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Four Loko SHOTS Are Now Available To Get You Plastered

Photo courtesy of Phusion Projects LLC.

A few years after their drinks were banned for mixing caffeine and alcohol that could result in “health risks” and blackouts, Four Loko’s found a new way to turn the crunk up in their booze.

The beverage brand just dropped a new line of hard spirits, called “Four Loko Shots,” and they look and sound absolutely wicked. Each one dials in at 35% alcohol, so it’s pretty standard for spirits, but the colors and flavors behind each sound as loko as you’d expect from these guys.

Four Loko’s new Shots include the neon-green apple Green Tornado, vibrant yellow lemon Screwball, and fiery red Dragon’s Breath shot flavors, all of which sound like they’re meant to mess you up within a couple of shots and probably would actually do so.

Between these new shots and Four Loko’s other drinks, we can already see the drink creations in store for these guys. Sure, they could be used in Tipsy Bartender-style drinks that are as colorful as they are powerful. What is likely gonna happen, however, is people will put Four Loko Shots into their Four Loko malted beverages to get even more turnt as the night goes on.

Four Loko Shot bottles are already available “anywhere you can purchase alcohol,” so if you’re ready to get LIT at a new Loko level, make sure to grab a few bottles.

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Bombay Gin Recalled In Canada For Having Almost Double The Normal Alcohol Content

Hey Canada, if you’ve got some bottles of Bombay Sapphire gin lying around, you may want to pay attention, ’cause your booze is getting recalled.

CBC reports that a recall notice from the Liquor Control Board of Ontario has now spread nationwide after their internal quality assurance team discovered the gin wasn’t diluted correctly.

This means that there was about double the normal alcohol content in each bottle of Bombay Sapphire.

Typically, Bombay Sapphire gin is about 80-proof, or 40% alcohol. The tests in Ontario put that number as high as 77%, or 154-proof. As a point of reference, 70% (or 140-proof) alcohol is strong enough to be used as a sanitizing agent in labs.

Basically, drinking this alcohol is the equivalent of sanitizing your guts. A sensation, we imagine, isn’t all that pleasant.

Only 1.14-litre bottles were affected and any currently in stores have already been taken off the shelf. If your bottle has the code “L16304” printed on the bottom, you should take it back to the point of purchase to get fully refunded.

If you choose not to, however, just remember to drink safely and serve smaller portions of the Bombay Sapphire. The same amount will get you more drunk at a faster rate.

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Don’t Trust This Reckless Study Stating Alcohol Is Better Pain Reliever Than Tylenol

Warning: just because science says something is okay doesn’t mean you should always try it.

A new study out of Greenwich University in the U.K. concluded that drinking enough to get your blood alcohol content up to .08% (the legal limit in California) led to a strong increase in pain tolerance and significant reductions in perceived pain by up to 25 percent.

The meta-analysis study, which was published in the Journal of Pain, looked at 18 already published studies on the relationship between pain and alcohol that surveyed over 400 people to obtain these results. The study also found that every beer or shot you drink does slightly increase your ability to take pain and decrease any you might be feeling already.

In an interview with Tucson News Now, study author Trevor Thompson even stated that alcohol was a better painkiller than generic Tylenol.

“It can be compared to opioid drugs such as codeine and the effect is more powerful than paracetamol (generic Tylenol).”

There’s an obvious dark side to this study apart from the fact that it’s recommending you to get legally drunk to get rid of a significant amount of pain. The study admits that the analgesic effects of booze could explain why many people in chronic pain heavily misuse alcohol and endanger their personal health in other ways. The authors even admit that those who use alcohol to kill pain and try to withdraw will experience even more pain than they initially would have.

Studies like these present a danger to the public, unfortunately. While they try to explain certain psychological and medical relationships, several articles from media present it in a way that would encourage the public to drink away their pain.

Don’t do that. It’s not safe, unhealthy, and dangerous to you and those around you.

We shouldn’t be relying on alcohol for pain relief anyway. Back sore? Slap on some Icy Hot. Pulled a hammie? Stretch it out.

Yes, alcohol may be good for pain relief, but you should always drink responsibly. Alcoholism is a dark path to go down, and studies like these can inspire some people to start on that journey.

To those of you that read articles about this study on other sites, take the findings with a grain of salt the size of The Rock’s cajones.

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If You Love Wine and Road Trips,There’s a Job Opening With Your Name On It

If one of your aspirations in life is to get paid to sip wine all day, meet new people, and travel to places you’ve only seen in postcards, would you believe me if I told you that such a job actually exists?

Photo By: Betsy Newman

Well in 2017 — where Instagram modeling and getting paid to be an influencer (whatever that means) is a thing — you can be a full time ‘Canbassador‘ with Union Wine Co.!  Based out of Oregon, their ‘Canbassador’ position allows you travel, sip that good stuff, and kick it with rad people you meet along the way.

Photo By: Betsy Newman

You can also travel in a pimped out old school 1972 Citroën mobile wine bar for an extended amount of time, hitting up all the dope music festivals across the country while sharing your passion for wine with everyone you come across.

Photo By: Jules Davis

This adventure of a lifetime could be yours! All for the low price of the minimum required qualifications! Of course you’ll have to be at least 21 years-old (among other things). Hurry up with that resumé and cover letter though! They’re only accepting applications until May 7, 2017!

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You Can Now Buy A 1000 Pack Of Beer In Finland

The most epic beer run you can accomplish can now be found in Finland when you pick up this pack of ONE THOUSAND beers.

This entire pallet full of booze was conceptualized as a “spontaneous joke” by Finnish brewery Nokian Panimo as a counter to a rival brewery selling 100-packs of beer. Nokian Panimo’s hilarious counter was to begin selling a thousand of their Kaseiri beers at a time for the modest price of 2,160 Euros (about $2356 US Dollars).

That comes out to a little over two bucks per bottle, so if you’re hoping to stock up for this massive beer haul at a bulk discount, you’re outta luck.

Currently, the gargantuan pile of beer is only available at K-Supermarkets across Finland, and any that aren’t sold will be broken up and sold into smaller packs by the store.

The smaller packs will be less epic than the 1,000-pack beer run you could theoretically be pulling off, but hey, beer is beer. Regardless of how many you bring back, your mates will be happy as long as you’ve got beer to go around.

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Why Starbuck’s Baristas Suddenly Hate Us [The Katchup Podcast]

So we may have pissed off some baristas at Starbucks, but maybe we can have a Heineken with them and work out our differences.

Starbucks pulled off a massive success this past week with its Unicorn Frappuccino. Even if it wasn’t the tastiest drink around, the Frap went so viral and was so talked about that it helped bump Starbucks’ stock up at least six percent in just the last two weeks alone. It also triggered a ton of social media buzz and follow-up drinks, like the Unicorn Lemonade that our very own Isai Rocha uncovered (while giving it its name). Baristas now hate unicorns, and hate us for pushing both the Frap and off-menu lemonade, so much so, they created a new Subreddit, trying to keep us out.


Meanwhile, Heineken launched one of the most powerful commercials of 2017, showcasing an social experiment that pit people of opposite political views, and got them talking with each other, despite their differences. Its point was that we can always find a way to talk with each other over a cold beer.

Foodbeast Editor-In-Chief Elie Ayrouth and myself dived deep into both of these subjects on this week’s rendition of Foodbeast’s podcast, The Katchup. We discussed what the Unicorn Frappuccino’s wild success meant for the future of Starbucks, how our own Isai’s Unicorn Lemonade discovery led to baristas hating our guts (and the creation of a secret new Subreddit), and we also dove into the messages of Heineken’s commercial and why it was a much better campaign than Pepsi’s busted Kendall Jenner ad.

If you’re looking for some positive discussions in a world of seemingly increasing negativity, this podcast might be the thing that lifts your spirits. Hopefully.

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Heineken’s New Commercial Has A Feel-Good Message We All Need Right Now

After the terribly-conceived advertisement we saw from Pepsi a couple of weeks ago, it’s good to finally see a major company get their social message right in a commercial.

Heineken did just that in their newest spot, entitled “Worlds Apart.” In a novel social experiment, the beer company brought together pairs of people who knew nothing of each other, and had them share some Heineken beers.

The catch? The duo in each experiment had completely opposite views on particularly touchy political topics, such as climate change, traditional gender roles, and transgender identities.

Unlike Pepsi’s tone-deaf campaign, Heineken gets their commercial right by never siding with one viewpoint in any of the issues. They would rather be the medium for people to see past their differences and have conversations with each other while being understanding with one another.

Heineken also never dives deep into the issues presented throughout the video, reinforcing their point that at the end of the day, regardless of division in beliefs, we can always get along over a cold beer.

That’s how to do a social commercial correctly, Pepsi.

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This Dude’s Beer Keg Tapping Mishap Is A Hilarious Fail [WATCH]

If there’s one thing I learned in this video, it’s how to NOT tap a beer keg.

The video, uploaded by YouTube user FlowBull, shows a guy attempting to get the party started with his friends by hammering a nozzle into a barrel full of beer. The results were definitely not what he intended.

Sorry man, that party clearly wasn’t your brightest shining moment. Next time before you try opening a keg up, watch this guy masterfully do it instead.

Your friends – and their clothes – will thank you.