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Here Is a Chance To Experience a Custom Ice Fishing Shanty From Busch Light

The great poet Andre Benjamin once said, “What’s colder than being cold? Ice cold!” It looks like Busch Light agrees as it is offering its consumers the opportunity to fish on a frozen lake to celebrate the launch of its limited-edition Ice Fishing cans.

Busch Light has dropped the Busch Light Ice Shanty on Minnesota’s Mille Lacs Lake. The brans’s beer-inspired ice shanty will be available to one winner and for rent all season long.

Top-of-the-line and Minnesota-made, the Busch Light Ice Shanty will be equipped with all the luxuries a fisher would want for a long day on the ice: heat, electricity, dual fridge for live bait and plenty of Busch Light, fully stocked kitchen with Midwestern favorites, indoor ice fishing holes, and more.

One winner will get to stay at the Busch Light Ice Shanty from February 5th-11th. To enter, fans must submit a photo of the Busch Light logo on social with the tags @Buschbeer, #BuschIceShanty and #Contest between now and January 28.

The Busch Light Ice Shanty will be fully stocked with complimentary Busch Light and available to rent for the entire season via The Red Door Resort.

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Kona Brewing Co. Launches ‘GameDay Hammock’ For Your Living Room

Sundays are made for relaxing with a cold brew in hand and watching football. Kona Brewing Co. is well aware of this sacred time and raises the comfy stakes by offering a hammock made for your living room.

The GameDay Hammock takes you to a higher level of relaxation and features an ombre pattern of bright blue tones inspired by Kona’s flagship beer, Big Wave Golden Ale. And with the big game coming up, this piece of furniture could be crucial to helping you watch it in supreme coziness.

Kona Brewing Co.’s GameDay hammock will be available for purchase at KonaBrewingCo. for a retail price of $548.

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Beer Brand Goes Viral For New Berry Brew

If you love The Little Lad, the viral star behind “Berries & Cream,” you can now toast to him with his own beer. Shiner Bock Beer recently announced the limited release of a new Berries & Cream brew, in celebration of the social media sensation.

The Texas-based brewery created a new brew that will exclusively be available on tap at the Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner, Texas. All brewery visitors will be offered a complimentary sample when they book a tour. 

The beer (ABV: 5%) is based on Shiner’s classic cream ale recipe. Its Berries & Cream brew also includes a healthy splash of raspberries and blackberries giving it a fresh, juicy flavor, and it all comes together with a crisp, refreshing finish.

“This festive beer is designed to treat our brewery goers to something special,” says Shiner Head of Marketing, Matt Pechman. “Here at Shiner, we don’t take ourselves too seriously.  Just like the Little Lad, we love Berries & Cream and are excited to spread joy with our new brew!”

Like most trends, Shiner Bock’s Berries & Cream will only be around for a limited time.

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Heineken Provides Holiday Help Via Beer IOUs

Heineken IOU

Unless you live under a rock or with The Rock, you know that supply chain issues will be impacting everyone this holiday season. While they can’t do anything to correct the issue, Heineken is helping those affected by the delays. 

Beginning today (December 10), and for the two 3-day weekends before Christmas, the Amsterdam-based brand will be releasing Heineken IOUs, a free placeholder gift to bring to holiday parties for gifts that won’t arrive on time. All you have to do is provide proof of a delayed package and Heineken will send you a gift box for same-day delivery.

The festive holiday gift box includes six bottles of Heineken and a personalized message that lets the recipient know their real gift is on its way. Gift givers can purchase the beer by using the enclosed gift card. They might even be able to keep a few for themselves.

The promotion is open to select markets (New York City, Philadelphia, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Atlanta, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Houston and Phoenix) and valid for customers 21+ who upload a screenshot of a delayed shipping notification at

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Here’s How to Get Beer Delivered to Your Door Via Saint Bernard This Holiday

TV shows and movies have always painted a festive holiday scene for Saint Bernards, as they’re usually portrayed as big, lovable pooches that deliver comforting beverages to us or simply as extra huggable gentle giants. Shout out to Beethoven.

This holiday season you can make that wholesome scenario come to life by entering this Breckenridge Brewery contest that will have the winner receive a delivery of beer via Saint Bernard.

Saint Beernard Christmas Ale Deliveries will be happening thanks to Breckenridge Brewery’s partnership with Colorado Saint Bernard Rescue. Residents in NYC and Denver can enter this delightful contest now through December 12 at

Winners have the enviable prize of cold, delicious beer and some quality time with a beer-delivering, adorable Saint Bernard. Just imagine how awesome your holiday card photos will be if you win.

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Miller Lite and Jimmy O. Yang Drop Drinkable ‘Beernaments’

Miller Lite has just launched the perfect Christmas ornament for beer lovers. Introducing Beernaments, a Christmas tree ornament that’s actually filled with 8 ounces of Miller Lite beer.

To help with the launch, Miller Lite enlisted the help of actor and comedian Jimmy O. Yang to help explain the magic of this drinkable holiday decor. “It’s hard to find the perfect tree, but the perfect ornament? I got you,” assured Yang in the Instagram clip above.

If you’re looking to make your Christmas tree more merry than usual, Beernaments can be purchased at for only $19.75 for a pack of six, while supplies last.

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Blue Moon Beer Debuts Vax Cardigan to Help Display Your Vax Card on Holiday Outings

Blue Moon beer is taking the concept of the ugly holiday sweater and giving it a modern twist. Introducing the Vax Cardigan, which features a pocket holder that lets you display your vaccine card.

Whether you’re doing your part to give others peace of mind with your vaccine status or allowing yourself more ease when out and about a city with establishments that have vaccine mandates, Blue Moon’s Vax Cardigan puts a festive spin on your holiday outings.

The Vax Cardigan will come in three styles: Citrus and Snow, Bright Night, and Booster-and-beer. What’s great is that Blue Moon will donate all proceeds from sales of the Vax Cardigan to the United States Bartenders Guild.

Blue Moon’s Vax Cardigan will go on sale tomorrow, 12/9, and can be purchased here for only $20.21.

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Coors and Brixton Pay Homage To Western Roots

Coors Banquet has teamed up with Brixton to launch the duo’s third capsule of limited-edition headwear, apparel and accessories inspired by the American West. 

Extending the partnership further, the two brands have created an exclusive segment of the capsule, Protect Our West, supporting Coors’ charitable initiative to benefit the Wildland Firefighter Foundation whose work supports the men and women who risk their lives battling wildfires across the West Coast. 

The collection focuses on premium cut and sew apparel, headwear and accessories that draw from the heritage of Coors combined with the aesthetic of Brixton. The collection features Brixton’s signature silhouettes elevated with limited-edition details, including Bowery Flannels and Cass Jackets, alongside premium printables with original hand-drawn artwork for a limited collection of Western classics and modern staples.  

From Coors Banquet’s start in Golden, Colorado in 1873, to Brixton’s California roots, a spirit of perseverance shines through in each piece of the workwear-inspired collection. The color palette leans on Banquet’s signature Buff, a golden shade, first introduced after the repeal of Prohibition on both cans and bottle labels. 

Coors Banquet has supported the efforts of Wildland Firefighters through its Protect Our West initiative for the last eight years. As part of this year’s initiative, Brixton and Coors Banquet have created an exclusive line to support the work being done by the Wildland Firefighter Foundation. A portion of the proceeds for each piece of the Protect Our West Collection will be donated to continue supporting this valuable cause. 

The Brixton x Coors Banquet and Protect Our West collection is available now as well as Nordstrom, PacSun, Tillys, Fanatics, Buckle and Zumiez.