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For Some Reason TikTok is Mad About This Sunny D Seafood Boil

@chefjayvoo A Plato Shrimp Boil 🦐🔥 #fyp #ImoniCarly #shrimp #seafood ♬ Jazzy Chill hip hop(881579) – NOBB-D

This viral Sunny D Seafood Boil has the internet mad mad — like real mad. The self-proclaimed “Boil Master” @chefjayvoo uses a childhood favorite drink as the main base for this “platinum juice” boil.

The nostalgic drink, Sunny Delight, markets itself as an orange-flavored citrus punch, with a tangy “one-of-a-kind” orange taste, making this boil nothing short of unique. With the addition of bell peppers, vegetables, garlic, various seasonings and thirty-five pounds of Louisiana shrimp boiled to perfection, you can practically smell it through the phone.

Jarvis, the man behind the hilariously entertaining commentary, has over 3 million followers on TikTok, but despite his popularity, this recipe did not go over well with some for substituting water with Sunny D — mainly for reasons being that Sunny D is primarily corn syrup and less than 2% actual juice. People have felt so strongly about this that the time-honored beverage started trending on Twitter.

Overall, some people agree that using “orange juice” was a good idea to offset the spiciness but most are personally offended. Watch for yourself and smell with your eyes.

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A Hilarious Round Up of Food April Fools’ Day Pranks

Brands are usually chomping at the bit when it comes to April Fools’ Day, locked and loaded with outlandish make believe collaborations, off the wall menu items and overall hijinks that legit fool a good number of the public.

The day has arrived, with hilarious and ridiculous debuts. Here’s some of the best (or worst depending on how you look at it) April Fools’ Day had to offer the food scene, with a few so intriguing that we wish they really existed.

Pizza Hut Seltzer

Kinder Bueno Chocolate Bar-Scented Fragrances

OREO x Heinz Cookie Creme

McDonald’s Edition Sprite

Broccoli-Flavored Chapstick

Kiva Chocolate-Covered Grasshopper Bites

Traeger Grills Weed Pellets

Omaha Steaks Meat Sweats Perspirant

7-Eleven Tiny Gulp

Hellman’s Butterfinger Mayonnaise

Bud Light Seltzer Really Really Retro Pack

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If You Want to See Every Version of the Krabby Patty Made on Spongebob Squarepants, This Video is For You

There’s a small but vaunted group of foods in cartoons that are recognized as iconic. Count Homer Simpson’s pink donut, the plate of spaghetti with meatballs in Lady and the Tramp, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ extra cheesy pizza in that bunch. But such a list of legendary bites would never be complete without the Krabby Patty from Spongebob Squarepants.

Even though the actual formula of the beloved Krabby Patty has stayed elusive, the frenzy over them has never waned. Perhaps the mystery to its madness is a part of its appeal?

Whether you’re still dying to know its secrets or have settled on just appreciating Mr. Krabs’ masterpiece for what it is, I’ve stumbled across this compilation clip on YouTube of every Krabby Patty version ever made on the cartoon that should satisfy both ends of the spectrum. AKA this is over fourteen minutes of glorious, unadulterated Krabby Patty food porn that all Spongebob fans should watch.

Cover photo: Nickelodeon

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Miller High Life is Selling Gingerbread Dive Bar Kits

Tired of the same old gingerbread house that you’re building every holiday season? Have you been longing to think outside the usual confines of the typical gingerbread house? Well friends, Miller High Life is here to help out with their new Gingerbread Dive Bar Kits.

Miller High Life’s boozy spin on the traditional gingerbread house features premium gingerbread walls infused with Miller High Life, pretzel cue sticks for the edible pool table, a tiny jukebox, Miller High Life wall art and neons made of sugar, and even Vermont maple syrup packets to re-create the sticky floor of your local watering hole.

High Life fans and dive-bar connoisseurs can purchase the Gingerbread Dive Bar Kit for $50 starting December 6th at while supplies last.

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Behold, A Craft Brewery For Ants

Twenty years ago, a great man had a vision to create a “center for ants”. Now, Hop Valley Brewing Co. is reimagining Derek Zoolander’s dream, and it’s a brewery.

Hop Valley is releasing the world’s first “Brewery for Ants,” a miniature ant farm-inspired replica of its Eugene, OR-based brewery. And it, plus $5,000, could be yours

Many of the human-sized brewery features are included, like stools in the taproom, CryoHops freezing in the back, tiny beer tanks, tie dye couch and more. Unfortunately, ants and beer are not included.

Now through October 1, people can text “ANTS” to 90464 to enter for their chance to win the Brewery for Ants with a mini fridge hook-up and $5,000 towards a trip to visit the full-size brewery.

The Brewery for Ants is a fully functional ant farm, including the sand needed for ants to thrive. Ant enthusiasts are welcome and encouraged to introduce ants to the miniature brewery.

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Hidden Valley Ranch’s Pizza and Ranch Couple’s Costume Is Perfect For Halloween

Mary Jane and Peter Parker. Princess Leia and Han Solo. Romeo and Juliet. All iconic couples whose romances have translated to some amazing couples’ Halloween costumes. Now, thanks to Hidden Valley Ranch, you can now add the unbeatable duo of Pizza and Ranch to this list.

Yep, that’s right, go get bae and let them know about the new Pizza and Ranch combo costumes from Hidden Valley Ranch. And make sure you cop at the Hidden Valley Ranch Shop on September 13 at 1pm EST. The Hidden Valley Ranch Costume sells for $40 while the Pizza costume sells for $35.

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Dude Tries To Start a Wasabi & Coke Challenge, Immediately Regrets It



♬ Spooky, quiet, scary atmosphere piano songs – Skittlegirl Sound

We all know TikTok’s gone off on some foolishness with some of their trending challenges. Sure watermelon and mustard is pretty harmless and all, albeit a little off-putting to the palate, depending on who you ask. The crate challenge might even have had some folks sore after taking a tumble, all with some hilarious results, like watching throwback episodes of Wipeout. But a wasabi and coke challenge? This dude @peaks.100 tried to make it a thing and learned that day how bad that idea was.

The premise is simple: eat a ball of wasabi and wash it down with some Coca-Cola. However, immediately after popping the wasabi ball and chewing after a few bites, peaks.100 caught regret like it was highly contagious.

“Yeah y’all don’t do that shit. Y’all gon’ fuck around and get hurt,” he warned in between gasps for air.

And hurt was exactly what happened. I’m good on this one folks. Not trying to have my nasal passages feel like the lava tubes of Mount Kilauea. Shout out to peaks.100 for taking one for the team, though.

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The Funniest Reactions To Little Caesars’ New Crazy Calzony

Photo: @bellomancer

Yesterday we reported on Little Caesars’ newest menu item, the Crazy Calzony, which essentially fuses together a pepperoni pizza and calzone. Sure this creation did look a lot like we could hold a conference call on it, which was what I had internally thought at first glance of the thing. But it turns out the rest of Twitter also had some hilarious thoughts regarding this Frankenstein of Italian-American deliciousness.

Here’s our favorites: