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Coca-Cola Drops First Artist Collab Creation With Marshmello

Coca-Cola Creations is debuting its new limited-edition flavor in collaboration with Grammy-nominated artist Marshmello. This is the iconic brand’s first participation in design with an artist forming a vibey blend of his favorite flavors.

Marshmello continues to break boundaries in the music industry as the famously signature masked artist’s star continues to rise. He is one of the top 40 most streamed artists in the world making him a perfect partner this historic brand.

Now, one would think that Marshmello’s Limited Edition Coca-Cola would obviously be marshmallow-infused right? Wrong. Just like the beat drops in his songs, the essence here is in the unanticipated. The beverage is a mouthwatering remix of strawberry and watermelon with that classic Coca-Cola swagger.

Marshmello has an objective to positively impact culture with his music. So it is no surprise that this partnership invites fans to experience the Melloverse for themselves. The flavor debut will launch an immersive takeover on Twitch on July 9th where viewers can engage in an exclusive adventure and gain access to fire merch.

The drink will be available for purchase in individual polished 12-ounce cans and will also be prepared in a Zero Sugar version. Taste Marshmello’s limited edition Coca-Cola for yourself on July 11th.

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Chobani Debuts Oat Milk Horchata and Greek Yogurt with Popping Candy

Chobani is debuting two limited-batch products that are sure to punch up the flavors in your fridge this summer: Chobani Oat Horchata and Chobani Flip Red, White & Poppin’.

The Oat Horchata is a non-dairy, nut-free and gluten-free oatmilk that boasts cinnamon goodness with every sip. Chobani’s Flip Red, White & Poppin’ is a new lemon low-fat Greek yogurt that has red, white and blue popping candy pieces inside. The fireworks of flavors are sure to get your palate in the spirit of 4th of July.

Red, White & Poppin’

Both Chobani Oat Horchata and Flip Red, White & Poppin’ are now available at retailers for $4.99 and $1.79, respectively.

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Taco Bell® is the Summer Destination for Refreshingly Chill Beverages

Temperatures are rising, shorts have replaced pants and summer is officially here. To prepare for the hot days ahead, Taco Bell is introducing new frozen and fountain beverages to their already impressive US line-up.

Next up and taking things to a whole new level of coolness is the new Mango Whip Freeze, available for a limited time and while supplies last. As Taco Bell’s latest Freeze flavor, it’s the ideal drink for the summer simmer. Swirling with flavors of sweet mango and creamy vanilla, you’re sure to get your frozen fix. The Mango Whip Freeze joins the Mountain Dew® Baja Blast® Freeze and Wild Cherry Freeze on Taco Bell menus.

In honor of the new Mango Whip Freeze, Foodbeast has discovered a flavor hack that adds a spicy kick to your Chilly excursion. To experience this tasty explosion, mix Taco Bell’s Fire & Diablo sauces into your Mango Whip Freeze and let the deliciousness blow you away.

Adding a splash of color to your summer is Brisk® Dragon Paradise™ Sparkling Tea. Fruity and fizzy, Dragon Paradise is the perfect getaway for your tastebuds. The bubbly blend of dragonfruit, berry, and hibiscus flavors create a sparkling and refreshing twist on iced tea. To keep cool all summer long visit your local, participating Taco Bell and try out the new Brisk Dragon Paradise Sparkling Tea and Mango Whip Freeze.

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Playboi Carti, John Cena, Sarah Jessica Parker and Other Celebs Get Into Canned and Bottled Cocktails

Moscato but make it “hard.” That’s the idea behind rapper Playboi Carti’s new ready-to-drink cocktail with Thomas Ashbourne Craft Spirits, Hardscatto.

A 20% ABV blend of premium vodka and flavors of grapes, peach, apricot and elderflower, the ready-to-drink has already been awarded a gold medal by the Drinks Business & Spirits Business 2022 Spring Tasting.

Carti is just one of a handful of celebs who’ve teamed with Thomas Ashbourne for signature canned and bottled cocktails. The all-star team of founding partners also include John Cena and his Classic Old Fashioned, Rosario Dawson and her Margalicious Margarita (with Ashley Benson and Vanessa Hudgens) and Sarah Jessica Parker and her Perfect Cosmo… obviously.

“We’ve been focused on sourcing high-proof, premium spirits with the best natural ingredients to elevate the Thomas Ashbourne portfolio above the pre-made cocktail standard. With the help of our celebrity partners, each flavor profile was meticulously crafted and demanded the highest standards in taste, quality and sophistication,” said Thomas Ashbourne CEO Cara Kamenev via a statement.

The Hardscatto and other cocktails from Thomas Ashbourne retails for $59.99 for eight 200mL cans.

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Hit Music Producer Polow Da Don Launches His Own Gluten-Free Vodka

From making beats that slap to a liquor that does, hip-hop hitmaker Polow Da Don looks to share more of himself and his world with the launch of YoCo Vodka. 

Representing his “Young Country” culture, this all natural Tennessee vodka is made from corn and is certified gluten-free. YoCo’s bottle represents “a backstage pass to one hell of a time.” 

Known for his work with Fergie, Nicki Minaj and Usher, Polow has created numerous number one hits. His stated mission to connect creatives, spawned his very own Young Country 96.7 FM Nashville in June of 2019. Now with YoCo, Polow aims to bridge together the music industry with a lifestyle, solidifying the connection between music, cultural events and social gatherings.

“Young Country, or YoCo, is the manifestation of our inner circle — judgement-free and welcoming,” Polow says. “We created Young Country Radio with the purpose of breaking down the stereotype of country music and giving young artists the space to be their true selves and create freely. Now, with the introduction of YoCo Vodka, we’re taking it one step further and providing consumers the liquid to elevate and enjoy their experiences.”

Now available in Tennessee and online nationwide, YoCo Vodka will soon be available in Georgia, California, Florida, New York and more for $19.99.

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Buffalo Wild Wings Debuts ‘Bird Dawgs’ and $3 Happy Hour Drinks

Starting today, Wednesday, June 22, Buffalo Wild Wings is giving you a new way to enjoy their chicken tenders, with the debut of NEW menu item, Bird Dawgs.

Bird Dawgs are hand-breaded chicken tenders on a brioche bun loaded up with sauces and toppings and will be making their appearance on the new Happy Hour menu.

According to Buffalo Wild Wings, you can create your own or enjoy a Loaded Bird Dawg topped with beer cheese and wild honey mustard; Honey BBQ Bird Dawg topped with fries and Buffalo Wild Wings’ Honey BBQ sauce; and Buffalo Bird Dawg topped with ranch, napa slaw, and Buffalo Wild Wings’ Medium Buffalo sauce.

Now let’s talk about that Happy Hour menu with affordable drinks. Buffalo Wild Wings Happy Hour is back with drinks and appetizers for $3-$6 from 3:00-6:00pm on weekdays.

The Happy Hour menu includes $3 tall drafts of Wild Herd Kolsh by Goose Island, $5 Strawberry Margaritas, $6 Truly Berry Cherry Limeade, $3 Chips and Salsa, $5 Bird Dawgs and more.

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Instacart Orders For Balsamic Vinegar and Sparkling Water Increase After ‘Healthy Coke’ Trends

Photo: TikTok/@healthylittlepeach

I’m all for living your best healthy girl summer but this newest viral trend on TikTok has me shook. “Healthy Coke” is the recent growing craze that contains two ingredients — balsamic vinegar and sparkling water. Both are common staples found in anyone’s kitchen, making this trending beverage an easily accessible alternative to Coke.

But the trend has blown up to the point that orders containing the two ingredients have had Instacart‘s sales of balsamic vinegar and sparkling water jump up 43% in the last week as the viral drink has begun to pop up on everyone’s feed. “Healthy Coke” has 38.8 million views on TikTok and continues to escalate for two reasons: one, because it is easy to make; two, it is a weird and disputed trend to try out.

@adellecerna #healthycoke ♬ Elevator Music – Bohoman

There have been differing conclusions on taste profile so you know I had to test it for myself. And to be honest, it tastes like when the soda fountain is running out of the flavored syrup AKA the best part. Although it does not smell or taste anything like balsamic vinegar, the thought alone of pouring it over ice was jarring. I’ll stick to working out so I can drink unhealthy Coke.

Will you be experimenting with this buzzy food trend or just watching the hilarious reaction videos from people drinking it?

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McDonald’s is Offering a Free Sprite on the First Day of Summer

To me, sipping some McDonald’s Sprite tastes like the sound of either hot grease frying up some chicken, a thousand marbles spilling out of a glass jar or crumpling up aluminum foil into a ball.

Fans of McDonald’s Sprite also have some wild descriptions of how it tastes, from saying it’s like the sound of a zipper closing a jacket to a dog growling, or even TV static. Such responses have intrigued McDonald’s, now encouraging fans to share what sound their Sprite from McDonald’s tastes like on social media.

That’s why on June 21, the first day of summer, fans can get a FREE any-size Sprite when they spend $1 on the McDonald’s App. The offer is valid for one time and at participating McDonald’s locations.

What tastes better than the sound of peeling duct tape? When it’s free.