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Ohio Man Transforms a Fire Truck into a Mobile Taproom

If there ever were a Beer Hall of Fame to exist, I’m pretty sure Kevin Mullan of Toledo, Ohio would be a first ballot candidate Why? Well, the legend that is Kevin Mullan was able to transform a whole fire truck into a mobile taproom, filled with beer from the city’s local craft breweries.

It all started when Mullan noticed a distribution gap between said breweries and thirsty fans at local events. He saw that there was a need for folks to effectively try all the liquid gold that local breweries had to offer. From there, he was able to source everything from Facebook Marketplace, including the fire truck and all the equipment needed to renovate it — all under a budget of just $15,000.

This epic mobile taproom was dubbed Tapped 419, and soon began to service local events, in turn boosting sales for the city’s breweries. Once the pandemic hit, however, Mullan had to pivot Tapped 419’s services, with a focus on frontline medical workers and those in need.

It’s a heartwarming tale of resilience and charity, all thanks to Kevin Mullan’s wild idea to turn a fire truck into a mobile taproom for the people.

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Coors and Brixton Pay Homage To Western Roots

Coors Banquet has teamed up with Brixton to launch the duo’s third capsule of limited-edition headwear, apparel and accessories inspired by the American West. 

Extending the partnership further, the two brands have created an exclusive segment of the capsule, Protect Our West, supporting Coors’ charitable initiative to benefit the Wildland Firefighter Foundation whose work supports the men and women who risk their lives battling wildfires across the West Coast. 

The collection focuses on premium cut and sew apparel, headwear and accessories that draw from the heritage of Coors combined with the aesthetic of Brixton. The collection features Brixton’s signature silhouettes elevated with limited-edition details, including Bowery Flannels and Cass Jackets, alongside premium printables with original hand-drawn artwork for a limited collection of Western classics and modern staples.  

From Coors Banquet’s start in Golden, Colorado in 1873, to Brixton’s California roots, a spirit of perseverance shines through in each piece of the workwear-inspired collection. The color palette leans on Banquet’s signature Buff, a golden shade, first introduced after the repeal of Prohibition on both cans and bottle labels. 

Coors Banquet has supported the efforts of Wildland Firefighters through its Protect Our West initiative for the last eight years. As part of this year’s initiative, Brixton and Coors Banquet have created an exclusive line to support the work being done by the Wildland Firefighter Foundation. A portion of the proceeds for each piece of the Protect Our West Collection will be donated to continue supporting this valuable cause. 

The Brixton x Coors Banquet and Protect Our West collection is available now as well as Nordstrom, PacSun, Tillys, Fanatics, Buckle and Zumiez.

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Wine and Cannabis Pairings That Go Perfect With Your Friendsgiving Dinner

Photo: Raw Garden

The holidays are fast approaching. Retailers already have their jingle playlists on repeat and temperatures have noticeably dipped. Whether you’ve been holed up at home or have returned to work, we could all use a break from our daily 1, 2 step. 

Since social gatherings are back in effect, no doubt you’ll see Friendsgiving invites popping up in your DMs. Friendsgiving is like an “adult” Thanksgiving. While regular Thanksgiving is like going back home to be a kid again, in adult form. Each serves its purpose, but back home there’s no passing of anything to the left other than plates of food, if you know what I mean. 

Photo: Raw Garden

In honor of Friendsgiving, I’ve put together three wine and cannabis pairings with the help of Khalid Al-Naser, Head of Product at Raw Garden Farm. Raw Garden is a 50 acre all organic cannabis farm with a focus on sustainable cultivation practices. Located in Santa Ynez Hills, they’re one of the largest cannabis growers in California. Beyond growing quality flowers, much like Friendsgiving, Raw Garden is about bringing people together.

These pairings were especially matched to compliment the full-bodied flavors of a Thanksgiving dinner. What better way to show thanks than over a delicious homemade meal, elevated by a tasty bottle of wine and a complementary strain of quality cannabis? 

Below, from appetizer to dessert, we’ve laid a roadmap that’ll take you and your friends to a whole new level of thankfulness:

Photo: Raw Garden

1. APPETIZERS: Mac & Cheese Bites, Cornbread Bites, Cheese & Veggie Platter

WINE: Columna, Albariño (Rias Baixas, Spain)
A crisp white wine with mild sweetness and a clean minerality that compliments more subtle meal pairings.

CANNABIS: Raw Garden, Peach Blossom Pen
Soft notes of sweet peaches and floral undertones that give a pleasant taste and uplifting high.

SUGGESTED ORDER: Smoke / Drink / Eat / Drink

Photo: Raw Garden

2. MAIN MEAL: Candied Yams, Mashed Potatoes, Collard Greens, Green Beans, Stuffing, Turkey

WINE: The Hilt, Pinot Noir 2014 (Santa Barbara, Central Coast, California)
A drinkable, medium-bodied red – savory, dark and perfumed wine. The Hilt Estate in the Santa Ynez Valley produces award-winning wines like this delicious Pinot Noir.

CANNABIS: Raw Garden, Paradise OG Pen
Fruit forward with a gassy, diesel-like boutique that finishes with soft notes of tropical funk.

SUGGESTED ORDER: Drink / Eat / Drink / Smoke

Photo: Raw Garden

3. DESSERT: Sweet Potato Pie

WINE: Royal Tokaji, 5 Puttonyos Azus (Mád, Hungary)
Hungarian dessert wine with a long history and a great story. Sweet, high in sugar, with excellent acidity that acts as a wonderful finish to any meal and a great palate cleanser.

CANNABIS: Raw Garden, Blackberry Cookies Pen
Big notes of ripe berries and cream, with a hint of classic cannabis “kushiness”.

SUGGESTED ORDER: Smoke / Drink / Eat / Drink / Smoke

Aside from being specially curated to compliment a Friendsgiving meal, there’s also a suggested order in which to enjoy the experience. Different orders prepare the palate for interesting twists.

Whichever side of the holiday pool you wish to dive in, one thing’s for sure, it will be lit. To try out these pairings, visit the links above. Hope you enjoy the Friendsgiving festivities as much as I plan to!

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Arby’s Offering $1 Kid’s Meals with ‘Buy One help Give One’ Partnership with No Kids Hungry

duck breast sandwiches

To support Hunger Action Month this coming September, Arby’s and the Arby’s Foundation are teaming up with the No Kid Hungry charity to provide one million meals to children in need. 

It’s crucial to that the initiative helps as many kids as possible, so to accomplish that, Arby’s will be offering its new Kid’s Meal for just $1, with each regular meal purchased, from August 22nd through September 26th

For every Kid’s meal sold, Arby’s will make a donation to the Arby’s Foundation, a long-time partner of No Kid Hungry, to provide children in need with food. The recently launched Arby’s Kid’s Meal consists of a 4-Piece Chicken Nuggets, Crinkle Fries, and Drink.

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Stella Artois’ New Bottle Will Help Support Restaurants

As restaurants across the country look to reopen in the coming months, up to 80% of them are reportedly still at risk of permanent closure. Stella Artois, in partnership with The James Beard Foundation, will be supporting the hospitality industry with the release of an aluminum “Open for Good” bottle that will contribute a portion of the proceeds towards helping the industry.

“Over the last year, our work with the James Beard Foundation has allowed us to support restaurants from the start of the pandemic. With the return to full capacity, we hope this new product offering can further support the industry to safely return to operating as we remember them,” said Lara Krug, VP of Marketing, Stella Artois.

Named after the James Beard Foundation’s Open for Good campaign, the new “Open for Good” aluminum bottle not only supports the restaurant industry but gives back with proceeds from each bottle sold benefitting the campaign. Over the past year, the Open for Good campaign has supported chefs by leveraging their voices to advocate for the industry, provided direct financial relief, and created critical resources and connections for the industry.

The “Open for Good” bottles will also give consumers an opportunity to participate in rebuilding the restaurant industry and will feature custom QR code that allows consumers to take steps to further recognize and support their favorite local restaurants. 

“As a longtime supporter of the Foundation, we’re excited to have partnered with Stella Artois over the past year to do all we can to help the independent restaurant industry survive by providing financial grants as part of our Food and Beverage Industry Relief Fund, delivering more than 80 webinars to help the industry navigate things like PPP loan forgiveness and enhanced safety protocols, and delivering financial relief via our Investment Fund for Black and Indigenous Americans,” says Clare Reichenbach, Chief Executive Officer, James Beard Foundation.

The “Open for Good” bottles are a part of Stella Artois’ upcoming campaign, “Your Table Is Ready,” dedicated to bringing people back to restaurant tables. “Your Table Is Ready” is part of Anheuser-Busch’s “Let’s Grab A Beer” platform that aims to make the moments we come together over a Stella Artois even better.

Stella Artois and the James Beard Foundation came together for other programs, like “Dining Together, Apart,” “Far From You, But Yes I Do,” and “Stella Sessions@Home,” where a portion of proceeds from all Stella Artois purchased on-premise went to the James Beard Foundation. Additionally, in November 2020, Stella Artois donated a portion of proceeds from all Stella Artois purchased nationally in bars and restaurants to the James Beard Foundations’ “Food and Beverage Investment Fund for Black & Indigenous Americans.”

The custom-designed aluminum structure with a sturdy bottle and premium inks is distinctly different the classic Stella Artois bottle. The 14 oz Stella Artois “Open for Good” bottle will be available starting June 7th at participating restaurants nationwide.

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The 10 Foods Most Likely To Boost Your Mood

Photo: Wright Brand Bacon // Unsplash

When we’re feeling down for whatever reason, one of the things that can help lift our spirits is a comforting meal. It’s why comfort foods resonate so much with us, and why they’re often the feature at restaurants and grocery stores all over the world.

Exactly which foods do we find the most comforting? While it definitely differs for each person, it turns out that there’s quite a few foods we all share in common.

Meal delivery company HelloFresh did a survey on what foods affect our moods in what way. In part of that poll, they asked people to select what foods they felt would instantly improve their moods. Below are the top choices those respondents gave, giving a list that may strongly signify what comfort foods are common ground.

Photo: Jeswin Thomas //

It’s not hard to see why all of these ranked so highly, as each food item is highly craved or coveted.

Scientifically, that craving could be leading to what elevates our moods. Research has shown that the more we want a food, the more dopamine our brain can produce when we actually consume it. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that influences our feelings of pleasure, reward, and motivation, so the more we can produce, the happier we could feel.

Ergo, the more coveted a food is to you, the more you’ll feel better when you eat it.

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Restaurant Owners Drive Six Hours To Cook Meal For Customer Dying From Cancer

Photos courtesy of Ekiben Restaurant

Baltimore’s Ekiben Restaurant is known for creative and interesting takes on Asian food. Recently, they’re also becoming known for an amazing deed of kindness they performed: Serving a dying customer their favorite dish.

The customer lived in Vermont, and was the mother of a Baltimore local and would often come visit. According to the Baltimore Sun, the family would regularly eat at Ekiben, with the tempura broccoli becoming one of the mother’s favorite dishes.

Sadly, the mother had fallen ill with lung cancer, and although she had jokingly said she would want to eat the broccoli on her deathbed, the family wondered if they could make the dish for her one last time.

They initially planned to try to make it on their own and get tips from Ekiben’s owners, Steve Chu and Ephrem Abebe. However, after the family contacted them for some advice, Chu and Abebe decided to drive up to Vermont and make it themselves.

It took six hours to get there, plus a few more hours to heat up the fryer in the freezing snow, but the owners were able to make the tempura broccoli and some tofu bowls outside of the customer’s house and safely deliver the meals inside.

For the mother, who enjoyed the meal thoroughly, it was a surreal and happy experience, one she was happy to enjoy. As for the owners, they told the Sun that they were just glad to make her happy.

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Coors Gives Back For Wildfire Relief

With the American West having its worst wildfire season in at least 70 years, Coors Banquet increased its annual support to the Wildland Firefighter Foundation with a $300,000 donation and the release of a branded T-shirt to help support the cause.

The donation, which builds on a seven-year relationship with the foundation, will go toward providing assistance to firefighters and their families during a wildfire season that has burned some 7.5 million acres, killed at least 35 people, destroyed hundreds of structures and caused extreme air pollution.

Coors Banquet also has created limited-edition Protect Our West T-shirts, which are available here for $21.99. All proceeds will be included in the brand’s donation.

Since 2013, Coors Banquet has donated $1.5 million to the nonprofit, which provides financial and educational support to injured or fallen wildland firefighters and their families. In the last 20 years, 13 states have recorded the worst wildfires in their history, and the threat of widespread wildfires is on the rise.

“Unfortunately, we’ve seen wildfires become more devastating almost every year, and Coors Banquet will continue to look for ways to amplify our partnership with the Wildland Firefighters Foundation,” says Heidi Gilbertson, marketing manager for the brand. “That’s why this year, we’re increasing our donation and giving consumers a way to show their support, too, with a T-shirt where proceeds go toward this cause.”