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A Mysterious Indian Chef Cooks For His Entire Village And Posts It On YouTube

In the world of viral food YouTube channels, nobody cooks meals as big as these.

An Indian chef began posting videos of himself cooking meals to feed an entire village on YouTube about a year and a half ago. Called My Money My Food,” the channel has already garnered over 150,000 subscribers and has nearly 50 MILLION views across the entire channel.

The chef, who has never revealed his name or which Indian village he is from, regularly posts these videos himself cooking Indian street food. However, his most viral videos feature him cooking for “an entire village,” as he puts it in the video titles. He’s made some pretty massive meals, including a 300-egg and 3-chicken omelet, a 15-pound mutton stew, and even a stir-fry made out of a 40-pound shark.

There’s a lot of mystery surrounding this chef and where he comes from. What is his name? Why does he create videos of himself cooking massive amounts of food for his village? Is it to show off traditional methods of cooking, or is a way to help him make money? Or possibly even both?

In any case, the videos are extremely intriguing and teach you a lot about how food was traditionally cooked in India. The videos also hail back to a time when cooking like this was the norm and established community, whether it be for an entire village or for a family gathering.

Our busy world just doesn’t have enough of that these days. Maybe that’s why millions of people love to watch this man cook giant amounts of food.

Or maybe they just love seeing that massive quantity of food being cooked all at once.

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Egg Found In Another Egg Is Real Life “Egg-ception”

Gigantic eggs aren’t anything new, as larger birds like ostriches, emus, and the like tend to lay massive eggs. However, a rather-large egg that was laid by a hen is gaining some attention from the Internet – not for it’s size, but for what was found inside.

YouTube channel SNO Multimedia uploaded a video showcasing the giant egg, which compared it to the size of a regular hen’s egg. It’s about double the size, which is definitely unusual for a hen to lay.

However, when they cracked open the egg to see what’s inside, nobody expected to find what they did.


Yes, that is an EGG WITHIN ANOTHER EGG. This hen somehow went all “Egg-ception” on us and found a way to put one egg inside of another. How crazy is that?!

I mean, there are double-yolked eggs out there, but to grow an entire egg within another egg?! Imagine what would have happened if those eggs actually turned into chickens. Would we have an egg inside of a chick? Chicken inside of a chicken?


While we may never get the answer to that question now, we can confirm that the eggs were not eaten, as everyone who witnessed this firsthand chose not to eat the egg. It was turned into conditioner instead.

I’d be a little freaked out if this happened to one my eggs as well, so I don’t blame them.

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Watch Gordon Ramsay Hilariously Fail At Coaching An Amateur Cook

If you’re an amateur cook, attempting recipes can be hard when you’re not entirely sure what to do. That’s why it’s great to have a recipe or instructional video to go at your own pace, learn the basics, and gain confidence in your cooking.

So if you’re learning a recipe on the fly from Gordon Ramsay while trying to keep up with him in the kitchen… it may not be the best thing for your confidence.

Bon Appetit, however, thought it would be a fun idea to give it a go. They brought in Shane, an amateur cook, to learn a crab cake recipe from Gordon Ramsay. The catch? Gordon would be making it while turned away from him, so Shane would have to learn verbally. He also only had 15 minutes to make the dish.

Shane got off to a slow start, struggling with breaking down the crab and extracting the meat (thank God he had some extra, pre-shelled crab off to the side). After that, Chef Ramsay then instructed him to cut up some bell peppers. That’s where everything went downhill.

“The secret of these peppers is to make sure it’s small dicing.” – Gordon Ramsay


Yea, Shane didn’t really get the idea of small dice on that one.

While trying to keep up with Chef Ramsay, Shane kept going through even more shortcuts that ended up costing him. The worst of those being that he didn’t mix the crab cakes thoroughly, so they didn’t set or form cakes in the pan, leaving him with a mess.

In the end, Gordon Ramsay served up a beautiful crab cake, while Shane served up a… crab salad?


Hey, at least Chef Ramsay liked the taste, Shane. Better luck next time.

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The Iconic Spaghetti Scene From Disney’s ‘Lady & The Tramp’ Is Recreated With Complete Strangers [WATCH]

Arguably one of the most romantic scenes in animation has to be the spaghetti scene from the Disney animated feature Lady and the Tramp. The film follows the adventures of a mutt named Tramp as he meets a golden cocker spaniel named Lady and the two star-crossed canines fall in love.

Oh My Disney released a hilarious video for Valentine’s Day that shows a group of strangers trying to reenact that same iconic scene from the beloved Disney movie. Like the dogs, the participants are unable to eat the plate of pasta and meatballs with their hands. They’re also required, to find a single noodle to slurp on until their lips meet.


Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with a significant other or all by yourself, make sure to check out the video that will surely tug at your heartstrings. Or bust your gut.

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Cards Against Humanity Aired A Genius Super Bowl Ad – Of A Potato

Cards Against Humanity is known for their ridiculous marketing stunts that seem to just make no sense. They once made $500,000 by selling nothing, and even raised over $100,573 in donations to dig the biggest hole they possibly could.

Their Super Bowl marketing scheme, however, is one of the craziest – and funniest – things I’ve ever seen.

The company aired a commercial in the Midwest during the pregame, and it was literally just a single potato with the word “ADVERTISEMENT” written on it. That was it. No music, no movement, no glitz, no glamour. A sole potato, sitting in front of a single camera, for 30 seconds.

Of course, nobody had any idea what was going on at the time, and Twitter was filled with confused tweets about what everyone just saw.

After the big game, Cards Against Humanity came out with a blog post on Medium admitting to creating the advertisement, and explaining their “thinking” behind it. (Of course, this was just the follow-up joke to create an intricate story of hilarity that only Cards Against Humanity could pull off).

The post displayed stories of advertising agencies, graphs about consumer preference of potatoes, and even the process behind choosing the right potato for the ad. Of course, nobody knew what the ad was about, so it didn’t do much to gain attention for the company when it aired.

“While we succeeded creatively, the advertisement showed a disappointing return on investment ($0), and we are now going out of business.”

(They’re not really going out of business.)

Cards Against Humanity then closed with a message on what they were really going for in their entire marketing scheme, from ad to follow-up post:

“At Cards Against Humanity, we believe that you can only become a master by trying and failing. In this way, failure is life’s greatest teacher; failure is actually success. At Cards Against Humanity, we fail all the time. We are veterans of failure. And constant failure, plus unlimited capital, is what led us to greatness.”

What was seen as a confusing and stupid commercial is now being heralded on the Twitterverse as brilliant and amazing.

I don’t know if this “new form” of advertising will catch on, but for a company as out-of-the-box as Cards Against Humanity? Yea, it totally works.

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The 10 Best Food and Drink Super Bowl Commercials

The Super Bowl airs every February, and there are always people who go to parties and watch the game specifically for the commercials. Companies have been making them more extravagant, because those few hours of game time are the most viewed across the entire country. Businesses go all out in their commercials, and some do very well, while others don’t.

This year, food and beverage companies totaled in at a whopping 18 different commercials during the Super Bowl. I’ve taken a look at all of them, both during the game and afterward, and came up with a list of the 10 best food and beverage industry commercials.

Take a look at this list, and see if you agree on the commercials on this list:

10. Snickers – “You Mess Up Live Commercials When You’re Hungry”

Snickers went into the big game with a tease of this “live commercial,” featuring Adam Driver and a horse. When the commercial finally aired, we definitely didn’t expect everything to go completely wrong from the start. Then the tagline came up, reading “You mess up live commercials when you’re hungry,” and we immediately remembered the Snickers motto. I actually face palmed myself when it appeared on the screen.

Well played, Snickers. You got me on that one.

9. McDonald’s – “There’s A Big Mac For That”

Marching bands, catchy rap verses, and three awesome sizes of Big Macs. No matter what you’re doing, there’s a Big Mac for that. It’s a fun, lighthearted, memorable message, and a simple but fun commercial. What’s not to love?

8. LifeWatr – “Inspiration Drops”

Apparently, this commercial was directed by Oscar winner Robert Stromberg. The simplicity and beauty of the commercial is well showcased. If you don’t know the brand, it’s just a cool artsy commercial. However, the art in the commercial (as well as other art) is actually showcased on the bottles of electrolyte water that LIFEWATR sells in stores. Pretty cool concept – especially when you throw a little John Legend into the mix.

7. Heinz – “Make Smunday A National Holiday”

I’m sure many of y’all are still in that Super Bowl hangover phase, so the concept of this commercial was an awesome idea. Making the day after the Super Bowl a national recovery day? I’m totally down for the concept – though this article wouldn’t be coming out the day after the Super Bowl if Smunday were a thing. Hmm.

6. Michelob Ultra – “Our Bar”

People may disagree with Michelob being so high up on this list, but I know one person who would agree with me – my Crossfit-nut mother. I don’t know if she actually drinks Michelobs, but after this inspiring ad about teamwork, struggle, and motivation to get through the toughest of workouts, maybe she’ll drink one or two with her Crossfit buddies after a WOD. And possibly try to drag me into that again. (No means no, mom!)

5. Skittles – “Romance”

I couldn’t help laughing at this commercial over and over again. I definitely feel for the guy, as that was probably me at some point back in high school. But MAN, is he getting used so hard in this ad. Literally everyone is jumping in on the free Skittles, even the cop who’s supposed to be chasing the thief that broke in, but decided that eating Skittles was a better use of his time.

There’s no clue as to how this story ends, sadly. Did the guy run out of Skittles and give up? Did the girl finally have pity on the poor dude and head outside? Guess we’ll never know.

4. Tostitos – “Drinking and Driving”

This was arguably the most powerful ad of the Super Bowl. Tennessee Titan Delanie Walker talked about losing his aunt and uncle to drunk driving, then Tostitos revealed their bag that alerts you to take an Uber if you’ve had too much to drink. We had a lot of fun with the Tostitos bag ourselves, but honestly, it’s important that something like this is done for the big game, when a lot of drinking happens. Kudos to Tostitos, Uber, and Mothers Against Drunk Driving for this ad, and revolutionary chip bag.

3. Bai – “Bai Bai Bai”

Christopher Walken dramatically reading the lyrics to the NSYNC classic “Bye Bye Bye” was way more enthralling than I thought it was gonna be. Having the awkward silence with Justin Timberlake made this Bai commercial all the more hilarious, as did the energy drink in the whisky glass. I mean, do you usually drink your energy drinks out of a whisky glass over ice? Maybe that’s just JT being JT.

2. Budweiser – “Born the Hard Way”

It’s the story of an immigrant who endured many hardships to get to St. Louis and build a beer empire. We’ve all heard the story before, but nobody’s been able to capture the Budweiser did in their commercial. Truly a well done commercial, and one of the most inspirational ads of the Super Bowl.

And for anyone who’s hating on the commercial for speaking out against the immigration policies of our current administration, they conceptualized and shot this commercial in MAY, way before the political conversation. Get over yourselves, and enjoy the great story.

1. Devour – “Audition”

Why is this my number one? Because it’s absolutely hilarious. It starts with a guy auditioning for an ad for a cooked frozen meal, then he falls so in love with the meal, he starts getting sensual with it. He performed so well in the audition, both visually and sexually, that the casters basically had orgasms themselves. If you’re gonna go sexually suggestive, go all out, and that’s what Devour did here. They hit this commercial way out of the ballpark for humor and all-out ridiculousness, and that’s why it gets my number one spot.

Do you agree with my picks? Disagree? Hating on me for how I picked? Take a look at the entire list of food commercials for yourself, and see which ones you would rank as your top 10.

Regardless of how you feel about this list, you have to admit that 2017’s food-related Super Bowl commercials were among some of the best we’ve seen.

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Vintage Eggos Spot Turned Into The Epic ‘STRANGER THINGS’ Season 2 Teaser

Last night, during the Super Bowl, we were surprised to find an old Eggos commercial show up during the middle of the Big Game. Seconds later, the vintage scene at the breakfast table cut away and we knew what was about to happen.

It was the Stranger Things season 2 spot.

The hit Netflix series premiere its phenomenal first season on July 15, 2016, and for those of us who binged the whole thing in a day, we were left anxious to see how Eleven and the gang of lovable misfits would carry on into the next season. The Eggos opening is a reference to Eleven who developed quite the addition to the frozen breakfast item during the first season.

Now, like a plate of Eggos straight from the toaster, we had a sweet taste of what’s to come this fall.

Brayden Curtis, the mind behind the Foodbeast Katchup and admirer of meatball subs, had this to say upon viewing:

This will get me through the year.

You and me both, pal.

Check out the mind-blowing teaser for the upcoming season above which will premiere Halloween 2017. As if we needed another reason to love the candy-slingin’ holiday.