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This YouTuber’s Butterbeer Recipe Is On Point

Sure, you can get a ticket to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios and wait in line to get your hands on the popular wizarding drink called Butterbeer. Or you can just make it in the comfort of your own home.

HellthyJunkFood, the YouTube channel known best for accurately recreating popular fast food items at home attempt to make the magical beverage at home. All you need is some brown sugar, water, butter, cream soda, and whipped cream.

Check out the video above for the complete recipe, in detail, and sit through many cringe-worthy Harry Potter puns to complete the recipe. For a drink like butterbeer, we can sit through pretty much anything.

Beer Hit-Or-Miss Video

This 100-Year-Old Woman Celebrated Her B-Day By Crushing A Game Of Beer Pong

This lovely lady has just won our hearts with her incredible beer pong skills. She’s Foodbeast’s new spirit animal, and everything that us 20-somethings aspire to be in life.

The video was taken at the woman’s backyard birthday bash and posted to Facebook. Notice the guest of honor wear a sash that bears her age of the big-100.

She demonstrates the highest level of skill as she seamlessly sinks the final shot in what looks to be her first try at it. She channels a true Rocky Balboa moment after sinking her shot, amidst shock from her family members on hand.

What a way to turn 100 and show up those grandkids. Grandma also received a good amount of deserved internet fame from the video.



Photo Credit: You Tube 

Beer Products

This Machine Will Turn Any Bottle Into A Reusable Glass

If you have a hard time letting go of your favorite beer bottles, there’s a machine that’ll let you hang on to them forever. It just takes a quick slice.

Since most beer bottles only allow for one use before having to be disposed of or recycled, there really isn’t much value in keeping the alcohol container around the house once your’e done with its contents.

However, the Kinkajou Bottle Cutter, by Bottle Cutting, will slice through your bottle and turn it into a reusable glass. You then just sand down the edges until safe enough for use. As you can see from the video, the process looks pretty painless.

You can buy the machine for about $49.99 here.

Beer News

Audi CEO Thought He Could Bill The Company For His $14k Party, He Was Wrong

Audi CEO Rupert Stadler got just a tad bit carried away with a company-funded beer drinking competition last year that was so lavish it cost $14,000, according to CNN. About 30 executives attended the shindig, and there was even a Bavarian brass band flown in exclusively for the event.

The CEO held nothing back in regards to expenses, and it ended up being a big one for him personally, because he had to fork over the $14k out of his own pocket after the company flagged the massive sum of charges. CNN reported that the cost breaks down to a hefty $450 a person.

That’s a lot of beer.


 On the bright side, I’m sure it made for some great team bonding. I’m also sure that the CEO of a luxury car company like Audi won’t have too tough of a time coming up with that kind of money.

It’s just pretty spectacular that he thought the company would pay for his obscenely expensive party habits in the first place. This kind of party sounds like something you couldn’t even get away with here at the Foodbeast office.

Volkswagen was already in hot water prior to this scandal after they cheated on emission tests that CNN reports will cost them $14.7 billion dollars, so I doubt VW was happy with Rupert for pulling this one.

Animals Beer

This LA Zoo Event Lets You Drink Craft Beer With Exotic Animals

The LA Zoo is having its 6th annual Brew At The Zoo! The event is on Friday, August 5th, at 7pm and advertises 40+ local breweries, live music, close-up animal encounters, and plenty of specialty food options.


They warn that the event often sells out so don’t miss out on your chance to drink a beer with a monkey! You can get your tickets early here.

Standard tickets are $65, but if you’re a designated driver you get a special pricing of $25, and there’s even an option for a VIP ticket at $125. The event is for guests 21 and over.

Some of the food items being offered to general admission ticket holders are: Bavarian glazed cinnamon roasted almonds, kettle corn, garlic fries, pulled pork sandwiches and more. VIP ticket holders have a much wider variety of a specialty foods offered including: Korean BBQ wings, Tex-Mex Brisket poutine, and specialty cocktails. You can find a full list of foods that will be available here.

The event description specifies that the animal encounters will be with the zoo’s “smaller residents” and that they will be retiring several of the other animals to their quarters for the night as they do with other events.

So you won’t exactly be having a beer with a lion, but hopefully you’ll be lucky enough to share a cold one with an anteater!

Either way, a zoo is a pretty spectacular and unique place to enjoy a good craft beer.

Looks like this keg belongs to our tiger! #BrewattheLAZoo!

A photo posted by The Los Angeles Zoo (@thelosangeleszoo) on

“Participating breweries* include Alosta Brewing Company, Alpine Beer Company , Angel City Brewing , Baja Brewing Company , Ballast Point Brewing , Barefoot Wine, Bootlegger’s Brewery , Breckenridge Brewery of Colorado, Common Cider, Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co., Fireman’s Brew Company, Firestone Walker Brewing Company, Golden Road Brewery , Goose Island , Great Divide Brewing Company, Green Flash Brewing Company , I&I Brewing , Indie Brewing Company , Iron Triangle Brewing, Kinetic Brewing Company, Knee Deep Brewing Co., Latitude 33 Brewing Co., MacLeod Ale Brewery, Mother Earth Brew Co., New Belgium, Pacific Plate Brewing , Pocock Brewing, Ritual Brewing Co., Samuel Adams, San Fernando Brewing Co. , Shock Top , Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., SKA Brewing , Stone Brewing Company, Surf Brewing , The Dude’s Brewing Company, The Traveler Beer Co., Transplants Brewing and Westlake Brewing Company.” –LA Zoo


Photo Credit: La Zoo


Scientists Just Turned Pee Into Water, Then Made Beer With It

In an interview with Munchies, a Belgian scientist discussed his latest venture of turning urine into beer and it all started with a truly noble cause.


The scientist’s, Arne Verliefde, initial goal with his partner Sebastiaan Derese was to turn pee into potable water to help farmers in developing countries fertilize their crops, totally commendable.

After they successfully did this and were able to extract desired nutrients from the urine using solar energy, they took it a step further and sent the “water” to a brewery to be turned into a beer.


“The first version was based on recovering wastewater from a brewery. The second one was a step up: it was actually filtered wastewater from a municipal wastewater treatment plant. The third version is going to be the urine version, From Sewer to Brewer. And you could actually buy the second version of the beer at the festival.”

Verliefde explains their multiple attempts with the “beer” and have also used wastewater from a brewery, then from a wastewater plant before they used actual urine to extract water from for the brew.

These are three equally nauseating ideas.

They’ve tried their hand at the “Sewer to Brewer” idea several times and they tell Munchies that there are other people trying to turn urine into beer, and one of them has appropriately given it the name “From Piss to Pilsner.”

In the interview, Verliefde talks about how it actually tastes good resembling an amber and has about a 7% ABV.

Behold, extracted urine-water makes for quite a strong brew!

Verliefde adds that the brew will be available towards the end of this year, which is being produced by the home brewer in Belgium, De Wilde Brouwers. He says that the whole thing was “a gimmick and a bit of a social experiment” to see how willing people would be to drink the stuff, but their main goal was to help farmers in developing countries.

These mad scientists have a twisted idea of fun!

Source: Munchies

Beer Hit-Or-Miss

You’re About To Start Seeing The Calorie Count On Your Favorite Beers

The Beer Institute recently proposed an initiative called the Brewers’ Voluntary Disclosure Initiative that would theoretically allow for ultimate transparency with its consumers with labeling that includes nutritional information and much more.


The information that will be provided on the voluntary labels will include: suggested serving size, nutritional info (calories, carbs, fat, protein), a freshness dating or a date of production, alcohol by volume percentage, and an ingredient list. Currently, the only alcoholic beverages that require additional labeling are beers that make a nutritional claim like “light” beers.

The Beer Institute is an organization that was founded in 1862 as the U.S. Brewers Association. It represents the entirety of the beer industry including 3,300 brewers large and small. Their primary focuses include being an authority for industry information as well as community involvement, and personal responsibility.

The initiative comes in lieu of the FDA’s restaurant menu labeling requirements that are set to take effect next year, and will require restaurants with more than 20 locations to provide caloric information for their food items as well as beer choices that are listed on the menu.

The nutritional testing that will need to take place does not run cheap and has been reported to cost up to $1,000 per item, which may cause smaller breweries to decrease distribution of their beers to big chain restaurants. This may force chains to release any beers for which this information is not readily available in order to comply with new FDA regulations.

In 2007, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) proposed a labeling rule that, if passed, would require manufacturers to include nutritional information, but it only resulted in a similar proposal of voluntary labeling. Alcohol production and labeling is regulated by the TTB and not the FDA, which regulates nutritional info and labeling for food and non alcoholic beverages.

Brewers are encouraged to participate, and several of the biggest names in the game that comprise over 80% of beer sold in the U.S. have already jumped aboard with the initiative in efforts to remain relevant with full transparency of their product and brand, such as: MillerCoors, Anheuser-Busch, HeinekenUSA, Constellation Brands Beer Division, North American Breweries, and Craft Brew Alliance.

People are becoming more and more conscious about where their food comes from and what’s in it, and according to this press release, “72% of beer drinkers think it’s important to read nutritional labels when buying food and beverages.”

“It seems everything else does. Why do they get a pass on telling you how many calories, sugar and sodium they contain?” –orbitalmonkey

“I’d really like to see the calorie content of beer when selecting. If they could just have AVB, IBUs, and calories that would be great” –reddit user

“Ok, but I still want to know how many calories it has. Is that so much to ask?” –van_zeller

Another user admits that he often thinks of the lack of labeling, and thanks the reddit community for bringing it up to him, while sober.

“I literally ponder this every time I’m drunk but never have the wherewithal to find out the answer. thank you for bringing this to light for my sober self” -aquaintencounter

The labels are a step in the right direction for consumers to know and base their purchasing decisions off of what’s actually in their alcoholic beverages. For the people who know how to and intentionally read nutritional labels, the information is crucial in order to make informed health choices.

These labels could be useful for consumers that have allergies or other health restrictions, but will it take away from the guilt-free beer drinking that we’ve known for so long?

Animals Beer

Brewery Hires Adorable Kitty Assassins To Handle Its Rodent Problem

One Chicago Brewery has had enough with the cities’ increasing rat population, so they teamed up with a rescue and hired a feline named Venkman to take care of business.

Apparently the problem is so bad in Chicago that the city now even has a rodent task force! According to CNN, a woman in a surrounding neighborhood had exterminators come to her home to discover 400 rodents.

After the rodent task force’s failed attempts, Tree House Humane Society came to the rescue and as a no-kill cat shelter they’ve found a way for the cats to have shelter while satisfying their instinctual hunting purpose. They enacted the ingenious Cats at Work Project, and the cats have been effectively keeping the rats away ever since.

Empirical Brewery had one particularly pesky rodent that they appropriately named “Jesus” because every time they turned a corner, they were startled to be staring into the eyes of a strangely large rat, and would mutter “Jesus” all too often. Jesus is now nowhere to be found after being faced with 4 new furry enforcers named Egon, Venkman, Gozer, and Raymond!

Here’s one of them guarding the grain, like a boss.

The kitty extermination program turned out to be very cost efficient when considering the cost of monthly exterminating efforts that weren’t doing the job. Furthermore, the brewers now have some friendly, furry company.

Empirical has hooked the cats up with a custom shelter that they’ve named “The Dark Tower,” and it has become quite the attraction for people visiting the brewery.

You can follow Venkman and his squad’s late night rat attack missions on Twitter here.



Photo Credit: Venkman The Cat