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Social Media Roasts Paula Patton For Her Awkward Fried Chicken Recipe


y’all come watch paula make chicken 🤦🏾‍♀️

♬ Italian Dinner Party – Italian Restaurant Music of Italy

Paula Patton is getting obliterated on social media for a fried chicken recipe that the Four Kids and It star had posted to her Instagram last month.

The controversial recipe was initially posted on March 4, yet began trending on social media after TikTok user @thetrackqueen, AKA Olympic medalist, Ashley Spencer, gave her own recap of the awkward fried chicken tutorial.

Off the jump Patton gets called out for the way she washed (or didn’t wash) her raw chicken, then continues to violate fried chicken protocol by failing to season the flour and then seasoning the chicken while it’s frying in the oil — which of course, will burn the spices and render them useless. Patton then slices into a piece of chicken, revealing undercooked, pinkish meat.

Social media was swift with their condemnation with Twitter and TikTok roasting the ‘famous fried chicken’ recipe that Patton learned from her mother.

“Paula, don’t eat that,” pleaded Spencer on the above TikTok clip.

Thankfully this story wasn’t all bad vibes, as it lead folks to chime in with their own surefire and foolproof fried chicken recipes. Let’s hope Paula Patton rolls with the punches on this one and takes notes on the reliable recipes shared.

Perhaps taking a look at Los Angeles’ best fried chicken can help cleanse ourselves of this unfortunate recipe.

Feature photo: Gage Skidmore

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E-40 is Getting Into The Ice Cream Game

E-40’s no stranger to the food game, as his Goon With The Spoon brand debuted back in 2021, with a beef and chicken sausage line already under its belt. The brand’s latest product, however, has 40 Water launching a new line of ice cream.

On March 31, the Yay Area rapper announced in an Instagram post that he was getting into the ice cream game and that it will be “100% Black-owned.”

The announcement was brief and didn’t divulge further details regarding launch date or availability, so stay tuned should any of that news comes to light.

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Watch Saweetie and H.E.R. List Their Top 3 Filipino Dishes

Hit R&B songstress H.E.R. and rapper Saweetie have always repped hard for their Filipino heritage, as both stars have Filipino mothers. On a recent IG Live this past February, they both broke down their top 3 Filipino foods.

Both started off showing their love for sinigang, a tamarind-based soup, followed by extra crispy lumpia, which are fried spring rolls. The two then cycle through some other popular dishes like adobo and kare kare, before seeming to settle on pancit, which make up a variety of noodle dishes, as the third.

Though they did seem to match up with their favorites, there was one Filipino food that Saweetie couldn’t make the connection with.

“I don’t like ube,” Saweetie sheepishly confessed.

“Aight, that’s one thing we don’t have in common,” laughed H.E.R.

Curious about Filipino food? Check out these massive Filipino food platters one restaurant is serving up.

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Jack Harlow Reveals His Kentucky Fried Favorites at KFC

Grammy-nominated rapper, Jack Harlow, first announced a partnership with KFC back in December of 2021, which makes perfect sense, being that he’s a Kentucky native and has enjoyed its finger lickin’ good chicken since childhood.

Starting today, fans can find Jack Harlow’s Kentucky Fried Favorites on and the KFC app. The menu lineup features the ‘WHATS POPPIN’ hit-maker’s go-to’s like the Spicy KFC Chicken Sandwich, Secret Recipe Fries, Extra Crispy Tenders, a side of Mac & Cheese and KFC biscuits.

Jack Harlow’s partnership with KFC is for a year, so fans can expect upcoming campaigns, social media activations, special menu item launches and exclusive experiences with the Kentucky-bred star.

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Miller Lite Reveals Limited Edition J Balvin-Inspired Pints

J Balvin is once again lighting things up via his partnership with Miller Lite. The Colombian hitmaker gave the beer brand’s packaging a neon makeover.

Fans can now buy the new limited-edition Miller Lite aluminum pints available nationwide featuring Balvin’s signature lightning bolt, bright electric hues, and whimsical sketches. They can also win a chance to hang with the artist himself.

The pint packaging collaboration is part of Miller Lite and J Balvin’s partnership, which was announced last year with the rallying cry of “Es Jose Time,” a play on the beer’s long-standing “Miller Time” concept inspiring drinkers to drop the BS and enjoy a beer as their true selves with their real friends. The partnership kicked off with an exclusive run of J Balvin inspired cans, which were so well received, they chose to make the design available nationwide with these limited-edition pints.

“The goal of the collaboration is to celebrate authenticity and inspire others to celebrate themselves,” said Sofia Colucci, Vice President, Miller Family of Brands.

As part of the limited-edition launch, Miller Lite and J Balvin are giving fans a chance to enjoy Miller Time through a virtual meet-and-greet with the star, plus a year’s worth of Miller Lite. Now through April 15, fans can scan the QR code on packaging to enter for a chance to win this Es Jose Time package.  

The limited-edition pints will be sold nationally in 15- and 9-packs now through May.

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Pusha T Roasts McDonald’s in New Diss Track Collab With Arby’s

I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with McDonald’s catchy “I’m Lovin’ It” jingle. One can say that the tune itself is iconic, cementing its legacy as synonymous with the Golden Arches. But did you know that hit rapper, Pusha T, co-wrote the jingle back in 2003?

The problem is that Pusha T has always felt that he was never properly compensated for helping pen the iconic tune, a fact that has never sat well with him. Fast forward to now and King Push is getting his revenge by collaborating with Arby’s for a new diss track aimed right at McDonald’s.

“I’m the reason the whole world love it, now I gotta crush it. Filet-O-Fish is shit and you should be disgusted,” seethed Pusha T on the opening lines of the song. What follows is nearly a minute of ether spit directly McDonald’s and their popular Filet-O-Fish sandwich, while also boasting of Arby’s Crispy Fish Sandwich’s and Spicy Fish Sandwich’s superiority.

“The Crispy Fish Sandwich blazin’ trails. Them other clowns just too frail.”

Pusha T with the mic drop. Your move, Ronald.

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Megan Thee Stallion Launches ‘Megan’s H-Town Hottie Pie’ with Goldbelly

Chart topping rap star Megan Thee Stallion just dropped a new single, “Sweetest Pie,” which is sure to be another hit for the Houston product. In honor of the new song, Megan teamed up with Goldbelly to bring you “Megan’s H-Town Hottie Pie”

The Hottie Pie is an uber decadent sweet & salty twist on a traditional pecan pie. Megan has a major sweet tooth so trust the pie is loaded with all the good stuff like pretzels, coconut, pecans, butterscotch chips and is treated to some shine with a dusting of edible gold.

Go ahead and treat yourself, grab Megan’s H-Town Hottie Pie now via Goldbelly for $59 for a whole pie.

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The Rock’s Huge Breakfast Continues His Epic Cheat Meal Legacy

Clocking in at 6’5″ and 260 pounds of chiseled flesh, The Rock strikes an imposing figure, a unit of a man that is an example of peak human fitness. However, The People’s Champ is no stranger to treating himself, as evidenced by his epic cheat meals and the way he advocates to enjoy them wholeheartedly.

A recent Instagram post highlights a massive breakfast fit for The Rock himself, where he’s seen enjoying a big bowl of oatmeal and papaya, sirloin steak and egg whites, five slices of peanut butter & jelly-slathered toasted English muffins, and a can of his very own ZOA energy drink in tropical punch.

The Rock signs off the Instagram meal with a hearty “Enjoy your Sunday & CHEAT MEALS!!!” More reason to make this man the true ambassador of cheat meals.

Dwayne Johnson is no stranger to big ass portions, remember when he and his Seven Bucks Digital Studios team helped set a new Guinness World Record by making a 540-pound 7-layer dip?