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7-Eleven’s ‘Free Slurpee Day’ Extended To Entire Month of July

July 11th is a date marked in many calendars as “7-Eleven Day”, a day where all 7Rewards loyalty app members can walk into any participating 7-Eleven location and grab a free small Slurpee on the house. However, in celebration of the convenience store chain’s 94th anniversary, 7-Eleven will be stretching out the celebration throughout the month of July 2021.

“Once again, the iconic brand will start giving things away for its birthday. And not just on the actual date, July 11 (aka 7/11 aka “7-Eleven Day”). No, 7-Eleven, Inc. will party all month long this July to mark its 94th birthday and its invention of convenience retailing,” the company relayed in a statement.

What all this means is that 7Rewards loyalty app members are qualified to receive a free small Slurpee drink starting July 1, where 7-Eleven will give them each a coupon that’s redeemable through the whole month.

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Nutritional Drinks Based On Your Favorite Cereal Brands Are Here

Carnation Breakfast Essentials®, a leading brand in nutritional drinks, has collaborated with some of our favorite cereal brands to introduce new flavors that look to punch up our quotient of healthy for the day while taking us to a familiar place within breakfast time.

These nutrient-packed breakfast drinks will come in a box that features flavors based on Froot Loops, Frosted Flakes, Krave, and Golden Grahams cereals. Such heavy hitters of the cereal aisle are sure to max out the appeal of these beverages. For all the healthy deets, see below:

240 nutrient-rich calories
10 grams of protein
21 vitamins & minerals, including calcium and vitamin D
Made with no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners
Nutritionally appropriate for ages 4 years and older, including teens and adults

These new Carnation Breakfast Essentials® are now available at Walmart stores nationwide.

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Starbucks Confirms Ingredient Shortage Currently Keeping Some Items Out Of Stock

Photo: Boyloso // Shutterstock

Over the past couple of weeks, videos have been circulating on TikTok reporting that Starbucks locations are suffering supply shortages. Many are unable to sell upwards of a couple dozen items, scaling back the typically broad menu of beverages and treats the coffee colossus has to offer.


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Many of these happen to be flavors like Guava or Peach, but also extend to plant-based dairy options like oat milk, food items like breakfast sandwiches, and even packaging like venti cups.


Please be kind to your baristas in these trying times #starbucksshortage #barista #starbucks #comedy

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Foodbeast looked at a couple of Starbucks locations in Southern California, and found the claims on TikTok to match up. The most affected items seem to be some fruit flavors (ie. guava) as well as milk options like oatmilk. No one single category on the Starbucks menu was completely out of items, however.

Starbucks all but confirmed the shortages in a push notification sent to Starbucks app users. The chain cited “current supply shortages” and noted that some items might be out of stock as a result.

Many commodities in the United States, including boba and even Grape Nuts at one point, have had shortages in supply thanks to shipping constraints related to the coronavirus pandemic. A lot of it stems from industry-wide practices to only keep as much inventory on hand as needed. Called “Just In Time” inventory processing, the tactic has harshly limited availability as shipping backlogs cause warehouses that didn’t stock up beforehand to run out of stock.

It has taken a while to see the effects on some industries, but it’s been a growing and repeating pattern for 2021.

There’s no clear timetable on when these shortages will end yet, but for now, if your favorite drink is missing from the Starbucks menu, it might be time to try something different.

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Miller Lite Announces The Shoezie, A Beer Cozy Made From New Balance Shoes

Photo courtesy of Miller Lite

Father’s Day is quickly approaching now that we’re in June, and for those stressing over what to get Dad for that special day — why not a beer cozy? 

Miller Lite announced that they’re releasing a limited edition “Shoezie” for Father’s Day. 

Made with a rubber sole, breathable leather, the cozy features the same materials used in New Balance shoes. Miller Lite’s Shoezie is said to be identical to the 624 Trainer — just designed for a beer. 

For those looking to get their hands on one, they can visit on Father’s Day, June 20 at 9am CST to enter for a chance to win a Shoezie. Rules can be found here


Pabst Blue Ribbon DOUBLES The THC In Their Latest Line Of High Seltzers

Photo courtesy of Pabst Blue Ribbon

Pabst Blue Ribbon launched their first line of cannabis-infused Hard Seltzers last fall, boasting a 5mg dose in each can. 

This summer, however, they’re doubling that dosage to give fans what they call High Seltzer. 

The new beverage is a more potent version of PBR’s seltzer, boasting 10mg of THC encompassed in a crisp lemon flavor. 

Flavors such as Strawberry Kiwi, Raspberry, and Mango are set to launch this summer. 

You can find the new Pabst Blue Ribbon High Seltzers available now at select California dispensaries. They can be delivered to California consumers by ordering through

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Stella Artois’ New Bottle Will Help Support Restaurants

As restaurants across the country look to reopen in the coming months, up to 80% of them are reportedly still at risk of permanent closure. Stella Artois, in partnership with The James Beard Foundation, will be supporting the hospitality industry with the release of an aluminum “Open for Good” bottle that will contribute a portion of the proceeds towards helping the industry.

“Over the last year, our work with the James Beard Foundation has allowed us to support restaurants from the start of the pandemic. With the return to full capacity, we hope this new product offering can further support the industry to safely return to operating as we remember them,” said Lara Krug, VP of Marketing, Stella Artois.

Named after the James Beard Foundation’s Open for Good campaign, the new “Open for Good” aluminum bottle not only supports the restaurant industry but gives back with proceeds from each bottle sold benefitting the campaign. Over the past year, the Open for Good campaign has supported chefs by leveraging their voices to advocate for the industry, provided direct financial relief, and created critical resources and connections for the industry.

The “Open for Good” bottles will also give consumers an opportunity to participate in rebuilding the restaurant industry and will feature custom QR code that allows consumers to take steps to further recognize and support their favorite local restaurants. 

“As a longtime supporter of the Foundation, we’re excited to have partnered with Stella Artois over the past year to do all we can to help the independent restaurant industry survive by providing financial grants as part of our Food and Beverage Industry Relief Fund, delivering more than 80 webinars to help the industry navigate things like PPP loan forgiveness and enhanced safety protocols, and delivering financial relief via our Investment Fund for Black and Indigenous Americans,” says Clare Reichenbach, Chief Executive Officer, James Beard Foundation.

The “Open for Good” bottles are a part of Stella Artois’ upcoming campaign, “Your Table Is Ready,” dedicated to bringing people back to restaurant tables. “Your Table Is Ready” is part of Anheuser-Busch’s “Let’s Grab A Beer” platform that aims to make the moments we come together over a Stella Artois even better.

Stella Artois and the James Beard Foundation came together for other programs, like “Dining Together, Apart,” “Far From You, But Yes I Do,” and “Stella Sessions@Home,” where a portion of proceeds from all Stella Artois purchased on-premise went to the James Beard Foundation. Additionally, in November 2020, Stella Artois donated a portion of proceeds from all Stella Artois purchased nationally in bars and restaurants to the James Beard Foundations’ “Food and Beverage Investment Fund for Black & Indigenous Americans.”

The custom-designed aluminum structure with a sturdy bottle and premium inks is distinctly different the classic Stella Artois bottle. The 14 oz Stella Artois “Open for Good” bottle will be available starting June 7th at participating restaurants nationwide.

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Guinness Nitro Cold Brew Beer Just Became A Reality

Photo courtesy of Guinness

Fans of Guinness will have a new entry into the iconic line of stouts to drool over. 

The brand has added an all-new beverage in the form of Guinness Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Beer

This nitrogen-based drink is an amalgam of roast coffee cold brew and Guinness’s bold stout flavors, along with the rich notes of espresso, chocolate, and caramel. 

While coffee-flavored, the Nitro Cold Brew beer will feature no added caffeine outside of the natural flavoring and boast a 4% ABV. 

Guinness’ Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Beer is now a permanent addition to the Guinness line of beverages. It made its debut in March and is currently expanding to more stores nationwide and internationally within the next year. 


The USA Is Facing An Impending Boba Shortage That Could Last Months

Photo: Rosalind Chang // Unsplash

A massive backlog on cargo shipping imports is leading to a shortage of boba across the United States.

This is because 99% of the country’s boba is imported from Taiwan, and there’s only one in-country producer of the tapioca pearls. That company is US Boba Co, and even they are going to experience issues since they import their tapioca starch from overseas.

The backlog on shipping imports has been going on since February, with over 30 ships being stuck waiting to deliver goods daily in major ports like Los Angeles and Long Beach. It had already begun to start affecting supply chains for many companies, but is just now starting to take hold on the boba industry.

According to Marketwatch, this is a shortage that could potentially last months, meaning boba shops nationwide will struggle to have boba available to add into their drinks.

That won’t mean they’re not going to keep serving amazing tasting beverages, however, so feel free to keep heading over and getting some teas or other drinks to cool down over the summer months. You may just not be able to get boba added, but shops often have other things you can add inside, like jellies, that might offer an alternative.