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New ‘Resy Drive Thru’ Experience Shows How Food Festivals Could Operate In COVID

Photo courtesy of Resy

Food festivals haven’t exactly been a thing since the COVID pandemic hit, as having a ton of people in an area clamoring for food has been a tough challenge. A new collab event between Resy and American Express, however, could provide blueprints on how to run them during a pandemic.

The “Resy Drive Thru” experience, happening in Los Angeles on October 15th and 16th, will have guests go through a driving tour of some of Los Angeles’s best restaurants. At each stop, they will be served a course inside of their car and then guided to the next one by a socially distanced waiter.

Restaurants featured in the experience include L.A. favorites Chi Spacca, Night + Market, Jon & Vinny’s, LASA, and Trap Kitchen. Other restaurant stars in the mix include Konbi, Gwen, Alta Adams, and a dish from chef Nyesha Arrington. Majordomo and Kismet will also provide special items.

The event is going to a good cause, as Resy and American Express will team up afterwards to make a donation to World Central Kitchen. However, it will also serve as a strong example of how one could get multiple restaurants to come together and serve food in a festival-like setting during a pandemic.

Tickets for the Resy Drive Thru go on sale for the general public on September 30th (American Express card holders can buy them 2 days earlier). They can be bought individually or as a group, although group ticket holders must all arrive and travel in the same vehicle throughout the event.

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This New Food Festival Is an Ode to the Chicken Strip

Chicken tender fanatics often live out their passion in silence. The dish can draw some serious side-eyes if ordered for dinner during a night out. Once the age has passed where “being picky” is a legitimate excuse for not wanting to try new menu items, the childhood favorite is usually reserved for the occasional bar order or desperate fast food buy. But, those crunchy breaded chicken strips are loved by most for a reason — they’re easily made and moldable to just about any profile. 

Later this month in Los Angeles, tenders will be getting the recognition they deserve, when Off the Menu and John Terzian of the H.Wood Group will be teaming up to throw the city’s first TenderFest at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on November 15. The festival aims to show off the tender’s full potential by bringing together some of the area’s top chicken vendors, including Delilah, Fuku, Raising Cane’s, Hot Mutha Clucker, CAULIPOWER, and Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken.

Additionally, famed chefs Nancy Silverton, Wolfgang Puck, Chris Oh, and Timothy Hollingsworth will each be crafting their interpretation of a tender to serve in front of a panel of judges. The winner of this showdown will be gifted a cash prize to give to a charity of their choice. 

Tickets for TenderFest are available now for $65, which pays for unlimited tenders and beer. The VIP tickets, which run for $175, also include the food and booze, as well as event merchandise, a VIP lounge, access to VIP-only vendor Dave’s Hot Chicken, a gift bag, and a 6 month membership to Off the Menu.

Off the Menu has been throwing dope food-focused events for a while now, and is a consistent source for innovative and creative flavors, which stands out in a Southern California culinary universe that can tend to stagnate on flavor-of-the-month trends. 

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10 Exclusives To Check Out At The Hundreds’ Family Style Food Festival

“The Hundreds Is Huge.” It’s an ethos that the streetwear brand has lived by since its inception in 2003, when friends Bobby Kim and Ben Shenassafar used their shared interests in California skate, punk, hip-hop, and surf culture to capture a zeitgeist that’s grown into multimedia ventures, book deals, and now a food festival, dubbed Family Style.

Capitalizing on their expertise within the streetwear industry and melding it with their affinity for food and Los Angeles’ dynamic restaurant scene, The Hundreds team, including Miles Canares of ComplexCon and The EAT Show experience, have created a one of a kind food festival that keeps the concept of community in mind. The results of this cultural matrimony will yield unique and exclusive collaborations in the form of limited edition clothing drops, wild food creations, and one of a kind experiences.

Here’s a look at some of the best exclusives to check out this Sunday September 15 at Family Style Food Fest.

Petit Trois x Chinatown Market

Chef Ludo Lefebvre’s Petit Trois restaurant is known for on-point French classics. Chinatown Market is a streetwear brand that’s known for flipping fashion’s classics into their own flavor. This collab aligns perfectly. They’ve got the Le American Sandwich, along with a capsule clothing collection made up of a hoodie, dad hat, tote bag, and ashtray.

Katz’s Deli

Katz’s Deli is pastrami royalty. An icon not only in its home base of New York City, but in the whole culinary scene. Rarely do they ever leave the concrete jungle of NY, but for one day only, they’ll be at Family Style to serve up their legendary pastrami sandwiches.

Howlin’ Rays x The Hundreds

The Hundreds are linking up with the sultans of spicy, Howlin’ Rays, for a one off shirt that’s as hot as the chicken itself. It says “Here for the heat,” which can apply to both the addictive chicken and the must-cop tee.

Prince Street Pizza

The one and only “SoHo Square” pizza was made famous in New York and now beyond by Prince Street Pizza. You can look forward to them being at Family Style this Sunday to serve up their iconic square slices topped with that distinct cup-shaped pepperoni.

Love Hour Burgers x The Hundreds x Garfield


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The Hundreds X Garfield X Love Hour available only on Sunday at #FamilyStyleFest LIMITED AMOUNT OF TICKETS STILL AVAILABLE

A post shared by The Hundreds Family Style 2019 (@familystylefest) on

This triumvirate of fresh uses everybody’s favorite fat cat, Garfield, as the pitchman for Love Hour’s fantastic smash patty burgers. Rock this tee while ordering up a double patty with fries and trust you’ll be doing your Sunday the right way.

Badmaash x Sean Wotherspoon


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Badmaash X Sean Wotherspoon T-Shirts and exclusive Vegan Mac and Cheese Samosas, available ONLY Sunday at #FamilyStyleFest

A post shared by The Hundreds Family Style 2019 (@familystylefest) on

Badmaash has got vegan mac and cheese samosas on deck as well as these sick t-shirts that were done in collaboration with the master of vintage curation and aesthetic lord, Sean Wotherspoon.

Homeboy Industries x The Hundreds

One of the festival’s charitable partners, Homeboy Industries, is well known for their efforts to help former gang members and previously incarcerated individuals get back on the right path. Their collab tee with The Hundreds will continue that mission with all proceeds from the shirt’s sales going towards Homeboy Industries’ continued efforts.

Yakido Yakitori


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Only only seven sleeps until we get to eat @yakidoyakitori from Hong Kong at #FamilyStyleFest zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

A post shared by The Hundreds Family Style 2019 (@familystylefest) on

Coming straight from Hong Kong, Yakido Yakitori is known for their charcoal-grilled, skewered deliciousness. At Family Style they will be serving up one off dishes and merch, which helps drum up excitement and anticipation for their up-coming Los Angeles opening.

Jon & Vinny’s x Patti Lapel

Fly your pizza loving flag with the help of these fuego pins from Patti Lapel, which has to be the greatest punny name for a pin company — ever. Available only at Family Style, of course.

Hedley & Bennet x Carrots


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Carrots X Hedley & Bennett makes its debut this Sunday at Family Style. Your kitchen will never be the same.

A post shared by The Hundreds Family Style 2019 (@familystylefest) on

Get fresh and chef it up with these aprons from Carrots and Hedley & Bennett. Who’s gonna have a bigger drip than you in the kitchen with these exclusive aprons on?

The whole lineup is strong at Family Style, so trust there’s so much more to look forward to beyond this selection. Make sure to double up the shopping vibes, because between the food and merch, there’s plenty to cop.

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Afters Ice Cream is Now Serving Tapatio Flavored Sorbet

This week, on September 15th, The Hundreds and DoorDash will be hosting the Family Style Food Fest, an event that pairs the streetwear community and with lauded restaurants to create a brand new food experience centered around community. However, one of the most appealing options isn’t coming from a streetwear designer, it’s coming from one of the most dependable sauce brands on the market, Tapatio, and Orange County’s own Afters Ice Cream.

The two will be rolling out a special collaboration flavor, made by infusing Tapatio into Afters’ mango sorbet. To give it some extra punch, they’ve added a Tapatio swirl. Then, they drizzle a good amount of Tapatio on top and dust it with a layer of Tajin, the popular Mexican seasoning powder.

While this may seem overwhelming on paper, the flavor combination is surprisingly mellow. The Tapatio doesn’t overpower the mango, it only adds some heat that’s immediately cooled off by the sorbet. The result is a sweet and spicy treat akin to a mangonada. All it needs is the Flautirriko.

If you want to try this late summer treat, but can’t make it to Los Angeles next Sunday, the flavor will be available at all Afters locations for a limited amount of time. 

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This Thick Cut Pork Belly Is Wrapped In Noodles And Fried So Of Course You Want It


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HOT NOOD PIG ON A STICK 🤪🤯 @tenbistro is giving SLABS of pork belly a @NoodsNoodsNoods twist! • • 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 If you want to enjoy this beautiful dish from @tenbistro & more, make sure you tune in to @Foodbeast’s LIVE Kitchen League (@thejoshelkin v @jstjr) on @Twitch, where we’re giving away free tickets to @noodsnoodsnoods every 15 minutes to people in the chat! • • Slow-braised pork belly is wrapped in Chinese-style noodles before the entire thing heads into the deep fryer! It’s dipped in a Nashville Hot butter and topped with parmesan, garlic aioli, and micro cilantro for a sweet, spicy fusion! 🔥 • • Catch this WILD creation at Nood Beach on September 1st! Tickets available at! 🎫🏝

A post shared by foodbeast (@foodbeast) on

In the history of things eaten on a stick, we can all be confident that they’ve for the most part been equally creative and delicious. Think about it: corn dogs, popsicles, kebabs, lollipops. The list can go on and on. Adding on to that illustrious lineup is an unheard of noodle-wrapped pork belly from Ten Asian Bistro in Newport Beach, California.

Considered by locals as the go-to spot for innovative fusion fare, Ten Asian Bistro lives up to that rep by coming up with a slow-braised pork belly that’s wrapped in Chinese-style egg noodles. The dynamic duo is then deep-fried until crispy, dipped in Nashville hot butter, and topped off with a blessing of parmesan cheese and garlic aioli. Yes. Please.

The catch to nabbing yourself one of these meat stick wonders is that they’re only going to be served at upcoming Foodbeast’s noodle festival, Nood Beach, going down on September 1, 2019. Info and tickets can be found at

Other creative, one-of-a-kind, and of course delicious Pan Asian-influenced dishes will also be on deck at Nood Beach, so if you’re a fan of all that (who isn’t?), then mark your calendars.

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KIVA Confections Elevates Cannabis Culture at Outside Lands Music Festival

Photo by Omari Allen

Recently San Francisco held their 11th annual Outside Lands Music Festival in Golden Gate Park. Like any music festival, the bill featured a long list of performers across a wide range of genres. Aside from great music, the main draw to Outside Lands is its emphasis on food, wine, and art. San Francisco is known for its restaurant scene and with Napa Valley and Sonoma nearby, its wine scene is pretty poppin’ too. Each year Outside Lands invites visitors to feel like a San Franciscan for a weekend in what may be described as a love letter to the city. 

Another thing San Francisco is famous for is it’s cannabis culture. Haight-Ashbury, a district widely known as the birthplace of the hippie movement, has had a storied history with cannabis. The first well known cannabis dispensary, or “head shop,” was called Ron and Jay Thelin’s Psychedelic Shop, which opened in 1966 and grew, along with others, to become a major hub for the hippie movement. Steeped in counter-establishment ideals and widespread drug use, the movement was regarded by mainstream society as naive and idealistic. Popular terms used to describe hippies were tree-hugger, beatnik, granola, liberal, and the most notorious, stoner. 

Photo: MK Feeney on Flickr, Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

The “stoner” image still stigmatizes cannabis culture, although the movement dissipated long ago. Only in recent years has the word shed some of its negative connotation, gaining popularity through entertainment and the internet. With access to information and a global community, the benefits of cannabis began to see the light of day. One example of progress was this year’s aforementioned Outside Lands Music Festival. It wasn’t the first year OSL allowed visitors to consume cannabis, but it was the first time it has been legally sold at a music festival. I was curious to experience the “experiment” first hand, especially the booth by California-based brand, KIVA Confections. The edible market has evolved considerably in the past few years and KIVA is at the forefront.

Photo by Omari Allen

KIVA Confections was started in 2010. Their goal was to offer cannabis edibles that were potent, consistent and tasty.  At the time, the cannabis edible market was less regulated, having a more inconsistent homemade quality. KIVA co-founders Scott Palmer & Kristi Knoblich saw an opportunity to elevate the cannabis edible. Searching for fresh approaches to cannabis infusion, they consulted with a local chocolatier which helped bring everything into focus. They next met with expert cannabis cultivators and certified analytics laboratories to ensure the highest quality product. Like with any start up, it took some effort before they landed on the perfect edible. Fast forward to today and KIVA Confections, through efficacy, food safety, and business integrity, has become one of the leading California-based cannabis edibles. They have maintained their mission to offer a premium cannabis experience for customers. I witnessed this first hand during my visit to their confectionary booth at Outside Lands.

Photo courtesy of KIVA Confections

If you’ve never attended Outside Lands, it is made up of different “lands” which offer unique experiences. For example, if you’re looking for libation, there is Beer Land and Wine Land. And for “canna-bation,” there’s Grass Lands, a sprawling stoner paradise perfectly situated under a shadowy canopy of tall blue gum eucalyptus trees. The Grass Lands were definitely the chillest land around, filled with a wide range of cannabis vendors, smoking sections and interactive activities. Located squarely in the center, and standing out amongst the more subdued color palettes of neighboring vendors, was the KIVA Confectionary booth. 

Photo courtesy of KIVA Confections

The booth was shining white with gold trim and had a See’s Candies feel, an aesthetic akin to quality confectionaries consumers are typically familiar with. Workers were dressed in white dress shirts with black aprons, wearing white 5-panel baseball caps which added a hip, yet classy feel. Festival-goers bustled around the booth, patiently waiting to get their hands on one of KIVA’s confections. My personal favorite was the dark chocolate KIVA bar with the Camino pineapple habanero gummies being a close runner up. KIVA’s chocolate tastes rich, full and creamy yet has a subdued bite with a balanced sweetness. Their gummies melt in your mouth. The pineapple habanero flavor leaves a slight tingly feeling on the tongue, adding a spicy kick to the sweet flavor profile. With only 5 milligrams of THC in each serving, microdosing KIVA’s confections offers a smooth and subtle high, perfect to experience over the course of a day. Interactive stations included mazes, a gumball machine, mystery drawers and a life-sized chocolate fountain, which unfortunately, I did not have the pleasure of swimming in.

Photo courtesy of KIVA Confections

KIVA Confections elevates cannabis culture through its aesthetic and focus on quality. The care they take can not only be tasted, but felt through the clean product design, informative packaging, and potency. With a blind taste test, it’d be hard to know that cannabis is in the product. But, you can certainly feel it. Like the cannabis taste, the microdosing effects are subtle as well — the perfect amount for first time cannabis edible users. Coincidentally, this aligns with the recent resurgence of “hippie ideals” in the last few years. In a time where legal medical and recreational cannabis use is prevalent, getting high doesn’t overshadow the actual benefits of cannabis use like it once did. By making more artisanal and thoughtful products, KIVA’s approach is helping to de-stigmatize the “lazy stoner” image. 

The confectionary booth attracted a wide range of festival-goers of various age groups and backgrounds, displaying how the culture is evolving into something the average consumer can enjoy.  It’s only a matter of time before cannabis-infused products are a norm at your local grocery store.

Photo courtesy of KIVA Confections
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Tabasco Sauce-Infused King Cakes Exist and You Can Order One In Time For Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is coming up quick, guys. Regardless of whether or not you’ll be in NOLA for the celebrations, you’re probably thinking about bringing a King Cake to the table on March 5. FYI, King Cakes are actual cakes that’ve been used to celebrate the Carnival season in New Orleans for decades — but that doesn’t mean you can’t order one and devour it in your hometown. Instead of opting for the OG cinnamon roll-style cake, though, you might want to check out Sucré’s Tabasco Sauce-infused King Cake.

The Sucré Sugar + Spice King Cake, which is currently being sold at Sucré, a Louisiana-based sweet shop, puts a hot spin on New Orleans’ sweet Mardi Gras tradition. How is that, you ask? Well, Tabasco Habanero Sauce is literally used to accent the cake’s filling, effectively spicing up the dessert. (As someone who pours hot sauce on everything that I consume, I’m basically ecstatic.) Tabasco Habanero Sauce isn’t the only key ingredient that makes the cake so compelling, though. In fact, the cake is full of savory flavors that’ll leave your tongue buzzing during Carnival.

Photos: Tabasco x Sucré

According to McIlhenny Company (the makers of Tabasco Sauce), the The Sucré Sugar + Spice King Cake starts off like a typical King Cake: with “braided, buttery dough” that’s cooked and sweetened with sugar and cinnamon. What makes the Tabasco x Sucré cake unique is that it’s filled with “single-bean Swiss chocolate whipped cream cheese filling.” However, that filling is essentially spiked (or, as the company says, “accented”) with Tabasco Habanero Sauce. I’m drooling.

I know, I know, some of you are probably scratching your heads and wondering how a cake infused with Tabasco Sauce would taste. According to the company’s press release, the Habanero Sauce adds flavors of “mango, papaya, and banana” to the amped-up dessert. Between those flavors and the sugary King Cake dough, I can imagine that it’ll bring the perfect amount of sweet and heat to your Mardi Gras celebrations.


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Louisiana Saturday night with our Sugar + Spice King Cake, made with @tabasco habanero sauce 💥

A post shared by Sucré (@sucreneworleans) on

If you want to try the heated Sucré Sugar + Spice King Cake, you can head to Sucré’s website and buy one for $27. Just keep in mind that you’ll have to order the cake by Sunday, March 3 at 3 p.m. if you want to have it in time for Carnival festivities. If you’re already in NOLA (in which case, I’m jealous), you can stop by one of Sucré’s locations and pick one up in person.

I don’t know about you, but I’m already thinking about pouring extra Tabasco on top of my slice. No shame in my hot sauce game.

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A Stunning Look At Miami’s Most Artistic Foods At This Year’s Art Basel

Art Basel, one of the world’s largest international art shows, will have its elaborate galleries and works on display in Miami Beach from December 6th-9th. Being in Miami, there’s also plenty of food equally as eye-catching as the festival’s spread.

Photo courtesy of Boulud Sud

The actual venue, the Miami Beach Convention Center and Botanical Garden, will play host to several vendors showing off intricate, tantalizing creations. In addition, you have the entire city to take in, and the chefs and restaurateurs here are just as creative as any Art Basel display.

Here’s a look at the some of the places to stop by and grab some grub while gazing and finding the meaning behind the festival’s premium art collections.

The Jim and Neesie


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This Miami hotspot’s dinner menu is unique in that it features cuisines from all around the world. That means you could be feasting on an artisanal charcuterie board as a starter and snapping photos of an intricate hamachi crudo a few minutes later.

Boulud Sud Miami


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A post shared by Boulud Sud Miami (@bouludsudmiami) on

The best of all corners of the Mediterranean is plated perfectly on Daniel Boulud’s dishes from this concept. You can dive into Turkish flatbreads, Lebanese manakeesh, pumpkin agnolotti, and chicken tagine, all of which could be stunning works of art themselves.

AZABU Miami Beach


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At AZABU, the artisty is all the work of the sushi chefs. The Michelin-starred restaurant is renowned for their omakase menus, but also features robata, or various grilled items, and other snacks like Nagoya-style wings and lobster tempura.

Planta South Beach


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A post shared by Planta South Beach (@plantasouthbeach) on

The wizardry of chef David Grutman here is on full display, as the dishes here, including ceviche, meat lover’s pizza, and sushi, are all 100% plant-based, sending your tastebuds and mind for a real loop.

Donna Mare Trattoria


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Donna Mare may be new, but it’s Italian classics are rooted deep in family tradition. Chef-partner Manuel Mattei relies on locally sourced seafood to bring his authentic Italian dishes to life here.

Casa Tua Cucina


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A post shared by Casa Tua Cucina (@casatuacucina) on

You don’t just get to eat art at Casa Tua, you get to watch it come to life. It’s home to an 18,000 square-foot open kitchen where everything from carpaccios to pastas are crafted and topped with generous garnishes of shaved black truffle.



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A post shared by Kaido Miami (@kaidomiami) on

All of Kaido’s dishes are designed to go with their extensive drinks menu, but each plate is just as creative in its own right. Featured here are items like uni fondue, lionfish sashimi, and A5 Wagyu katsu sandwiches.

Dal Plin Italian Eatery


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A post shared by Dal Plin Italian Eatery (@dalplinmiami) on

A single browse through Dal Plin’s Instagram is all you need to see just how much attention to detail they put into plating and crafting each dish on the menu. Being in a high-end festival like Art Basel should get you in the mood for their extremely photogenic white truffle pasta.



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A post shared by Upland Miami (@upland_mia) on

Upland brings a heavy Californian influence to the Miami food scene, and their wood-fired pizzas are designed for capturing with your eyes, cameras, and taste buds. The coal-roasted meats, including short rib and salmon, are also worth stopping in to try.

Swan and Bar Bevy


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A post shared by Swan Miami (@swanmiami) on

Swan’s menu is a celebration of food from around the world with influences from local Miami fare. It’s also one of the few places on the planet that can transform a Caesar salad into a stunning sculpture.


Crudos Fusion Art


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A post shared by Crudos Fusion Art (@crudosfusionart) on

Crudos’ menu is as much of a show as Art Basel itself. Disappearing mounds of cotton candy and delicately constructed ramen burgers are just some of the Instagram-worthy highlights the restaurant has to offer.