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McDonald’s Singapore To Debut Crispy Hainanese Chicken Burger

Photo: McDonald’s Singapore

To celebrate Singapore’s National Day on August 9, McDonald’s locations in the country will be debuting a Crispy Hainanese Chicken Burger.

One of the nation’s most beloved dishes, Hainanese chicken serves as the inspiration for this new burger, which features a crispy fried chicken patty that’s topped with cabbage, carrots, and lettuce, then invites a flavorful trio of mayonnaise, ginger, and and garlic chili sauce. A dark sweet sauce accompanies the burger, made to be drizzled on it.

The Crispy Hainanese Chicken Burger is accompanied by hawker food-inspired new menu items: Crisscut Fries, Banana Pie, and Kopi Frappé. Full availability of these new items will be on August 5 throughout Singapore locations for a limited time only.

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IKEA Now Selling a Candle That Smells Like Swedish Meatballs

It’s funny to get a craving for IKEA’s Swedish meatballs, because you know that fulfilling it might have you walking out with some reasonably priced furniture that you didn’t know you needed. But besides that, sometimes hitting up your nearest IKEA just for their Swedish meatballs alone is a move that most will not judge.

To add on to the mania behind their lauded menu item, IKEA will now be selling candles that smell just like the Swedish meatballs. Announced today, the Huvudroll candle will give off the aroma of the fan-favorite Swedish meatballs available at much of the chain’s locations.

The candle is one feature of an IKEA Store in a Box package designed to reimagine the sensory experience of visiting a location.

This IKEA Store in a Box package comes as part of a sweepstakes celebrating the 10th anniversary of its U.S. Family Program.

The Store in a Box sweepstakes starts off on August 6 and runs through August 22.

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Tandoori Shawarma Is The Recipe Move For The Weekend


##arabicfood ##indianfood

♬ original sound – Jassim Alkhulaif

“The most loved Arabic dish, but with Indian flavors.”

And with that, I was immediately intrigued. It also helps that the first visual is a vibrant beauty shot of some wild fusion food fun: Tandoori Shawarma. This masterpiece from chefjassim unites Lebanese shawarma with bold Indian tandoori flavors for a recipe that handholds the viewer through some compelling innovation. It also includes a quick how-to on making some fire tahini sauce.

The end result? A stunning Chicken Tandoori Shawarma Sandwich that made me want to pounce on my phone mouth first.

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Viral TikTok Shows How Much Finesse Goes Into Making Japanese Omurice


@0805sk8 への返信 解説動画は、近々だします🥚 ##omelett ##egg ##tiktokfood ##TikTok教室

♬ 人生のメリーゴーランド(ハウルの動く城) – Kazumi Tateishi Trio

Japanese omurice — a velvety soft omelette on top of pillowy white rice, which when cut open, unleashes a a cascade of eggy goodness — is a thing of unending beauty, really. And whenever sliced, makes for a moment that is the embodiment of food porn.

But to make proper omurice, a lot of technique and boundless finesse must be used, as revealed by this viral TikTok clip from omuraisuporo.

Amassing 9 million+ views as of this article, what we are treated to is a mesmerizing display of savvy knowhow, quickness and sophistication, with deft movements punctuating this display of culinary skill.

It’s a clip worthy of repeat viewing, as the soothing soundtrack accompanying the impressive cooking display completes a visual that educates as much as it relaxes.


Supreme’s Ode To The Chopped Cheese Is New York Poetry

The chopped cheese sandwich is just bout as New York as the Yankees and Timberlands. To New Yorker’s a proper chopped cheese is something serious, something near and dear to their hearts. That’s why the newest video on Supreme’s Instagram is a beautiful ode to their legendary sandwich that’s on some street poetry tip.

“Put a little fried egg on there, too. Fried hard on the bottom. Leave the yolk runny so when I apply pressure, it spread like love.”


Between this clip and this recent TikTok showing you how to order properly at a New York City deli, you’ve got some sage tips on how to act like a local the next time you’re out there.

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This Gorgeous LA Restaurant’s Remodeled Space Is Inspired By The Philippine Sunset

After a few months of being closed for renovations, Los Angeles favorite Lasita is now open in stunning fashion. Using inspo from the Philippine sunset and “LA’s energy & warmth,” the new space of the Filipino restaurant reveals itself as a welcoming haven of soft tones, inviting colors, vibrant aesthetics, and the smells of their signature chicken inasal and lechon.

The design overhaul was taken on by Preen, Inc., who transformed the restaurant using the warm pink and orange tones of gorgeous Philippine sunsets, and added poignant design elements like linen and papier-mache lights and a combined host and wine table that’s bordered with two hanging arangyas, which are sculptural chandeliers made of leaves that reference a traditional Filipino festival decor.

So come for all the aesthetic vibes and enjoy a meal that features the raucous crunch of their lechon or the unforgettable zest of the calamansi cream pie.

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Japan’s ‘Matcha Republic’ Sells Matcha ‘Ink’ Drink

Photos: PR Times

There’s a matcha drink from Japan that’s drawn quite a buzz for it’s gorgeous packaging that resembles an ink bottle. The drink’s design has been so popular that Matcha Republic has sold over 1.5 million units of it on their online shop, according to Sora News 24.

The highly Instagrammable drink is a premium choice that’s made with handpicked, stone-ground, roasted Uji matcha leaves, ensuring maximum matcha flavor.

With packaging this beautiful it’s no wonder that the premium matcha ink drink has been trending on social media. And at 681 yen (US$6.20) for one, the sophisticated drink can be had at a decent price.

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This Vegan Shawarma Straight From Lebanon Is A Plant-Based Dream

“Vegan shawarma is an insult, just have a salad,” was the first comment left on this photo from @nogarlicnonions‘ Instagram account. A bit puzzling since shawarma is, for the most part, beloved, and to have it as a plant-based option for even more folks to enjoy would be an even bigger win for everyone.

So I’m pretty sure that’s what Furn El Sabaya out in Amchit, Lebanon was going for when offering their vegan shawarma on the menu. As a plant-based lifestyle keeps growing globally, so does the number of options that cater to vegans, vegetarians, and everyone else in between looking for a change of pace from meat.

And it seems a plant-based lifestyle has resonated strongly in Lebanon, where Hayek Hospital in Beirut was recently the world’s first hospital to serve a 100% vegan menu.