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The Best Part of The Sundae Cone is Now Available Bite-Sized

The sundae cone has been a staple dessert in American households for years, but we all know the real intention of eating this confection. Let’s skip over the decent nutty chocolate shell, vanilla ice cream and pretty boring waffle cone parts and move on to what really matters — the chocolate brimming end of the cone full of true joy and happiness.

Thanks to Muddy Bites, the company is fulfilling all of our dreams and wishes by offering the best part of the cone as a bite-sized snack!

You heard me. No ice cream is necessary to enjoy the best bite. Muddy Bites literally takes the perfect component of an ice cream sundae cone, sticks them in bags and ships them directly to you. Need I say more? This stupidly brilliant goodie is available in three flavors: Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate.

There are multiple ways to appreciate Muddy Bites: Eat them one by one, put them on top of your ice cream (meta), blend them into a milkshake, share them with your bestie is a Tessie — the possibilities are endless. These nibbles are light, crunchy and come with fourteen bites per bag.

I dare you to try to just eat one.

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This Kool-Aid Chicken Sandwich is the Definition of Wild County Fair Food

Chicken Charlie’s is the self-proclaimed ‘Deep Fry King’, building an empire of the wildest county fair food around and showcasing his off the wall deep-fried creations at famous county fairs like the Orange County Fair and San Diego County Fair.

Foodbeast Elie Ayrouth recently pulled up to the Orange County Fair to sink his teeth into Chicken Charlie’s Kool-Aid Chicken Sandwich. Essentially, it’s a standard chicken sandwich that gets the Chicken Charlie treatment by way of a Kool-Aid glaze sauce. Elie’s thoughts? “Offensive per usual,” was his verdict.

I’m guessing that’s offensive in a good way — as all proper county fair food should be.

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The Glizzburger Should Be Invited to Your Next Summer BBQ

Hot dogs or burgers? “Both at the same damn time,” is how I’ll sternly reply the next time I’m asked that question at a barbecue. I will then interrupt the inquisitor’s look of confusion by whipping out my phone and showing them the glorious fusion that is the Glizzburger.

A creation from the deliciously profane mind of The Vulgar Chef, the Glizzburger inserts juicy burger meat right in the middle of a hot dog to create what looks like a canoe of tasty paddling straight into your mouth.

Truly the Glizzburger can open up a host of remixes that can include any other favorite protein loaded up in any type of hot dog or sausage. Hopefully this will be the start of the next great cookout staple satiating our summer cravings.

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The Filipino Fusion Pasta Dish That Highlights the Creativity of Sampa

Chef Josh Espinosa’s experience growing up as a Filipino-American shaped his style of cooking in a way that leveled up his creativity to the point of taking a random pop-up concept that stemmed from off-the-cuff ideas at parties to a full blown brick & mortar restaurant that’s serving up some of the most exciting fusion food in Los Angeles. This is Sampa.

The melting pot of the city unlocked the inspo for one-of-a-kind Filipino dishes like kare-kare tamales, halo-halo tres leches cake, sinigang xiao long bao and palabok pasta agnolotti.

Fusion food usually is knocked for being convoluted and confused, the concept usually getting lost in the sauce and overthinking itself. For Chef Espinosa’s cuisine at Sampa, whom he runs with good friend and co-founder Jenny Valles, it’s clear that the vision was seen through with thoughtfulness, respect for ingredients and impeccable technique. The Filipino flavors are encapsulated within a high wire act of balancing creativity and execution, a clear testament to the cooking chops he’s accrued within respected LA kitchens like Crustacean and Din Tai Fung.

Any diner should look no further than the Pasta Palabok that Chef Espinosa crafts with precision and finesse. Here Filipino palabok, a rice noodle dish made with shrimp stock, pork broth and ground pork, is transformed into an agnolotti dish that is awash in the dish’s traditional flavors, creating a refreshing take that’s just as much palate-pleasing as it is exciting.

One bite into the bottom lip-biting al dente of the fresh house made pasta and you find yourself already wanting to order the next dish on the menu, just to see how well Chef Espinosa will continue to expertly juggle his lived experience of being a Filipino-American, fine dining chef and creative mind.

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We’re Definitely Here For This Hot Dog Donut

The love child of a hot dog and donut never really crossed my mind — even in my wildest munchie dreams. But now that it’s been made a reality by Okie Dokie Donuts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, its proof of concept proves to be an undeniably delicious creation.

A Sabrett’s hot dog is stuffed inside a sweet corn donut and served with a side of deli mustard to create a union of two snack legends that will satisfy any sharp-toothed craving. What’s more the hot dog donut from Okie Dokie Donuts is gluten, soy and nut free.

Head to Okie Dokie Donuts quick, because these are sure to sell out fast — because who wouldn’t want to enjoy both at the same time?

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Knott’s Berry Farm’s Summer Nights Just Made Your Evenings At The Park Even Tastier

@yungfoodbeast Whole squad devoured the menu at @Knott’s Berry Farm ♬ original sound – Foodbeast

Do not let these Summer nights slip away without getting your hands (and mouth) on all of Knott’s Berry Farm’s refreshing new night time treats. On select evenings between now and September 5, 2022, you and your fellow Foodbeasts can soak in all the goodies Knott’s Summer Nights has waiting for you.

Knott’s Summer Nights festivities begin at 5:30pm until park closing time, so there is plenty of time to fill your appetite, and then some. While everything can be ordered a la carte, the best way to get started is by purchasing an exclusive Summer Nights Tasting Card at the park so you can feast on six of their excellent offerings.  

As usual, our resident Foodbeasts took the time to experience Knott’s Summer Nights for themselves, to guide your mouths toward a feast worthy of your Summer memories.  Some of our favorites included corn on the cob with lemon butter dusted with Old Bay seasoning or ranch and buffalo flavor, waffle chicken sliders with honey mustard coleslaw, Cowboy Stew chili with Kielbasa and a waffle biscuit, Boysenberry Dippin’ Dots ice cream, and the peach and pineapple shaved ice.

An assortment of exclusive, refreshing alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages are included in the tasting card, like the sparkling watermelon lemonade, raspberry mojito, blood orange michelada, mango smoothie and much more. 

If all of that doesn’t already scream “Summer!”, building your own s’mores and roasting them around the fire pits located near the Calico Mine Stage may do it for you. Aside from the dozens of food tasting opportunities, Knott’s Summer Nights also has an assortment of lawn games and three main “party” zones with live musical performances to keep you entertained well into the evening. 

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This Spot Created the Ultimate King Hawaiian’s Sandwich

Taking KING’S HAWAIIAN® buns to another dimension, Santa Ana, California-based Faka’s Island Grill has created the Spam Grilled Cheese. It’s sweet, savory and melty in-between.

Sure to make your mouth water, the next level sandwich is made with BBQ-glazed grilled Spam that tops dripping fried cheese. Tangy mustard lathers the Spam and toasted KING’S HAWAIIAN® buns give the sandwich an awesome, chewy finish. And in true KH fashion, they can be pulled apart and enjoyed separately or as a whole if you’re really into buns.

As a contestant in last year’s KING’S HAWAIIAN® and Foodbeast sweepstakes, Taste of Aloha, Faka’s Spam Grilled Cheese was so undeniable, it had to receive special props. 

KING’S HAWAIIAN® and Foodbeast are revving up again for this year’s Taste of Aloha. If you’re a mom and pop restaurant and wanna put your KH twist to the test, head to their website for a chance to win a Foodbeast feature worth $25k along with other prizes.

Orange County, California residents or those nearby that wanna try one of these babies out, they’ll be on Faka’s menu now as a permanent option.

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Baskin-Robbins Debuts Tiger Milk Bubble Tea

Baskin-Robbins is hopping on the boba train by introducing new Tiger Milk Bubble Tea.

Taking inspo from Taiwanese milk tea, the new offering from Baskin-Robbins starts with brown sugar syrup “tiger stripes” cascading down the inside of the cup, followed by black tea and whole milk combining with a sweet layer of brown sugar popping bubbles. The Baskin-Robbins effect takes hold of the drink via the addition of a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Sounds like the perfect refreshment as the temps start to rise around the country.

The new Tiger Milk Bubble Tea follows Baskin-Robbins’ dramatic rebrand earlier this year, and can be had for a limited time starting this spring until the end of summer at participating locations nationwide.