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Carl’s Jr. Offers Buffalo Blue Cheese Crisscut Fries Covered in Ranch Dressing


Carl’s Jr. is doing it right and expanding their blue cheese-theme with limited-time Buffalo Blue Cheese Crisscut Fries. The new item follows the launch of their Buffalo Blue Cheese Burger and features waffle-cut fries decked out in blue cheese crumbles, ranch dressing and hot buffalo sauce.

If the fries are anything like the blue cheese burger, which is pleasantly stinky and flavorful, Carl’s Jr. fans will not be disappointed. The Buffalo Blue Cheese Fries will run you a hefty 740 calories and will probably be worth it. Of course, that only applies to die-hard blue cheese lovers. You can read the mini rant here.

PicThx Carl’s Jr.

By Charisma Madarang

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