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Jeni’s Ice Cream Revives Fan-Favorite Strawberry Pretzel Pie Flavor Collab With Dolly Parton

Cult favorite Jeni’s Ice Cream is once again tapping in with country music icon Dolly Parton to bring back the uber popular Strawberry Pretzel Pie flavor for a limited time.

The flavor collab was in such high demand when it first debuted in 2020 that it sold out in mere minutes. This time around the release of Parton’s Strawberry Pretzel Pie celebrates her upcoming book and companion album – Run, Rose, Run  – with a bonus track available exclusively on

Take note and act quick: pre-orders of the book and pints of the Strawberry Pretzel Pie start today.

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Legendary Music Producer Jermaine Dupri Launches Plant-Based Ice Cream Brand

As a lifelong fan of hip hop, the little kid in me would be amazed to see how far the culture has come. It was rare to see a hip hop figure expand their brand outside of music back in the days. RUN DMC, who basically reignited the Adidas cool factor with their love of the Shell Toe, were the first hip hop act to land a deal with a major sneaker brand. In subsequent years, as the genre gained popularity, many notable artists would follow suit. The rapper/sneaker combination had become commonplace. 

Alcohol is another business venture hip hop acts have frequently pursued. Once upon a time, alcohol brands would receive free endorsement from music videos, but that was simply because everybody liked a particular brand. That type of free endorsement famously ended in 2006 when the managing director of popular champagne Cristal expressed prejudiced sentiments regarding its use by rap acts. The highly publicized statements threw fuel on the entrepreneurial gas of hip hop.

Since those days, hip hop has expanded beyond mere sneakers and alcohol, as rappers and artists have even begun to move into the food space in recent years. One legendary figure of hip hop culture that’s stepping in that direction is famed music producer Jermaine Dupri.

With a solidified discography, it makes sense Dupri would have his sights set on exploring another space. His newly launched plant-based ice cream brand JD’s Vegan is here to do just that. As a practicing vegan for 15 years, Dupri wanted to share the benefits he’s experienced with others. Many people are interested in healthier alternatives, but need something familiar to help them take further steps. 

To help realize this dream, Dupri teamed with international dessert legend, Malcolm Stogo. Stogo has helped major ice cream chains around the world for over 25 years. The collaboration resulted in a coconut-based ice cream, with the initial offering available in three Atlanta-inspired flavors; Welcome to Atlanta Peach Cobbler, Apple Butter, and Strawberry Sweetheart. Check out the descriptions below for a taste:

  • Strawberry Sweetheart ($6.47) – creamy dreamy strawberry puree swirls and real strawberry chunks dipped into a velvety cloud of coconut cream will be your new sweet romance
  • Welcome to Atlanta Peach Cobbler ($6.47) – fresh cut slices of golden peaches and crumbled cobbler will make you feel the warm summer sun of Atlanta, Georgia
  • Apple Butter ($6.47) – delicious crisp apples are whipped into a fine buttery spread then stirred with a toasted cinnamon streusel crumble

You can now purchase JD’s Vegan ice cream at all participating Walmart locations. Additional flavors are Key Lime Pie, Chocolate My Way & (404) Cookies & Cream are also available.

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Boston Restaurant Congratulates Steph Curry With His Own Special Pizza

Earlier this week, NBA superstar Steph Curry cemented his legacy as the game’s greatest shooter ever by surpassing Ray Allen for the most 3-pointers ever made in league history. The record-breaking number to hit was 2,974, which he reached with 7 minutes, 33 seconds left in the first quarter against the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden.

Boston restaurant Strega North End decided to commemorate Curry’s legendary feat by serving him a celebratory “2974” pizza on Thursday.

Though it looks to be a standard cheese pie, I’m sure Steph savored it all the more considering the monumental feat the pizza celebrated.

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Milk Bar Links With Mariah Carey to Debut New Cake on Cyber Monday

Sure, there’s all the hilarious memes out there portraying legendary singer Mariah Carey at the height of her powers whenever the Christmas season comes around, but in all seriousness, “All I Want for Christmas Is You” will dominate our playlists all month and we’re going to love it.

Milk Bar knows what time it is and they’ve linked up with the r&b diva herself to debut a new Double Chocolate Caramel Cream Cake that’s based on Carey’s new Irish Cream liqueur brand.

This exclusive collab is a part of Milk Bar’s weekly Holiday Lab drops, which have seen the release of treats like the Cinnaswirl Pie and Thanksgiving Croissants. Available for nationwide shipping, the cake is made from a double chocolate chip cake with cheesecake, caramel, coffee milk crumble, and caramel frosting.

The indulgent new Milk Bar x Mariah Carey cake is a special Cyber Monday release and can be purchased here for $80 for a 6-inch cake.

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The Rock Collabs with Salt & Straw Ice Cream to Debut a Pack of Five New Holiday Flavors

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is known for his Herculean physique, borne from a dedicated physical regiment as well as a strict diet. However, cheat days are not lost on the mountain of a man, which play out as massive amounts of indulgent plates that he sometimes posts to his Instagram account.

To help fans get a taste of his legendary cheat meals, The Rock has tag-teamed with the world’s largest small-batch ice cream company, Salt & Straw, for an electrifying holiday line of exclusive ice cream flavors.

The lineup of five flavors, dubbed the ‘Dwanta Claus Pack’, are all based on The Rock’s favorite cheat meals:

  • PB&J (Pretty Badass & Jolly) Coconut Banana Pancakes
  • Naughty Nutty, Tipsy Toasty Teremana Pecan Pie
  • Dwanta’s Teremana Spiked Eggnog
  • Chocolate Gooey Brownie
  • Double Fold Vanilla

What’s even better about this exclusive ice cream collection is that for every pint sold of Dwanta’s Teremana Spiked Eggnog, Salt & Straw and The Rock’s Teremana tequila brand are each donating $1 to the World Central Kitchen.

The five-flavor Dwanta Claus Pack can now be purchased here for $65.

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Justin Bieber and Tim Hortons Partner Up to Debut ‘Timbiebs’ Timbits

Justin Bieber is a superfan of Canadian donut and coffee chain, Tim Hortons, and this fandom has lead to a partnership that yields new menu items like ‘Timbiebs’ Timbits, which are the brand’s signature donut holes.

Timbiebs Timbits will be offered in three flavors: birthday cake waffle, chocolate white fudge, and sour cream chocolate chip. The lineup was co-created by Bieber and will be available at Tim Hortons locations in the US and Canada beginning November 29.

This new partnership also debuts with a line of merch that will be available for purchase at participating restaurants in Canada and the US starting also on November 29.

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Cardi B Set To Launch Vodka-Infused Whipped Cream

Cardi B’s hopping into the food and beverage space with a game-changing new product called Whipshots, which is touted as vodka-infused whipped cream. Yeah, the potential for good times with this certainly has a high ceiling.

The non-dairy vodka whipped cream is the result of a partnership between Cardi B and Starco Brands. “Whipshots is poised to change the market and give consumers something new, exciting and delicious in the alcohol sector,” says Ross Sklar, CEO of Starco Brands. “By partnering with Cardi, we are creating a party in a can – bringing to life a juxtaposition of luxury and fun in a groundbreaking product with unmatched taste.”

Whipshots will be available in stores and online. Though no exact launch date has been shared, it’s said to be available later this year.

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Selena Gomez Debuts New Sundae at Serendipity3

Serendipity3, the legendary New York City landmark restaurant, today unveiled its latest menu item in collaboration with celebrity partner and investor, Selena Gomez. 

Dubbed The Selena Sundae, the frozen treat features three scoops of Cookies & Cream ice cream, along with Banana, Hot Fudge, Cream-Filled Cookie Crumbles, decadent Pink Sugar, Whipped Cream and a Cherry on top, and will go for $29.95.

Besides being a tasty dessert, The Selena Sundae is also supporting a worthy cause, with a portion of its proceeds going to Selena’s own Rare Impact Fund, which is committed to expanding access to mental health services in educational settings.