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The Frozen Dumpling Delivery Empire Built During The Pandemic

Chances are that if you’ve been in California for the past year or so and are a dumpling fan, you’ve heard of Cali Dumpling. Started in Southern California during the pandemic, the frozen dumpling delivery service has since expanded its reach to as far north as Sacramento, effectively selling dumplings across most of the Golden State.

Born as a way to help keep local restaurant employees paid, Cali Dumpling has since become its own operation, with an exclusive factory churning out over 30,000 handmade dumplings every day.

Co-founder Allan Tea, who’s also behind SoCal restaurant brands like Capital Seafood and the Hello Kitty Cafe, initially used the dumpling delivery business to keep his restaurant employees paid. Now, most of them have returned to their normal jobs, he told Foodbeast, and the dumpling factory has an entirely different set of staff.

It’s a strong testament to how Cali Dumpling has grown in the past year and a half. Initially available in just a few cities, weekly delivery is now available across Southern California, and there’s even a few farmer’s markets you can pick the dumplings up at as well.

Where Cali Dumpling stands out most is the quality of their dumplings. Almost everything in the factory is scratch-made, down to different dough types for certain dumplings and hand-butchered pork butts, the bones of which are saved to make meat jelly for the xiaolongbao.

In terms of price, they’re also pretty competitive with high quality dumpling houses. A bag of 30 comes out to $16-$19 depending on which variety you order, averaging 50-60 cents per dumpling. (There’s also a flat $10 delivery fee, all of which goes directly to the company’s drivers.)

For those looking for a new frozen dumpling option that intersects quality and price, Cali Dumpling hits all of those marks and does a lot to help support its employees. They’re also available for wholesalers to purchase, and Tea hinted to Foodbeast that they’re looking to eventually sell the dumplings in grocery stores.

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Trader Joe’s Brings Back Pumpkin Ice Cream

Photo: @traderjoeslist

Spotted by @traderjoeslist is Trader Joe’s super premium Pumpkin Ice Cream. Fall season is in high gear and that means all pumpkin everything and everywhere. The seasonal treat is a big hit with Trader Joe’s shoppers, especially at only $3.99, so it only makes sense to comeback in time for the fall festivities.

Besides that, Trader Joe’s also has Pumpkin Spread, Pumpkin Body Butter, and Gluten Free Pumpkin Pancake Mix, so make sure to hit up your local one to get in on Pumpkinpalooza.

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Whole Foods Pulls Plainville Farms Turkey Products From Shelves After Investigation Reveals Animal Abuse

Plainville Farms, one of the largest producers of turkey-based products, has recently had their humane certification suspended due to an undercover investigation conducted by PETA into their operations. Using a hidden camera, a PETA investigator visited 11 turkey and pig farms and discovered first-hand evidence of animal-cruelty. 

Each of the 11 farms were certified as humane by Global Animal Partnership (G.A.P.), who claims to hold standards which prevent abuse. G.A.P. is a nonprofit created to promote and oversee the welfare of farmed animals. To receive certification, farms must complete a 5-step process. To date, G.A.P. reportedly oversees 290 million farm animals across many of America’s well-known brands. 

Undercover footage of Plainville Farms’ operations reveal the shameful and abusive way workers treat turkeys. The laundry list of maltreatment includes kicking and stomping sick and injured turkeys, grabbing turkeys — which on average weigh 40lbs — by the neck and throwing them across the barn, and even attempting to break their necks by holding the turkey’s body between their legs and pulling. To add to the torturous hodgepodge, the investigator even witnessed some workers simulate sexual acts with turkeys. Despite the evidence, Plainville Farms’ still regards PETA’s remarks as allegations. 

In response to the “allegations,” Plainville Farms’ has issued a statement, which can be read in full on their website’s homepage. In the statement they pledge to fully cooperate with law enforcement in addressing PETA’s accusations. In doing so, all live operations team members will be required to wear body cams. However, PETA doesn’t consider body-cams an appropriate response unless they’re live-streamed to allow public review of the practices. The surveillance footage is reported to be routinely monitored internally and by third-party animal welfare experts, although the third-parties have not been listed. As of today, the individuals featured in the undercover footage have been terminated.

While a police investigation is on-going, Plainville Farms’ products have been pulled from Whole Foods, yet continue to be available at most food retailers and still retains the label “humanely raised.”

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Plant-Based OmniPork Now at Sprouts and Whole Foods

Photo: OmniFoods

Most plant-based meat options at the grocery store mimic beef or chicken, but OmniPork, a 100% plant-based product from OmniFoods, looks to answer the call for pork substitutes. After debuting in the US earlier this year with their take on plant-based SPAM, OmniPork’s full lineup of offerings will now be available at Sprouts and Whole Foods locations.

The OmniPork series’ popularity thus far is mostly due to its tender and juicy texture, as well as varieties which can be seasoned, steamed, pan or deep-fried, stuffed, or crumbled. Its proprietary blend is made up of shiitake mushrooms, peas, non-GMO soy, and rice.

OmniPork’s lineup will include OmniPork Ground, OmniPork Strips, and OmniPork Luncheon which can be purchased at all 371 Sprouts Farmers Market stores across 23 States, while OmniPork Ground and OmniPork Strips will be available at almost 200 Whole Foods Market stores across 16 States.

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Aldi Will Soon Be Selling Elote Ravioli

The universal appeal of elote is hard to deny. How can anyone? Grilled Mexican street corn is undeniable in its ability to gather a delicious line up of butter, mayonnaise, cotija cheese, chile powder, lemon juice, and salt into one harmonius experience.

Different applications of elote have popped up in recent years, but to have it in frozen pasta form to enjoy right in the comfort of your home is a new one that’s a welcome addition to any freezer.

Made by Casa Mamita, and set to be sold at Aldi grocery stores starting August 8, the frozen Mexican Street Corn Ravioli boasts a “sweet & smoky ravioli filled with roasted corn, jalapeño & creamy cheeses in a velvety smooth queso blanco sauce.”

Folks can grab a pack of Casa Mamita’s Mexican Street Corn Ravioli soon for $6.49.

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The Best Patriotic Potato Salad Recipes Using Melissa’s Red, White, and Blue Potatoes

July is a whole month where getting in the patriotic spirit is a must, even when it comes to what we’re cooking! A perfect way to celebrate the vibes is with Red, White, and Blue potatoes from Melissa’s Produce.

In the latest Foodbeast Recipe Challenge, we curated five awesome recipes from five talented kitchen creators that incorporate the red, white, and blue tubers in the coolest ways possible. Here’s the tasty lineup:

Rudy’s (@rudeluv) Loaded Baked Potato Salad

This recipe from Foodbeast Rudy stocks up on sour cream, chives, bacon bits, and some crucial melted cheese on top of Red, White and Blue Potatoes!

Costa’s (@constantine_spy) Deep-Fried Bean Curd-Wrapped Potato Salad

Costa crossed continents with his unique recipe that incorporates Red, White and Blue potatoes, Sichuan pepper, five spice, braised pork belly and pickled mustard greens. The tasty scenario is then wrapped in bean curd sheets and deep-fried.

Jem-San’s (@jemsanthefoodgod) Curry Potato Salad Sando

It’s a handheld flavor bomb with Jem-San’s curry potato salad sando that features a crispy potato croquette.

Pooja’s (@theglobalvegetarian) Perfect Picnic Potato Salad

This vegan salad is so easy and flavorful, featuring a refreshing dressing of shallots, garlic, mustard, olive oil, lime juice, and turmeric beautifully topped over spinach, Red, White and Blue potatoes, corn, vegan cheese, and chopped parsley.

Chris’s (@wefeedourfriends) Potato Wedge Salad

This never-before-seen wedge salad replaces the lettuce wedge with a variation of a Pommes Anna. The delicious wedge of Red, White and Blue potatoes is topped with ranch, bacon, anchovy breadcrumbs, and chives.

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Trader Joe’s Selling Everything And The Elote Greek Yogurt Style Dip

Though we may question the actual inspo behind all of Trader Joe’s unlikely food products and the combos that make them so appealing, it’s pretty much guaranteed that they’re going to taste good. Take for instance this potential banger called Everything and the Elote Greek Style Yogurt Dip.

This unlikely dip does set off a light bulb on some Eureka type shit, considering the fact that dipping your chips in something elote flavored really would be fire. Trader Joe’s site says the Greek Style Yogurt Dip is spiced up with the brand’s popular Everything But the Elote Seasoning Blend along with a bold squad of garlic, Parmesan cheese, chipotle pepper powder, and kernels of sweet yellow corn.

Crazy as it seems on paper, a scoop of this on your chip really would set off an ideal bite. An 80z. tub is now on sale at Trader Joe’s locations for $3.49.

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Aldi Will Soon Sell Sparkling Cold Brew Coffee

Just when you think you’ve had every iteration of cold brew coffee under the sun, grocery chain Aldi will be soon selling a sparkling version of it.

Sparkling Cold Brew Coffee by Barissimo will be available at Aldi locations starting July 7 in two flavors: Cucumber Lime Ginger and Black Currant Grapefruit. The 11oz. cans go for $1.49 each and are sure to add some intrigue to your regular coffee consumption.