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Reggae Artist Macka B Drops Dope Bars All About Health Foods

Who knew that raps about produce could be so rad?

For the past couple of months, internationally recognized reggae artist Macka B has been uploading raps to Facebook of him talking about the benefits of various produce items and health foods. One of his more recent raps about a cucumber has gone viral, reaching over 30 million views across multiple sources.

A vegan himself, Macka B started these raps as a way to spread word on his “Wha Me Eat Wednesday” challenge, which aims to inspire his fans to switch to a vegan lifestyle by talking about vegan foods. He later began dropping more videos on Mondays in a “Medical Mondays” series to further talk about natural food.

These raps are as educational as they are catchy, with Macka B talking about the various health benefits of utilizing these natural food products in various ways. He even includes hacks on how to save money using these healthy ingredients. Here’s an example from his cucumber rap:

“Get the Cucumber cut it inna slice
Put it inna jug of water overnight,
You know what you get for a fraction of the price,
Energy drink full of electrolytes”

Apart from cucumbers, Macka B has also dropped lines on everything from pomegranates and pumpkin seeds to coconut water and his first-ever rap about avocados.

It takes me back to the days of Schoolhouse Rock, where we got educated on nearly everything through catchy songs. Macka B is doing the same thing here with fruits and vegetables, which is legit.

Maybe Macka B could be the face of the next version of Schoolhouse Rock, and do a regular rap series about fruits and veggies. It’d be a great way to teach kids about where their food comes from.

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Krispy Kreme Assembles Mighty POWER RANGERS Doughnuts For A Limited Time

The Power Rangers movie is only a couple weeks away and we couldn’t be more HYPED. To kick off the premiere, Krispy Kreme is launching some mighty morphing Ranger-themed donuts for a limited time.

Featuring a Kreme-filled shell, the doughnuts are dipped in a chocolate icing and topped with edible silver glitter and a candy lightning bolt. Lightning bolts come in red, blue, yellow, pink, and black, natch.

The film will feature an actual Krispy Kreme in the fictional town of Angel Grove where the Power Rangers reside. Here’s a clip of the movie’s villain Rita Repulsa, played by Elizabeth Banks, snacking on a doughnut before continuing her quest to conquer the world.

Hey, bad guys need doughnuts, too.

A 3D interactive experience of the Angel Grove Krispy Kreme opening can also be found here.

You can find the morphenomenal doughnuts available now through April 2 at participating Krispy Kreme locations.

While a fair amount of folks remain wary that this film will capture the spirit of the original series, you can bet your Power Coins we’ll be in theaters opening night to relive even the smallest nugget of our childhoods.

Maybe we’ll grab some doughnuts beforehand.

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Are The Kings Of Fi$h Ready To Compete For Control Of A Seafood Dynasty?

Now that you’re finally done binge watching FOODBEAST’s new reality series, Kings Of Fi$h Seasons One and Two, you’re probably wondering what’s coming next.

As KOF: Season 2 of comes to a close, we’re left to question the preparedness of Mike, Tommy Jr., Henry, and Jennifer, as they are tasked with motivating the younger generation to become apprentices of the family trade.

Now that we’ve gotten a closer look at the inter-personal relationships between the members of the Ungaro and Amalfitano families, it’s evident that trying to maintain full-managerial responsibility of the San Pedro Fish Market and Restaurant without the guidance of Tommy “The Boss”Amalfitano is harder than expected. It’s easy to see that after Tommy’s retirement became a reality, there was still a strong sense of denial about his 54-year tenure coming to an end.

Meanwhile, as Mike and Henry had individual plans of taking control over the family business — neither seemed to put forth the focused initiative to right the ship and concentrate on other projects. Essentially, as soon as Tommy Sr. retired, both Mike and Henry took mini-vacations. Could this be indicative of how serious they really are about wanting to step up as boss?

While Henry was out in the desert being an outdoorsy-daredevil, Mike was in Las Vegas, socializing and trying to complete a commercial for the Frozen Shrimp Tray product. While there’s nothing wrong with fun and games, Tommy “The Boss”Amalfitano unexpectedly returns from a vacation to Mt. Fuji and was livid to see how thinly staffed Henry and Mike had left the market.

Future success of California’s greatest seafood dynasty hangs in the balance here. The Kings Of Fi$h could arguably be the best franchise in seafood, but will they step up to the challenge?

It’s safe to say that even though the San Pedro Fish Market and Restaurant has become an iconic business within the Port of Los Angeles and Los Angeles proper, that does not make this family business immune to failure. Fortunately, family patriarch Tommy Sr. was keen to the instability among the staff without his guidance and may have prolonged his permanent retirement — for now. As FOODBEAST’s Kings Of Fi$h series progresses, there is sure to be more family quarrels,  as competing ideas about what it will take to keep this legendary business afloat are brought to the surface.

And it’s not even summer, yet.

If you haven’t already, catch up on KOF: Season 2 by watching the episodes below, or swing by our YouTube and Facebook pages to watch both full seasons back-to-back.

Kings Of Fish, Ep. 6 — Jr’s Surprise Dinner Triggers Reaction

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Kings Of Fish, Ep.9 — I’m Back!

Kings Of Fish, Ep. 10 — FIRE!

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Food Network’s ‘Shortcut Chicken Shawarma’ Is A Middle Finger To Authentic Shawarma Lovers

First-time shawarma makers looking for an authentic take on the beloved street food should definitely NOT use this recipe.

For those unfamiliar, shawarma is a traditional Middle Eastern street food item, made from slicing pieces of marinated and spit-roasted meat and cramming them into pita bread. It’s usually served with fresh vegetables, a tangy tahini (sesame seed paste) or yogurt-based sauce, and some optional pickled vegetables.

Food Network uploaded a video to Facebook claiming to be a “Shortcut Chicken Shawarma” that makes cooking the popular street food at home “EASY.” However, to call what Food Network has uploaded a “shawarma” is a true affront to the dish.

A post shared by FoodieAddict (@foodieaddict1) on

This shawarma recipe, to be fair, is close to what a real shawarma is. However, someone not familiar with it could be cooking this recipe at home and could easily mistake this for real shawarma, proving to be an awkward and most importantly un-authentic first experience with the dish.

I understand that the Food Network was trying to make a shawarma recipe simple for anyone who’s never made it before and doesn’t know where to start. At the same time, I also know that Foodbeast has been attributed to promoting un-authentic takes on traditional global cuisines. However, we never claim non-traditional iterations to be “real” authentic dishes.

If left unchecked, this shawarma recipe could eventually become a reference for amateur cooks looking to try their hand at authentic shawarma, leading them astray of a true recipe for that street food as a result.

A post shared by Lisa Wu (@lisasa) on

My first concern with the shawarma recipe is the usage of pumpkin pie spice in the marinade. I get that using spice blends means you can purchase less and get a variety of spices, but when you incorporate them into a cultural recipe, make sure you get the spices right.

Real Middle Eastern spices for a shawarma involve ones like cinnamon and nutmeg, but also authentic aromatics like sumac and cardamom.

As bad as utilizing pumpkin spice is for a recipe, it’s nothing compared to how the recipe ruined the sauce by deciding to use the disgusting combination of hummus and mayo. They could’ve gone for a simple yogurt sauce, or a more traditional and tasty tahini-based dressing, both of which are zesty, light, and refreshing. Instead, we’re treated to a unappetizing glop of thick and vomit-like paste that can’t be saved by the paltry amount of fresh garlic mixed in to justify the hummus-mayo combo as a “garlic sauce.”

The proverbial cherry on top of this cultural disaster is the dill pickle that is added in at the last possible second. Yes, pickled vegetables are incorporated. No, that doesn’t mean throwing in a Vlassic spear. A quick run to a Middle Eastern or international market could yield a jar of pickled veggies in no time.

A post shared by Geoffrey Wilson (@geoff_lw) on

Overall, the resulting recipe that comes out of this looks like shawarma and may evoke a similar flavor profile to shawarma. However, it is not true authentic shawarma, and for Food Network to advertise their recipe as such is cultural appropriation at its worst.

Get your head out of the gutter, Food Network, and get back to making legit recipes that won’t inspire people to mix hummus and mayo together.

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This Thai Tea Shaved Ice Is The Mt. Everest Of Desserts

In terms of shaved ice mountains, this is one of the biggest and tastiest I’ve ever seen in my life.

The above Instagram video, posted by user Magdalena Fridawati, captures a glorious mound of Thai Tea shaved ice from Luk Kaithong in the EM district of Bangkok, Thailand.

This massive shaved ice is more than just a gigantic pile of sugar and flavor. Magdalena told Foodbeast the cool local flavors and creative additions that make this dessert stand out, from the different types of tea used, to the various boba.

Kaithong starts out by dousing the shaved ice (and a few pieces of bread) in a Thai tea blend of five different kinds of tea: Ceylond Island Sri Lanka Tea, local Southern Thai Tea, Red Tea, Black Leaf Tea, and Emperor Oolong Tea.

The sweet ice is then loaded with scoops of chewy boba and a peak of whipped cream, before being drizzled with copious amounts of sweetened condensed milk.

It’s finally garnished with smaller spheres of white and orange boba, and a generous sprinkle of toasted sliced almonds.

The Thai tea blend soaks into the entire shaved ice, giving you sweet and aromatic flavors throughout the entire dessert experience. Fridawati said she also loved it best when melted, creating a tasty puddle of Thai Iced Milk Tea.

Luk Kaithong’s Thai Tea mountain is a fun, shareable experience that’s also surprisingly affordable. The cost of this entire shaved ice pile, which can easily serve 4-6 people, is 295 Thai bhat, which equals roughly $8.34. A typical individual shaved ice here in the United States is about double the cost at its cheapest.

Thank goodness Spring Break is coming up, ’cause I suddenly want to go to Thailand and try this refreshing concoction for myself.

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Deep-Fried Brie Buns Give This Burger Some EPIC Cheese Pull Action

Who doesn’t love a good cheese pull? It’s a sign of some great melted cheese that’s gonna add creamy, cheesy flavor into every bite of whatever you’re consuming.

When that cheese pull results from two ENTIRE wheels of deep-fried brie cheese, you know you’ve got an epic creation on your hands.

That’s exactly what Toronto-based Holy Chuck Burgers and EatFamous’s Ryan Hinkson have created with the “EatFamous Burger.” This monstrous burger is definitely a sight to behold and a challenge to eat.

The four burger patties, eight strips of bacon, four slices of aged cheddar, and fried egg that go into the burger are enough to make anyone salivate and has plenty of room for great cheese pulls and yolk porn on its own. But what leaves me drooling is the two full wheels of creamy, deep-fried brie that serve as the “buns” on this burger.

The team at Holy Chuck Burgers was inspired to make this burger while thinking of different kinds of buns to use for the burger. In the first episode of Ryan Hinkson’s Beyond The Plate, the owner shares his love of French cheeses and brie that inspired him to try turning it into the outer layer for this massive burger.

eatfamous 2

When you cut into the brie, it results in an explosion of creamy goodness that coats the entire burger. The fried outer layer is broken up, making the burger a struggle to hold, but the cheese pulls you get are totally worth it.

I don’t think a burger can get any more gooey than this one.

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Beer Truck Accidentally Drenches Cop During Hilariously Ironic Traffic Stop

“Have you guys had anything to drink tonight?”

Within mere seconds of asking that question, a cop found himself coated in a deluge of beer. Talk about ironic.

According to Fox News Insider, Nevada Highway Patrol trooper Travis Smaka had just pulled over a car near Las Vegas for speeding, when the above events occurred and were captured on the patrol car’s dash cam.

A nearby truck carrying over 1,000 pounds of beer lost control on the interstate, possibly due to a car cutting it off in traffic. Its brakes locked and the beer went flying off of the vehicle, spilling all over the highway, including on the police, and into the pulled-over vehicle.

Tons of beer bottles and cans shattered and caused the spillage of beer, which the trooper recalled as a “tidal wave of beer” in an interview with KSNV.

Fortunately, nobody appeared to be hurt as a result of the incident, and the driver, who wasn’t drinking, was let off with a warning after his car was pelted with numerous beer bottles and cans.

The entire scene is something straight out of a cop comedy movie. There’s no way you could think of a more ironic scene than this one.

Officer Smaka definitely has a hilarious story he can tell for ages to come.

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Gordon Ramsay Disses And Provides ‘Chef Support’ For Twitter Users

Ever since Gordon Ramsay started going around trashing everyone’s cooking on Twitter, his snark has taken the internet by storm in a new way. Everyone’s been sending in countless tweets and pictures of their food to the Michelin-star chef, and his criticism of them has generated tons of laughs.

WIRED decided to take Gordon’s tweets to the next level and have him respond to them live, but while offering up cooking tips and tricks at the same time.

As Gordon read various tweets, he gave advice and demonstrated several simple cooking hacks in the kitchen, such as how to quickly mince garlic in under 30 seconds and what to do with those pesky green tops of leeks that we usually throw away.


He also got some tweets that he was able to take some shots at, including this hilarious response to a tweet that said that British food is horrible.


Honestly, it’s just as fun watching Gordon Ramsay respond to the tweets as it is to read them.