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Turn The Holidays All The Way Up With Boozy Cinammon Toast Crunch Egg Nog

This holiday season, you can deck the halls with boughs of holly, sure. But what’s better than turning up and throwing bows in the halls of your home with your loved ones off some ultra boozy Cinnamon Toast Crunch eggnog?

Yes friends, you read that right. Now you can take the sugary sweet of one of the best breakfast cereals ever and link it up with the most official holiday beverage this side of the North Pole. What you’re left with is the sinful sweet of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and the creamy bath of eggnog that’s got enough punch to turn you into flagrant drunk uncle/aunt mode in less than two shakes of Rudolph’s red nose.

I mean really, it’s the perfect union of Saturday mornings and Christmas Eves, all with enough alcohol to help you tolerate that one particular relative that you never look forward to seeing during the holidays.

Fa-la-la-la-la-lala-la-lit, fam.

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$1,000 Tequila-Infused Chocolates Among The World’s Most Expensive Confectionaries

Looking for something a little more on the extravagant end this holiday season? What about a box of some of the world’s most expensive chocolates?

Patrón tequilas usually go for about $7,500 a bottle. If you’re not one to drop that much for booze, no matter how premium, there’s at least some middle ground.

Kreuther Handcrafted Chocolate created a tequila-infused chocolate set that incorporates the taste of six different Patrón tequilas into each chocolate bar. Called the Patrón Alquimia Collection, each limited-edition set goes for $1000 of 24 bars reports DesignTaxi.

Are your loved ones worth that little extra this year? Probably not enough to warrant a grand for chocolate, but it’s something nice to think about as you surf through Amazon hoping your gifts make it to your doorstep before the holidays.

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Get Lit With Saint Nick Using This Booze-Dispensing Holiday Stocking

While Christmas is the time to spend with your family and loved ones, being in a confined space with all your relatives can sometimes lead to some stressful conversations. You’re gonna need a little liquid courage to help get you through the holiday.

Enter: Santa’s Flask.


The custom-made Christmas stocking has a built-in tap that dispenses alcohol at your Yuletide whim. Made of BPA-free food grade plastic, the stocking holds up to 2.25 liters of alcohol — the equivalent of three bottles of wine.

You can purchase the item for $9.99 directly here.

We’d love to fill this bad boy up with some spiked egg nog and get an early start on the Christmas festivities.

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Countdown To The Holidays With This BEER Advent Calendar


The holidays are practically at our doorsteps and the majority of us are scrambling to find the perfect last-minute gift for our loved ones. A new novelty item from Quebec might be the most considerate thing we’ve ever seen this holiday season: a BEER ADVENT CALENDAR.

Consideration, after all, is to be expected from our brothers to the North.

Around this time of year, Advent Calendars are the perfect gift to keep track of the days of December, eventually leading to Christmas. Inside the calendar is a little treat you can consume each day (usually chocolate) to help you get hyped for the end of the month.

Coming from Canadian beer retailer DBSQ, the ‘calendar’ is essentially a box with the 24 days before Christmas labeled on it. Under each number is a different Québécois microbrew from the retailer. Simple and brilliant.

Now if they only made a mega box that had 365 days on it. Maybe in a perfect world.

Photo: yannb19 | Reddit

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This Restaurant Serves A Mean Foie Gras Old Fashioned

The infamous foie gras ban was lifted in California two years ago, and restaurants are having a blast incorporating the fatty duck liver into everyday foods and drinks.

Nick & Stef’s Steakhouse in Downtown Los Angeles just announced a brand-new cocktail that incorporates foie gras into a fat-based cocktail: The Foie Gras Old Fashioned.

The foie gras is rendered until there’s an excess of fat on the frying pan. The fat is then strained and filtered multiple times and stored for 24 hours before serving.


Using Whistle Pig Whiskey, the rendered fat is mixed with the hard liquor. Sugars, bitters, and an orange peel are also added to the drink with garnished pieces of seared foie gras.

Evan Charest, corporate mixologist of the Pantina Restaurant Group, drew inspiration from the drink ‘Benton’s Old Fashioned’, which utilized bacon fat. Charest realized he hadn’t seen anyone do a take on foie gras, and wanted to create something a little more high-end for his regulars.

You can find it permanently on Nick & Stef’s cocktail menu starting December.

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This Hot Sauce-Filled Shot Made A Guy Crawl In Agony And Quit This Show

We’ve spent the better part of 2016 searching for the worst shots bartenders could come up with. Whether they’re made as revenge or because customers just ask for terrible shots, these mixologists have shared some of the strangest combinations you’ll ever see in an alcoholic drink.

Our Worst Shots team of Sean Fahmy, Haley Autry, and Rudy Cheney went through a curdling Cement Mixer shot, the fishy Crawfish Revenge shot, and even an egg yolk-filled Sunshine in the Mud shot. With all those terrible drinks, there’s only one that made our own Sean Fahmy crawl on the floor in agony, and quit the show entirely – the Stop Drop and Roll shot.

The shot can be found at Hey 19 Public House in Torrance, California, and is the shot you’d literally give to your worst enemy, or a friend you want to prank the hell out of.


To start, they rim the glass with salt and pepper, which is already a red flag. Sure salted rims aren’t unusual, but whose idea was it to add pepper to the mix? It’s followed by 1 part herbal liqueur, 1 part tequila, lemon juice, and, wait for it… 20 shakes of hot sauce.

The result is a shot that looks like burnt transmission fluid mixed with Folgers coffee.

“I’m done with this show,” Sean said after taking the shot and doubling over in pain. “I’m serious this time. I’m done with this show.”


According to the bartender, the shot’s even worse coming out of your body, so there was that bit of excitement for our team to look forward to.

“I just remember getting heartburn and my stomach hurting real bad,” Rudy said, reminiscing on the awful shot.

At least now you know. Your bartender can be your best friend, or your worst enemy, depending on how your day is going and what you order. If you really want to torture someone, the Stop Drop and Roll will send shock waves through their body.

“If you have an idea for a terrible shot, please, please keep it to your f*cking self.”

Sean, we do not envy you at all.

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International Drinking Games We Never Knew About, But DAMN I WANT TO PLAY


Drinking games combine the two greatest things in the world—drinking and games. Together, they make drinking seem more silly and innocent and games all the wilder and cooler. But they’re born out of a country’s boozing culture. People don’t drink the same around the world, so their method of game-ifying the drunken activity wouldn’t be the same approach. Let’s look at a couple of wild ways people around the world get straight up lit.


1. Kastenlauf


Photo: Wikimedia

Austria, Germany, Switzerland

Finally, a game for drunks who want to work off the calories as they come in. This “race” pairs up at least two boozehounds to a team, and they carry a crate or cooler of beer to the finish line. The caveat here is that you have to finish all the beer before crossing. Is it just a brisk stroll through a park? Hell no, the routes are usually between, like, 5 km and 12 km. This drinking game probably started centuries ago when two dudes got kicked out of the house and had to walk to their friend’s farm in the next village to keep partying.


2. Bear Paw



If the little I understand about this country is even remotely true, then this is the most Russian game ever. It’s basically drinking until everyone passes out or dies. Here’s how the carnival of madness works: Fill a big stein with beer, take a sip, and pass it on. In between those last two steps, however, top it off with vodka. Eventually, the entire stein will be vodka, so you start topping it off with beer once that happens. Then you just keep doing this. Last person awake or alive “wins.”


3. Ping Pong Pang


Photo: Youtube


What basically feels like a Mexican standoff, this drinking game has everyone yelling and pointing fingers at each other (which sounds like most holidays, honestly). One player starts things off by saying, “Ping.” The person on their left has to quickly follow it with, “Pong.” Then the person on their left calls out, “Pang.” That person then points to another boozer at the table to start the three-word process all over again. If anyone’s too slow or forgets to point at that pivotal moment, everyone chants while the person drinks.


4. Hammerschlagen


Photo: Wikipedia


Sure, on the lower end of the list of things you want to hand your friend is a hammer and nails, but this should, in theory, work out on the side of fun (not murder). Going back to an Oktoberfest in the early 19th Century, this game has everyone sticking a nail in a tree stump (or some random piece of wood). When it’s your turn, you have to hit your nail or drink. That goes around until someone totally sinks their nail into the wood. First person to do so wins a free shot and the last person gets the next round. It sounds like it was specifically designed for camping bachelor parties.


5. Napkin, Beer, Cigarette



South Korea

This game is so literal and cool. You could probably guess the rules on its name alone, if it weren’t for the lack of a “coin” mention. Basically, you lay a coin atop a napkin and place that napkin atop a full pint of beer. Then everyone at the table takes turns burning a hole in said napkin with a lit cigarette. When the coin inevitably falls through, that person has to drink the beer (but not the coin!). It’d also be the raddest way to accidentally cause a house fire.


6. Goon of Fortune


Photo: Youtube


Named after Wheel of Fortune, the game entails you rounding up your friends and a goon bag (it’s just the bag in boxed wine). Clothes-pin the bag to a rotary clothesline—often called a Hills Hoist—and then spin the thing with everyone around it. Whoever’s standing closest to the goon bag when it comes to a stop must drink the proper amount of “goon,” which is agreed upon beforehand. I now realize this is what’s been missing from barbeques out here in the States.

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Whisky-Flavored Pocky Sticks Are The Latest Snacks From Japan


We’d like to consider Pocky sticks the Japanese version of Oreos in that new flavors are constantly dropping. One of the newest variations is defintely a flavor adults will appreciate more than sweet-toothed kids.

Kotaku reports that Glico snacks has released sleek new whisky-flavored Pocky sticks.

Since chocolate is usually a solid choice to enjoy with the hard liquor, the brand created the snack with the pairing in mind. The dough from the pretzel stick is kneaded with wort, the sweet liquid that comes from the mashing process of brewing whisky.

To elevate the snack even further, the Pocky stick is salted and covered in whisky-scented chocolate.

It’s highly doubtful that you can get a buzz from the new snack sticks. If you appreciate a good glass of whiskey, however, you’ll probably enjoy the detail that went into making these new Pocky sticks.

Photo: Pocky