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7 Ridiculous Beers You Can Actually Buy, Including Pastrami & Peanut Butter

The craft brewing industry has seen some real creativity in the past decade of innovation. Tons of cool new flavors, from watermelon ales to grapefruit IPAs and chocolate stouts, have been created. Some of the creations are definitely a little bit more outlandish and things you wouldn’t expect to be put into beer.

While sweet and fruity flavors pair into beer’s hoppy aromas and bitterness quite well, getting savory flavors to mesh into beer has been a challenge – despite the fact that several of those foods pair well with beer. Nonetheless, there are craft brewers making these awesome food-infused beers happen, and giving us flavor combinations we know and love – purely in liquid form.

Pastrami Pilsner – Shmaltz Brewing


Popular Mechanics got to take an in-depth look at this beverage that puts one of America’s best beer pairings into liquid form. Instead of dropping a whole pile of pastrami into a brewing vat, Shmaltz Brewing isolated flavors key to pastrami, like caraway and horseradish, to get the aroma of a pastrami sandwich to emanate from their newest lager creation. While we’d miss the juiciness of the real meat, this sounds like a tasty beer.

Sriracha Stout – Rogue Ales

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We all know that one of the biggest trends right now is Sriracha, with the beloved hot sauce popping up in menus and restaurant chains all across the U.S. While there has been a Sriracha vodka developed before, Rogue Ales’s creation aims to be a lot better than the spicy spirit. Sriracha is directly added into the fermentation tanks of the brewing process, so sugars inside of the sauce contribute to the production of alcohol. The result is a spicy, familiar flavor infused into a powerful stout beer.

Mangalitsa Pink Porter – Right Brain Brewery


 Photo: @anniespartyshoppe on Instagram

Gold medal winner of the Experimental Beers Category in 2011’s Great American Beer Festival, this is Right Brain’s most famous – and possibly craziest – concoction. Brewed with real pig parts (including a smoked pig head), this is definitely not a beer for vegans. Pork and beer are another amazing combination, though, and that smoky flavor goes perfectly with porter.

Fire in the Ham – Jack’s Abby

Unlike the above porky beer, this one is vegan friendly (despite the meaty name). Using a smoked malt base, Jack’s Abby is able to bring in tons of smoky flavors, including those of bacon and smoked ham, to give that familiar smoky taste to an otherwise mild beer. The porky smoke definitely is the star in this brew.

Shuckolate – Foolproof Brewing Company

The award for weirdest beer on this list definitely goes to this one. Foolproof teamed up with two different food producers in the Rhode Island area to infuse chocolate and oysters into a stout beer. Chocolate stout is nothing new, but the brininess of the oysters gives familiarity to the popular combo of sea salt and chocolate. Chocolate and oysters are both aphrodisiacs, so the brewery recommends enjoying this with that special someone.

Spear Beer – Right Brain Brewery


Photo: @mibrewers on Instagram

Asparagus is one of the more common vegetables grilled alongside meats, and grilling and beer go hand in hand. That makes infusing a beer with the aromas of grilled asparagus a great call by Right Brain, and gives a combination of sweet, nutty, and earthy to this asparagus ale.

Peanut Butter Raincloud – Foolproof Brewing Company


Photo: Beer Snob Squad

Peanut butter can be a bit sweet, so it lends its flavor well to this porter beer. The salty rich notes of peanuts play perfectly in with the milder porter beer, making this one of the more familiar and enjoyable of the beers on this list.

These savory beers may not have the familiar fruity or sweet combinations we know or enjoy in beer. However, these savory beers definitely punch up the flavor to the next level and are great conversation starters at parties or at the bar. Grab some of these and see for yourself what you think!

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You Can Now Chug Fireball Straight Out Of A Box

People have been able to drink cheap wine out of a box for years, so why not do the same with cheap whisky?

Fans of Fireball can rejoice, as they now have something called “Firebox” which contains two 1.75 pouches of the popular whisky within.

There’s also a tap on each side, which means you can race your friends, like this…

A photo posted by Mar (@mar_zipan23) on

… or just just pour it into a glass like a decent human being, but, why?

A photo posted by (@brobible) on

The box’s suggested retail price is $61.99, but has been spotted at Walmart for as low as $25. Either way, when checking both stores, they’re out of stock, unfortunately.

Idgaf that shitty alcohol is going into my body” demographic.

h/t brobible

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Countdown To The Holidays With This BEER Advent Calendar


The holidays are practically at our doorsteps and the majority of us are scrambling to find the perfect last-minute gift for our loved ones. A new novelty item from Quebec might be the most considerate thing we’ve ever seen this holiday season: a BEER ADVENT CALENDAR.

Consideration, after all, is to be expected from our brothers to the North.

Around this time of year, Advent Calendars are the perfect gift to keep track of the days of December, eventually leading to Christmas. Inside the calendar is a little treat you can consume each day (usually chocolate) to help you get hyped for the end of the month.

Coming from Canadian beer retailer DBSQ, the ‘calendar’ is essentially a box with the 24 days before Christmas labeled on it. Under each number is a different Québécois microbrew from the retailer. Simple and brilliant.

Now if they only made a mega box that had 365 days on it. Maybe in a perfect world.

Photo: yannb19 | Reddit

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8 Beer Hacks That Instantly Level Up Your Cold Brew Enjoyment

Craft beer is boomin’ and the overall appreciation for the suds just keeps getting bigger and bigger. What a time to be alive, really. There has never been a better excuse to open a cold one (or seven) and celebrate. Whether it’s at a bar, a party, or in front of Netflix on the couch, beer will be consumed. It must be.

To make your brew appreciation a little more epic and a whole lot easier, we present you with eight brilliant beer hacks to solve your most obnoxious beer-related conundrums. Need cold beer stat? No bottle opener on hand? We’ve got you.

Put these tips and tricks to good use — all we ask is that you enjoy a cold one for us. We think you can manage.



Photo: Good Food Stories

To keep your beer cool without ice cubes watering your drink down, try making beer cubes instead. All you have to do is fill an ice cube tray with beer and stick it in the freezer, just as you would for regular ice. Then you can pop these cubes in your brew and enjoy a seriously cold, full-bodied beer.

Disclaimer: I’ve never actually seen someone drink a beer with ice in it, but I would honestly try it if I was using this hack.



Photo: The Kitchn

Stay with us… this one is a little weird. Pouring beer is an art form, and if not quite mastered, you can end up with a cup full of foam rather than drinkable beer. A quick tip is that oils reduce the surface tension of the bubbles in the foam. Translation: oils make the foam vanish quickly.

You could probably drop a little vegetable oil or olive oil on the foam to make it disappear, but it’s a little known fact that you can also use the oil on your face. With a finger, swipe a little oil off your nose or forehead and put your finger in the foam. It’ll be gone in a few seconds.

Gross? Absolutely. But at least it’s YOUR nose oil going in the beer. (Please don’t try this trick with someone else’s beer. We will not be held responsible for any ensuing World Star-worthy rumbles.)



Photo: Anchor Hocking

When you’ve got pitchers for a crowd, they can go kind of slowly. That depends, of course, on the crowd you’re drinking with. But say you know the pitcher is going to be out for some time, slowly growing warmer. There’s a quick way to keep a whole pitcher cool until your friends have crushed it.

Fill up a plastic cup with ice and float it on top. This will cool the beer without directly putting ice in the brew and watering down the whole batch.



Gif: Hacking University

This happens way more than any of us would like to admit. You’re off of work, you’re ready to relax with a cold one — and you realize you don’t have a bottle opener on hand. What do you do? The answer is not to put the beer back in the fridge and go to bed. There’s a way around this classic conundrum, and we’re going to tell you what to do.

Start with a piece of paper. Fold it in half hamburger-style (so horizontally, not vertically). Then continue folding the paper until you have a thick, thin wad of paper. Fold the paper in half so it makes a “V” and then wedge the point under the bottle cap. With a little elbow grease, you should be enjoying your brew in no time.



Photo: Homestead Lifestyle

If you have plants but you don’t know why you have plants because you always let them die, drinking beer is actually good for your green thumb. Or rather, your lack of it.

When you’ve finished a bottle of beer, fill it with water and stick it upside down into your plant’s soil. It will gradually water the plant over the course of a few days without drowning it, which means the only thing you have to do is drink more beer. Poor you.



Photo: Thrive Market

Need to chill a beer in a snap? All you have to do is wet a paper towel and wrap it around your beer bottle. Stick the bottle in the freezer for five to fifteen minutes (depending on just how quickly you need to chill that bottle). When you pull the beer out of the fridge, it’ll be covered in frost and refreshingly cold.



Photo: LifeHacker

Forget beer charms, this is a much cheaper, easier, and less dorky way to keep everyone’s beers straight. Get a bag of colored elastic bands at the dollar store and put them out in a bowl for your party guests to grab. When they get a beer, everyone gets an elastic band to put around their bottle, easily distinguishing whose cold ones belong to each other.



Photo: Thrillest

If you’re really going for it and you’ve gotten a keg for your celebration, then you’ll want to make sure you have a tap to open that bad boy. Completely forgot the tap? You poor soul. Don’t worry, you didn’t kill the party vibe. You can tap that keg with an easy trick.

First, dislodge the retaining ring at the top of the keg using the flat screwdriver. Use the screwdriver to tap around till you find the end of the retaining ring. Pry on the ring with the screwdriver till it gives way and slowly strip it out. Apply pressure on the ball valve again to remove any pressure.


Do you have any life-changing beer hacks? Share them in the comments section below.

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International Drinking Games We Never Knew About, But DAMN I WANT TO PLAY


Drinking games combine the two greatest things in the world—drinking and games. Together, they make drinking seem more silly and innocent and games all the wilder and cooler. But they’re born out of a country’s boozing culture. People don’t drink the same around the world, so their method of game-ifying the drunken activity wouldn’t be the same approach. Let’s look at a couple of wild ways people around the world get straight up lit.


1. Kastenlauf


Photo: Wikimedia

Austria, Germany, Switzerland

Finally, a game for drunks who want to work off the calories as they come in. This “race” pairs up at least two boozehounds to a team, and they carry a crate or cooler of beer to the finish line. The caveat here is that you have to finish all the beer before crossing. Is it just a brisk stroll through a park? Hell no, the routes are usually between, like, 5 km and 12 km. This drinking game probably started centuries ago when two dudes got kicked out of the house and had to walk to their friend’s farm in the next village to keep partying.


2. Bear Paw



If the little I understand about this country is even remotely true, then this is the most Russian game ever. It’s basically drinking until everyone passes out or dies. Here’s how the carnival of madness works: Fill a big stein with beer, take a sip, and pass it on. In between those last two steps, however, top it off with vodka. Eventually, the entire stein will be vodka, so you start topping it off with beer once that happens. Then you just keep doing this. Last person awake or alive “wins.”


3. Ping Pong Pang


Photo: Youtube


What basically feels like a Mexican standoff, this drinking game has everyone yelling and pointing fingers at each other (which sounds like most holidays, honestly). One player starts things off by saying, “Ping.” The person on their left has to quickly follow it with, “Pong.” Then the person on their left calls out, “Pang.” That person then points to another boozer at the table to start the three-word process all over again. If anyone’s too slow or forgets to point at that pivotal moment, everyone chants while the person drinks.


4. Hammerschlagen


Photo: Wikipedia


Sure, on the lower end of the list of things you want to hand your friend is a hammer and nails, but this should, in theory, work out on the side of fun (not murder). Going back to an Oktoberfest in the early 19th Century, this game has everyone sticking a nail in a tree stump (or some random piece of wood). When it’s your turn, you have to hit your nail or drink. That goes around until someone totally sinks their nail into the wood. First person to do so wins a free shot and the last person gets the next round. It sounds like it was specifically designed for camping bachelor parties.


5. Napkin, Beer, Cigarette



South Korea

This game is so literal and cool. You could probably guess the rules on its name alone, if it weren’t for the lack of a “coin” mention. Basically, you lay a coin atop a napkin and place that napkin atop a full pint of beer. Then everyone at the table takes turns burning a hole in said napkin with a lit cigarette. When the coin inevitably falls through, that person has to drink the beer (but not the coin!). It’d also be the raddest way to accidentally cause a house fire.


6. Goon of Fortune


Photo: Youtube


Named after Wheel of Fortune, the game entails you rounding up your friends and a goon bag (it’s just the bag in boxed wine). Clothes-pin the bag to a rotary clothesline—often called a Hills Hoist—and then spin the thing with everyone around it. Whoever’s standing closest to the goon bag when it comes to a stop must drink the proper amount of “goon,” which is agreed upon beforehand. I now realize this is what’s been missing from barbeques out here in the States.

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Here Are The Do’s And Don’ts To Your First Great American Beer Festival

I remember the urge to run. The long line that snaked along the side of the Colorado Convention Center in Denver dragged me in the building, up a wide flight of stairs and released me into the
cavernous Great American Beer Festival®— my first. I’m not sure what I was running to. I almost expected a lifeguard to yell, “No running!”

So I did the same straight-legged, hand flat down my sides speed walk that over-stimulated children do around a pool. I hustled to the first brewery I saw. Little did I know that the first beer sampled at the country’s largest and most renowned beer festival was my symbolic cannonball into a fascination, a career and a whole new life that I have loved ever since.

That was over a decade ago.


Today, my GABF starts well before the line begins. I’m on the other side of the stanchions — the other side of the booth. I still get just as excited. And proud. I see the same elation on other first-timers’ faces that I’m sure was stuck to mine. I think about how much the festival has grown, how much the small and independent brewery scene has grown and maybe I’ve grown, too. (Nope, still 5’10”.) I remember when dropping one’s tasting cup was license to go bat-sh*t crazy; it still is. Not necessarily from hearing that roar 20 times each session, but from seeing the joy that it brings.

(MORE: 10 Best Medal-Winning Names from 2015 GABF)

As we look to this next GABF, I figured I’d share some ideas for newcomers that I think will help make your GABF as life-changing as my first time. Everyone experiences GABF differently, but if I had a chance to do it all over again, I might consider these.

DO: Make a list

The GABF app didn’t exist for my first fest; I’m pretty sure none did, but it sure would have been helpful. In subsequent years, I’ve been able to create lists of breweries or beers that I wanted to visit. I’ve shared that list with others and they’ve appreciated the tips. Use the app to create your own list or check out the filtered lists of beers and other things going on at the GABF.

DO: Make a pretzel necklace

No accessory says “I’m here to have fun” like a pretzel necklace. Get creative, make it a statement piece. What? You’re too cool for pretzel necklaces? How are you going to cleanse that oh-so-refined palate? Matzo medallion?

It’s Friday! Bust a move & enjoy that weekend! ‪#GABF #TGIGABF

A photo posted by Brewers Association (@greatamericanbeerfestival) on

DO: Eat before. Drink water during

Savor the Flavor responsibly and don’t let the fest get the best of you. Having some food in your stomach is imperative and water is an important part of life in the Mile High City regardless if you’re enjoying beer or not.

(MORE: 5 Questions Brewers Want You to Ask During Tours)

DO: Ask questions

Nobody will ever know everything there is to know about beer — that’s part of the reason we love it — but sharing perspectives and knowledge can go a long way in understanding it better. Whether you like the beer you’re sampling or dislike it, ask about it. What’s the style history? What was the brewer’s intention? After you learn about it, maybe your initial impression will change.

DON’T: Wait in lines

This might be just my preference, but I can’t stand waiting in line. No matter what beer is being served at the front of the line, it’s not worth it. If a glass of beer is normally about eight to 10 minutes of enjoyment, then spending 15 minutes in line for a 1 ounce sample just doesn’t compute. Instead, set your sight on finding the beers that will be commanding long lines at next year’s GABF. There are plenty of them. Find them.

DO: Dump beer

I know what you’re thinking: This dude wants me to waste beer!? That’s right. Nobody is going to shame you for dumping a beer you don’t like. There are hundreds of others to choose from. You aren’t going to hurt anyone’s feelings. Dump that sucka and find one you’d like to sip on for a bit. Downing a 12% barleywine that you don’t like will only wreck your palate, fill your tummy (and bladder) and bring you closer to naptime.

After 35 years the Great American Beer Festival has become much more than just a beer festival: it’s a family reunion for many attendees and brewers alike and a source of great pride for all who have the chance to work on it. If you’ve been before, you’ve likely figured out your own tips on enjoying your time. I hope that if you’re joining us for the first time you take some of my advice. With all that the festival and its breweries have to offer, we want you to have it wash over you like it has done for us. It is not an exaggeration to say that the GABF changed my life, and I have looked forward to it every fall since.

Bonus: Don’t run. Or at least don’t run like I did.

Written by Andy Sparhawk |

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This Bar Makes New Hires Chug A Fishy Crawfish-Filled Shot

Alcohol with your seafood meal sounds like a good time, but seafood inside your alcohol? That’s a big, fat ‘nope’.

In search for the worst shots that bartenders serve up to crush people’s souls, our team came across the “Crawfish Revenge” served at the Ragin’ Cajun Cafe in Redondo Beach, CA.

The shot consists of one part Stroh Rum, one part moonshine, one part dirty tequila, and of course, a piece of crawfish meat.

This shot is actually used as part of the initiation process for new hires at Ragin’ Cajun. Yup, congratulations on your new job. Now chug this destructive drink. While its origins came from a Vegas bar, Ragin Cajun’s owner decided it’d be great to take this fishy mix to California.


As you can imagine, it’s pretty terrible. Our own Rudy Chaney said, “This one was just downright fucking sadistic. This is the shot of a psychopath.”

So Rude wasn’t a fan, and Sean threatened to quit the series.

If you’re a fan of seafood, with a touch of torture, this will be your jam.


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Fireman’s Brew Debuts A New IPA, Their First New Beer In Nearly A Decade


Fireman’s Brew, a popular LA-based craft beer company, just announced they will introduce a new beer for the first time in nearly a decade. The new brew will be a Fireman’s take on West Coast-style India Pale Ale.

The new Fireman’s IPA will feature a blend of Cascade, Columbus, Chinook, and Galena hops. With the introduction of the new IPA, Fireman’s Brew will also offer their product in new 16-oz cans.

Rob Nowaczyk, founder of Fireman’s Brew, said that the can will allow for greater access to activities once deemed impossible. Customers can now have the craft beer at concerts, tailgates, and other locations deemed “off-limits” for glassware. The beer will also be available at California-based venues like Dodger Stadium for those looking to enjoy an IPA while watching the game.

You can find the new IPA brew in late September at Total Wine & More locations and expect a nationwide release in Winter 2016.