.

This product was surprisingly invented by a 16-year-old girl, Shirah Benarde, after hearing all the horror stories of drink spiking from friends who had experienced this in college. The scrunchie then went viral on social media with users torn between the genius of this product and the fact of how “sad” it is that we have to worry about this issue in the first place. Nightcap was later featured on ABC’s “Shark Tank” with one of the fastest deals in the shows history.

The brand doesn’t stop at just the scrunchie. They also have options for a Nightcap Keychain and StopTopps — a disposable adhesive drink lid.

Nightcap has brought about a logical solution to the problem of drink spiking that had affected an average of 43,000 people just in the last year alone. Not only is it logical but it is also practical in a way that the products are something everyone can be comfortable using.

I’ve already ordered the bulk family pack, so what are you waiting for?

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10 Of The Most Hilarious Food Gadgets From ‘Unnecessary Inventions’

Photo: Unnecessary Inventions

Genius quirkster Matty Benedetto, content creator behind Unnecessary Inventions, makes useful products that you don’t really need. Since his start in 2017, Benedetto has invented more than 280 unnecessary products that solve non-existent problems in the most humorous of ways.

To bring his unnecessary ideas to life, Benedetto uses a range of production methods from 3D printing, sewing, laser cutting, woodworking and mold making. The results are equally tongue-in-cheek and “why didn’t I think of that?”

Some of his most hilarious unnecessary inventions come in the form of food products that are meant to support your eating experience. Below, I compiled a list of some of our favorites.

The Burrito Bumper

This nifty creation takes a sustainable approach by turning your burrito debris into tacos. Experienced burrito eaters need not apply.

The Double Dip Snip

Avoid collecting cooties with this unnecessary, though oddly useful, invention The Double Dip Snip. With each dip, you can snip the tip.

Sloppy Slacks

Some foods are best enjoyed sloppily, but constantly having to wipe your hands off can interrupt the grub process. If you’re looking to make a mess in peace, the Sloppy Slacks are just the right answer.

The Noodle Nipper

This unnecessary product may actually nip one of the best parts of eating pasta, the slurp. How often has the slurp, however tasty, caused a splattering of pasta sauce? Get your pasta slurp-free with The Noodle Nipper.

Original Cup Noodles Utility Belt

Let’s face it, Cup Noodles was made to be enjoyed on the go. Taking your noodles to new levels of oodles, the Original Cup Noodles Utility Belt is an 8-in-1 solution for enjoying ramen on the move.

The Munch Muffler

I think we all have that one friend we’d consider the loud eater of the group. The Munch Muffler was invented to quiet down those chomping chewers that eat with their mouths open so you can enjoy your meal in peace.

The Hot Sauce Syringe

While keeping a pack of hot sauce in your bag is common amongst true foodies, The Hot Sauce Syringe takes things to a new level of flavor readiness. It was invented especially to enhance dry burritos that could use a saucy kick.

The Slice Slapper

When you’re ordering pizza for a group of people, it’s difficult to use everyone’s topping of choice. I’m notoriously known for meticulously removing pizza toppings I dislike. The Slice Slapper answers our OCD prayers by instantly removing areas of a pizza slice with unsavory toppings. 

The Cob Quickly

This buttery and suggestive invention will supply your cob with the appropriate amount of slather. With The Cob Quickly, you simply attach a stick of butter to its firm grip center, insert a corn on the cob and get to work. This is sure to be a conversation starter at the next BBQ gathering.

The Sizzling Scooper

The Sizzling Scooper solves the most annoying part of opening up a new pint of tasty ice cream. It melts the solid top layer and makes breaching the initial cold as easy as butter. 

As you can see, while these products were clearly made to be unnecessary, quite a few may actually be the opposite. Benedetto shares new inventions weekly across his social platforms and recently released an Unnecessary Inventions card game which allows you and friends to invent new products that help solve problems. To keep abreast of his crazy creations, you can follow his socials here.

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This Ancient Afghan Fruit Preservation Method Has The Internet Amazed

What is your preferred method of prolonging your fruits’ shelf life — keeping it in the fridge, freezing, canning or even dehydration? What if I told you there’s another technique that not many folks know about? In northern Afghanistan there is a surprising long-established food hack that effectively preserves fruits of summer into winter months, known as kangina.

The kangina looks like two loaves of sourdough bread stuck together. Each kangina is made up of two layers of wet clay-rich mud, with each layer shaped into a bowl and then baked under the sun.

When each pair of kangina is completely dried, ripe fruit is put inside and sealed with another serving of mud to form an air-tight vessel. The kangina are then stored in a cool area, away from direct sunlight, with some actually being buried underground.

This preservation technique has been utilized for hundreds of years, yet it has barely been documented or studied, which is unexpected since the geographical area of Afghanistan has been growing grapes since at least 2000BC, making it one of the most age-old grape growing areas in the world.

So imagine, no refrigerator, no preservatives or chemicals — just a clay container. This technique works so well that they are able to preserve fruit for six months; think an archaic version of Tupperware or a ziplock bag.

So, will you be ditching your plastic containers and bags for this historic eco-friendly hack?

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Here’s How To Get McDonald’s Egg McMuffin For Just 63 Cents This Week

The Egg McMuffin, the godfather of breakfast sandwiches, is turning 50 this year, and to celebrate this milestone, McDonald’s will be selling them for just 63 cents on November 18. To get in on this insane discount, simply order the Egg McMuffin through the McDonald’s app this Thursday.

With the Egg McMuffin going for such a low price, there’s no excuse to grab an obscene amount for yourself and whoever else is down to partake in the McMuffin feast. What that also means is you get to try all the different Egg McMuffin hacks all at once!

Never heard of any of the Egg McMuffin hacks? Well no worries friend, Foodbeast Marc Kharrat put together the nifty hack vid above to help you on your journey to Egg McMuffin nirvana. Watch as he shows you how to put together a few tasty versions like the ‘Meat Lovers’, one with a McChicken patty nestled in, and also a hack that uses McDonald’s iconic and undefeated hash browns to perfection.

May the Foodbeast hack energy be with you this Thursday and may your stretchy pants be granted the strength to support your McMuffin cravings that day as well.

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This Viral TikTok Claims You Can Order Raising Cane’s Sauce By The Cup


PART 2! ##raisingcanes ##canes ##canesambassador ##canessauce ##lifehack ##learnontiktok##foodreview##smackbae##smacks##HowIBathAndBodyWorks @raisingcanes

♬ Life Goes On – Oliver Tree

Yesterday we highlighted TikTok user @smackbae and how she revealed a secret menu item at Raising Cane’s: Naked Chicken Fingers. This time around, she’s gotten even more views to the tune of over 7.2million on a part 2 to her Raising Cane’s exposé. What gems has she dropped for us this time? You can actually order Raising Cane’s sauce by the cup. BY. THE. CUP.

Tell a friend, tell a foe, tell everybody you know. The fact that I can take home Raising Cane’s undeniable sauce in an amount that’s equivalent to my fountain drink is a reality that’s too good to be true. What’s more, the TikTok clip above further reveals that you can order your chicken tenders extra crispy as well.

The world salutes you @smackbae for your crucial contributions to our endless appetite for Raising Cane’s.

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This TikTok Clip Reveals a Secret Menu Item at Raising Cane’s


#raisingcanes #canes #caneshack #learnontiktok #chickentenders#foodreview#lifehack#ThatCloseMessenger #smacks#SmackBae @@raisingcanes

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod

I was today year’s old when I realized that Raising Cane’s actually has a secret menu item. Thank you TikTok.

User @smackbae put us on to this gem: Naked Chicken Fingers. That’s right, you can go to your nearest Raising Cane’s and order their usually batter-dipped chicken fingers sans the breading for a perfectly skinless bite.

The best part? You can request this with no extra charge. Be right back, naked chicken tendies are summoning me.

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TikTok Is Going Nuts Over This Simple Cheesy Ramen Recipe


@snackqween told me to do this ##cheese ##ramen ##foodtiktok

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod

Ramen’s always been there for us in our most cash-strapped times. The comfort they bring is undeniable, so much so that a simple meal of instant ramen noodles is even welcome when we’re not so broke. Different recipe hacks to make instant ramen better always bang, which is why it’s really no wonder why this new “cheesy ramen” recipe from TikTok blew up to the tune of over 12 million views.

As shown in the clip above from insta.noodls, the unique feature of this recipe is the slices of American cheese and its simple mix with Sriracha, butter, and milk.

This is some Broke Phi Broke gourmet and honestly, I’m not mad at it. Throw in the seasoning packet and I’m betting everything that it’ll be certified bussin’.

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Italian Chef Takes TikTok Pasta Chip Trend To The Next Level


No ##pastachips here 😁 ##crispypasta ##stuffedpasta ##pastaviral ##pastatrend ##trending ##pastatiktok ##tiktokpasta ##tiktokchef ##foryou ##foodontiktok ##fypシ

♬ Spongebob – Dante9k

“I see your pasta chips and raise you with a fitting upgrade”

Chef Danilo Cortellini said it with his whole chest. And with good reason. First, he’s got the pedigree, being the chef at the Italian embassy in London. And second, the results of his bold challenge yielded what looks to be the next level version of the pasta chips recipe trend on TikTok.

What Chef Cortellini presents here is some top tier cheese ooze, one that’s reinforced with a bechamel sauce and Grana Padano cheese-fortified breadcrumb coating. The final product is a combination of crunch and cheesiness that should be framed and hung up on all our kitchen walls.