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Popeyes Collabs With Megan Thee Stallion For New ‘Hottie Sauce’

Two cultural icons in Popeyes and Grammy-winning rapper Megan Thee Stallion have linked up to produce a new Megan Thee Stallion Hottie Sauce.

The Hottie Sauce is just as saucy as Megan, I’m sure, as it hosts a mix of honey, cider vinegar, and Aleppo pepper, for added spice. Starting October 19, Hottie Sauce will be featured in Popeyes Chicken Sandwiches and Nuggets in the US and 14 other countries around the world.

It’s noted that this will be the first time Popeyes will offer another iteration of their iconic Chicken Sandwich, which is a true flex that Megan Thee Stallion should pop her collar for.

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This Study Shows The Most Hated Fast Food Brand In Every Country

Fast food itself can be a polarizing topic for many. Folks are quick to defend their favorites and then spew venom at their hated brands all in one sentence. It’s no wonder, really, as fast food caters to our innate need for instant gratification and convenience, thus creating a connection that incites visceral reactions.

A recent study by the RAVE Reviews digs into each country’s most hated fast food brands, doing so by using language analysis tool SentiStrength to examine over a million tweets to assess people’s opinions on which fast food brands they loathed the most.

The data reveals that folks apparently don’t have much love for KFC, topping the list as the most hated fast food brand in 14 countries — followed by Wendy’s with 11 countries.

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Ippudo Ramen Now Offering Canned Tonkotsu Ramen Broth For Sipping On The Go

Photo: PR Times

As we transition from the sweltering summer heat to cooler temps, my mind is strictly on soup season. It’s the best time of the year really, where dreams of sipping on bowls of pho, ramen, tinola, laksa, lobster bisque, tom yum, and chowder dance around in my head. Popular ramen chain, Ippudo, also knows what time it is. That’s why they’ve debuted a tonkotsu broth in a can.

Dubbed Koku to Umami no Ippudo Tonkotsu Ramen Soup (Rich flavor and Umami Ippudo Tonkotsu Ramen Soup), the sippable version of Ippudo’s delectable broth, is now available in an on-the-go can form. It’s worth noting that Ippudo has tweaked their original broth recipe for this product, reducing the amount of oil and salt, to make it more suitable for sipping out the can.

The Ippudo canned ramen is sold online and at Acure vending machines located in East Japan Rail train stations. Can’t wait to crack open a hot one.

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Oscar Mayer Releases Streetwear Collection Only Sold at Hot Dog Carts and Wienermobile Pop-Up Shops

Oscar Mayer is taking a dip in the streetwear pool by releasing their own refreshed takes on branded gear. Dubbed the Street Meat capsule collection, think of it as an up-to-date look on what Oscar Mayer uniforms would be if given a dose of 2021 cool.

The Street Meat collection features everything from track suits to crewnecks to crossbody bags to socks to bomber jackets to shoelaces to slides and everything in between.

Even though this is Oscar Mayer’s first foray into streetwear, thankfully folks wont have to enter online lotteries or camp out overnight to secure pieces from the collection. Oscar Mayer will be selling the merch at tricked out hot dog carts this week in New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta:

  • LA (9/29): 7315 Melrose Ave
  • Atlanta (9/30): Atlantic Station (1380 Atlantic Drive)
  • NYC (10/1):  185 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn

If you can’t pull up to the hot dog carts, for the rest of the month six Wienermobiles will double as pop-up shops as they travel across the country and sell the Street Meat collection to fans.

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Go Go Bird Is Putting ‘LA-Style’ Fried Chicken On The Map

When you think of fried chicken, Los Angeles doesn’t immediately jump out as a hub for it. But for Chef Brandon Kida of Go Go Bird, his goal is to put the fried chicken he serves up on the map as one that’s uniquely ‘LA-style’.

With just how impeccable this fried chicken is, I’d say Go Go Bird is definitely on to something special. What makes up LA-Style fried chicken according to Chef Kida is an amalgamation of the city’s different influences on his palate growing up in Los Angeles.

It all starts with capturing, then magnifying, the Japanese flavors of Little Tokyo, while ensuring the batter results in a crunch and consistency that mimics Pioneer Chicken, and finishes off with an aggressively spiced Szechuan seasoning that tips its hat to Chinatown. The result is an earth-shattering first bite that is all at once an umami revelation electrified by the numbing Szechuan peppercorns. Truly, no other fried chicken is like this.

Currently Go Go Bird operates out of Lucky Corner via a take-out pick-up window and delivery, so make sure to make your way to the Arts District to get your fix of the undeniable LA-style fried chicken experience.

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Ben & Jerry’s Launches New Flavor: Change Is Brewing

Photo: Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s has just announced its newest Limited Batch Flavor – Change is Brewing. The new flavor features cold brew coffee ice cream, marshmallow swirls and fudge brownies. What’s great is that this flavor helps highlight three black businesses by incorporating their products in the ice cream: 

  • BLK & Bold – Black-owned nationally distributed coffee company that provides the deep, rich coffee flavor 
  • Greyston Bakery – Values-led supplier with “open hiring” policy and longtime partner, add the scrumptious fudge brownies 
  • Laci Jordan – Black multi-disciplinary artist created the colorful pint art, featuring what the world might look like when Black people feel safe and communities can thrive.  

Ben & Jerry’s has long been a company that champions racial justice, and Change is Brewing helps continue that cause, as it has joined more than 70 other organizations by supporting The People’s Response Act. This landmark legislation, introduced by Congresswoman Cori Bush, was written to transform a system that disproportionately criminalizes Black and Brown people into a one that provides resources to help every community, and especially communities of color, flourish.

Change is Brewing will be available as a Limited Batch flavor at participating Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops and on store shelves, with a portion of the proceeds from the sale going to grassroots groups working to transform public safety in America.

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These Tamales Popsicles Might Be One of The Most Creative Flavors Out

I’ve seen my fair share of creative popsicles in this line of work, but these new Tamales Popsicles from Ice Queen out in Portland, Oregon might now be tops in that category.

Ice Queen touts itself as the ‘world’s only all vegan popsicle shop’, specializing in 100% plant-based frozen treats. Their latest creation, which looks like a typical tamal at first glance the way its enrobed in a corn husk, gently reveals itself as a frozen treat. Pleasant surprise would be an understatement here.

These Tamales Popsicles are made with a sweet masa ice cream base, which is then filled with Mexican chocolate fudge. Truly this is one of the wildest popsicle flavors anyone will come across, which will surely bring plenty of curious appetites out to Ice Queen to experience the off-the-charts creativity for themselves.

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World-Renowned Chef José Andrés Partners With Goldbelly To Bring His Distinct Spanish Cuisine To Your Home

Chef José Andrés has made a name for himself as a culinary giant, whether it be through his gastronomic innovations, pioneering authentic Spanish cuisine in America, or his noble humanitarian work through World Central Kitchen. Now, thanks to a partnership with Goldbelly, you can have Chef Andrés’ distinct Spanish food experiences sent directly to your home.

For a chef of José Andrés’ caliber to make his style of food available for nationwide shipping is tremendous, as now accessibility won’t be a hurdle for many folks who have yearned to try his cooking. His signature dishes will be available through Goldbelly in the form of Spanish meal kits and items like a Tapas and Burnt Basque Cheesecake. Check out the enticing details below:

  • José’s Iconic Paella Dinner Kit (serves 3, $179 + free shipping): A symbol of Spanish cuisine, this kit includes all of the ingredients you need to replicate Chef José’s’ iconic Paella de Gamba Roja with succulent red shrimp. 
  • José’s “Secretly” Perfect Iberico Pork Steak Dinner (serves 4, $199 + free shipping): Featuring the prized “secreto Iberico de bellota” cut of pork from the Iberico pig’s shoulder, this beautifully marbled, juicy pork steak kit includes a side of traditional aioli sauce and vibrant pan con tomate. 
  • Spanish Ribeye Steak Dinner Kit (serves 6, $329 + free shipping): A decadent steak dinner featuring Wagyu ribeye with a side of a crisp salad with gem lettuce, spring onions, smoky confit piquillo peppers, and a sherry vinaigrette. 
  • Tapas the José Andrés Way (serves 4-6, $179 + free shipping): This kit includes everything to make the ultimate “tapeo” experience at home with some of Chef José’s favorite bites, including chicken croquetas, a loaf of airy Pan de Cristal for pan con tomate, nutty Manchego cheese, aged Ibérico ham, salchichón ibérico de bellota, and chorizo ibérico de bellota
  • Burnt Basque Cheesecake (serves 12, $119 + free shipping): This decadent cheesecake is baked at a high temperature for a golden exterior and a smooth, creamy center with notes of nutty caramel.