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Jack In The Box And Jason Derulo Are Running A Virtual Pop-Up

Photo courtesy of Jack in the Box

Since quarantine began, Jason Derulo has been cooking up some insane looking creations in his own kitchen. That kind of creativity has apparently resonated with Jack in the Box, who hit up Derulo to do a collab and created a pop-up restaurant as a result.

Called One In A Milli, the virtual ghost kitchen can be found on UberEats in different parts of Los Angeles from June 14-28. One of the items however, the Milli Meal, will be available nationwide through August 8th to anyone who has the Jack in the Box app.

The Milli Meal consists of a Triple Bacon Cheesy Jack, Roost Fries (a new Jack product consisting of chicken tender loaded spuds), and mini Chocolate Croissant Bites. It goes for $10-$11 based on where you live.

Each of the other One In A Milli items will be exclusive to the LA pop-up’s menu. There’s two food orders available: the “BurgerAco,” which takes a Jack taco and jams it into a jumbo burger, and the “Mega Milli Platter,” where a base of mini tacos, jalapeno poppers, and curly fries gets loaded with cheese, bacon, cheese sauce, ranch, and mystery sauce.

For drinks, there’s the OREO Cookie Cheesecake Milli Shake, as well as a Bacon Churro Milli Shake topped with both churros and strips of bacon.

Photo courtesy of Jack in the Box

All of the items sound like late-night munchies delights, but they should be available all day long, based on where you’re located in Los Angeles. For everyone else, there is the Milli Meal available through the app.

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Watch Gordon Ramsay Make Scrambled Egg Dishes From Around The World

Photos: Sterling Munksgard and Tatiana Volgutova // Shutterstock

Gordon Ramsay is known for his high-drama reality cooking series, but also has been whipping up a variety of unique egg dishes on his YouTube channel.

As part of a series on his channel, Scrambled, Chef Ramsay has been cooking up a variety of unique egg dishes that draw influence from different countries. The locations coincide with episodes of his National Geographic show, Uncharted.

Below are just a few of the tasty unique scrambled egg dishes Ramsay has made that might inspire a few creative takes of your own.

Sea Urchin Scrambled Eggs In Tasmania

Uni scrambled eggs are always a luxurious, savory treat, especially when served in the shell. In spots like California, where sea urchin is considered an invasive species, this could be a way to treat yourself, have a fun scrambled egg experience, and help the environment out at the same time.

Peruvian Alpaca Fat Scrambled Eggs

Alpaca is a common protein in Peru, but Chef Ramsay stuck to using the fat, alongside chilies and herbs whisked inside. Could be interesting to do this with another type of animal fat if alpaca isn’t available near you. Pork fat, perhaps?

Black Iberian Bacon and Eggs from Portugal

Iberico Pork is one of the highest-quality meats you can find out there, and Chef Ramsay managed to get some from Black Iberian Pigs (Porco Preto) and turn it into a tasty take on bacon and eggs. He actually doesn’t use the belly, which makes me intrigued on what other cuts of pork could go great alongside eggs that we normally don’t use.

Norwegian Reindeer Sausage Omelette

Reindeer is commonly eaten in the colder parts of the Northern Hemisphere, especially in Scandinavian countries and even Alaska. If you don’t want to track down reindeer sausages on Amazon (yes, you can find them there), maybe another game meat sausage or even something spicy like andouille would work?

Regardless of which dish you take on, it’s cool to get a ton of inspiration around a single item, and Chef Ramsay is doing just that with this unique series all about scrambled eggs.

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Watch Renowned Seafood Chef Josh Niland Create a Stunning “Porchetta of the Sea”

Josh Niland, the Australian chef renowned for his nose-to-tail approach to seafood, is a master of fish butchery. His restaurant, Saint Peter, is a veritable cathedral to seafood excellence.

Niland’s mastery of seafood and adherence to sustainability has led to numerous accolades and recognition, which is no wonder as to why he was invited as a guest chef in the current season of MasterChef Australia. In a recent episode, he butchered a whole cod, practically making it “disappear,” then recalibrated the fish’s parts into what one contestant described as a “porchetta of the sea,” though Niland dubbed it as a rolled roasted Murray cod.

A fish transmogrified into a never before seen dish like this is something only the likes of a talent like Niland can do, which makes for must see television itself.

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Utah Jazz Star Jordan Clarkson Helps Filipino Food Truck Vandalized With Racist Graffiti

Last week, a Filipino food truck in Northern Utah, World Famous Yum Yum Truck, was vandalized with anti-Asian slurs and hateful graffiti.

“I really can’t believe that some people can be so mean. My family works so hard, sometimes 12 hours a day and we didn’t expect to come home to this,” posted Yum Yum Food Truck on their Instagram page earlier this week.

Utah Jazz star and the NBA’s reigning Sixth Man of the Year, Jordan Clarkson got wind of the situation and decided to give his most important assist this season by lending a hand to help restore the truck with a new paint job. Clarkson, who is Filipino-American and holds dual citizenship in America and the Philippines, came to the rescue along with Layton Mayor Joy Petro, city council members, and Identity Graphix to restore the truck with a brand new paint job.

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Kingsford Collabs With Ben Baller For A Baller AF Golden Grill


Shouts to @benballer for sending over the custom @kingsford . What we making today @_bookofelie and ##foodbeast fam??

♬ Swear By It – Clutch

When it comes to the hottest jewelry creations, Ben Baller has long been known to be the go-to name. His custom-built jewelry has donned the likes of Mariah Carey, Frank Ocean, and The Weeknd, all boasting Baller’s penchant for hardware flair.

Aligning with Kingsford and their new Fire Drops series, which collaborates with artists and chefs to inspire a new generation of grilling enthusiasts, a limited edition, custom-designed Everdure Cube Grill by Ben Baller will be dropping soon on June 10. The ballerific grill will come with a signed authentication card from Ben Baller himself, and will be wrapped in a glitzy gold design that’s not unlike many of Baller’s jewelry creations.

The collaboration will be available exclusively via the NTWRK app starting on Thursday, June 10th at 2 PM PT time for $695 plus shipping and handling.

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McDonald’s New BTS Meal Collab Launches Two New Dipping Sauces In The US

Photos courtesy of McDonald’s

McDonald’s is going for some of music’s biggest names when it comes to celebrity meal collabs. After teaming up with Travis Scott and J Balvin, the golden arched fast food empire is now getting the pop group BTS to join in the custom meal fun.

The K-Pop ensemble’s order, which will roll out globally, consists of a 10-piece Chicken McNuggets, a medium fries, medium Coke, and two types of dipping sauces: Sweet Chili and Cajun.

In the United States, sweet chili and Cajun flavors have never been available at McDonald’s locations before. Though they’re sure to be welcome additions to the chain’s lineup of spicy nuggets and sauces, especially with the longstanding popularity of spicy fried chicken.

Photo courtesy of McDonald’s

The BTS Meal will be available in 50 different global markets, with rollout beginning on May 26th in the United States (and several other countries) and finishing in Indonesia on June 25th.

McDonald’s has also teased other aspects to this collab, hinting that more will be revealed on social media soon.

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NBA-Branded OREOs, Featuring Legendary Teams, Arrive In Stores This Month

Photos courtesy of the NBA and OREO

OREO and its parent snack company, Mondelez, are kicking off a long term partnership with the National Basketball Association (NBA) that will feature a massive variety of basketball-branded snacks.

To tip things off, the two companies are coming together to create new “Dynasty OREOs,” which will brand the cookie sandwiches with logos from some of the most iconic teams in NBA history.

According to an NBA press release, the six teams featured represent some of basketball’s greatest dynasties, including the Golden State Warriors, San Antonio Spurs, Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat, Boston Celtics, and Los Angeles Lakers. Packs of the logo-branded cookies will be available for each team.

These spirited OREOs will arrive in stores nationwide later this month, but also keep an eye out for future branded collaborations to come.

All of Mondelez’s snack brands, including OREOs, Chips Ahoy!, Nutter Butter, Ritz, and Sour Patch Kids, may get involved in future NBA collaborations. On the basketball end, the WNBA, G-League, 2K League, and USA Basketball may also get to collaborate on some snacks as well.

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Chrissy Teigen’s Viral Banana Bread Is Now Available In Chocolate Bar Form

In the early days of quarantine, when everyone was setting up shop in their kitchens unlocking their inner baker, banana bread came out on top as the top choice to take a crack at. A particular recipe, namely one from Chrissy Teigen, went viral, setting off a wave of banana bread attempts that swept through the internet and social media.

Compartés Chocolatier has added a wrinkle to the banana bread saga by linking up with Teigen herself to create a chocolate bar version of her famous recipe. The luscious bar features white chocolate infused with delectable chunks of banana bread and is part of a line of chocolate bars that are a collaboration between Teigen’s Cravings website and Compartés.

The limited-edition line of chocolate bars is influenced by Teigen’s family, which can be distinguished in its packaging design and flavors. Here’s a rundown of the full Compartés Chocolatier x Cravings Chocolate Bar Collection:

  • Chrissy’s Creamy Coconut Chocolate Bar: Infused with coconut milk (ode to Chrissy’s Thai heritage), crunchy pieces of popcorn, and bathed in milk chocolate. The bar’s packaging is inspired by the Beverly Hills hotel – a favorite LA spot for both Chrissy & Jonathan. 
  • John’s Cake Bar White Chocolate Bar: White chocolate with pieces of homemade carrot cake + specs of cinnamon. A special flavor profile to the couple – as Carrot Cake was John & Chrissy’s wedding cake! 
  • Miles’ Banana Bread Chocolate Bar: Inspired by Chrissy’s banana bread recipe that went viral – meet the chocolate bar that’ll break the internet! White chocolate mixed in with chunks of everyone’s favorite quarantine dessert, banana bread. 
  • Luna’s Blueberry Pancake Chocolate Bar: Every Sunday morning, John makes blueberry pancakes for Chrissy + the kids – now, taste his famous breakfast creation in chocolate form! The white chocolate bar of our dreams – infused with maple syrup and hand-studded with fresh blueberries. 

The collection is available for purchase starting today and will be available for a limited time only on the Cravings and Compartés websites.