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Busch Light’s Latest Does It “For the Farmers”

American farmers face any number of challenges like severe weather, supply chain issues and inflation. Busch Light and John Deere are looking to give back to these essential workers via its limited-edition “For the Farmers” cans. 

Available May 16 through July 3, fans can purchase 24 or 30-pack cases of 12-ounce Busch Light cans with farming graphics that feature the John Deere logo and equipment. For each case sold, the St. Louis-based beer brand will donate $1 to Farm Rescue, a non-profit that provides critical material aid to family farms, up to a maximum of $100K, with John Deere matching Busch Light’s donation.

With the support of donations like these, Farm Rescue can provide hands-on assistance to farm and ranch families that have experienced a major injury, illness or natural disaster. 

“The ‘For the Farmers’ cans mark a legendary union of two iconic brands with a shared passion for supporting farmers and the great Heartlands of America,” said Krystyn Stowe, Head of Marketing, Busch Family Brands at Anheuser-Busch.

“This collaboration presents an exciting, valuable opportunity to celebrate farmers, the ag industry as a whole and the important work of Farm Rescue,“ said Jenny Ose, Director of Marketing, Agriculture and Turf, John Deere.

To bring further awareness to the challenges facing agricultural communities, the collaboration between the two brands will include Cornfield Cornhole, a free, one-day fan experience in Big Bend, Wisconsin on Saturday, May 21. At the event, a tractor and ground-posted slingshot will catapult hay bales wrapped in ‘For the Farmers’ graphics across the cornfield to reach an oversized cornhole board. There will be four rounds, with a group of lucky attendees competing in the final game to close out the day. In addition to taking in the game, fans can enjoy beer and refreshments from local Wisconsin food trucks. 

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Shiner Bock Goes South Of The Border For Inspiration

¡Órale! It’s one of those terms that means so much to so many in Mexican culture. It can be a greeting, a question, an affirmation or a call to action. For Shiner Bock Beer, it’s now a rallying cry for a good time.

The Texas-based brewery recently introduced its new Mexican-Style Cerveza, ¡Órale!. Crafted with 2-row malt and lager yeast and brewed with agave, this beer features an earthy, mildly sweet flavor.

While Mexican imports have had a decades-long run of growth in popularity, consumer preferences are now moving beyond just imports and into craft-brewed Mexican-style lagers, up nearly twofold in 2021. Shiner has the combination of resonating with craft beer fans and an expertise in brewing sessionable lagers.

“I am thrilled at the opportunity to combine my Mexican heritage with a Mexican style lager bearing the Shiner label and the Spoetzl Brewery’s commitment to quality,” says Carlos Alvarez, CEO of The Gambrinus Company in San Antonio, TX, who acquired the Spoetzl Brewery in 1989. “I know Shiner fans will enjoy ¡Orale! – a word that expresses so much in the Spanish language.”

¡Órale! is also crisp and sessionable, pairing especially well with spicy, flavorful foods. Shiner Bock’s ¡Órale! is rolling out nationally this month and will be sold in 6-pack and 12-pack cans and bottles.

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Elysian Brewing Hires Action Bronson as its ‘Director of Dank’

Elysian Brewing Company recently hired Action Bronson as its “Director of Dank,” in conjunction with the Seattle-based brewery rolling out its Dank Dust IPA nationally.

The 8.2% ABV pine-forward India Pale Ale is brewed with proprietary terpenes providing the beer with its “dank” aroma. The sweet hop flavor and low bitterness turn the classic Space Dust IPA up a notch.

Because beer and snacks go hand-in-hand, Elysian has tapped Bronson, a well-known rapper, chef and author, to create recipes worthy of pairing with the beer.

“Dank is a lifestyle,” says Action Bronson. “I even have a dank dossier, which is why I am Elysian Brewing’s Director of Dank. I worked with the brewery to create two recipes to pair with Dank Dust. The flavors, aromas and creativity that you’ll see in the recipes are inspired by the dankness of the IPA.”

“We took putting the ‘Dank’ into Dust seriously,” added Joe Bisacca, Elysian Brewing’s Co-Founder. “Nailing the earthy, citrusy, piney, dank aroma took trial and error and we love how Dank Dust turned out. To really make sure our drinkers had the dankest occasion, we hired Action Bronson as our Director of Dank to create snack recipes worthy of pairing with the beer.” 

Designed to be recreated at home, the recipes include Sticky Short Ribs and Funkified Funnel Cake, each featuring ingredients readily available at your local grocery store. Check them out below.



  • Short ribs 
  • 1 cup turbinado sugar 
  • 1 tbsp black pepper
  • 1 tbsp Kosher salt
  • 1 tbsp garlic powder
  • 1 tsp crushed red pepper


Prep short ribs (cutting Korean Style). Mix sugar, salt, pepper, and garlic powder in a bowl and combine well. Cover the meat with the mixture. Preheat oven/air fryer 420 degrees. Roast for 30 to 35 minutes, checking them around 20 minutes, keeping an eye on it so the sugar doesn’t burn. Cut the ribs into pieces, let cool and drizzle with hot Chinese mustard 



  • ½ cup of Elysian Brewing Dank Dust IPA 
  • 1 cup flour 
  • ¼ tsp baking powder 
  • 1 pinch salt 
  • ½ tsp cinnamon
  • Powdered sugar 
  • Extra virgin olive oil to fry


Combine flour, baking powder, salt, and cinnamon in a mixing bowl. Add Dank Dust IPA slowly to the mix until the texture is that of a paste. Once mixed, transfer into a large plastic sealable bag and refrigerate for two hours. Heat oil in a shallow frying pan. Test the oil before frying. Once ready, cut a little piece of the plastic bag corner and use it to pipe batter funnels into the hot oil. Let fry, flip then remove and place on a wire rack to cool. Dust with powdered sugar and top with your favorite sweets. Action suggests gummy bears and chocolate sandwich cookies.

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Coors Light Debuts Billboards Designed to Cool Buildings Down

Billboards nobody can see but everyone can feel were the inspiration behind Coors Light’s latest new ad campaign, “Chillboards.” With temperatures continuously rising to above 90-degrees in Miami, Coors Light decided it was time to step in to cool buildings down, just like their beers are made to cool you down.

The ‘chill’ beer brand is debuting “Chillboards” — the world’s first rooftop billboard that is proven to decrease temperatures on 96 apartments in Miami. The one-of-a-kind billboard is painted with a special white paint known as Mule-Hide white roof coating that can reflect 85% of sunlight, which through testing had revealed temperatures of the roof decreasing by as much as 50 degrees.

The new rooftop ads which have different phrases like, “Chillboards” and “Ads Nobody Can See, But Everyone Can Feel,” are written in the font “coolest” — designed to cover 96% of the surface space in reflective white paint.

To extend the chill factor across the nation, Coors Light is giving away 5,000 gallons of white paint starting today and running through May 12, while supplies last. Fans looking to enter for a chance to win can visit Coors Light’s Instagram and Twitter social media channels to participate.

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Miller High Life Drops a Collection of Wedding Accessories

Wedding season is around the corner and Miller High Life wants to help you suit up.

The beer brand has taken its “Champagne of Beers” title seriously and is releasing a limited-edition wedding-themed collection with menswear brand, Tie Bar. 

The collection includes an array of accessories, such as silk beer neckties, cufflinks shaped like beer caps and a garment bag that doubles as a beer cooler. The complete collection is available for purchase starting now online and in the Tie Bar’s Chicago flagship store.

Here’s a full rundown of Miller High Life’s Champagne of Beer Collection:

  • Tie Bar x Miller High Life “Girl In The Moon” Red Dress Socks, $10
  • Tie Bar x Miller High Life Herringbone Red Dress Socks, $10
  • Tie Bar x Miller High Life Leather Beer Koozie, $10
  • Tie Bar x Miller High Life Vintage “Champagne of Beers” Pocket Square, $14
  • Tie Bar x Miller High Life Gold Vintage Tie Bar, $15
  • Tie Bar x Miller High Life Gold Bottle Cap Cufflinks, $20
  • Tie Bar x Miller High Life “Girl In The Moon” Champagne Tie, $25
  • Tie Bar x Miller High Life Ultimate Groomsmen Gift Set, $30
  • Tie Bar x Miller High Life Do-It-All Duffle Bag, $75
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Allagash Brewing Company Debuts Beer Brittle

Poland Spring introduced us to “what it means to be from Maine.” Now, two other Maine-based brands have teamed up to offer a new product from the Pine Tree State.

Bixby Chocolate and Allagash Brewing Company have teamed up to create Beer Brittle. 

Both having values rooted in community and sustainability, the duo cooked up three different kinds of brittle to reflect the brewery’s signature flavors: The Allagash Sixteen Counties Chipotle Peanut Brittle, Allagash White Peanut Brittle and Allagash Nibby Stout.

Sixteen Counties Chipotle Peanut Brittle features a spicy combination of Allagash Sixteen Counties (brewed with 100% Maine-grown grain) and dash of chipotle and Maine Sea Salt. Made with the famous Belgian-style Allagash White, peanuts, and a hint of Maine Sea Salt, Allagash White Peanut Brittle is the lightest and most mellow of the three. Lastly, the Nibby Stout is made with Allagash North Sky Stout, Bixby nibs and a mix of nuts.

Bixby Chocolate Founder Kate McAlee had the inspiration for collaboration. “Bixby was seeking a way to innovate a new brittle concept and craft beer seemed like a wonderful addition to the flavor profile. Allagash was our dream partner — we started R+D with Allagash White and grew the concept from there.”

“Kate and the folks at Bixby represent so many of the things we love about working with local, independent companies,” added Jeff Pillet-Shore, Marketing Director at Allagash Brewing Company. “They ethically source their ingredients, they invest in their local communities, and they make some absolutely delicious sweets. The whole collaboration has been a pleasure and we couldn’t be more excited to share and enjoy the result.”

The Bixby Chocolate x Allagash Brewing Company’s Beer Brittle are available now at retailers.

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Modelo Introduces Five New Flavors

Modelo is making some major moves. The Mexican beer brand recently announced the introduction of five new drinks, including its first light beer, Modelo Oro. 

The new offerings include:

  • Modelo Chelada Naranja Picosa – available nationally
  • Modelo Chelada Limón y Sal, 12 oz. 12-pack – available nationally
  • Modelo Oro – available in Charlotte, NC; Fresno, CA and Houston, TX
  • Modelo Cantarito-Style Cerveza – available in Atlanta, GA; San Diego, CA and Arizona
  • Modelo Ranch Water – available in Texas and New Mexico

Available nationally, Modelo is releasing a 12oz 12-pack of the popular Modelo Chelada Limón y Sal flavor. The newest, vibrant flavor in the Chelada lineup is Modelo Chelada Naranja Picosa — a fun and zesty blend of refreshing flavors including orange, lime, salt, and a hint of spice.

“We know that consumers are increasingly reaching for lighter, more premium sessionable offerings5, so we developed Modelo Oro, a light cerveza that seals in Modelo’s golden flavor. Meanwhile Modelo Cantarito-Style Cerveza is inspired by the vibrant cantarito cocktail from Jalisco, Mexico — a drink to celebrate the strong Mexican culture and heritage we see throughout the U.S.,” said Saúl Trejo, Senior Brand Manager at Modelo.

Modelo’s new premium light beer offering is Modelo Oro, a time-crafted and premium light beer with an exceptionally smooth, crisp clean finish. Modelo Ranch Water is a fresh, spiked sparkling water crafted with real flavor and Mexican ingredients — with a splash of real Mexican lime juice and a hint of 100% blue agave. Modelo Cantarito-Style Cerveza is a light lager made with a hint of real grapefruit, orange and lime juices.

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Miller Lite Reveals Limited Edition J Balvin-Inspired Pints

J Balvin is once again lighting things up via his partnership with Miller Lite. The Colombian hitmaker gave the beer brand’s packaging a neon makeover.

Fans can now buy the new limited-edition Miller Lite aluminum pints available nationwide featuring Balvin’s signature lightning bolt, bright electric hues, and whimsical sketches. They can also win a chance to hang with the artist himself.

The pint packaging collaboration is part of Miller Lite and J Balvin’s partnership, which was announced last year with the rallying cry of “Es Jose Time,” a play on the beer’s long-standing “Miller Time” concept inspiring drinkers to drop the BS and enjoy a beer as their true selves with their real friends. The partnership kicked off with an exclusive run of J Balvin inspired cans, which were so well received, they chose to make the design available nationwide with these limited-edition pints.

“The goal of the collaboration is to celebrate authenticity and inspire others to celebrate themselves,” said Sofia Colucci, Vice President, Miller Family of Brands.

As part of the limited-edition launch, Miller Lite and J Balvin are giving fans a chance to enjoy Miller Time through a virtual meet-and-greet with the star, plus a year’s worth of Miller Lite. Now through April 15, fans can scan the QR code on packaging to enter for a chance to win this Es Jose Time package.  

The limited-edition pints will be sold nationally in 15- and 9-packs now through May.