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McDonald’s Singapore To Debut Crispy Hainanese Chicken Burger

Photo: McDonald’s Singapore

To celebrate Singapore’s National Day on August 9, McDonald’s locations in the country will be debuting a Crispy Hainanese Chicken Burger.

One of the nation’s most beloved dishes, Hainanese chicken serves as the inspiration for this new burger, which features a crispy fried chicken patty that’s topped with cabbage, carrots, and lettuce, then invites a flavorful trio of mayonnaise, ginger, and and garlic chili sauce. A dark sweet sauce accompanies the burger, made to be drizzled on it.

The Crispy Hainanese Chicken Burger is accompanied by hawker food-inspired new menu items: Crisscut Fries, Banana Pie, and Kopi Frappé. Full availability of these new items will be on August 5 throughout Singapore locations for a limited time only.

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Pizza Hut Brings Back The Big Dinner Box

The fitting return of Pizza Hut’s legendary Big Dinner Box marks a time when folks are getting back to their busy daily routines, leaving less time to cook up a good meal for dinner. With this comeback, fans can once again treat themselves to a ton of Pizza Hut favorites without having to worry about much dinner prep.

The Big Dinner Box became a fan favorite for the amount of goods that come in the package: Two medium, one-topping rectangular pan style pizzas, boneless wings and breadsticks. Any and all cravings get fed at this stop.

Make sure to grab the Big Dinner Box now, as it’s only available for a limited time at participating Pizza Hut locations via contactless delivery, carryout, curbside and Hut Lane pickup. 

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Baja Fresh Introduces Three New Impossible Plant-Based Options

Photo: Baja Fresh

Three new Impossible Foods plant-based items are gracing Baja Fresh Mexican Grill’s menu.

Impossible Foods has been one of the leaders in the plant-based meat industry, collaborating with various fast food and fast-casual chains to help spread awareness of vegan options to a wider audience. The company’s latest partnership with Baja Fresh yields the following three new items:

  • Impossible Taco Combo: Three tacos with grilled corn tortillas filled with Impossible meat, shredded lettuce, pico de gallo, guacamole, Baja salsa, and Cotija cheese. Served with a side of black or pinto beans and Baja rice.
  • Fuego Impossible Burrito: Melted jack cheese, guacamole, black beans, Impossible meat, Diablo salsa, Six Chiles salsa, pico de gallo, pickled jalapeños, shredded lettuce and sour cream, all wrapped in a soft flour tortilla.
  • Impossible Bowl: Baja rice topped with roasted veggies, Impossible meat, sour cream, avocado, pico de gallo and tortilla strips.

All three of these new plant-based Impossible meat options can be found at all participating Baja Fresh locations for a limited time only.

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Domino’s Not Pleased With Use Of Pizza Cutter In An AEW Match

“Stop it, for god’s sake, stop it!” begged the iconic pro wrestling commentator Jim Ross as he witnessed Nick Gage take a pizza cutter to legendary pro wrestler Chris Jericho’s forehead during a No Rules Match on the latest episode of AEW Dynamite — which was then immediately followed by a Domino’s Pizza commercial shown alongside the action.

And it looks like Domino’s themselves echo Ross’ statements as the chain was none too pleased with the awkward but random moment, quickly issuing the following statement regarding the grisly match incident:

“We share the concerns expressed about this incident and the content of this TV-14 rated program, and are assessing our advertising presence on it going forward,” Domino’s spokeswoman Jenny Fouracre-Petko told Front Office Sports. 

No word yet on if Domino’s will actually be pulling future advertising on subsequent AEW programming, although they have made clear their concerned stance on Jericho’s forehead being treated like pizza dough.

“This No Rules Match will continue through the break in picture in picture.” Ha, and continued it did.

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Pizza Hut Launches Its First-Ever Streetwear Collection

Photo: Pizza Hut

Fashionable pizza enthusiasts everywhere rejoice, Pizza Hut just debuted their first-ever streetwear line. Called Pizza Hut Tastsewear, the limited edition capsule collection treats fans to a versatile collection that includes the restaurant’s iconic red cups, a pizza chain that has a golden crust and bejeweled pepperonis, a full track suit, graphic tee, and pizza slides.

If you’re feeing this new merch from Pizza Hut, know that this is just the first of many exclusive drops from

The new Pizza Hut Tastewear collection is available now for a limited time only.

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Burger King Brings Back Cheesy Tots

Photo: Burger King

Tater tots are necessary to breakfast. Let’s be clear about that. Make them cheesy and they’re an essential to getting your day started right. Which is why Burger King bringing back its popular Cheesy Tots to eager fans. What’s even better is that they’ll be available all day, through breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Who ever said it was bad to have too much of a good thing?

Besides that, BK is also releasing a new limited-time dessert, the Brownie Batter Shake, which features a decadent mix of fudge brownie batter and vanilla soft serve. Perhaps it’s a sweet pairing with the Cheesy Tots if you’re really trying to embrace this newness.

Cheesy Tots are now available at Burger King locations nationwide, coming as an eight-piece for a limited time only.

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McDonald’s Recruits Saweetie For Their Next Celebrity Meal Collaboration

McDonald’s has not missed with their collaborative celebrity meal series that has already featured the likes of Travis Scott, J Balvin, and BTS. For the next one, the Golden Arches has enlisted Bay Area rapper, Saweetie as its next musical artist collaborator.

The “Icy Girl” rapper is the perfect fit, really, given the fact that she’s a foodie at heart and has been known to enjoy meals of Jollibee fried chicken or seafood pasta.

Dubbed the “Saweetie Meal,” it will include a Big Mac, four-piece Chicken McNuggets, medium fries, medium Sprite, and Tangy BBQ sauce which has been renamed the “Saweetie ‘N Sour” sauce for this collaboration. Fans can start enjoying the Saweetie Meal at participating McDonald’s locations on August 9.

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Popeyes Ends the ‘Chicken Wars’ By Buying 1 Million of Its Competitors’ Nuggets

News of Popeyes debuting their own chicken nuggets spread like wildfire earlier this month, with many speculating that they would be the bite-sized equivalent of the chain’s now legendary chicken sandwich. And such speculation leading to excitement is valid, considering that Popeyes’ chicken sandwich was the catalyst to the much hyped Chicken Wars, also know as the Chicken Sandwich Wars.

In a brilliant stroke of petty and to promote the new chicken nuggets, Popeyes has purchased the equivalent of one million nuggets from competitors like Chick-fil-A, Burger King, Wendy’s, and McDonald’s through their Popeyes Foundation, and will be donating their nuggets to Second Harvest Food Bank of Greater New Orleans and Acadiana.

Fans can get in on the petty party too, with Popeyes pledging to match up to $25,000 in donations from the Popeyes Foundation website.