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Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Chicken Spotted at Costco

Bacon-wrapped anything more often than not is a banger. A savory, salty robe of pork belly is usually the answer to plussing up any food, and applying it to chicken that’s stuffed with melty cheese is pretty much an ideal.

That’s why Costco customers are loving Real Good Foods’ Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Chicken. It comes in two varieties, Three Cheese and Pepper Jack, and could be a must for fans of this delicious trio combining as one formidable target for their cravings.

Real Good Foods’ Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Chicken is now available in the frozen foods section of participating Costco locations.

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Tearless ‘Sunion’ Onions Now Being Sold in the UK

Photo: Sunions

‘Sunions’, the onions that are triple-tested to ensure they won’t make you cry, have been available in the US now at select retailers like Costco, Aldi, and Kroger. Now, the ground-breaking innovation has jumped the Atlantic and made its way to the United Kingdom, as it’s now being sold at Waitrose stores throughout the country.

The science behind how Sunions remain tearless is explained via their site:

“Sunions are not a genetically modified product and were grown through an all-natural cross-breeding program. Unlike all other onions, Sunions become sweeter every day. Volatile compounds in onions are responsible for tearing and pungent flavor and the amounts of those compounds in other onions remain the same or increase over time. In Sunions, these compounds do the exact opposite and decrease to create a tearless, sweet and mild onion.”

Sunions will be available in three-packs at all Waitrose locations in the United Kingdom starting January 18 for £1.50 GBP, or approximately $2 USD.

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Viral TikTok Shows a Massive Haul of Food From Whole Foods Dumpster


Reply to @celester The same WF that throws out enough each night to feed a community😔. ##dumpsterdiving ##freegan ##usa ##dumpsterdiver ##AEHolidayForever

♬ original sound – Dumpster Diving Freegan

TikTok user @dumpsterdivingfreegan recently posted a clip that went viral to the tune of over 3 millions views, which highlighted a massive haul of seemingly fresh food that she obtained dumpster diving through a Whole Foods market.

The account’s aim is to use dumpster diving as a way to expose the problem of food waste in America. In the clip above we see what look to be a still packaged and still frozen whole turkey, dozens of what seem to be fresh raw meat and Beyond Meat, juices, sauces, milk, yogurt, fresh cut fruits, salads, and packages of guacamole. It’s a sobering visual, really, knowing the disparity between the amount of food being wasted and individuals in need.

This whole account has numerous clips that show the mass amounts of still good products and food that’s being wasted by markets and stores in the US, and hopefully with its sizable following of 347k+ followers, can further shed light on the problem that can lead to solutions.

Grocery Humor

Is it Ranch 99 or 99 Ranch?

There’s been a great debate over how to properly say 99 Ranch Supermarket. I’ve heard it both ways: 99 Ranch and Ranch 99. All my life I’ve been saying ‘Ranch 99’ with my whole chest. Why? It just rolls off the tongue a lot easier, the flow is just much better when said that way.

Alas, the actual supermarket finally weighed in on the old debate today via an Instagram post, and well, Team Ranch 99 takes the L.

And so, 99 Ranch it is. Ah well, I’m still getting all my Asian groceries from there anyways.

Photo: 99 Ranch Market

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Creamy Truffle Burrata Cheese Spotted at Trader Joe’s

There’s something about a happy little mound of creamy burrata cheese that entices any and all. It’s mozzarella leveled up! Now imagine it with a lavish hint of black truffle and you’ll get the new Truffle Burrata Cheese that was spotted by @traderjoeslist.

This new cheese just landed at Trader Joe’s locations, with this particular snapshot taken at one in West Hills, California.

At $5.99 for a tasty 80z tub of truffled goodness, it’s already one of the best deals you can find in the popular grocery store.

Photo: @traderjoeslist

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Costco Is Selling 5 Pound Servings of Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are a surefire top 3 Thanksgiving side dish and I say that with my whole chest. Simply put, there’s a mass of folks like me who can’t get enough of it at every Thanksgiving feast. If you’re of that lot, know that Costco is now selling 5-pound ready-to-eat packages of mashed potatoes and mashed sweet potatoes, as spotted by Instagram account @thecostcobuys.

The ready to heat and serve packages are the perfect compliment to a brimming gravy bowl and our hungry appetites. It’s nice to have a mashed sweet potatoes option for those looking for a less savory option.

Because every Thanksgiving feast is naked without some proper mashed potatoes, Costco should be the move to snag the 5-pound packages.

Photo: Instagram – @thecostcobuys

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Takis Taco Shells Now Available at Walmart

Taco nights in America are about to get a fun addition with the new Old El Paso taco shells flavored with Takis hot chili pepper and lime. There’s a ridiculously longer name for this, so here it is for journalistic purposes: Old El Paso Takis Fuego inspired Hot Chili Pepper and Lime-Flavored Stand ‘n Stuff Taco Shells. Trust I will not be saying all that again.

Okay so back to these Takis Taco Shells. These shells are scorched with that signature fuego of Takis hot chili and lime, and feature a flat-bottom for easier plating.

These new Old El Paso Takis Taco Shells are available at Walmart stores nationwide now, with additional retail distribution at later dates.

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Beyond Chicken Tenders Now Available Nationwide at Walmart

Consumer demand for more plant-based options continues to rise, that’s why it’s quite clutch that Beyond Chicken Tenders will be available this October to consumers nationwide for the first time at Walmart and other major chains, with additional availability expected to be added later this year.

Key details about Beyond Chicken Tenders that are quickly making them the go-to for plant-based alternatives include 50% less saturated fat tha regular chicken tenders, and no GMOs, antibiotics, hormones or cholesterol. 

Unlike the pea-based protein in Beyond Burgers, Beyond Meat revealed that the protein-packed faba bean uniquely delivers the taste, texture, and culinary experience of traditional chicken tenders.