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This Recipe For Grilled Chicken Lollipops is an Umami Flavor Explosion


UMAMI CHICKEN LOLLIPOPS 🍗🍭w/ Lee Kum Kee’s Oyster Flavored Sauce and Premium Cooking Soy Sauce! ##foodbeast ##oystersauce ##meatcandy ##lollipopchicken ##potluckideas

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When it comes to pantry staples, Lee Kum Kee is a brand that delivers plenty of necessities when it comes to bringing authentic Asian flavors into your kitchen. Having over a century of experience in making Asian sauces and condiments, Lee Kum Kee is the trusted and leading brand that will transform your at-home recipes into bold, delicious, and easy recipes that boost your next meal experience.

One recipe that is sure to dazzle using Lee Kum Kee Panda Brand Oyster Flavored Sauce and Lee Kum Kee Panda Brand Premium Cooking Soy Sauce, is this one for Grilled Chicken Lollipops with Oyster BBQ sauce:

Grilled Chicken Lollipops w/ Oyster BBQ sauce


  • Chicken Drumsticks
  • Lee Kum Kee Soy Sauce
  • Lee Kum Kee Oyster Sauce
  • Lee Kum Kee Chili Bean Sauce (Toban Djan) or Sriracha
  • Honey
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Garlic
  • Lemon

Tools Needed

  • Paper Towels
  • Microplane
  • Basting brush
  • Tupperware for glaze
  • Gallon ziplock
  • Cooler
  • Ice
  • Boning Knife
  • Chef’s Knife


  1. Lollipop the chicken
    1. Cut the chicken into lollipop shapes
      1. Slice around the bone
      2. Peel the skin up and around the knuckle (use a paper towel to help grip)
      3. Pull the meat down to the end of the bone
      4. Remove the loose tendons/bone (use kitchen scissors if needed)
      5. Slice the round meat edge flat so they stand up straight
  2. Make a brine
    1. Soy sauce
    2. lemon (zest + juice)
      1. Grated with microplane
      2. Sliced
      3. Squeezed 
    3. Garlic
      1. Grated with microplane 
  3. Brine the chicken
    1. Add the chicken lollipops to a gallon ziplock with the brine
  4. Make the Oyster bbq sauce
    1. Mix together ingredients
      1. Oyster sauce
      2. Soy sauce
      3. Chili Bean Sauce (Toban Djan) or Sriracha
      4. Honey
      5. Apple Cider Vinegar
    2. If it’s too loose, simmer for a few minutes to reduce and tighten it up (optional)
  5. Pack the Oyster BBQ Sauce
    1. Add the sauce to a sealed tupperware
    2. Bring a basting brush
  6. Load up the cooler and travel “to the game”
    1. Add ice to the cooler
    2. Place chicken in cooler
    3. Place sauce in cooler
  7. Set up the grill
    1. Set up grill for indirect cooking, targeting 325 degrees
  8. Glaze and Grill the chicken
    1. Remove the lollipops from the brine and dunk them into the Oyster BBQ sauce before placing on the grill
    2. Cook for 45 minutes then dunk the lollipops in the glaze
    3. Finish for another 20ish minutes until you hit 175 internal temp on the chicken
  9. Eat these bad boys
    1. Plate and enjoy

It’s important to note is that this recipe benefits from the oyster flavored sauce being made from select oyster extracts and the premium cooking soy sauce having no preservatives and being twice-aged for superior flavor and quality. 

Rest assured, your next meal will capture the true essence of Asian flavors when Lee Kum Kee’s sauces and condiments are in the kitchen!

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The Best Hatch Chile Recipes of the Season from Melissa’s Produce

Hatch chile season is winding down, so what better way to wrap it up than with a roundup of the best hatch chile recipes of 2021 — using of course the best hatch chiles from Melissa’s Produce!

The latest Foodbeast Recipe Challenge calls on five talented kitchen creators to share their best hatch chile recipes that go above and beyond. Roasting the hatch chiles is key here, coaxing from it a tantalizing balance of flavor and heat. Feast your eyes on this tasty starting five:

Chris’ (@wefeedourfriends) Smoked Beef Rib Burrito with Hatch Chile Salsa

This has to be the most activated burrito the way Chris drew that beef rib bone from the burrito like a triumphant king summoning Excalibur. His smokey roasted Hatch Chile Salsa Verde is the crowning detail to complete this royal affair. All made possible by @pitbossgrills!

Derek’s (@derekchen) Hatch Chile Barbacoa Queso

A luscious queso by Derek is taken to an upper echelon with the addition of roasted hatch chiles and fork-tender beef short ribs.

Costa’s (@constantine_spy) Wonton Noodles with Hatch Chile Salsa

Costa’s delicious medley of wontons, dumplings, and noodles are beautifully dressed with a vibrant Hatch Chile Salsa. Truly, this is comfort in a bowl.

Oscar’s (@oscaroni) Stuffed Cheese Queso Chilaquiles

Oscar reminds us that the air fryer is our best friend in the kitchen by cooking up some cheese-stuffed chilaquiles, then adorning the delectable dish with a generous layer of warm hatch chile salsa.

Theresa’s (@teekeatz) Philly Roll Sushi-Stuffed Hatch Chile

There’s big brained activities going on here, the way Theresa reimagines a jalapeño popper by stuffed roasted hatch chiles with cream cheese, avocado, and imitation crab. Clearly creativity is rocking the crown in this recipe.

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Foodbeast and King’s Hawaiian are Teaming Up to Bring the Taste of Aloha to Your Local Restaurants

This momentous announcement is accompanied by a thunderous drumroll to let all restaurants know that Foodbeast and KING’S HAWAIIAN® have partnered up for the Taste of Aloha sweepstakes — in hopes of bringing more delicious Hawaiian inspired dishes to dining rooms across the world.

The Taste of Aloha program is simple: include a new menu item featuring a KING’S HAWAIIAN® product for at least eight weeks, and be entered to win one of several grand prizes including a trip to Hawaii and a $25,000 media package from Foodbeast.

In addition, all participating restaurant operators will receive exclusive deals and digital support promoting their new menu item.

Rules, details, and how to sign your restaurant up for the Taste of Aloha program can be found exclusively on their website, but make sure to enter by the deadline of September 30, 2021!

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These Boozy Ice Pops Capture That Summer Lifestyle

Summer’s here and beating the heat is pretty much on everyone’s mind. But to do so in creative, refreshing, and delicious fashion is clearly the move. That’s why Ice Dreams poptails make so much sense as the cool go-to if you’re looking to embrace and enjoy an alcoholic experience on the frostier side of things.

Ice Dreams poptails feature several unique blends crafted with accurate mixology principles in mind, think 8% alcohol per 100ml serving, and come in deliciously distinct and familiar flavors like Mojito, Pina Colada, Cosmo, and Daiquiri Red. So whether you’re a party season enthusiast or simply appreciate memorable summertime moments, Ice Dream poptails capture the rhythm of summer with their flavorful frozen options.

And if you’re looking for some sweet incentive to embrace the poptails lifestyle, Ice Dreams has a cool summer campaign to help fans get extra goodies and discount codes only on Within some of “The Collection” Ice Dreams boxes in stores and with every box from online orders here, are temporary Ice Dreams Angel tattoos. To get in on the fun, simply post pictures or videos with the products and/or tattoo on your skin and share with @icedreamspoptails using the hashtag #icedreamsangels.

Online orders get 15% off using the code ANGEL15, so what’s not to love about these chances to join in on the Ice Dreams party for a chance to win in exquisitely flavorful fashion!

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In the latest Foodbeast Recipe Challenge, we curated five awesome recipes from five talented kitchen creators that incorporate the red, white, and blue tubers in the coolest ways possible. Here’s the tasty lineup:

Rudy’s (@rudeluv) Loaded Baked Potato Salad

This recipe from Foodbeast Rudy stocks up on sour cream, chives, bacon bits, and some crucial melted cheese on top of Red, White and Blue Potatoes!

Costa’s (@constantine_spy) Deep-Fried Bean Curd-Wrapped Potato Salad

Costa crossed continents with his unique recipe that incorporates Red, White and Blue potatoes, Sichuan pepper, five spice, braised pork belly and pickled mustard greens. The tasty scenario is then wrapped in bean curd sheets and deep-fried.

Jem-San’s (@jemsanthefoodgod) Curry Potato Salad Sando

It’s a handheld flavor bomb with Jem-San’s curry potato salad sando that features a crispy potato croquette.

Pooja’s (@theglobalvegetarian) Perfect Picnic Potato Salad

This vegan salad is so easy and flavorful, featuring a refreshing dressing of shallots, garlic, mustard, olive oil, lime juice, and turmeric beautifully topped over spinach, Red, White and Blue potatoes, corn, vegan cheese, and chopped parsley.

Chris’s (@wefeedourfriends) Potato Wedge Salad

This never-before-seen wedge salad replaces the lettuce wedge with a variation of a Pommes Anna. The delicious wedge of Red, White and Blue potatoes is topped with ranch, bacon, anchovy breadcrumbs, and chives.

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Avocado Hot Sauce Is The Smart And Spicy Condiment Move To Make

When the usual, run-of-the-mill hot sauce just isn’t making your mouth sing and dance anymore, that’s the sign to switch up the beat and try something with a little more spice in it. The makers of HERDEZ®, the number one selling salsa brand in Mexico, have made their way into kitchens across the border with great-tasting salsas and now are introducing their new Avocado Hot Sauce.


##ad Avocados + Hot Sauce = 🥑🔥🤤

♬ original sound – Foodbeast

HERDEZ® Avocado Hot Sauce delivers a unique creamy texture from real avocados and just the right amount of heat to give your dishes an extra shimmy on the side. This hot sauce is an excellent way to enhance dishes from anywhere in the world, but it pairs especially well with tacos, salads, pizza and all kinds of breakfast dishes. But don’t just take our word for it — try it out yourself with this simple breakfast scramble recipe we cooked up.

The new Avocado Hot Sauce is just the latest of excellent salsas and sauces from HERDEZ®, available now at major grocers nationwide and on

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BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse Brings to Life a New Monstrous Pizookie® Creation Loaded with M&M’S® Minis Chocolate Candies

If BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse’s savory and delicious menu isn’t reason enough to head to your nearest BJ’s right this instant, then their scary good new seasonal Pizookie® is quickly going to change that. The new BJ’s Monster Pizookie® made with M&M’S® Minis Chocolate Candies is the ultimate dessert to enjoy with friends — filled with chocolate chips, oats, peanut butter, peanut butter chips and M&M’S® Minis Chocolate Candies inside a warm and gooey cookie.  What’s more, you get Insta-worthy, colorful M&M’S® Minis Chocolate Candies on top, paired with that velvety vanilla bean ice cream.

Whether you’re diving in with family or enjoying with a few friends, BJ’s Monster Pizookie® is available in both a Regular Size and Party Platter (and both are utterly satisfying!). The colorful, festive treat is just the celebration you need, and is the Monster collab we’ve all been waiting for. With something this fun and delicious, it just makes sense to want to have dessert first.

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Get Rewarded By Sharing Your Family’s Favorite Lent Friendly Recipes

If you’re familiar with the Lenten tradition, you would know that it involves an offering associated with abstinence from red meat every Friday for the forty days leading up to Easter Sunday.  It’s a time where people observe a sacrifice as a practice of faith.  With such tradition, beef, pork and poultry are abstained from — bringing seafood, vegetable and cheese dishes to the forefront.  FUD, the food brand boasting rich Hispanic heritage, is conducting a Lent recipe contest, sure to excite with $50,000 worth of prizes, including a $10,000 kitchen remodeling grand prize!

Have fun with FUD and share your family’s favorite “best lent secret” recipe with the world — using any of the fine, unique and delicious Lent friendly products that FUD has available

To help inspire your creations, Foodbeast’s very own Chris Abouabdo (@small_town_mayor) shared his favorite recipe that his brother taught him: a spicy shrimp quesadilla pizza, using FUD brand Queso Oaxaca. 

We’ve also asked our Foodbeast fam, Nicole Triebe (@windycitydinnerfairy),  Jenny Martinez (@happybelliesbyjenny) and Fabrizio Villalpando (@theemoodyfoody) to show us how their families are celebrating the season.   

With amazing prizes at stake, what are you and your family waiting for? Share your family’s favorite Lent friendly (no red meat) dish using FUD products and you could win a coveted kitchen remodeling!  Don’t wait, enter the FUD Lent contest now!